Past Lives

The place was dark and damp, the only noises were machines beeping. It was dark except for the lights flashing and an eerie green glow.

Jack looked down at the team. Different year and different faces. He was amazed Gwen was still there. She always said she couldn't see herself doing anything else. But it hadn't been easy saving the world and bringing up a child. Nature had seen to it that Anwen was an only child but she was loved dearly by Gwen and Rhys. Jack couldn't believe how she'd grown, she'd be going to high school in the autumn.

Jack had spent the last ten years rebuilding the hub and his team. Rebuilding the hub had been the easy bit, it was now shiny and as good as new and even Myfanwy had come home, who had ever heard of a homing pterodactyl?

What had taken a lot of time was rebuilding his team, He had to have the best, he'd had the best before and wasn't willing to compromise now, so it had taken time. Ranj was a computer genius he had poached from some soulless tech firm, Jenny was a stressed A&E consultant he had lured away from the NHS and Teal was a PA who her ex executive treated her like dirt but you could be sure he misses her like hell now.

'Jack.' Gwen said approaching his view point. 'I've got to go Anwen's hurt herself.'

'Sure, what did she do?'

'Fell out of a tree.'

'I don't know where she gets her adventurous spirit from,' he teased. 'I hope she's ok, tell her uncle Jack sends his love.'

A&E was busy but luckily children were seen quickly. Anwen had had x-rays and they were waiting for the results.

A doctor came in. "Well it seems you've had a lucky escape young lady,' his London accent was at odds with the chatter around them. 'Just a bit of bruising, you need to be more careful next time.'

Gwen couldn't believe what she was seeing.

'Owen?' She asked in shock.

'Sorry have we met?'

'Silly me you wouldn't remember me,' she said back tracking as he obviously didn't remember her or Torchwood or the fact that he should be dead.

Jack was making his way back to the hub, he had done a tour of the city, things were quiet and he didn't like it, that wasn't normal . He decided to treat himself to a coffee, he had assembled a good team but while they were great with aliens their coffee making skills were lacklustre at best.

Jack was in a world of his own, the smell of coffee had brought back so many memories.

'Jack, Jack!'

'Ianto?' That was a powerful memory indeed. But it was the barista calling his name. 'That's me,' he said making his way to the counter.

'Here's your coffee sir,' Jack numbly took the cup from Ianto.


'Sorry do I know you?' He said as he started the next order.

'A long time ago maybe.'