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Chapter 3 : Spars, ceremonies and backroom schemes.

- Shin –

I did realize that I might have messed up increasing my strength so suddenly, but I have a quest on the line. I would have cared if my relationship with the only support I have in the underworld was not at risk if I failed this quest.

I follow Sairaorg to the training grounds behind the castle. Seriously, this place is unnecessarily large. They should keep golf carts in the castle to travel from one place to another. Then again, they are Devils and they can just teleport.

Soon enough a group of people can be seen training around the grounds. I am suddenly hit by an uncontrollable urge to jump at the two blonde girls in the group. Shit. Devils are beautiful but these two are on another level.

Running touki through my body to slowly calm myself down I realize just how much trouble this lustful perk can be. If I have to fight against a beautiful girl I could very well be screwed by just standing in front of her. I need to find a way to control this. It is too much of a liability if it keeps acting like this.

Sairaorg introduces me to his peerage, but it just enters through one ear and passes out the other while I am trying to resist taking these two girls to bed with me. It's lucky for me that Touki manipulation and martial arts proficiency gives one a greater control over their body and thus I can keep my face straight.

It is soon decided that I will be fighting his queen Kuisha Abaddon first and then his rook, the Bune guy.

Observing the two gives me a rough idea about what I am about to face.

Kuisha Abaddon

Queen of Sairaorg Bael's Peerage

Level – 55

Rank – Veteran

Race – Devil

HP – 9,780

SP – 9,780

MP – 18,500

STR – 62

END – 57

DEX – 59

INT – 97

WIS – 93

CHA – 98

LCK – 132

Thoughts about you – Intrigue

Affection – +2

She is a Level 55 Veteran, so around Level 110. But with my Genius perk I have the stats of a level 200, and even then she still has about double my MP and 4 times my HP. The Devils race bonus is really amazing.

"The fight will continue until either side loses consciousness or concedes the match." Sairaorg declares, establishing himself as the referee of the match.


At the call of start, she unfolds her wings and shoots up into the sky. Okay I completely forgot about that. Devils can fly. I am fucked. The field is mostly empty with only grass patches, so there are no shadows that I can manipulate. I don't have many ranged attacks from Martial Artist and Thief. So that only leaves my Fire God Slayer Magic. I won't risk the PoD. Maybe if I can use it at the right time, I can use it as an element of surprise and take the match. In the meanwhile I will use my Sacred Gear.

I don't get much time to think as she launches a barrage of elemental magic towards me. I can use this if I force her to attack me with fire. It's to my detriment that she seems to favor ice over fire. But the ice shards are easily dodged so it is actually to my advantage. I use my normal dexterity to dodge any attacks sent my way while she destroys the training grounds with her attacks. More destroyed and uneven ground means more shadows for me to work with.

The other peerage members are looking at me with uninterested gazes, thinking I have no opportunity to win this match. Pitiful fools. I continue with my dodging, preparing the field to my advantage. By the time she realizes the mess she is creating for herself, it will be too late for her.

- Sairaorg –

Sairaorg watches as Shin keeps on dodging the attacks of Kuisha. His queen is smart and uses everything she has to her advantage, as evident by her use of her wings to go out of his range. Shin is a human and this is a major disadvantage for him. She also knows that he uses Martial Arts and her flying limits his options. For him this might seem unfair but he has seen a lot more that can be called unfair… his own life after all hasn't exactly been fair either. In the Rating Games, opponents will use any weakness they find and no one will blame them.

However as he watches Shin dodging the attacks, a sinking feeling starts forming in his stomach. Why isn't he retaliating? He uses magic so of course he can attack back with it, though Kuisha has countermeasures for that already. His Queen thinks several steps ahead in her fights. It is the reason she manages his peerage.

Shin finally stops in the middle of the now destroyed training grounds, and Sairaorg then realizes who has guiding this game all along as he sees the smile on Shin's face. He would recognize that look anywhere. Those are the eyes of a predator who is done toying with its prey and is about to go for the kill. And his fears are confirmed when Shin…..disappears.

- Kuisha –

When the new guy finally stopped in the middle of the destroyed training ground, she thought that he had given up. But then he disappeared? How? She hadn't seen any magic circles at all. Human magicians use magic circles and calculation based magic. Sairaorg told her that he was a magician who uses Martial Arts. She thought that he was one of those Jack of All Trades kind of people. Trying to dip his fingers in all the jars at once, which never leads to anything good. And she was proven correct. He was completely unable to retaliate to any of her attacks.

So what changed? Did he get tired of dodging and decide to finally run away? She is broken from her thoughts when she hears her bishop Coriana's voice cry out in alarm. She turns around just in time to dodge what seem like balls of darkness.

Dark magic. It is considered something rare even among the Devils as only Lucifer himself could use it. It is the counter to the light element of the Angels and Fallen Angels. She dodges them and the balls of darkness suddenly explode beside her, the blast strong enough to send her flying back a few feet in the air.

She looks up right in time to see a barrage of dark needles raining down on her. They were small but the sheer number of them was intimidating and she would rather not check the damage with her own body.

She uses her Clan Trait Hole to absorb the Dark Needles and launch them back at Shin. This makes her defense almost unbreakable in a magic battle against opponents of similar level.

As expected, he is surrounded by the holes before they start to rain his own attack back on him. And then he….smiles? The very next instant he disappears again and she is rained upon by a hail of the same dark balls from before. She tries to use her Hole ability to return the attack but before they can be absorbed they explode in a chain, throwing her onto the ground.

In an attempt to defend herself, she creates a wall of fire around her to stop him from closing in. The only elements that can resist Darkness are Light and Fire. Devils cannot use Light but Fire is fair game.

She looks up to see both the most amazing and horrifying sight in front of her. The boy just walked into the wall of fire, opened his mouth and…..ate...the...fire?

What is that supposed to do? If his rising magic levels are any indication, definitely nothing good for her.

She tries to get up and put some distance between them but finds herself frozen. No matter what she does, she can't move a single muscle. He walks up to her and presses a sword created from darkness against her neck. Checkmate.

- Sairaorg –

What in the name of the Satans was that? He ATE the fire? What kind of magic does that? He turns around to see the dropped jaws of his peerage members and internally thanks the Satans that it wasn't only him who had that expression on his face. Not to mention the fact that the rise in his magic levels when he did that was felt even by him. That is most definitely not any ordinary magic. His Dark Magic was a surprise but Kuisha did not notice it. He was using Shadows as well as Darkness. He had been creating a field from the very start of the match and Kuisha was used to do all the work for him while he just guided her in the way he wanted.

He countered her Hole ability in one glance, not giving her the chance to use it again. He stopped her from getting back into the air and Sairaorg shudders to think that it was his plan to have her use fire magic when she did to use it as he saw fit. He can't help but feel his fists clench and his touki run wild. He is definitely someone who can become worthy of fighting.

- Shin –

And that's how you do it. Finally letting the smile creep onto my lips, I release Kuisha from the Shadow Bind. She looks a little embarrassed and pale. It takes me a moment to realize that it's due to my Fire God Slayer Magic increasing my Magic temporarily after eating fire. Her flames were actually pretty good. I can totally see why Natsu had such a great time eating them.

"Your flames were delicious." I blurt out accidentally. She blushes in return. My Lady Killer perk was definitely at work here or I would have just gotten slapped by her.

+10 Affection with Kuisha Abaddon (12/100) real smooth there host.

+10 Reputation with Sairaorg Bael (15/100) for showing him a good fight.

"That was a wonderful fight, Shin. Absolutely amazing. I really look forward to seeing your fight with Ladora. He is a close range fighter and it will be a great opportunity to watch your martial arts skills too." Sairaorg's booming voice interrupts my attempts to flirt with Kuisha.

Pushing the annoyance to the back of my mind, I smile back at him and give him a nod of agreement. I quickly use observe on Bune to see his stats.

Ladora Bune

Rook of Sairaorg Bael's Peerage

Level – 48

Rank – Veteran

Race – Devil

HP – 12,780

SP – 12,780

MP – 7,500

STR – 102

END – 157

DEX – 78

INT – 57

WIS – 53

CHA – 68

LCK – 62

Thoughts about you – Mild Respect, Battlelust.

Reputation – +10

Great, another battle junkie.

At least he won't play runner against me. I really hate those types of people in pvp. We take our places at the opposite side of the field and get ready for the match to begin.


He rushes at me like an enraged bull, trying for a frontal charge. With his strength and endurance, it's not hard to guess why he would do that. Tough luck for him though, since that's a move that absolutely won't work against me. The first chance I get I use Shadow Bind on him and he halts mid-charge. His STR, even with the x2 from Veteran, is still only 204. With my INT at 500+ there is no way he could break free from it unless he has some magic artifact for resistance. And as expected, he stops in his tracks. I use Shadow Stitching to firmly hold him in place….and test out my new punching bag. Martial Arts uses SP so my MP can be used to keep him in place while I bash him into the ground. A couple of force palms and he is down on the ground, not severely hurt but damaged enough to understand the futility of the situation.

Suddenly his body changes shape to that of a Dragon. I could feel the strain on my Shadow Stitching increasing by almost double. His clan trait gives him a big boost to his power, but my 500+ INT still trumps him.

After a few more hits, Sairaorg declares me the winner of the match. Completely anticlimactic.

I turn around to see him and his peerage watching me with jaws on the floor and several levels of awe and respect in their eyes.

Quest Complete

[Prove Your Worth]

Sairaorg Bael wants to spar with you to see your skills. Show him that you are not someone to be messed with, no matter the race.

Objective: Make a lasting impression on Sairaorg Bael and his peerage.

Win at least 1 match in the spar.

Rewards: Increased Affection/Reputation with Sairaorg Bael and his peerage, ?.

Chain Quests Unlocked: A Friend in Need.

Failure: Decreased Affection/Reputation with Sairaorg Bael's peerage, Decreased reputation with Zekram Bael.

+10 Reputation with Sairaorg Bael (25/100)

+10 Reputation/Affection with Sairaorg Bael's Peerage (12/100)

+5 Reputation with Zekram Bael (25/100)

Increased proficiency of [Ki/Touki Manipulation]

[Ki/Touki Manipulation (Adept)]


Passively increases STR, END and DEX by 20% during fights.


Increases STR, END and DEX by 40% when activated.

Costs : 2,000 SP per minute.

"That was….really surprising Shin. I expected the second match to be more heated. That magic of yours is really strong." Sairaorg says while strutting towards me.

"It's not without its faults though. I won't tell you what they are but not everything is as simple as it looks." True enough, the MP consumption of Shadow Stitching is insane and it wouldn't work on someone stronger than me.

"Fair enough. It was a wonderful display of skills nevertheless. I look forward to fighting you myself someday. It will be a great fight." He says with a smile and no hint of jealousy in his voice. What's up with muscle heads being so simple.

Anime Logic, Host.

True. He is like Naruto without plot armor or Guy with a sense of style.

"Let's go inside, I have kept you from breakfast for too long already." He says before he starts towards the castle. I follow him with the rest of his peerage, trying to get a hand in and flirt with Kuisha when I can.

- Scene change –

The rest of the day passed without much incident. The flirting with Kuisha did earn me some extra affection from her though. She is at 16 right now. I spent most of the day in the library as my fate as a free man depends on my performance in the High Class Devil Exam. Apparently I don't have the option of climbing my way higher from the bottom because as soon as I get in someone's peerage, I will be bound to fight for them when they call me. It doesn't matter if I have my own peerage or not, nor if I am a High Class Devil or an Ultimate Class Devil. Fair enough though, I myself won't let anyone I have spent hard time raising up to that level be completely free. That's just fair business. Is it unfair to them? Honestly, no. They chose this for themselves when they decided to serve under someone.

And that is why I won't serve under anyone. Worst case I will flee to wherever I can. Yup, that trip to India is still my reserve plan.

Finally the evening comes and I am summoned to the main hall where Zekram is waiting for me. Sairaorg is there with him too.

When I arrive, he summons a magic circle and we are teleported to a different place. The flying city Agreas is as beautiful as it was said in the novel. It's like Laputa, just much bigger, better and more advanced if that's possible.

Apparently there is usually more fanfare when a new Devil gets the position of a High Class Devil, but I am not getting that position right now. I am just going to turn into a Devil. Evil pieces won't be used because it will bind me to someone so we will be using the…..King's Monument I think it was called. We walk inside the building, where Sairaorg leads me to the room where the ceremony will be held, while Zekram goes somewhere else to take care of certain matters that people like him need to. I have no idea what.

Inside the room there are two people waiting for us. The first one is a bewitching looking young man who appears to be in his mid-twenties. He has green slicked back hair with blue eyes. His atmosphere is completely different from the rest of the world. It's like the very fabric of the world bends around him and the laws of the world give way to him. Ajuka Beelzebub. One of the four Great Satans and one of three existing Super Devils.

Ajuka Beelzebub

The One Who Controls Techniques and Laws, The Four Great Satans, Devils, Super Devils

Level – 157

Rank – Champion

Race – Devil

HP – 45,380

SP – 45,380

MP – 98,710

STR – 315

END – 346

DEX – 259

INT – 489

WIS – 524

CHA – 378

LCK – 382

Thoughts about you – Curiosity

Reputation – 0

Serafall Leviathan

The Magical Girl Levia-tan, The Four Great Satans, Devils.

Level – 101

Rank – Champion

Race – Devil

HP – 42,570

SP – 42,570

MP – 78,320

STR – 258

END – 247

DEX – 234

INT – 385

WIS – 416

CHA – 358

LCK – 392

Thoughts about you – Curiosity

Affection – +2 (She likes that you are wearing glasses)

She likes that I am wearing glasses? Does she have a glasses fetish? Oh, Sona wears glasses. Must be her kink or something because as far as I am aware Devils don't need glasses.

Not that I mind the free Affection. Grinding is what is important after all. As I was conveniently ignoring Ajuka's presence over staring at the hot magical girl in front of me, Sairaorg breaks me out of my thoughts and I utter the first thing that comes to my mind.

"Magical Girls in the underworld, how does that work?" and I immediately regret it as I catch the glint in Serafall's eyes. Something tells me that I am not going to have a peaceful time in the underworld anytime soon.

Before I can get a reply though, Ajuka calls me and asks me to place my hands on the monument in front of me, which is basically a giant piece of crystal. I do as he instructs and place my hands on it slowly.

Race Change – Devil

Accept Y/N.

Selecting Yes I mentally wait to feel the changes in my body. It felt like…..nothing. No special physical change was visible at first, until I felt my magic power grow like a dam was broken through by the heavy torrents of an ocean.

Shin Kageyami

Level -100

Class – Thief – LVL 20/100 [56%]

Race – Devil (6- Winged Devil)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- True Neutral

HP- 54,125 [8,600 per minute]

MP – 150,300 [21,600 per minute]

SP- 54,125 [8,600 per minute]

STR – 428

END – 433

DEX – 249

INT – 501

WIS – 432

CHA – 148

LUK – 225

Trait Gained

[Sin of Greed]

You are a Devil, the incarnation of sins. In you it has manifested in the form of Greed. You will never be satisfied with what you have, always wanting more.

Trait [Lustful] has changed to [Sin of Lust]

You are a Devil, the incarnation of sins. In you it has manifested in the form of Lust. You have an insatiable amount of lust. You will always seek partners for sexual pleasure.

Trait Gained

[Unholy Being]

You are a being of sins and evil. You will have a weakness to all which is Holy and light. Weakened against Light and Holy attributes.

+50% Damage taken from Light Attribute.

+75% Damage taken from Holy Attribute.

Perk Gained

[Devilish Charm]

Devils are beings who rouse desire among others. This needs them to be inherently charming. You have a mysterious charm around you which will make you desirable in other's eyes.

Perk Gained

[Devil's Magic]

Devils have a unique magic system where magic responds to their imagination and makes a phenomenon occur.

Skill Gained

[Minor Skill Creation]

You can create Minor Skills from your imagination.


The Skills cannot be too strong.

The Skills created will consume MP proportional to the Skills level.

Skill Gained

[Blessing of the Languages]

You can now speak any non-magical language fluently without learning it.

Game, how am I a 6-Winged Devil already?

Different Races have different power classifications and Different Maximum Stat Points Limits.

For Devils

Level – 1 - 50, is 2-Winged Devil

Level – 50 - 100, is 4-Winged Devil

Level – 100 - 200, is 6-Winged Devil

Level – 200 - 400, is 8-Winged Devil

Level – 400 - 600, is 10-Winged Devil

Level – 600 - 800, is 12-Winged Devil

Level – 800 - 1,000, is the True Form of a Super Devil.

The Maximum Stat Points for Devils is 5,000 for every individual stat.

So I just barely grew a new pair of wings. Good for me. This way if I get more powerful, I will catch less attention until I grow another pair of wings. I can always say that the 7th and 8th wings were about to grow when I turned into a Devil. Gives me a good reason to hide behind. Still, me growing stronger like this is bound to garner attention. I can't have that until I have enough support from high level Devils or I will just get caught in some 'unfortunate accident'. That is something that I absolutely wish to avoid.

"Your name is Shin-chan right? Ne ne, do you like Magical Girls? Are you a fan of Miracle Levia-tan? I'll give you an autograph if you ask me nicely." She comes close enough to almost touch me on my nose.

"Hello, yes my name is Shin Kageyami, nice to meet you. I am actually new to the underworld so I am not really aware of much around here. You are the first Magical Girl I have seen and I quite like it." I say giving the best impression of an awkward but genuine smile, my enhanced CHA stat showing its effect. She leans back and I draw a breath of relief. She might act all cute but she is a fucking Satan who can erase me on a whim.

"Oh, you're new here. Don't worry, if you're ever in trouble, hold your hands to your heart and call for Miracle Levia-tan and I will come to help." Okay, now I understand how Sona feels. Can't say I blame her at all.

"Huh." As I give out my award winning response, Sairaorg and Ajuka help me out of this predicament.

"Nice to meet you Serafall-sama. You seem to be doing well." I back up a few steps as Sairaorg takes a bullet for me. Thanks buddy, your sacrifice will be remembered well.

"Ah, Sairaorg-kun, did you come to meet me too?"

"Can't say that I did but I am definitely happy to meet you Serafall-sama." Nice save there.

"So Shin-kun, what are your hobbies?" She still persists in talking to me.

Okay, this is officially weird. A Satan like her has enough work and she already has Sona to peek on. The fact that she is still trying to get me to talk is because she is trying to get something out of me. Let's play it safe.

"I like reading, learning Magic and …..chess I guess. I am still trying out new hobbies, I might find something new soon." Lying out of my ass I spew out drivel trying to throw her off. Chess is Sona's hobby so I just have to divert her attention towards her and I can be free for now.

"What's with glasses wearing people and chess? Is it something that all glasses wearing people like?"

"I wouldn't know that now, would I? I know quite a few people who wear glasses and can't play chess to save their lives."

Thankfully God…. fuck that hurts….that stings really hard. Okay, Satan heard my prayer or in this case some other Satan heard my prayer and Zekram came in and pulled me out of the situation. Even Serafall won't play around with him.

"I see that you are done with the ceremony, Shin. Your High Class Devil Exams are scheduled to be in an hour. Get ready." With that he walks forward to talk to the Satans leaving me with my mouth slightly open and mentally cursing the old fool for his idiocy. One hour for an exam I don't have any idea about. How will that even work?

- A few hours later –

Turns out that it's like High School Exams for children on earth. The promotion exams are the ones that are different. The maid must have misunderstood as did I. After all, here children get their Evil Pieces at the age of 12. There is no way they will be told to take such complicated tests.

Math and Science was easy enough, I can confidently say that I scored perfectly in them. I crammed enough history thanks to my special glasses, so that was fine too. Etiquette and customs are something that was mentioned in the books too. Overall I cleared the written part really well.

Now for the practical part, I was called to a stadium to take my exams. A tall and muscular giant of a man was waiting there for us to arrive. He must be the examiner for my test. Before I head up to the field, Zekram whispers to me to use my PoD in this fight.

The examiner is unexpectedly a lot weaker than I thought he would be. A simple level 45, Tier 1. He must be the one who has made deals to promote so his level is not high enough or it is the higher level Devils that are rare.

At the sound of a bell, the match starts as the opponent charges towards me with his fists enhanced with magic. I can see his strength increase to a reasonably high degree for his level. Maybe he has some skill after all, but the difference in our levels is just too high. I would have simply punched him into a wall but Zekram wants PoD, so PoD is what he gets.

Gathering mana in my hand, I will for The Power of Destruction to appear in my hands as a sphere of red and black energy appears in front of me. I am not using any magic circle so it takes a lot of effort to concentrate but I have the game to assist me. Adding a spin to the sphere I rotate it at a high speed as it starts attracting everything around it inside itself. The sphere continues to grow in size as it becomes a huge ball with about a 1 meter radius.

"Extinction Star" I call out the first name that comes to my mind.

The Power of Destruction Special move was created : Extinction Star

I watch in fascination as it drags everything in the surrounding into itself and turns it into dust. No, not even dust remains.

I'm broken out of my trance by the sound of the bell indicating the end of the match. Seeing the examiner watching me with a fearful expression, I sheepishly smile at him and leave the grounds after bowing to him.

Outside the grounds, I can see the others watching me with different types of expressions. Zekram is proud, Sairaorg has a complicated expression on his face, Serafall has a weird glint in her eyes and Ajuka looks intrigued, even more than before.

I am then led back to the monument where Ajuka pulls out an ornate box and hands it over to me. The box contains a set of crimson red chess pieces. The Evil pieces. Three of them are a little darker than the rest, a Bishop, a Rook and a Pawn. It looks like Lady Luck is back from her vacation. 3 fucking mutation pieces. I see the other's eyes widen slightly at that. Normally only one in 10 Devils get a mutation piece, me having 3 means about 1 in a thousand chance.

After the entire fiasco, Sairaorg and I return back to the castle ahead of Zekram, who had to take care of some other matters. I know they are planning things behind my back, not that I have a choice in this matter. If things turn for the worse, I will just disappear, maybe to some other world. Gamers are given a multiverse right.

+5 Affection with Serafall Leviathan (7/100).

"I didn't know that you had the PoD." Sairaorg finally speaks up, breaking the silence. I knew we would be having this talk sometime in the future. Not a problem since I am not supposed to know what his problem is.

"I didn't either because it was sealed since my birth. It was unsealed only yesterday when Zekram was summoned by me." I reply casually, trying to be as calm about it as I can.

"You don't appear surprised that you had such a power 'sealed' inside you, someone denying something that was yours. How can you be so calm?" he asks me with an incredulous gaze as if trying to figure out what exactly I was thinking.

"It wouldn't be the first time I was denied something that was mine. I am quite used to it. Moreover, why would I be angry over something that I didn't even know existed? If anything I am glad that I got something to call my own even if it's a bit later than it was supposed to be." Yup, I'm going to grind those sympathy points to the very last bit.

+10 Reputation with Sairaorg Bael (35/100) for your outlook on life(yeah right!)

Continuing with my drivel without giving him time to recover, I go on. "When I was young, my family was attacked by a Dark Wizard. It was said that my twin brother reflected the spell cast by the Wizard and somehow killed him. How that came to be I am not sure since we were only a year old. Since then my family decided that my brother needed more care as he could be hunted by the Dark Wizards still living followers and sent me off to my aunt who abhors anything supernatural. I haven't had a normal life since. Not to mention when I was finally called back for magical studies, everything I did was claimed by my brother, and everyone agreed with him. He is the special one and I am just a reject. Finally when I snapped and told everyone that those were my achievements, my fath…..no 'that' man disowned me for lying and causing the death of my Godfather, the only person who actually cared. A magical disownment is different from normal, so I found the first opportunity and slipped out. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I had a sacred gear and the Power of Destruction 'sealed' since after that attack. So now I am just glad that I am out, and finally have what is mine." Yup, that story will gain me some major points as it is basically Sairaorg's life story.

+20 Reputation with Sairaorg (55/100) for the superb display of acting that he believed to be real.

Perk Gained


People who were rejected by their own family and are hard workers will be drawn towards you. Greater Affection, Obedience and Reputation gains from said people.

Hell yeah. 'Rejected' is the basic criterion for everyone in Rias' peerage. This could make my life easier if I play it well.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that. I can't say I know exactly how you feel but I can understand it. I was sent away from the clan for not inheriting the Power of Destruction but at least I had my mother with me. Don't worry, now you have friends around you. You can start a new life here with us." He pats my shoulders sympathetically encouraging me. Not that I need any.

I need to find ways to increase my strength without alerting anyone else of it. Better try to increase the ability of my skills than directly level up. I still have two upgrade skill slots open. I also need to get some recruits for my peerage. Loyalty is what matters the most to me. I could always make them strong. Maybe I should make a list. Potential recruits needed for my peerage. Depending on the timeline I could get overpowered people with me and train them to be even more overpowered. First things first though.

Game, upgrade Mirror Alice.

Very Well, Host.

Select the upgraded needed :

- Reduce cooldown time

- Increase reflection power

- Increase reflected amount

- Increase the number of mirrors to connect between each other

- Reduce SP usage

- Reflect physical attacks

- Store the absorbed power to reflect at a later time

*Note: All abilities can only be related to Mirrors or Reflection related.

[Sacred Gear : Mirror Alice(Novice) ](Active)

Reflects all magical attacks back to the caster with two times the force.

Max Reflected Amount = [(INT + WIS) x 20]

Costs : 200 SP per use.

Cooldown Time : 1 minute.

Please Note that to unlock the Balance Breaker you have to upgrade the Sacred Gear to (Expert Level).

One minute is too much for the skill to be effective. Select Cooldown Reduction

Upgrade Quest Gained

[Mirror Mirror on the Wall I.]

Objective : Reflect 100 magic attacks back to the target.


Rewards: Cooldown time for Mirror Alice is reduced.

Failure: Are you seriously asking this?.

Now where do I find someone willing to help me in reflecting this magic? While going in the ID will be the obvious choice, it also carries risk of getting found out if I haven't already. I can't take such risks too much until I get a place of my own with more privacy.

"Hey Sairaorg, would it be too difficult if I ask you for a favor? I want to practice using my Sacred Gear. Would you know of someone who could lend me a hand?" I ask him, trying to cash in the gain in the reputation I had just gained.

And sure enough, he replies. "Oh, what sacred gear is it? If it's a sparring partner you need I am always ready to spar with you."

No you big dolt I don't need you to kick my butt. I like my butt pristine and unhurt, thank you very much. "It's Mirror Alice. It reflects any magical attack on me with twice the force back to the caster. I need to practice using it. Even if someone uses low powered magic attacks, I can always reflect them as I perfect its usage. I need to get used to the feel of it."

"Mirror Alice, I see. Then I won't be able to help you much with it. I can ask my bishops or queen if they are free, they can help you with it. You still need to learn about the Devil's magic too. They can help you with that." Yup, it's official. This guy is definitely the best buddy among the Devils.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it." I would appreciate it even more if you send your queen I thought to myself, not that I would say that out loud right now.

Suddenly he stops in his tracks and turns to me. "You said that your brother reflected the spell during that attack, but you are the one who has Mirror Alice. How is it that they knew he reflected the spell and not you?" Oh, the dolt is smarter than I thought.

"Apparently the so-called 'Leader of Light' claimed that it was him because he has a scar on his forehead with traces of magic on it and everyone took his word for it. I find it extremely funny that he was the very person who sealed my powers when I was young." I speak up with sarcasm evident when mentioning a certain Grandalf wannabe.

Oh boy, he is mad. His touki is swelling to high heavens. Chill out bro, if Harry didn't get kicked out, I wouldn't be here. Why are you getting so excited over this? Diversionary tactics needed.

"By the way, you could always use touki blasts to fight, I think I might be able to reflect those." I say while firing a Ki Blast to the side casually and just like that his touki calms down as he looks at me with curious eyes. Diversion successful.

"How did you learn to do that? I have never seen anyone using touki like that. The only way someone can use life force is through Senjutsu and Yojutsu but that is mainly for the Youkai." He asks with a look of absolute curiosity.

Yeah, he is officially a training maniac. "I watched it in Drag-so-Ball when my cousin was watching it. I used to sneak in and watch it while hiding. So when I finally unlocked touki, I tried doing it and this happened…I guess."

Please don't get me started on Drag-so-Ball. This world has destroyed DBZ in ways I didn't know was possible. Even the parodies on youtube were much better than this shit by a hundred times.

"You just….tried and it happened. Things like that don't just happen. What is this Drag-so-Ball? A martial arts style? I haven't heard of it before. It must be quite something if it could teach you something like this."

"Umm, Drag-so-Ball is an anime from Japan. It focuses on the story of Son Goku, not the Youkai but a hero based on Son Wukong. It's quite interesting to watch. You should try it sometime." Yup, play it cool. Let him get frustrated over this rather than going a mad and raging over stupid people.

"I don't understand you Shin. You are just…one of a kind." He finally gives up trying to figure me out.

"I know, you can call me Shin Kageyami, the very definition of cool and awesome. I like that title quite a lot." finishing our conversation with a cheeky smile we head back to the castle. Gotta prepare for what is to come. As the song says, there ain't no rest for the wicked, and I am a fucking Devil.

- Serafall Leviathan -

Today was an interesting day indeed. While she was spying on cough cough keeping an eye on Sona-tan like every good big sister should, she was called to Agreas by Ajuka. Apparently Zekram Bael was visiting. The old Devil has not intervened in the official business of Devils for hundreds of years since the Civil War. The reason was even more interesting than the fact that Zekram himself was visiting. A human boy was to be promoted directly to a High Class Devil.

Normally, such a request would have resulted in someone having themselves destroyed in several different ways by the Satans as each of them specializes in different powers, but this was Zekram Fucking Bael. The one who has the politics of the Devils in his back pocket, and that piqued her interest. Who was this boy? What was so special about him that Zekram himself was bringing him for his promotion? Not even the Heir of the Bael House received such treatment from him. So she joined Ajuka in Agreas, of course after setting the cameras on Sona-tans home on record mode.

Ajuka is not good with politics. He might be a genius, but even he admits that it doesn't cover politics in his field of expertise. Sirzechs is led by the nose by the politicians on the council. He might be the strongest of the Satans but he is politically the most inept of us all. Even Falbium who does nothing but slack off is better at politics than him, so it falls on her head to manage such situations.

Upon first glance, the boy didn't appear anything special from his looks. Average for humans maybe but among Devils it was a dime a dozen. His magical reserves however were a different story altogether. Even as a human he had almost similar reserves to a low tier High Class Devil. She could sense a Sacred Gear inside him too. Was that the reason?

If anything, his closeness with Sairaorg was a positive sign for them. The eldest Bael child was a good judge of character and if he approves someone, then that person must have some good qualities in them. However, what she liked about him was his glasses. They make him look so cute, just like Sona-tan. Black hair and round glasses, he is like a male version of Sona-tan. Even the way he gets flustered when she teased him and his hobbies were the same as her. Oh, at least she would enjoy her investigation. However the similarities didn't just end there. She noticed that the boy after his initial embarrassment quickly collected himself when he caught on to her intentions and kept his replies casual without revealing anything more than necessary. Interesting indeed. This is much better self-control than most of the young Devils she knows of. She could feel his lust but he is keeping it under a tight leash every instant. So, one of his sins is Lust. She could feel a smile growing inside her for some unknown reason.

But the surprises didn't stop there. His test results were near perfect for the technical parts of the test. Ajuka had purposely added some questions above the level of his age, but they were answered perfectly…. and in record time. His history and etiquette answers had some minor errors but it was overall enough to say that he was smart. Quite smart is big praise when coming from someone like Ajuka, who himself is brilliance incarnate.

However the biggest bomb was what awaited them in the practical exams. The boy could use the PoD. What? How? Why? When? All kinds of questions started popping up in her mind. He was not a Devil. She could sense that when he entered. So how did he gain the PoD? This could change the entire power and political structure of the underworld.

She could see why Zekram himself would bring him to the exams. But the real question was why he didn't just erase the boy when he first found out. There are many unknown variables that she needs to know of.

The boy's…..no Shin's control over the PoD was something worth watching too. He was not even using a magical circle yet his now enhanced magical reserves were used perfectly to create a technique that she had not seen any Bael's use till date. Not even Sirzechs used something like this. The sheepish look on the boy's face which followed his fascinated look showed that even he didn't know exactly what it was that he was doing, which was …..scarier.

She could see Ajuka's expression of the mad scientist that he always hides behind his calm and composed façade slipping a little. She couldn't blame him though, it was just that big. However the most surprising expression was perhaps Sairaorgs. He didn't know? Honestly Lord Bael was an ass. No, that was an insult to all the asses in the world. She couldn't move against him because he had the Bael House's support behind him, even if he was just a jealous prick with an inferiority complex the size of the entire underworld.

And then the last surprise from Shin-kun was his evil pieces. 3 mutation pieces. The sheer potential of that set was something that she dreads to imagine if his current magical reserves are any indication of, he could reincarnate a Mid-Tier Longinus user using only 5 pawn pieces or 1 rook and to have not one or two, but 3 mutation pieces. She could only wait to watch how his peerage would turn out.

She will have to make opportunities to meet up with Shin-kun in the future. Zekram Bael already has many cards under his hand and such a person cannot be allowed to gain someone of Shin's abilities.

She will take care of that in her own way. She is the one in-charge for Foreign Affairs for a reason. Establishing friendly relationships is a specialty of hers. Maybe she could introduce him to the wonders of Magical Girls.

- Venelana Gremory -

When she received a magic circle from her ancestor that he was coming to the Gremory castle for some important matter, she had been quite confused about the entire visit. Her husband has been preparing for the elder Bael's visit since. Even Sirzechs was invited. The matter of discussion seemed quite serious if every member of the family was being invited.

He arrives with the yellow magic circle of the Bael Clan. Everyone straightens to pay respect to the first Bael. After the formal greetings are out of the way, he started.

And of all things she could have guessed, she did not expect it to be a marriage contract for her daughter. Rias, her daughter, is really precious to her. She reminds her of herself if only more free-spirited than her in her youth. So when she was pushed in for an engagement with Riser Phenex of all people, Rias had been enraged. Not that she blamed her daughter for that.

Riser Phenex was a lowly insect whose only redeeming quality was being born to his parents…..no, only his mother and inheriting the Phenex Clan trait. Every other thing about him was only degrading. He was the very epitome of what the Old Satan Faction Devils stood for. Sometimes she even wondered if Lady Phenex had finally had enough of her fool of a husband and had a drunken one-nighter with someone of the Old Satan Faction. There was just no other reason she could think about him differing so much from his siblings. The first and second Phenex sons were respectable people, Ravel was a sweet and independent girl of her own, it was only Riser that was rotten. Even that waste of his father was more scheming than half of the Devils.

Zeoticus however couldn't see their faults, with his eyes blinded with political deals made from the said engagement. The fact that Riser Phenex will be declared the Head of House Gremory when Rias took the position of Lady Gremory was completely out of his mind. This was the same way that the current Lord Phenex gained control of the Phenex family and has been abusing the House's political power and resources since then.

However I can't interfere with it as much as I want. They just had a contract, just like the contract between Rias and Riser. She was his wife because he wants heirs with the PoD, the strongest power in the underworld. It is the reason behind Gremory House's current standing. Sirzechs inherited the PoD better than anyone else in the past. His position as a Satan is proof of that. Her being a Bael doesn't allow Zeoticus control over her. One of the main reasons he spends his time with the group of sluts he calls his harem. Common street whores with subpar skills that he keeps for his entertainment. The proof of that is the fact that none of them were chosen to bear his child. He is too prideful for that and she was not someone who would bow to the likes of him. Rias however would have no choice in this matter if she got engaged to Riser. The contract is just too binding on her and she is not a Bael.

A strong man with great ambitions and potential is someone she could stand behind, but we don't always get what we want. She would have tried to help Rias out of her engagement if Sirzechs himself hadn't been doing exactly that.

This situation however changes everything. She doesn't know what type of person this Shin Kageyami is. However if anything gets Rias out of this mess, she would support it. With Zekram himself being here it won't be necessary though. The consequences that he mentioned were just that unacceptable. It could ruin the Baels and the Gremorys in one fell swoop. Rias will have to marry this Shin and this time she might not get a choice in the matter.

The matter of concern however was House Phenex. While the rest of the family might agree to it, Riser and his father absolutely won't. If they find out about the consequences that the Gremorys or the Bael's risk to face, they might even drag the others to side with them to pressurize them to continue as agreed with the contract. The Devils may seem peaceful right now but they are anything but. Constant power plays and backroom politics are extremely common in the underworld and no one would say no to a piece of the pie that are the Bael's and Gremory's.

Right now, she can only pray that Shin Kageyami doesn't turn out to be someone worse than Riser Phenex. As difficult as such a thing may sound, it is always a possibility that he might be an even bigger waste.

Now, who will be the one to inform Rias of this matter? Her daughter's reaction is something that she cannot even predict. Maybe if this boy was anything good, it would help present the matter better to Rias. Grayfia can handle that. She would wait until she meets Shin herself before making a decision.

It seems that she will have to pay a visit to her paternal home sometime soon. Maybe Sairaorg can provide her with some information about Shin, from what she heard, they get along.

- A Mother's Thoughts -

As she brushes her hands on the photo of her beloved son, she can't help but shed tears of pain and frustration. Her baby boy was disowned from the family. Family…..can she even call it that. At least for him they have never been anything similar to it. He was cast aside and they were alienated. She knows that the Dursleys were anything but kind to him. The many times that she woke up from the nightmares over the years of her son's treatment in that place is proof of that fact. When she had seen her son after over ten years, she dreaded the fact of how he would react to them. James, being the abhorrent filth that he is, was more focused on Alex's entrance at Hogwarts and the pranks he would pull on others. Completely unbothered by the fact that his other son might entirely refuse to acknowledge them at all.

And it turned out exactly as she feared. He was scared to even look at them, but even when afraid his eyes contained extreme pain of betrayal and anger in them. James and Alex didn't help either. Constantly putting him down on every matter, which turned even worse when he was sorted in Slytherin. They branded him as dark just based on that. Pettigrew was Griffinor and some light wizard he turned out to be. After that, year after year, him being sent back to the Dursleys was just alienating him even further. When James came back saying that he disowned 'the snake', her heart sank. She lost him. She finally lost her son and it was all her fault for not doing anything….maybe if she went back to him, he would forgive her.

Yes, that is possible. She will do anything he asks of her if it means having him back in her life once more.

As she rises to leave, her eyes glaze over and she sits back…What was she thinking again? Is it dinner time already?

While all this is going on, the shadow of a girl watches hidden in the corner of the door, thinking something only she alone knows of.


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Shin is going to slow his leveling from around level 300. When he is an 8-Winged Devil. Till then he is going to work with his skills and collect peerage members. After that, he will go back to the wizarding world and wreck some havoc. The wizarding world is basically very weak compared to the Devils, so it will mostly concentrate on wrecking shit up, messing with people and completing his quests.

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