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Chapter 30 : Hell hath no Wrath.

- Shin –

We flooed to our temporary residence of 12 Grimmauld Place. I am pretty sure that right about now, half of Diagon Alley will be in absolute chaos.

Rias had hit our enemies exactly where it hurt.

Their image.

Right now when Voldemort's return was public, they all had their hopes pinned on the 'Leader of Light' and the 'Boy-who-Lived'.

Dumbles is currently out of commission and him not being present in any of the meetings will already crumble more than half of the morale of the Order of the Headless Chickens and now that the truth about the so called Boy-who-lived or the falsity of one was thrown out in the open, in simple words, they were completely screwed.

If they deny it and claim that Rias lied, they would be shunning me which they cannot anymore because they fucking need me and if they don't, they will be shunned by the entirety of the wizarding Britain for harming the 'True Boy-who-Lived', so either way, they are completely screwed.

It's Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

"So, what's the plan now?" I asked as I took a seat, Sakuya, already in the process of making tea.

"Now, we wait for the others to complete their part. I couldn't leave the propagation of this news in the hands of the dumb wizarding community only. I assigned Merlin and Hermione to carry out this part. Kuroka is doing her best as well. She is currently making sure that this news reaches all the members of the Light faction as soon as possible before the Potters can do any damage control. Fleur is doing the same for the Dark faction as well as spreading the deeds of the former Boy-who-Lived or rather his misdeeds all around the place."

Rias took the cup of tea that I passed her and I took my own. Taking a sip from her cup, she continued, "Inciting a bunch of sheep is going to be too easy. For now, all we need to do is stay out of public places for a while and they will grow restless enough to make moves on anyone they hold responsible."

I completed it for her, "and when all the firecrackers are set, we light one up and enjoy the show."

She merely smirked at me, the smirk that I have come to adore, "You understand me so well, Shin."

I smiled at this and hugged her with one arm.

"Sakuya, what is Shion doing?" I asked Sakuya who is waiting for us to finish now.

"Miss Shion is learning how to cook. Although her food was edible, the presentation left much to be desired. I have offered her to learn under me until she masters her cooking ability. She is currently practicing." She said in a serious tone although for someone like me who has come to know her much better now it was slightly smug.

I think I will check up on the conditions of the Shadow Servants first and then train for a bit.

I did just that.

Snape is currently in Hogwarts. The classes have started and with Dumbles out of commission, McGonnagal is keeping order….well as much as she can.

Dumbles is however regaining consciousness. I was not experienced enough with my curse magic to curse him permanently in that short time. Maybe I should have mixed some Unicorn Blood in his potions and had him cursed like a bitch. It would have been easy but it would have also left the chance that people could have said that he went mad due to the curse. I didn't want that to happen and Rias agreed with this too.

So, I didn't even reinforce the curse after gaining more experience with my curse magic.

On the other hand, the news had spread.

The Shadow Servants I had left in Devon are keeping an eye on the Weasleys. I also had something else in mind, so one of my Shadows quietly broke the clock that showed the status of the family and took place inside it.

It is in the perfect place to spy and keep them in mock assurance of their safety.

The watch itself used Blood Magic and is classified as 'Dark magic' in wizarding Britain but when has that ever stopped them from using it anyways?.

For the so-called 'Light Faction' only those who stand against Dumbles can be Dark and whoever is with him gets a free pass to do whatever they want.

I have to say that I had already forgotten about the clock if it hadn't been for Hermione. She does not leave any details behind when planning everything though.

Currently the Weasley House where coincidentally Alex Potter had been because his parents were visiting the bank had the biggest shock of his life. Molly the Howler is doing what she is famous for….exactly, howling.

I couldn't help but chuckle at it though.

"What is so funny Shin?" Rias asked, having finished her cup of tea.

"Hmm, I was checking out my Shadow Servants who had been spying on the so-called 'Light Faction'. The news has already spread. Currently Molly the Howler is howling that 'It's impossible for a snake to be the Boy-who-Lived while the so called Boy-who-Lived….ughh is standing there frozen in shock. I bet if we walk into Devon right about now, we will get attacked by him the very instant that he sees us. His buddy the Human-waste-Disposal is also shouting the same. Ah, they have been called for an Order meeting. Now this will be fun." I offer Rias the running commentary on the scenes.

"An Order meeting? Where exactly is it and who is going to be there?" she asked quickly.

"Hmm. The Potter Manor and almost everyone will be there to verify the news. Oh, James Potter is going to have a field day." I laughed a little.

Rias seemed to have thought of something as she smirks as well, "I am sure they all will do that."

At that very moment, a magic circle flashed and Fleur appeared inside the house.

"How is the news spreading?" Rias asked, leaning into me as I embraced her in a hug.

Fleur takes a seat as Sakuya makes tea for her as well.

"Better than we could have anticipated. The aurors who had been present at that meeting and from what I know they are loyal to Rufus Scrimgeour, who is also the biggest competitor for the post of the Head of the DMLE. Amelia Bones is now going to take the position of the Minister but from what I have heard, an attack is going to take place on her residence soon enough. The auror has been extremely quick in transmitting this news to the DMLE. I reckon that you will be contacted soon enough…." then as if remembering something she amends, "or at least an attempt to contact seeing that we are in a Fidelius right now. I think they will pass the message on to the House Black's Account Manager to forward to you."

I looked at Rias who was in thought and nodded at it. "That does seem plausible."

"Fleur, can you infiltrate the meeting?" Rias asked, thinking of something.

"I didn't expect them to meet so soon but yes, I have already arranged a way in, if I want. Also, this matter is of utmost importance so I can push my way through. If they deny me or any new order member, then they will be ostracizing the rest of the new members too. I can get there." she said after some thought.

"Hmm, very well then do it. I want you to find an opportunity to put some pressure on Alex Potter and make others question him and his actions. Hermione is already doing that in Diagon Alley right now. I want him to snap and do something stupid, thus solidifying the distrust and anger of the people." said Rias with a calm but solemn look on her face.

"Okay, I will get right on it." With that said, she teleported in a magic circle.

Rias and I just snuggled into each other and waited for the others to return. I even pulled Sakuya into it, or rather tried but while she is alright with anything when we are alone, she is quite stoic when she is working.

- Hermione –

If a few years ago someone had told her that she would be shopping in Diagon Alley with Merlin, and not even the normal Merlin but a super powerful otherworldly genderbent version of Merlin, she would have advised them to see mind healers. Now though, she can only sigh at the fact that rather than be jumping in joy about such a situation, she had to stop her Teacher from unleashing untold amounts of curses on the idiots in the world who cuss using her name. That was not even considering the mission that they were currently on. The only relief was that at the very least the rumors were spreading properly.

Currently sitting in a corner of the Leaky Cauldron, she was listening to the conversations of the people inside while being under a powerful notice-me-not charm. It was mainly about the incident that happened a while ago.

The Potters were always the center of attention. Even when Shin had been sorted into Slytherin, people had easily blamed it all on the eleven year old by saying that he was probably 'dark' and that is why the Potters had kept him away to not 'corrupt' their Boy-who-Lived.

Now that her mind was clear, she couldn't help but clench her teeth in anger when she thought about it.

As if an eleven year old would be dark or light. The idiots here were so quick to put the blame on anyone they wanted just to keep their conscience guilt free. It disgusted her thinking that she had once been a part of this filth. It was easy to know that the previous rumors were spread by Dumbledore to discredit and isolate Shin back then.

It almost brought a warm feeling to her heart thinking how Rias used the very same means to destroy the 'Light faction' and then their vaunted 'Leader of Light'.

"Did you hear that? Who would have thought that the 'Boy-who-Lived' was a fake? It had been his brother all this time."

"Is that even true though? From what I heard it was only the words of the girl with that boy." said another.

"But the Potters didn't deny it at all and it was all in the memories. I mean I saw the face of the two Potters and I am telling you, they looked pale. I even heard that James Potter had disowned him but now wanted him back in the family knowing that he was the 'True Boy-who-Lived'. Why would they do that for a fake?"

"I also think that there was some truth to this after all it was the brother who won the Triwizard Tournament. It is obvious that he was the real deal."

The sheep kept on whispering conspiracy theories and the slight curse that her Teacher had spread over the place only amplified it.

"Merlin's saggy balls, I tell you this is all messed up. I mean keeping the fake and letting the 'real Boy-who-Lived' be abused? What of all the gifts and money that was sent to the 'Boy-who-Lived'. Was it all spent on the fake while the real one was starved all along?" shouted someone as he slammed his bottle of fire whiskey down on the table.

Hermione felt a chill run down her spine as she jumped to hold her Teacher's hand and stop her from erasing the fool from this world.

"I assure you that none of my balls are of the saggy variety." Merlin looked at her slightly vulnerable, "It doesn't sag, right?"

"It doesn't. They were talking about a bearded man who died hundreds of years ago teacher. Don't let it bother you and just ignore it." Hermione reassured her teacher.

The fool however had no idea about the danger that he just escaped and kept on shouting obscenities, riling up the people in the inn.

Meredith, who arrived at their table just then and sat down with a bottle of butter beer looked at the chaos with amusement in her eyes.

After all, it was her creation. Her ability to influence humans was beyond cheating. She could even influence their very beliefs and that made her a terrifying enemy or a splendid ally in this case.

"How did it go on your end?" she asked as she filled a glass for her teacher with fire whiskey.

"It was quite easy. I just had to 'convince' some people about the atrocities that were committed on the 'true Boy-who-Lived' while the fake savior falsely glorified, and pointed them towards the culprits, Dumbledore and the Potters, especially James Potter who was known to be very vocal about it and had even disowned him and let them do the rest of the work themselves."

"What about the newspaper and magazines?"

"The Daily Prophet and several newspapers were suffering due to the reveal of Voldemort whom they had been denying the entirety of the last year. Since the reveal, the people have reduced purchasing the newspaper and relying on them for news. Now that they have found a case against the 'Light Faction', especially a major scandal like this, they will not stop at anything to find out the truth about this matter. We just need to point them towards the right place and I already did that. The address of the Dursley's has been forwarded to the DMLE already. The newspaper will probably be there when the three people are being arrested for child abuse. We don't need to prove anything directly after all, just let them find everything themselves. The more effort they put in discovering those, the more inclined they will be in believing it. Human nature."

Hermione could only stare at the girl two years her junior. Such cold deconstruction of a matter and such casual tone of voice as she spoke of completely destroying someone's social life, it again reminded her that this girl was a member of the British Royal family, illegitimate but still.

Her scheming certainly showed her that she was definitely of royal blood, and no stranger to such behaviour.

It kinda made her pity the members of the British Royal family to have someone like her against them especially when she had the backing of Shin.

But then again who was she to question her new friend's means? She herself was the same. She too was doing this to bring down the ones who had wronged her.

"News from Rias?" she asked as she saw her teacher using a communication magic circle.

"Hmm. It seems that the news has spread and the order members are calling for a meeting regarding this news. I was informed that Fleur has infiltrated the meeting and will raise questions there to push them towards certain directions. It seems that our work here is finished. Now we just have to lead the DMLE to the Dursley's and other crime scenes."

She nodded to her teacher.

The First phase of the plan is now complete.

- Amelia Bones –

Amelia Bones held her head as she looked at the report in front of her. Her workload had increased since the reveal of Voldemort about two months ago. The previous mess that was created by Fudge didn't help her either. People wanted answers and she didn't have any.


However she was currently the temporary Minister of Magic until the elections took place. Fudge had kicked the bucket or was rather murdered but no one speaks of that in this tense moment.

And to pour salt over her wounds, Dumbledore had often visited her with his condescending tone criticizing any security measure she was taking. James Potter was walking as the sit-in-head of the DMLE because she was busy with her position as the temporary minister and THAT didn't help anyone.

The worst part was that she couldn't even be harsh against them because if she did, the public would be on her neck about disrespecting the 'Leader of Light' and the father of the 'Boy-who-Lived'. Her situation was the apt description of the situation of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

And now her subordinate or rather the subordinate of Rufus had brought her news that changed it all.

Alex Potter was not the Boy-who-Lived. It was his twin brother Harry Potter or rather Lord Harrision Sirius Black. The Potters had mistaken the real Boy-who-Lived and sent him to live with muggles that had abused him. James Potter had disowned the 'True-Boy-who-Lived' and cast him out of House Potter.

The boy or Lord as he is called now refused to have any relations with them either. That was a big slap on to the 'Light Faction' or rather Dumbledore's arse kissers as she calls them as well as a free ticket for her to get out of this mess. If she can prove even one of these, she can claim a hand of her own over her opponents and she intended to do just that.

"Are you sure this is true?" she asked Rufus, "I don't want to permit action just to find out that it was all a lie and have the Ministry discredited once more for slandering the Potters. Merlin knows we have enough on our plates as it is." she asked as she once again reread the reports.

"My subordinate heard the girl shouting this herself. The Potters didn't deny the claims either. It doesn't hurt to just check the people and question them. If we can find anything it will be our win Ma'am." said the auror.

"I have had some clues that the Prophecy that Voldemort was trying to steal was related to him and the 'Boy-who-Lived. I will contact the Unspeakables and find out who the prophecy was about. If it is really about Lord Harrison Sirius Black, we will proceed with the investigation as emergency measures."

Amelia put down the report as she thought over the plans once more.

With one more thought, she sent a note over to summon the Head of the Unspeakables.

There was work to do and time is of essence here.

- Fleur –

Fleur headed to the meeting point as soon as she left their current base. The meeting's location was Potter's Manor but before that she had to take a detour to another place to meet someone else.

While walking to her destination, she thought about the changes that happened in her life over the last month.

She had become a devil.

That alone was a HUGE change.

Her family had taken it relatively well, well at least her mother's side of the family had been delighted to have a solid connection to the devils with one of them becoming a part of a prominent devil's peerage. Rias Gremory's name was known all over the underworld for more than one reason.

The Gremorys were known to treat their peerage members kindly unlike other devils who just use them as disposable slaves.

Her father had been a little hesitant but was happy when he saw her happy as well. It was easy to see that she was living a better life now.

The deal with Latia had been easy because she did not complain in the slightest. It was later that she had found out that it was majorly due to Shin's relationship with the Satans and his importance in the Underworld that Latia was so agreeable with this arrangement too.

This again brought her back to Shin or rather Harry as she knew him to be.

The one she had once called a 'little boy' was now someone who even the leaders of supernatural factions always speak politely to.

She didn't know what it was that had happened back when she had met Rias and Shin but she could sense that the person in front of her had changed.

It was no longer that frightened boy who hid all his anger inside him but instead someone confident and powerful enough to tear a Twelve-Winged Fallen Angel to pieces with his bare hands. She had heard of the battle that had taken place even if she didn't see it herself, she had been in enough training sessions with Shin to know just what the result would have been anyway.

She had six wings of her own which was only because she was more focused on her job as a spy and so she couldn't devote enough time to training. That said, a Six Winged Devil is still an unreachable dream for many and she currently has enough power to even take down Dumbledore on her own.

That said Dumbledore was not her prey. He was destined to suffer much worse. To be honest she did understand why all this was being done. Rias had been positively furious when she had learned about Shin's treatment from his childhood. Even Fleur herself had been so enraged that her Veela nature had almost slipped in causing her limbs to transform. She did owe Shin for saving her sister and if spying a little can help him then so be it. The fact that it was also her job from her King was just a bonus.

As she was thinking of this, she arrived at her destination.

The person she had been looking forward to meeting was waiting outside the door.

Penelope Clearwater.

She had met her when finding people that could work for her to establish a reliable network in the wizarding world. It was one of the jobs given to her by Rias. She was planning a long term plan for the wizarding world as she wished to establish a foothold over this entire region using Shin's Lordships to keep away any political complications. Obviously this would need her to have some allies, allies who are completely loyal to her. It was surprisingly easy to find such allies too.

The Muggleborns.

They were extremely easy to hire and they were desperate to prove themselves. It was quite simple to understand their motivations too.

The Wizarding world was mostly isolated and thus backward. France has been progressing but Britain refused to even think about it.

This led to backward and outdated laws to still be functioning here. The discrimination here was much worse than anything she had seen before.

Even when she was here as a Tri-Wizard participant, they had printed vulgar articles about her in their newspapers. This was despite her being the daughter of a Foreign Diplomat. The opinions were completely biased. This had made her feel disgusted with the people here.

Now imagine being under this same treatment for years. The Muggleborns didn't have enough job opportunities for people who spend all their education in this system. Due to being absent from the non-magical world's education system for so long, it is nigh impossible for them to reintegrate into the common masses.

This leads them to be struck here and exploited by the Purebloods and the older families. They could either choose to go under Dumbledore's wings which while he does promise equality, doesn't do shit about anything. Even the posts in Hogwarts are almost always filled by Purebloods or Halfbloods.

It isn't surprising that most of the members of the order are from wizarding families or those who don't have anywhere to go and are forced to choose the lesser of the two evils.

Fleur had taken her time to find such Muggleborns and one by one recruited them to her cause. The ones working in other places joined too just to find a way out of the exploitation. The ones who didn't have any work were needless to say even easier. Rias had planned to hire them to take care of the plantations here soon.

The land was already in the process of being bought and soon they would start the plantations to produce herbs and ingredients for making potions. These will include from herbs to products harvested from Magical creatures. Fleur was in charge of recruiting them here as well.

It was heartening to see that Rias was not just planning to crush the entire wizarding Britain and leave it in shambles while the innocents suffer. She had planned to hire them and provide them with a reasonable means to earn a living as well. This had earned her Fleur's respect.

While Shin did the inventing, Rias took care of the other necessary business which let him work in peace. A perfectly matched couple.

Now, the case with Penelope Clearwater. While Fleur was searching for cases where Muggleborns were not treated fairly, few cases stood above the others. Most specifically the Head Boys, Head Girls and Prefects that were chosen from the Muggleborns were never given the opportunity to work in the wizarding ministry.

They were exploited at best and unemployed or forced to leave the wizarding world at worst. This made them easier to recruit.

Not to mention that their qualifications were based completely on their performance and not on the bribes of their parents which made them a higher quality workforce than normal.

Fleur searched for the people who were close to the order members or their families during school and were sidelined or ignored and recruited them. In this list she found Penelope Clearwater, a Muggleborn girl who was in a relationship with Percy Weasley and also a prefect and Head Girl. She was unemployed due to the bias in the wizarding world and her boyfriend hadn't missed a single moment of time to leave her so as to not reduce his chances to get hired in the ministry. This had….fair to say destroyed any and all possibility of a continued relationship between them. That said it still made it easier for her to join the order. She had joined the order for the same reason as most muggleborns….to survive and in hope of getting a patron and landing a job when all this mess was solved.

Fleur had contracted her and easily exploited the hidden resentment. The Weasleys in the Order didn't make it easy for her as they had accused her of trying to ensnare their son during Hogwarts, and all of this made it extremely easy for Fleur to bring her into her own fold during the last month.

Today's plan was fairly simple. Rias' orders were to raise questions that would bring the authenticity of what was revealed today by her in the Diagon Alley. The questions about Harry's achievements being Harry's and no one else's and if this was true then why hadn't anything been done before.

She had to lead them to ask that if Dumbledore and the Potters couldn't even find the 'true Boy-who-Lived' in all this time, if they could make such a big mistake, then what was the surety of their future decisions. The fact that James Potter had disowned Harry would put a big stamp of approval on this argument too.

The problem would be if Fleur had used her own identity to question this, she would have been sidelined by relying on her heritage. For all their talks of promoting the rights of people with creature heritages, they were not above taking advantage of it quite ruthlessly when needed. So her questioning wouldn't work.

Second, her being in a disguise was a way for her to remain hidden. Bringing attention to her disguise would be counterproductive for the future so she had to do this on her own now.

This is where Penelope comes in. Her questions would ring true with the people there, especially those who had studied with her. Even if the older generations will think that she is trying to discredit the Weasleys due to her jealousy (Yeah Right!), they will still be forced to question themselves at least once.

Meanwhile Fleur's magic will make them think on this matter all the more thoroughly.

She can hide in the shadows and let Penelope do the work while she can focus on the secondary target while everyone is busy.

Alex Potter needs to hear this argument. He needs to be made insecure and if possible the secret of his scar needs to be revealed to the whole world today.

Make the disgusting piece of crap so desperate that he runs away.

As she reached her destination, she was hugged by her new friend, "Fleur. It is so nice to see you again. I thought you said that this time it might take you more than a month?" said Penelope as she took her inside her apartment. A one room apartment that she had rented after she had started working for her.

"It was a sudden change of plans. The boss decided to take care of matters here as soon as possible so we are hastening the plans now. Did you get the notification about today's meetings?" asked Fleur as she took a seat with Penelope occupying the chair next to her.

"I did. Is there something that I need to know about this meeting?" Penny asked, a little curious.

"There is. I need your help for this meeting." Fleur informed and getting a nod from the other girl, she continued explaining the plan further to her.

As the two girls planned for the meeting, other parts of the wizarding world were feeling the brunt of the information as well.

- Minerva Mcgonagall –

The Vice-Headmistress of Hogwarts sighed as she corrected another assignment submitted by the new first years as she saw a rather high pile of papers beside her table.

This year hadn't started well for the cat animagus Transfiguration Professor.

First of all Albus had gone and got himself cursed somehow.

To say that the people in the infirmary were shocked was like saying that Snape hated James Potter. The one whom they had thought to be invincible was lying on a bed in his own quarters in secret to prevent his condition from becoming public knowledge. Keeping Voldemort, she suppressed a shiver at the name, back the identity of the strongest Wizard was the only thing keeping him away from attacking Hogwarts and keeping his attacks in the wizarding Britain much tamer. If it were to be known that Dumbledore was somehow injured and incapacitated, all hell would break loose.

Who knows what the curse was that he was afflicted with but even with Poppy and Serverus working for around a month and a half, it will still be a week before he could even move from his bed. Not to mention the damned paperwork that has piled up due to her having to take care of all the paperwork from Albus as well during all this time.

She had to address the new batch of students as Poppy stood in as Albus in the opening feast. The students were fortunately sorted properly.

The students.

That brought her to a few new reveals. Three students had withdrawn from Hogwarts this year. The fees had been paid and the students were either of age or had parental consent to leave so it shouldn't have been much of a problem either.

It was the identity of the students that had thrown her in a long period of worry.

The first one had been Luna Pandora Lovegood. She sighed again at the name. Pandora Lovegood had been a Ravenclaw and a very smart one at that. One of the most Brilliant Witches to ever live. It was really a tragedy when she passed away in an accident all those years ago. Her daughter had however never recovered from it. Seeing her mother die in front of her caused her trauma and Xenophilius Lovegood didn't help either. The man had been too broken himself to take care of a child.

The girl had been bullied in school and it was only in the last year that she had been able to make some friends. She had thought the girl would quit before when she was being bullied but the fact that she quit now was a little baffling but again knowing the names of the other students who left, it was not surprising.

She could only hope that the child finds a decent place to continue her studies. It was the year she would give her owls after all.

She then looked over to the next name in the list.

Harry James Potter, she opened her glasses and massaged her head for a while. This one was something she had always regretted. It was not the right decision to leave a child with those muggles no matter what someone said. The result was a child who had become a vicious attention seeker. While James and his friends had been pranksters, they never actually hurt anyone but this one was known to always pick fights. Had the apple really fallen that far from the tree? The boy had the looks of both his parents, the black unruly hair with those emerald green eyes but his behavior couldn't be further away from the two at all.

A Potter being sorted into Slytherin had been a huge embarrassment for his parents who were the pillars of the light side and his own brother who was the beacon of the light faction too. His behavior hadn't done anything to endear him to his family either.

Over the last five years the boy had been the cause as well as participant of so many fights and injuries in the castle that it would have set a record of some sort. His jealousy for the fame of his brother didn't help matters at all. The times he had tried to shift the blame of his handiwork on Alex was uncountable.

Then again when his words were ignored and he was punished or reprimanded, he had the gall to ignore or even glare at the teachers. She could understand that it was the result of being in the company of those muggles for all this time but it didn't give anyone a reason to be disrespectful.

She had known that his attention seeking habits will cause him to face some serious problems some day and she had once again as two months ago his impulsive nature caused the death of Sirius, Merlin bless his soul. The worst part after that was not only did he try to shift the blame for this on his brother, he even tried to claim credit for the work that his brother had done. It was understandable that James had disowned the child.

Now he had withdrawn from Hogwarts too. Was his pride so high that he didn't want to accept his fault or was it so shameful that he didn't want to return? She sighed, waving away that concern to the main topic of her distraught.

Hermione Jean Granger had quit Hogwarts. This one had hit out of nowhere. The girl had been the top student and best friends with Alex and Ron. It was even in the rumors that she was dating the redheaded boy. A part of the Golden trio went out and left school all of a sudden. She had doubted that there had been an attack on her house. To say that she had rushed to check would be downplaying it but to her confusion, she found that the Grangers had left after selling their workplace and house. The work had been legal and completely muggle-sided to have been the work of the Death Eaters as they would have had no idea how to do it.

Maybe her parents had taken her away. It still saddened her that she had chosen to leave wizarding Britain and not even send a message.

No letters of owls had reached her but the application was already sent to her through Gringotts as they provided legal aid and help on the wizarding side for the muggles though for a few galleons.

She had passed on the documents in her hurry and due to her tension over Albus, she didn't notice it until it was too late. Now they were gone without a trace and she cannot find her brightest student anywhere at all.

As she was thinking about this, the fire in her office's floo lit up and then a face appeared inside the fire.

"Augusta? What is it?" she asked, recognizing the person calling her right now.

"Minerava, the Order has called for a meeting right now. The venue is the Potter Manor. Be present there." spoke a very serious Augusta Longbottom.

"What is it? You sound tense? Did something happen?" questioned a worried Minerava, thousands of thoughts in her mind, a few dreading the news of the deaths of someone she taught or knew.

"Haven't you heard already? I guess it will be in tomorrow's Prophet anyway and it is going to be the topic for today's discussion as well." Augusta Longbottom took a deep breath, "Harry Potter or rather the now named Lord Harrison Sirius Black is the real Boy-who-Lived. The Potters made a mistake in identifying the child who reflected the killing curse back then. I confirmed it with my brother Algie and he did say that the prophecy about the 'Vanquisher of the Dark Lord' was about Harry Potter and not Alex Potter. It was registered in the list of prophecies so even if the prophecy orb was destroyed or removed, they can still know who was mentioned in the prophecy. Moreover, the boy's wife….yes the young lord somehow got married due to a contract in his vaults, well the girl accused the Potters of abusing her husband through Lily's relatives. It created a big scene in Diagon Alley. Everyone is talking about it and the worst part is that the Potters didn't deny anything at all. Everyone is out for answers and if I am not wrong, Amelia has already dispatched the aurors to investigate the truth behind the accusations of Lady Black today. Come to the Potter Manor as soon as possible so that this mess can be cleared off." said Augusta as she completed the floo call.

Minerava felt all the blood in her body run cold.

Alex Potter was not the Boy-who-Lived?

Harry Potter? Harrison Sirius Black was the Boy-who-Lived?


As each word registered in her mind, she felt the earth beneath her legs cracking a little until she fell down back onto her chair and grabbed the armrests as if for support to avoid falling any lower….if that was even possible.

One scene after another flashed before her eyes as she looked paler with each memory. The times when he had spoken up and had been punished, when he had looked at her with disappointment and disgust all those times came back in full force once more.

In that single moment, she doubted her entire career as a teacher. Had she been so blind that she didn't recognize all of this happening right under her nose? She tried to remember all the incidents and found out that she had not witnessed any of those with her own eyes but had always without fail sided with the others, never even considering the option that Harry could be right there.

Shame was not a word that was good enough to explain what she was experiencing right now in regards to the now named Lord Black.

A part of her completely denied this as well. Maybe a defense mechanism but she will have to hear the news from the Potters themselves to find out exactly what was happening here before she could believe any of it at all. With that thought in mind, she walked up to the floo and with a call for Potter Manor, she disappeared in the flash of green flame to her destination to find out the truth about the boy-who-lived.

- Luna Lovegood –

Luna looked around the place when the light from the magic circle faded. It was the living room of the house that she had grown up in. A place that held a lot of happy and equally sad memories for her while growing up so even when she knew what to expect, she still couldn't help the nostalgic feeling in her heart.

The other resident of the house noticed the lights and turned around and soon enough a smile lit up his face.

"Daddy, I am home." Said Luna and she rushed to hug her father. God knew how tense he must have been even knowing that she was safe.

"Luna. You are back." Her father returned her hug with a tight embrace of his own. "How have you been, my little moon?" asked her father, making her smile at her nickname.

"I had fun daddy. The people there are really nice. The new school has some wrackspurt infestations although not quite dangerous but there are no harmful nargles. I made many new friends and even saw new magical creatures. There is a talking penguin who helps Sakuya with housework. He is like a house elf but no magic although he is very funny. Then there are Gold and Silver. They are the familiars of my new friends and they protect me all the time. Gold is a Lion who can control lightning and Silver is a big wolf that is very fast. I have pictures of them too. I even asked permission from their owners and we can print them in the Quibbler." she began to tell her father about the things that she saw in her new home.


She hadn't realized but that place had become a new home for her in just over a month and she somehow did not dislike the feeling or felt strange about it at all.

"Now now Little Moon, first take a seat and introduce your friend to me first. I will prepare something to eat. Tilly." He called for the house elf of the Lovegood house and it appeared instantly in a pop.

"Masters called Tilly? Miss Moon is back. Tilly be bringing food soon." And without even asking the master of the house for an order, the house elf popped away. This was and has always been the case with The Lovegood House.

"These are my friends. You already know Shin and his fiancé Rias. The other one is Meredith. There is also Asia, Ingvild, Lavinia and others but they are at home." Seeing her father nod towards her friends, she continued, "Daddy, we need your help with publishing an interview." And then she proceeded to tell her father everything.

This time even if the Prophet avoids printing the truth, the evidence in Quibbler will spread it throughout the wizarding world.

Seeing her father asking questions and preparing the evidence, Luna smiled in wait for the next day.

- Interlude (Frozen Heart) –

Lavinia looked around the place. All the training dummies lay frozen as Demi stood in front of her. She panted on her knees from all the exertion.

The room in the new place that was used for training is a novelty, even in her anger and despair, she could tell this much. It was called the Room of Requirement if she remembered the words of Suzaku. The power to change into anything the user desired with a few exceptions.

An attempt to copy the Innovate Clear. It certainly lived up to that fact because even after all her attacks, there was barely a dent in the room itself.

The talks about it being able to hold a Satan class fight was not hot air.

She eased her body and let herself lay on the floor as she thought about the previous day.

Two days have passed since her life changed beyond comparison so much that even now she couldn't brace the situation completely.

All of this change was due to two people, two men.

Just the thought of it made her feel a pang of hurt.

The first one was the one whom she had fallen in love with, the person who she had vowed to be with all her life, her previous team leader Tobio. She had always known that there would always be many other girls around him but in time she had convinced herself that he would never treat her unfairly. He had said so himself though never in straight words ever.

She had always felt a little jealous of Sae who had known him from childhood. Even the drive that Tobio had when he had joined the Supernatural world was only to save Sae. In a way, she could understand it, that it was not his fault completely and that she shouldn't blame him….but it still hurt dammit.


Sensing her rage, her partner Demi sends another wave of ice crushing the training dummies in the room.

This all started when he headed off all by himself to search for Sae. He didn't call the team either. It was a level of stupidity that was not expected of someone on his level. Then he fell into a trap. He had known that Kokabiel was planning something but he still went ahead….just to save Sae. It was this aspect that had attracted her to him once but right now, after years of working with the Slash Dog team, that he still didn't trust them enough to ask for help was something that she resented this time.

But then again everyone makes mistakes, she couldn't blame this situation entirely on him for this one mistake.

Even she had fallen into the ambush. Kokabiel was far too experienced to completely avoid and to top it off, he had been one of those who had full information about Tobio and his fighting style, his weaknesses and strengths so it was not a complete surprise that he had lost that fight and was captured.

But then again, she hadn't been any better. She too had fallen for the ambush and had even been used by them to almost cause another Great War among the three factions this time. It was only the intervention of….of her new King, the word still felt odd to her, that she was still breathing right now.

Or maybe that was just because of her new friend Luna, she was not sure of that yet.

Honestly back at that instant, it didn't matter to her. Tobio had died and she didn't know what to live for anymore.

She had blamed herself when she had found out that Suzaku had died. The sheer pain had made her want to freeze herself to death. Then when she heard that Shin could revive people she felt hope.

She had a chance to see Tobio again.

With that thought in mind, she had sold herself to the devil, though how much of a devil that person is remains up for question.

She had already owed her life to him when he went and used one of his extra lives to fulfill her wish of seeing Tobio again. She couldn't in right mind blame him for asking a high but fair price for it though.

A life for a life.

She didn't regret selling herself off if she could see her love alive again.

It was what had happened after it that had changed her view completely.

She had waited beside Tobio's bed for the entire night for him to wake up. She wanted to talk to him one last time before her new life.

She had known that any chance of them being together was almost gone because Tobio was a human and wanted to remain a human and she was to become a devil with a very long life. Tobio would live for a century at most if he was lucky but she would continue living for thousands of years.

She still hoped that they could be together even if it was a near impossible one.

But all of that changed when he woke up.

His first questions had been about….Sae. He was already healed so he had left almost instantly when he found out about her whereabouts. He didn't even notice her beside his bed. He did not notice the absence of Suzaku. He didn't notice Natsume trying to tell him about things that had happened.

Jin had been controlled so it didn't have all of its memories of the incident and even it could sense the change in situation but Tobio did not.

He had once again headed off after Sae.

She couldn't speak a single word the entire time though. She was frozen. Pain, anger, defeat, frustration and despair and many other negative emotions overwhelmed her.

She knew that he didn't know better about the situation but it hurt.

She knew that she was being unreasonable and selfish but she didn't care….SHE HAD ALL THE RIGHT TO BE BLOODY SELFISH.

But it had also made things clear that she could never rival Sae in Tobio's heart. It was better to end it at that.

Maybe at a later time when he calmed down and realized that she was gone, he would try to bring her back….but it was already too late for that.

Lavinia was many things but a traitor was not one of them.

Shin had done too much for her. Even if some of those had been purely a deal, her new king did not back down and held up his end of the bargain.

He stood directly unwavering in front of her when Archangel Uriel had tried to kill her, even when there was no actual reason for him to and then given away one of his lives for the deal.

She made that deal so she will keep it. She had already realized the end of this when she made the deal. Only it was more painful than she had expected.

With that thought in mind, she pulled herself up and walked towards the room's door. This was her new life and she couldn't afford to be upset forever and make others worry over her.

- Shin –

+10 Affection with Lavinia Reni(65/100)

+20 Obedience with Lavinia Reni(80/100)

I eyed the notification and then the scene of Akeno, naked as the day she was born on all four in front of me with a buttplug shining in her ass and her slit wet with arousal, and concentrated on the scene in front of me.

I have a long night ahead of me.


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