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"No! Naruto watch out!"

"Garghhhh help me Sakura-Chan!"


"No Sasuke-Kun! Not you too!"

"I guess this should help? Oh, it didn't."

"Wait, Sai you dummy! What are you do- EHHH NOT ME TOO!"

Watching his students getting sucked in one by one into that weird looking space with nothing but greyish mist, Sakura's 'Shannaro' was the last thing he heard, before he grabbed the now just arrived Yamato at the back of his vest and dragged the clueless man towards the circular space on the ground.

"Ehh! Kakashi-Senpai..?!"

Kakashi simply eye-smiled him and said "We'll be fine. Just enjoy the ride!"


And jump in they did.

In that one particular hot sunny day, Shanks was having quite a peculiar feeling about today. He felt like something interesting was about to happen soon.

"Hey boss..." Yasopp suddenly called out from the crow nest.


"There's something falling from above..."

"What?" Shanks looked up. "Something dropping from the sky island again?"

There was always old stuff like old ships and other things to fall down from above. There was nothing weird about that, especially for Shanks and his crew who had been sailing almost everywhere. Whether it was to the bottom of the ocean, or above the sky.

They had done it all.

Thus, the redhead just shrugged it off before saying "Just make sure it didn't hit the ship."

"But boss..." This time it was Rockstar who called him. "...That's a child."

Immediately, Shanks looked up again and Rockstar was right. A small child was indeed falling from the sky.

"A child huh?"

"Yep, a child.."

"Wait.. A child?!"

Because the child was right above the Red Force when he was falling closer and closer to them, Shanks simply jumped into the air and grabbed him.

Said child had a blond hair and his eyes were spinning as if he was suffering a horrible dizziness, which probably was the case since the boy was falling and spinning in the air at the same time just a moment ago.

"I-I want to puke, ttebayo..."

"Huh? Wait, oi kid! "


"Arghhh he throws up!"

At the same time...

On the Moby Dick, Edward Newgate was relaxing with his children and simply just enjoying the rare peaceful and sunny weather that didn't happen so often here in the New World.

Only for dark clouds started to form right above the Moby Dick.

"Aww another rain?" Haruta complained. "It was just sunny a moment ago!"

"Well, this is the New World after all." Marco yawned.

With dark clouds and lightnings, they didn't think too much of it. After all, it happened often here. Until the Whitebeard Pirates felt a huge disturbance in the air that gave them a nasty feeling.

Whitebeard and the whole crew watched the not so ordinary cloudy sky warily. All of a sudden, a vortex made of lightning appeared in the middle of the dark clouds, and a child appeared.

"He's falling to the ocean!" Izo shouted when the child, seemingly unconscious, falling straight from the sky into the water.

"Get that child." Whitebeard calmly spoke.

And Namur, immediately took action by jumping into the ocean, and swam as fast as he could towards the sinking child. Once Namur reached his target, he grabbed the child and brought him back to the ship.

Marco took a look at the child, a boy, to make sure that he was okay. And just then, his eyes opened, startling Marco when he saw that one of his eyes was normal while the other one had a weird purple pattern around its dark pupil.

Because of the water and his long eyelashes, Sasuke's sight was a little bit blurry when he saw a silhouette of a man with blond hair greeted his view.


Baltigo Island.

"Dragon-San! Something bad happened!"

Dragon who was in the middle of sorting out his documents, looked up and saw one of his subordinates came into his office with a panicked expression on his face.

"A crazy kid appeared out of nowhere and started to get angry for unknown reasons and destroying everything!"

At the distance, they could hear a loud high pitched voice yelling as the person dubbed as 'crazy kid' made a rumbling noise that suspiciously sounded like something had just been destroyed.

"This isn't what I expect to happen! Naruto you idiot..!"


Sabaody Archipelago.

Rayleigh looked at the smiling child in front of him who just appeared out of thin air just a moment ago.

A little bit confused, but also intrigued, he asked with a warm friendly smile. "Are you lost?"

The child looked around, then looked at himself and the oversized clothes on him, before staring at Rayleigh with no emotion in his eyes even though he was smiling. It was very obvious to the Dark King, that it was a fake smile given to him. But it didn't bother him at all.

"I guess I am now." the child admitted.


A fisherman was whistling as he rowed his boat back to his island. But unfortunately for him, he saw a big shadow appeared in front of his boat, and came out a sea monster 10 times bigger than his boat. The poor fisherman screamed out in fear as he used his arms out of reflex to shield himself.

Unexpectedly, two figures suddenly appeared in the middle of the sky and fall straight on top of the sea monster. The poor fisherman was baffled as he watched the two figures, two men wearing identical clothes, started to beat up the sea monster easily.

The poor sea monster immediately dived back into the sea after receiving a harsh beating. The fisherman's jaw dropped even more when the two stood on the ocean surface as if they were standing on a solid ground.

"What was that, Senpai?!"

"That was an unknown sea creature, Yamato."

"I meant earlier! What was that? Why are we here? Where is Naruto and the other kids?! Where in the Elemental Nation are we?!"

"Maa maa, why don't we ask that nice looking person over there."

"I don't know, Senpai.. he looks kinda scared."

The fisherman, who shall be called old man Nakamura, started to sweat nervously when the two unknown men walked calmly towards him. They were still standing on the ocean surface for God's sake!

Were they pirates?! Marines?! Or simply freaks?!

One of them, the weird one with a mask that covered half of his face and only exposing one of his eyes, greeted him with an eye smile.

"Hello, sorry to disturb you but, I'm wondering if you have seen four Konoha ninjas before us?"

Old man Nakamura blinked in confusion at these two weirdos. But since they didn't try to attack him and throw him into the ocean yet, he tried to give them a friendly smile of his own.

"Konoha? Ninjas? I'm sorry gentlemen, but I don't know what you are talking about hahahaha..." Please don't kill me, he thought.

"Then, can we know where we are right now?"

Really a couple of weirdos who didn't even know where they were, he thought to himself, but he still answered politely.

"This is the East Blue."

"Where is that?"

"Uh n-next to the South Blue?"

Kakashi "..."

Yamato "..."

Seeing the genuine confusion on the old man's face, Kakashi started to sweat, while Yamato looked even more confused.

Welp. Don't expect too much more from this story. I'm doing this out of boredom and because this idea kept bugging me and refused to leave my head.

By the way, this is after the war. Sasuke didn't go on his journey, instead he joined Team Kakashi. And they are still active as a team.

So, enjoy I guess? :D