Past Lives

Chapter 18

They had put Owen in the medical bay, now they had two patients in the hub, it was unfortunate one of them was their doctor.

'Let's see if I learned anything from being married to a doctor for ten years,' Toshiko said. 'Luckily the equipment does a lot of the work,' she said connecting them up. She was happier working with computers than people.

Jacks results were not good reading, they would mean only one thing to anyone but Jack.

'He will come back wont he?' asked Gwen worried.

'I hope so,' Toshiko said looking at him with concern.

Owen's readings were better. There wasn't anything that should be fatal, hopefully he'd recover. But the attack on him had been quite bad.

The hub was silent apart from the beeps from the medical equipment. They had agreed to take it in turns to watch the patients.

"I'm worried Jack isn't back yet,' Gwen said staring into her tenth cup of coffee.

'He did go through a lot. But he's always come back before.'

'I can't believe no one else tried to help Cardiff, what happened to U.N.I.T?'

'I've seen the emails. They thought we would sort it. It seems by the time the realised we weren't it was too much to handle for even them.'

'So they just left it?'

'It seems they were looking for a solution but not finding one.'

'I'd better take over from Tosh.'

'My turn now,' Gwen said as she headed down the steps to the medical bay.

'It's alright, I'll stay,' Toshiko said as she held Owen's hand.

Gwen didn't argue she just sat down with her.

'So you were married.'

'Yes,' Said Toshiko sadly.

'I'm glad,'

'It's a shame it wasn't real.'

'It was real enough. I saw the way he looked at you. You're lucky you can keep a bit of your life,' she said sadly.

'Actually I've got something for you,' Toshiko said rifling through some papers.

She handed Gwen a few pictures of Anwen.

'How did you do that?'

'I managed to download some of our memories from the machine that had been controlling us.'

'Thank you.'

Gwen thought she spotted a wedding photo too.

'What if he never wakes up?' Toshiko asked.

'He will he's a fighter, he didn't even let death stop him and he's got even more to come back for now.'

'What if neither of them come back?'

'Don't worry they will, they'll be annoying us again in no time.'

'Wow that's some headache.'

Toshiko heard waking her up, she looked across and could see Jack sitting up.

'You're back,' she smiled, she looked at Owen but he was still the same. 'I'll go and tell the others. They'll be so relieved.'

'You stay here I'll tell them myself.'

There was so much relief when Jack walked in.

'Thank god,' said Ianto flinging his arms around him. 'We were so worried.'

'You doubted I'd come back?'

'We did wonder,' Gwen said. 'That was some show.'

'Did it work though?'' Jack asked.

'Yes they'll be a few left but that's nothing unusual.'

'We'll manage to deal with that. Owen didn't come off lightly then?'

'No, he should be ok but Tosh is worried.'

'I'm sure he'll be fine.'

'What about Hart?' Ianto asked.

'Oh he'll be long gone,' Jack said. 'He lights the blue touch paper and retires. He'll no doubt be back in the future.'

'What are we going to do about the people of Cardiff? They've seen so much,' Ianto asked.

'I wouldn't drink the water for a few days.'

'You're going to put retcon in the water supply?' Gwen asked.

'I am, it's up to you if you let Rhys over there (he was the only one asleep) drink it or not.'

Jack had come back from the dead (once again) but Owen was still out days later. Everything was getting back to normal except him.

'I'm sorry,' Toshiko said. 'I don't have any actual medical knowledge, I can only do what the computer says, maybe that's not enough,' she said as a tear rolled down her cheek. She was holding Owen's hand when she felt him squeeze hers.

'Owen can you hear me?'

'Of course I can,' he croaked back as he opened his bleary eyes.

Her tears turned into those of joy, she helped him to sit up and got him some water.

'Did I worry you?' He asked.

'Just a bit.'

'You know what I want?'


'Us to not lose what we had.'

'I don't want to lose that either,' she smiled.

Toshiko's movement had caught the attention of the others who were now looking down on the pair of them.

'It's great to have everyone back,' Jack said and it truly was.

The end.