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Chapter 41 : Sheer Madness.

- Shin –

I looked at the two beads of glass in my hand and smiled at the sight of the smoke from the Arlong Park.

"Are those?" Nami asked as she saw the beads.


"What?" Nojiko was confused.

"Arlong and Hachi." I replied.

"Huh?" The blue haired girl was still confused while her sister had her mouth hung open, complicated emotions flickering in her eyes.

I didn't wait for them to understand and used the spell to start the ship.

"Where are we sailing to, Captain?" Rindo enquired, perhaps the only girl who was not bothered by the atmosphere.

"To Loguetown. We need to drop Hawkeye there. Nami, take the helm."

"So what are those?" Nojiko asked again.

"As I said already, these are the ones I came here for – Arlong and Hachi. They escaped into the water and Smoker couldn't do anything so I took a chance to catch them."


"These are glass beads right? Well I will show you the trick soon." I waved off her worries and led her to her room on the ship.

Sitting alone on the deck, I was approached by the Mecha-Roger.

"Have you decided what to do next?"

"We are heading towards Loguetown. Hawkeye will sail from there and I think you would also want to see your hometown."

"Hmm. I would like to."

"As for me, I am going to find some crew members. So I will probably leave you with a friend of yours for a while and snatch a doctor for the ship."

"A friend?" he asked.

I smirked. "A surprise."

"Wahahahaha very well. I like surprises too. So…. time to get on with your training."


- Scene Change –


The clash between two black blades created terrifying shockwaves which were absorbed by the ship. A simple spell that absorbs the energy released inside the room to power the Ship. Haki is destructive but the target is not the room itself and with a high enough quality of materials, the enhancement was easy to make.

In this way I can focus more on training without worrying about my MP running dry in sailing the ship.

It has been one week since we left Cocoyashi Village. I have finally reached the next level in Armament Haki. I can now coat my sword in Haki.

There is however a very big difference between my Armament Haki and Roger's Armament Haki. I believe his Armament Haki is at the Legendary Level at the very least while mine is only at the Adept level.

It is still enough to harm a Logia user though.

I jumped to the side and dodged the attack. Mecha-Roger's sword turned towards me midair. I twisted my wrist to bring my own sword in front of me to parry. The attack cracked my sword and I was thrown aside towards the wall of the room. I slid down the wall and quickly kicked the floor to dodge the next slash which left a scratch in the floor charmed to be 'Unbreakable'.

Roger had actually laughed at this. His exact words were, if something doesn't break when attacked, it just means you are not hitting it hard enough. After that he had gone to cut some of the enchanted pieces in half to prove this point.

I realized that Armament Haki is also a spiritual power and thus can to some extent interfere with Magic.

That said, Magic is still an out of syllabus thing for this world as far as I have seen.

I have my physical stats in the 500s right now….despite the suppression.

Maybe after I find my Ship's Doctor, I can hunt down one of my targets to release half of my strength.

"Dodge faster brat and hold your sword properly. You fight like a sissy."

Damn bastard, I am not allowed to use Magic or any of my abilities. Only a sword and Haki and not even Touki to enhance myself. Senjutsu is also out. I noticed that Senjutsu's perception increases my training time for Observation Haki. Also Hawkeye being where he is, I don't want to show off my magic.

"CAPTAIN, WE CAN SEE LOGUETOWN." Saved by the voice, I looked towards the door.

Hawkeye was outside, ready to sail off on his own.

"Oh….Mihawk, you're leaving already?." Roger greeted cheerfully. The two already had a fight on a secluded island and….well the island is no more.

Since then the Swordsmaster has been in a much better mood.

"Yes. I hope to see you both on the Grandline soon."

"Wahahahaha sure. Next time it's your treat however." The Former Pirate King smiled cheerfully.

Mihawk nodded and looked towards me, "and next time I hope to fight you as well….at your full power."

"Ah….I am still learning but I will entertain you when we meet again. Although I don't know if I can challenge you with swordsmanship soon, but I will give you a good fight." I smiled back.

A sword wielding Vali is the last thing I need after me.

He nodded back and lowered his boat on the sea. I brought out a pack of supplies for him. Wine and good food for his journey.

With a few more words, the Greatest Swordsman in this world set sail once more.

We turned towards Loguetown.

The place Gol D. Roger was born and died….and now returning after death.

"How do you feel returning to this place again, Teacher?"

"….Nostalgic. There are too many memories associated with this place. I never thought I could add more to it when I was walking to my execution that day."

The execution of The Pirate King.

The day the Era of Pirates started.

I realized a simple thing.

Roger could have easily fucked the World Government over if he wanted.

I mean imagine saying, "You want my treasure, you can have it all. I have left it all at….Mariejois." and lo and behold.

Fisher Tiger wouldn't have been the first to break through to Mariegeois.

That said, I don't think his goal was something as simple as to destroy the so-called Holy Land.

"Just try not to cause trouble. I need to hide for a few more months and I have heard that Garp is coming to meet us. I will meet him alone."

"Oh! Garp is coming. Wahahaha I would love to meet him then."

"Nope. Not now. I will be dropping you with your friend. After I find my Doctor, we will be leaving for Shabody to meet your Vice Captain while I wreck chaos on the Marines."

"Wreck Chaos?" he questioned.

I smiled mysteriously. I made a few plans to unlock my power. One of these plans will let me achieve both of these in one go.

"You will see."

With those words said, we sailed towards Loguetown.

- Scene Change –

I left Roger at Loguetown with Nami, Nojiko and Rindo on our ship while I went aside to collect information.

Observe is pretty decent when searching for information.

A slight glamour to hide who I am. Randomly Observing people left and right until I found a decently strong person. A confundus to bring them into a side alley and finally Imperio to get any information I wanted.

Rinse and repeat it.

The result was unfortunately not that good.

I didn't get much information.

East Blue is really the weakest of all blues.

The people here don't even have the bounty posters of the pirates in different seas.

My target is supposedly in West Blue. It seems that I have to enter the place myself to make any progress.

I looked around the towns a little. I did remember Zoro buying swords here but my current weapons are almost of the same level. Honestly speaking though, I have a fucking Sacred Gear, why would I waste my time on normal Named Swords.

So let's leave it to fate if Zoro finds the swords or not. If he doesn't, then the next time I come here, I will take them for myself.

I searched the town for the whole day and barely got any useful information. The place where I did get the information was the most surprising one though.

The Marine Base in Loguetown.

Smoker and Tashigi are still not here and honestly the rest are too low-leveled to even be a problem. I simply used the Cloak of Invisibility and entered the place.

An Imperio cast on the commanding officer and I had a map of all the Blues and Paradise in my pocket.

This map was the Navy edition and was much more comprehensive than the other one I got from Nami too.

These people also have a list of the names of the Pirates with bounties in other Blues.

I found my target soon enough.

The Surgeon of Death – Trafalgar Law, or more correctly speaking, Trafalgar D. Water Law, the user of the Ope Ope no Mi.

The guy has the best potential to become a doctor in this whole world and despite having Asia in my peerage, having a strong swordsman who is also a doctor never hurts though.

There was also another unexpected gain in this place – A Devil Fruit.

They had found it from some pirates coincidentally.

This one is a simple Zoan Type, Cat Cat Fruit, Model: Lion.

I have two devil fruits in my hand now and need only eight more to unlock another 25% of my power.

After Obliviating the commanding officer, I left the Marine base but not before robbing something else.

Sea Stone equipment to capture Devil Fruit users.

This is something I had been looking for a while now but had almost no success in obtaining yet.

I returned to the Ship to see Roger drinking on the corner. He had a barrel of bear beside him. The bottle of wine that I had left was still the way it was before we left.

"Even the best wine of the whole world is ultimately….not as good as a mug of beer from home." His face looked extremely nostalgic. "Thank you for this."

I nodded but didn't say anything else.

Luffy hadn't arrived yet and soon the girls returned. They were off to do shopping and well….I decided not to look into that madness.

"We are setting sail. We will enter the Grandline." I ordered and Nami took the helm while Nojiko took the bags inside with Rindo.

"The markets in this place have a lot of different fish. I have enough supplies to last a while but I did pick up some new ones from here. I also want to visit this All Blue place that I have heard about. Sounded pretty amazing too." Rindo said as she took a seat near me.

"Yes. It is said to be a place where the fishes of all the blues meet. It does sound like a magical place, yeah. Don't worry we will visit there for sure."

This world has its own mysteries and I would like to explore it when I am free, probably as an adventure with Rias and the other girls.

I looked back towards the town of 'The Beginning and End' once more and then towards the approaching Reverse Mountains.

It is about time I made my move.

- Scene Change –

Reverse Mountain is like those extremely dangerous roller coaster rides….except there are no rails and you can crash and die instead of just feeling the danger.

The Huge Mountain is around 6 km high and the flow of the sea going up towards the top looked like a miracle….fuck it is a miracle.

This is like Moses level stuff.

My ship had the Unbreakable charm cast over it. The sails are already rolled up and the ship will sail completely on the current instead of the wind's support.

As the Mountain approached, the girls looked a little scared, well except Rindo. She looked like a child who couldn't sleep the entire night being excited about riding the roller coaster the next morning but only that it's for real this time.

Also this roller coaster didn't have anything that could hold her to the seats.

Nami was shouting orders. This ship quietly picked up speed and we were between the walls of rocks surrounding the stream.

I quickly used a Spongify on the wall of the mountain where the ship was going to collide onto. A few modified Arresto Momentum spells later, the ship finally changed course towards the Grandline. This time however there were no earthquakes and tremors from baby island whales bashing against the Redline.

I looked back to see Nojiko holding a hand over her frantically beating heart. Nami collapsed on the floor taking a breath of relief, Roger was….well he was not even bothered with all of this. The oddest one was obviously Rindo. She was shouting – 'Once More'.


As we took a few breaths, the water of the place surged. I spread my Observation Haki and sure enough a mountain sized whale emerged out of the water.

"Oh….Laboon. How are you? It's been such a long time." Roger stood up looking at the whale who gave a shrill cry in reply.

The whale knows him. I could feel it.

Animals are always loyal.

"Wahahahaha look at you. Did you grow bigger?" Roger went ahead and rubbed the whale's head which was covered full of scars.

It was at that instant that a door opened on the whale's side.

A man with a flower on the top of his head came out.

Roger stilled for a moment.

The man looked around for a moment in surprise and confusion and then masked into an indifferent demeanor. "What are you brats doing?" he deadpanned.

"Crocus. You old windbag of a doctor, your still alive?"

The so-called 'old windbag of a doctor' looked at the Mecha-Roger in confusion.

The Mecha-Roger seemed to have understood the confusion and went ahead to the man and whispered something in his ears causing his eyes to bulge out, almost falling. "H-h-how? How do you know that? The only ones who….No. Who are you?"

I decided to make things easier for the old man and save us some drama. A snap of my finger and Roger's face turned into his own.

The man was petrified instantly.

I took the girls inside the ship while the two old friends caught up with each other.

"Is that old guy is Roger's friend?" Nami asked me.

"Hmm. If I am not wrong, the old guy was the Doctor on Roger's ship."


"Are you planning to recruit the old man?" Nojiko asked me knowing that I was searching for a Doctor.

"Nope. I found the information about my Doctor. He is in West Blue. I think you guys should stay here for a while and I will pay a visit to West Blue."

"You also have a meeting with the Marines."

"Hmm….I do. It is in a week. I will be back before then." I answered.

We waited for around an hour before the old man came and took our ship inside Laboon- well Laboon swallowed our ship.

The people in this world are really very weird though, no doubt about it.

- Scene Change –

I looked at the island in front of me. Gaia Foundation can help me change into any animal I want and that makes traveling very easy.

Law's last whereabouts were found to be on this island.

They also travel using a submarine so tracking them is not easy.

Crocus and Roger were reminiscing about the old times while Roger started putting the girls through the basic endurance training.

I left them dozens of bottles of Training Potions each along with other ones and took this opportunity to take a look in West Blue.

Trafalgar D. Water Law.

I used the Invisibility cloak merged with me to make myself invisible as I changed my form once more and landed on the island.

These two simple artifacts can basically make me a top level infiltrator without any problem along with my Umbramancy.

The islands in West Blue are in general more developed than the ones in East Blue. Not more peaceful but yes, more developed.

It was still slightly lower than Loguetown, but that was an exception. Also this was probably a middle ranked island in West Blue, not even one of the best.

I started the normal routine of observing people and this time I used Legilimency.

….I shouldn't have done that.

It led to the deaths of several people.

These bastards are just too much. I'd rather not take a look in their heads.

The work however paid off and I found signs of the Heart Pirate Group.

They have their ship or rather submarine docked at the other side of the mountain.

I took off in the direction using Shadow Walk.

After being abused by Roger and not being able to use my powers, this feels much better.

The Heart Pirates Group consisted of around twelve people.

They were originally a crew formed in the North Blue and had come to West Blue before entering the Grandline. The Marines had quite comprehensive information about this group.

There was the bear mink Bepo along with a few others who I don't remember but the one who simply caught the eye of everyone was the man with a fur hat and a sword on his back.

Knowing Law's abilities, I sent a Shadow Clone to talk. The Gaia Foundation easily changed the appearance of the clone.

The clone approached the group instantly, catching the attention of the entire crew.

A few members looked at the sword on my waist and took up defending postures while the captain looked quite cool but the vigilance in his eyes was clear.

"Sup, I am Shin." The clone greeted them casually. "Would you join my crew?"

The atmosphere froze in a moment.

The entire crew had an odd reaction to my question.

A few members of the crew regained their heads and their expressions became ugly. The captain however replied before anything could be said, "Not interested." Law's expression returned to that of indifference.

The clone however continued, "Really? Not even a little?" The indifference on Law's face continued and so did the clone's sale's pitch. "Ah….and here I thought you would like some help to take down the Joker." The clone flashed to the side as a sword cut the place he was previously standing.

"Who are you?" Law's voice was cold.

"I am Shin Kageyami, a Pirate Hunter, nice to meet you."

Swords were drawn at the Pirate Hunter identity reveal. Expected though.

"Oye Chill out. I am not here to fight. I just want Law to join my crew. I plan to dispose of one of the Shichibukai and take the position. I have a good enough certainty to do it, just making sure that Joker doesn't escape. So what do you say Law?"

"How do you know this?"

"I know things, that's what I do. So are you in or not?"

-5 Reputation with Trafalgar D. Water Law(-5/100) for not answering straight.

Well fuck.

I am not using a Heart Crystal on you. That's only for my girls or when I am in serious danger.

"If you don't want to talk, then I will make you. Room."

A semi-spherical area expanded around him. He is not as strong as the post time skip, still ten meters radius is a good enough area. Let's train our Haki.

The clone cannot take Roger's Haki training because, well they blast off in one hit but this is not training right. It's not for Law at least. Simple Observe shows that Law is stronger than Luffy right now. It would probably be better after Luffy trains a little.

His sword slashed down and my clone flashed to a different place dodging once more as the space where it flashed was also cut. The Ope Ope no Mi. It is fucking terrifying.

It went on for a few minutes and my Clone even closed its eyes in the fight.

The crew however didn't join. It is something I could respect.

The sword was swung again but this time the clone caught the sword, Armament focused on the fingers.

The sword clamped by the fingers refused to budge. I could see the sweat on Law's forehead as more power was exerted.

"Why are you even attacking me? I am not trying to kill you or anything. Can't we have a discussion like civil people? For someone who is called a Doctor, you are pretty violent."

The stunned crew took a moment before they rushed towards me with a roar.

"Statue." Shadow Stitching was used and the entire crew froze.

I looked towards Law. "I just want to talk. I have no intention to fight."

"What did you do to them?" he backed away and asked a little cautiously.

"They are just bound in place. I didn't harm them in any way. So, do you want to talk now?" I asked again.

He albeit reluctantly agreed and led me inside the ship while I freed his subordinates from their bindings and they watched us leave quietly.

In the captain's private cabin, he took the seat and asked me, "What is it that you want?"

"I want you as my crew's Doctor."

His eyes widened a little but he controlled it soon enough.

"I have a crew and I will not leave them."

"I am not telling you to. At the end of it all, I will explain it to you and leave the decision to you."

I am pretty sure I can grind his Reputation and Obedience by then.

I continued, "For now I am planning to take down Joker and I need your support in that. Your identity as a pirate will be no problem if I become a Shichibukai. Even without it, I can negotiate with the Marines to drop down the bounty on your head if you want it. I however am making a Bounty Hunter group and I need your expertise."

"And you think you are strong enough for this? I mean yes, you are strong but you don't know Doflamingo. That man is a monster in human skin." His tone reflected a hint of fear and anger too.

I completed his incomplete knowledge for him though. "That is not all. He is working for Kaido, a Yonko and is a Shichibukai so the difficulty level is much larger than the other Shichibukai too. One of the reasons I want your help." I explained as his eyes widened to a massive degree.


"Yup. The Strongest Creature in the World or whatever that crap was, the Captain of the Beast Pirates."

Yeah make him feel desperate and then wave a straw in front of the sinking man.

I wonder if I can get achievements like this and unlock my locked Devil Race.

"And you want to fight against these monsters." He asked incredulously.

"Sure do."

He collected himself a little and then looked at me straight. "What is your goal in doing all this? I mean why Doflamingo? You can easily take down one of the weaker Shichibukai so why Doflamingo who is obviously probably the most difficult one?"

"The most difficult one is Mihawk and I am kinda sorta friends with Mihawk so that's a no no. Boa Hancock is also a recruitment target so that is again a no no. Same for Jinbei. Kuma is a nice guy and probably the only one who works to catch pirates so he is also not to be touched. The ones left are Crocodile, Gekko Moriah and Doflamingo. Crocodile is in Alabasta and catching and killing a sand logia user in the desert when he is completely intent on running is near impossible. Moreover he is regarded as a hero in the country due to the façade he maintains. Gekko is obviously my target and he will die but I want Doflamingo to go because he is the cause behind some of the most prominent black market supplies in the world. Whether it be weapons or slaves, Doflamingo is behind it all for money. Removing Gekko Moriah won't do much even if it gets me the position of a Shichibukai, I won't be able to attack Doflamingo after getting the position but….if I finish off Doflamingo at the start, then the things can be different. The main reason is that he has something that I want. My main goal is reuniting with my family and he has something that will be indispensable for it."

Doflamingo has a source of devil fruits through his connections. If I can take control of it, I can more or less gather the ten Devil Fruits as soon as possible and it also has a chance to increase my bounty.

Law got lost in thoughts for a few moments after which he answered, "Prove it to me that you can do what you say. I will join you but not without any proof."

Hmm. Valid thoughts.

I thought about it for a while and a smile appeared on my face at the idea.

Damn….Roger is affecting me.

"Sure, just look for a name in the news. You will see what I can do."

"What name?"

The last name was quietly whispered by me as I flashed away leaving Law to his thoughts.

Time to wreck some chaos.

- Scene Change –

It has been two days since the meeting with Law. I have been running around looking for the route of my next target.

During my search for Law, I found some interesting news.

The Heavenly Gold of the World Government was being transported through the West Blue.

I might not be strong enough to fight the admirals but I am sure of one simple fact – my ability to run away.

Apparition is very convenient.

Roger wanted me to steal from Marineford. It was reasonable too as that place is bound to have devil fruits and plenty of treasures. The only place I can think of with more treasures is Mariejois.

Those people use Devil Fruits to feed their slaves and use them for entertainment.

Hundreds of Millions of Berries worth of Devil Fruits used for entertainment.

I Shadow Walked to the nearby guard, a stunner and binding spell later, I went full on Legilimency on him. Every secret known by the guard was torn out leaving the bastard a braindead mess.

I changed my dress and entered the caravan with the rest of the guards.

Gaea Foundation took care of the disguise.

Each ship is guarded by a Vice Admiral.

These ships will gather together and the whole fleet will then be guarded by a CP member and an admiral as well.

All in all, the entire fleet will have a total of twelve Vice Admirals and two Admiral level fighters.

Infiltrating the ship was very easy as a royal guard, I just had to stand outside the room where the treasure was being kept.

A small Eye of Darkness showed the room filled with gold and stacks of treasures. Inside a particular chest there were two Devil Fruits.

Yup, this is the right decision. I smirked a little and looked towards the other guard who was already under a confundus and having his memories read by me.

The World Nobles were much worse than was shown. Although it was implied, people simply won't have any idea of just how bad it was.

These people often as they call it 'ate what was left over'. Slaves who are injured are normally thrown in the gladitor's arena and are torn apart by wild animals.

There are however exceptions. Obviously the World Nobles don't bother to remember every servant and so a few of them are snuck out by these guards into rooms where the Nobles don't bother to visit….obviously for some favours.

While the CP keep a watch over the World Nobles, they are only responsible when the Nobles are out in the world and not inside Mariejois.

This gives these guards a lot of room to maneuver.

- One Week Later –

I left the ship after making a portkey in the treasure room and a Shadow Clone in my place.

Obviously wasting an entire week is not feasible for the current me.

This week was spent on grinding and now I have finally completed the Blank Levels. Martial Artist Class has also been completed but the total stats are still divided by four.

The current Pirate Hunter Class is being leveled up.

[Pirate Hunter]

+4 STR, +4 END, +2 DEX per level.

Forty levels in Pirate Hunter Class gave me only stats worth 10 levels.

Shin Kageyami

Title : Miracle Maker(All crafts related skills require 20% less MP cost)

Level -480(120) (3/4th bound)

Class – Pirate Hunter – LVL 40/100 [80%]

Race – Human(One Piece)

Rank- Mortal

Alignment- Chaotic Neutral

HP- 190 000 (47 500)[38 000(9 500) per minute]

MP –269 900(67 400) [50 900(12 725) per minute]

SP- 190 000(47 500)[38 000(9 500) per minute]

STR – 1 896 (474)

END – 1 900 (475)

DEX – 1 428 (357)

INT – 2 699 (674)

WIS – 2 039 (509)

CHA – 235 (58)

LUK – 525 (131)

The training with Roger with the Training Potions however had enormous effect. The stat growth was already boosted under Roger's training and the food in this world is also extremely beneficial for growth.

The Martial Artist Class at level 100 gave me the Master Rank Proficiency in Touki and a cool title suitable for this world.

Skill Upgraded

[Martial Arts Proficiency (Master)] (Passive)

Gain veteran level knowledge of Martial Arts.

Martial Arts based techniques do +80% damage.

-80% SP consumption for Martial Arts Skills.

Skill Upgraded

[Light Armor Proficiency (Master)] (Passive)

Gain Basic knowledge of wielding a light Armor.

-100% in Stat Reduction when using Light Armor.

Skill Gained

[Ki/Touki Sense (Master)](Passive)

Sense the life force of those around you.

Range increases with the user's level.

[Ki/Touki Manipulation (Master)](Passive)

Passively increases STR, END and DEX by 40% during fights.


Increases STR, END and DEX by 80% when activated.

Costs : 4 000 SP per minute.

Title Gained

[Martial Artist]

Increased Affection, Reputation and Obedience gains with Martial Artists.

+20% Increase in speed for learning any Martial Arts.

Monk Class Unlocked.

+4 END, +3 STR and +3 WIS per level.

The skills gained from the Pirate Hunter Class were decent although not something to brag about.

[Hunter's Eyes]

Shows the target's information and bounty.

[Weapon's Proficiency (Apprentice)] (Passive)

+10% increase in weapon's damage.


+20% increase in weapon's damage.

[Navigation Proficiency (Apprentice)](Passive)

You have the skills of an Apprentice Sailor.

Overall I can make progress now.

I sensed the Shadow Clone I had left on the ship burst and I immediately portkeyed to the location.

The ship had docked in Mariejois and now we were to get back to our posts.

I looked at the fat World Noble while I had a notice-me-not charm on myself.

He was supposed to be the boss of the guy I was impersonating and I am supposed to carry the gold to his place.

Welp, time to get to work.

As soon as I entered the place, I felt several eyes on me. It was not with ill intent….or rather any intent. It was basically an investigation.

My Observation Haki felt the people around me….barely.

Cipher Pol were checking the returning guards and people for their identities.

I had checked the guard for all his memories and easily passed the entrance. The treasure was divided and each guard was to follow the World Noble they worked for. I slipped a few portkeys in the treasures there. A simple gold coin becoming a portkey is easily simple and then I followed carrying the gold over to the fat Nobles' mansion.

This place is really beautiful. I mean physically. Inside it is extremely disgusting.

Each World Noble has hundreds of slaves. The total amount of slaves in this place can be anything above a hundred thousand.

A hundred thousand people made toys and tortured just for entertainment.

I followed the fat Noble and soon reached the Treasure Room of the mansion.

He used his fingerprint or whatever it was to open the door. Inside the room was several times the amount we were carrying.

I kept the treasure along with the other guards and among it I slipped the portkey from earlier and walked away to the guard's room.

The protkeys were in place.

Around midnight, I looked at the pieces of papers in front of me.

It's time to finally complete the quest.

- Scene Change –

With a pop sound, I appeared inside the vault of a World Noble with the portkey. I was already covered in the Cloak of Invisibility and had a few spells to hide myself.

The room was full of riches. Without taking much time to check, I simply took everything and stored it in my inventory and left a piece of paper before apparating to another vault.

This was repeated a total of one hundred times.

If I had thought that the Wizarding world and Gringotts had money, then these people were something else entirely.

The fuck, some even had their walls made of gold.

Needless to say, I took it all. I peeled the gold off the walls as well and left a piece of paper in every vault.

It was around the time when I was in the 92nd vault that I heard an alarm and I increased the speed, barely completing the hundred vaults before apparating out back to the guard's room.

There I changed the guard back from a candy to his real form, obliviated the information about me and apparated out of Mariejois entirely.

The sounds of alarms filled up the entire Mariejois in my wake.

I apparate out of the place to Shabody directly. The location was easy to find because I had the image from the guard's memory.

Finding a corner with no people, I checked my inventory and cackled insanely at the scene.

Devil Fruits: 53.

Quest Completed

[Break the Shackles]

To break the shackles, you have to push past the limits.

Complete the three quests to open each binding on your levels -

1. Gain a Bounty of 1 Billion Berries.

2. Get 10 Devil Fruits.(Completed)

3. Gain an ancient weapon.

Rewards : 1 binding removed for each part of the quest completed and The Racial Lock will be removed on the completion of the whole quest.

Current Progress – (1/3)

With that I felt a burst of energy from inside me and felt the bindings on my power loosen a bit.

I could access half of my power now…. and it felt amazing.

The MP returned to a reasonable level for me to fight better and use stronger magics but it was the physical stats that really shone.

Shin Kageyami

Title: Miracle Maker(All crafts related skills require 20% less MP cost)

Level: 480(240) (1/2th bound)

Class: Pirate Hunter – LVL 40/100 [80%]

Race: Human(One Piece)

Rank: Mortal

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

HP: 190000 (95 000)[19000(9 500) per minute]

MP: 269 900(134 800) [50950(25 475) per minute]

SP: 190000(95 000)[19000(9 500) per minute]

STR: 1 896 (948)

END: 1 900 (950)

DEX: 1 428 (714)

INT: 2 699 (1 348)

WIS – 2 039 (1 019)

CHA – 235 (117)

LUK – 525 (262)

I think I can now easily take on a normal Vice Admiral.

With the increased power, I can also apparate further now.

Something needs to be taken care of now. Although I think that the World Government will probably make an insane amount of noise with this, there is still a chance that they might throw false crimes on my pseudonym. I can't let that happen. I won't give them any chance to hide.

With that in mind I searched for a particular place on Shabody.

The World Economy Newspaper.

The Invisibility Cloak coupled with a notice-me-not charm made it quite easy to get inside.

I Imperiused the man outside the Editor's cabin and he opened the door waking in. I followed close behind and right inside the room.

Inside the room was my target. A birdlike man or rather a user of Tori Tori No Mi: Model Arabastos, Big News Morgans, the owner of this place and one of the bosses of the Underworld.

"Yes, Felix, what do you want?" he said, not looking up from his work.

"The one who wants something would be me, Mr Morgans."

His head snapped in my direction as I came out of the Invisibility Cloak, my face already disguised in my new alternate form.

"And who would you be." He asked completely unperturbed apart from the slight raise in his pupils.

"I am someone with a big scoop for you."

"Oh! and what would that be? I do hope it will be something that can save your life after hypnotizing my subordinate."

"Do trust me, it is more than that." I smiled.

"I do hope for both of your sakes."

"Certainly, however we both know that no news comes without a price, especially not as big as the one I am about to tell you."

"You getting out of here alive would already be a good enough price. Are you trying to bargain for more?" he looked at me coldly.

"I assure you that even if the entire Marines walked into this place, I can still leave as easily as I came in."

"Hah arrogant! A Clear Clear Fruit user shouldn't consider himself invincible. You are still too raw in this field."

Shadow Stitching.

His words stopped easily and I walked up to him and took a seat in front of him.

"I assure you that I am not bragging, the question is whether you want the scoop or not?"

Sweat formed on his forehead before I released the man and his eyes shrank.

"It depends on the news. I am a journalist before anything. I decide what is published. If your news is worth it, I can negotiate."

"Oh My, in that case my price won't bother you either."

"What do you want?"

"A promise that the news that I tell you will be published in detail and distributed all over the world."

"I won't sell false news."

"I am not telling you to do so."

We stared at each other for a few moments as no words were spoken.

"Tell me the news."

I smiled.

"I just robbed all the Nobles in Mariejois."


I didn't say anything but snapped my fingers and the room expanded and with another snap, the room was filled with treasures to the brim with the only places left around us being empty.

The birdman was gawking, his beak gaping wide and eyes almost popped out.

"I have more but this place won't hold it in."

He regained his speech after a few moments and looked at me blankly. "Why?"

"Why? Isn't that obvious? It is so that no one takes credit for my work and I get proper recognition for it. I don't want them to blast an island or two and say that I did it just to capture me. If I am known, I want to be known for what I did myself. Not some fake lies and propagandas of the World Government."

He looked stunned at me.

This is actually my purpose.

I did recognize a loophole in the Quest.

It never mentioned that the Bounty has to be with my Real Face or my Real Name. It just said that I need to have a bounty.

After all, Whitebeard is known as Whitebeard on his Bounty Posters and not as Edward Newgate.

I am just worried that they will downplay my achievement and reduce my bounty or something. I won't give them a chance.

"So do we have a deal Mr. Morgans?" I looked at the man and smiled.

"DEAL, Obviously deal. This will be news of the Decade. It has been so long since Fisher Tiger did something like this. You have done something not even Tiger had managed to do back then. Emptying the treasury of the World Nobles. Amazing. If I was not sure that I can't stop you here, I would have tried to rob you once and for all but a Space Type Fruit user like you probably won't be easy to stop."

Yup, all the abilities that I showed him right here can be reproduced using Spatial Manipulation easily.

"In that case we will meet again."

"Wait, you didn't tell me your name?"

"My name? I am…."

- Scene Change -

A few jumps later, I was at the top of the Red Line on the other side of the globe. The Reverse Mountain.

I Shadow Walked to our ship inside Laboon's stomach.

Roger was on the deck and looked towards me. Everyone else was asleep.

"You are late brat. What took you so long?"

"The Doctor needed some convincing about my power. He gave me a test. I was just taking care of it?" I said as I slumped down on the chair and brought out two bottles of drinks and tossed one to Roger.

"Hoh? What did you do?" he asked intrigued while opening the bottle and taking a gulp.

"I was practicing for the Great Marineford Heist."

"Wahahaha great. So what did you do for practice?"

"I robbed Mariejois clean."


There was a pregnant silence for a moment after which the Mecha-Pirate King did an epic spit take.


"I robbed the World Nobles in Mariejois clean, all their treasure vaults. I even left a note there. I would show you everything but I think our ship would sink if I brought it all out here." I replied calmly.

"Wait wait, hold on. What about robbing Mariejois again? How did that happen? I thought you went to recruit a Doctor to your ship. How did that turn into robbing Mariejois?"

I won't lie, seeing him flustered like this was so worth it.

I didn't say anything but brought out all the Devil Fruits.

All 55 Devil Fruits in front of me.

"The rest of the treasure will be in the treasure room. Those idiots had quite a lot of gold. I think I even got over twenty Named Swords. Definitely worth robbing the place. I wonder what Sengoku will do now."

Roger picked up his dropped jaw and I took back the Devil Fruits. I need to arrange these properly.

The shouts of Roger awakened the rest of the people and they came to check what was happening.

"What is going on here?" Rindo came out still half asleep followed by the other two girls.

"Follow me, I will show you all something awesome."

The rooms have been modified by the space expansion charm and the weightless charm. Anything stored here will not have any problems but just in case I took some time to reinforce the charms and increase the area several fold. The inside of the room was now at least as big as a football field.

The increased INT and WIS stats put me above 1k once more and that meant many of my perks were back at work. The spells are much stronger than before.


I don't know who said that but it was a female voice.

Crocus who arrived here a while ago was still watching simply with his jaws dropped to the ground.

"Okay move back. I don't want any of you to get crushed by this. Teacher, please take care." I walked forward as the rest prepared themselves and then finally let it all out.

The entire football field sized room was instantly filled with treasure of all kinds.

It was like a flood of gold and silver all over the place. I turned back and saw the stunned looks of all the people.

Yup, so worth it.

- Interlude –

- Law –

Law looked at the fish swimming by the submarine's window while his mind was somewhere else entirely.

Shin Kageyami had made him remember the time which he had been suppressing all along.

He had desperately controlled himself so that he wouldn't run headfirst into Doflamingo's trap and lose his life, growing bit by bit, planning step by step towards the goal.

However, now this man just walked over and offered to take care of Doflamingo for some help.

He had heard and even learned something in his long life and that was that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

"Just look for this name in the newspapers, you will know if I am worth betting on."

Let's see if the name is worth it.

- Sengoku –

Sengoku was awakened at midnight by a call from The Den Den Mushi.

Any call from Mariejois was always a pain in the ass for the Fleet Admiral.

'Puru Puru Puru Puru Puru' 'Puru Puru Puru Puru Puru'

"Hello, Sengoku speaking."

He answered the Den Den Mushi and the information on the other end made him think that he was still asleep and maybe even having a nightmare.

"What? I think there is a problem in the network. What did you say again?"

"Sir, there has been a robbery in Mariejois."



"There has been a robbery in Mariejois. Each World Noble's Treasury has been robbed. We are called to the Holy Land as soon as possible."


After ascertaining that the one on the other side was really saying what he was saying, he hung up the call and then called Tsuru.


"Tsuru, someone stole Onigumo's Den Den Mushi. Please check and make sure that no problems are caused due to this. A Vice Admiral's call is strong enough to cause many troubles."


"Yeah. They even had the gall to make a prank call to me."

"Oh? What was the call about."

"It was that all the World Noble's treasury has been robbed and I have been called to the Holy Land."



"Okay, I will register the complaint and spread the news."

Sengoku threw his Den Den Mushi outside the room and slept again.

It wouldn't be till the next morning that he would find out that the call had really been from Vice Admiral Onigumo."

- Akainu –

Akainu, as the one who was the first to respond to the calls from Mariejois, arrived there within an hour along with his pack of dogs.

Dalmatian, Doberman, etc.

"What did the Fleet Admiral say?" he asked Onigumo who was still a bit shocked by the Fleet Admiral's response and the following call.

"Sir, my Den Den Mushi was banned."

"Huh?" This reply made even the normally lava blooded Akainu do a double-take. "What did Fleet Admiral Sengoku say?" roared the Admiral as the surrounding temperature rose while his arms changed into lava and droplets fell on the floor making a fizzing sound.

The poor Vice Admiral was sweating for more than one reason.

"Sir, he cut off the call. I was banned by Vice Admiral Tsuru."

"ALL GOOD FOR NOTHING TRASH." Akainu trashed half the room as Onigumo jumped aside to save his hide. "DO YOU ALL HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT WHO DID THIS ROBBERY?"

Doberman shakily answered. "Sir, the thief left a note in each of the vaults."


"Yes Sir. Here is the note." He quickly handed the note over to the enraged Admiral and sped back to the side of the room near the door.

He had read the note already. It was all the same in all the vaults. The CP0 had kept most of it with themselves to investigate but some were handed over to the Marines to check and carry out their own investigation.

On the note there were only four words.

"It was me…."

The residents of the Holy Land of Marie Geois knew the last word as their most hated enemy till date.

It was the name that will resound throughout the world soon enough.

It was the same name that was shouted by the now crazed Admiral.



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