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Kakashi and Yamato didn't stay long with old man Nakamura.

The duo spent a night in the old man's humble house, and went to see the mayor of the small town the next morning. The reason why they went to see the mayor was because they needed some information of this place. The old mayor of this town who claimed to have known everything about the 4 Blues seemed somewhat excited to be able to share his knowledge with other people.

The old mayor used to be an adventurous traveler during his youth. From East to West, from North to South, he had been to these 4 Blues successfully without losing his life to the harsh sea. It wasn't until he met the love of his life that he decided to end his voyage and stayed with his young wife and started a family of his own.

However, he never did forget of his past adventures and always recounted his exciting experiences to the bunch of children on this island as everyone knew that he had once traveled to a lot of places before he ended up in this town and became its current mayor.

The meeting between the two lost ninjas and the mayor went well. Even though he was quite baffled that the two grown men had no clue whatsoever about the Blues, or even the basic knowledge of this world, the old mayor still wholeheartedly helped them by telling them of what they should know. The only thing that he couldn't help them with was the details of the Grand Line that he lacked of, as he wasn't capable enough to go there even when he was once young and vigorous.

Kakashi and Yamato didn't mind. Having little knowledge was still better than not knowing anything.

After a long talk with the old mayor, the duo gained a basic understanding of this world.

Unlike ninjas or even samurais, this world had pirates and marines instead. Currently, there were three great forces that either had everyone respect them, condemn them, or fear them.

The first one was the World Government, which was a unity of a lot of kingdoms from all across the world to maintain the peace of this world. It was also the main power here, in which the marines worked for.

The Warlords consisted of several pirates with notorious reputation and great abilities who allied themselves with the World Government. Pledging their loyalty to the World Government, these pirates were free to do whatever they wanted as long as they answer the call of the higher ups in the government.

The last one was the Emperors of the Sea or also known as the Yonkos. Currently, there are 4 of them and each one of them had their own big influence over the New World, which was the supposed second half of the Grand Line that the old mayor had limited knowledge of. Pirates from all over the Blues had the ambition and desire to go to the Grand Line and become the one standing on top and to conquer the whole Grand Line like what was done by the late Pirate King.

Kakashi thought this place was dangerous, but at the same time, was also interesting. That perhaps had something to do with the fact that the system of this world was totally different than that of the Elemental Nations.

A day after they arrived at this place, Kakashi and Yamato had decided to leave. Thanks to the guidance of old man Nakamura and the old mayor, they received a map, compass and some money that they had gotten from selling some of their good quality kunais that attracted the attention of the locals.

With a nice boat created by Yamato himself, the duo left the island and sailed their way to their next destination with no plan whatsoever as they tried to guess where would their 4 students have landed themselves if it wasn't here in the East Blue like they did.




A couple of days later, in a random restaurant somewhere on a random island.

"NARUTO IS KIDNAPPED!" Yamato cried out in shock upon seeing a certain image of a familiar face being carried away by some strange people.

Opposite him, Kakashi blinked and said "Well, at least now we have a clue of where to go next."

He continued.

"Yamato, we are going to the Grand Line!"

"Naruto! We're coming to save you!"

Somewhere in the New World.

On the sailing ship of the Whitebeard Pirates, Sasuke stared at the newspapers in his hand for a good moment, and smirked. Really, he wasn't even surprised to see his missing friend appearing on the front page of the news this soon.

Now that there was a lead to his blonde friend's whereabouts, it would be much easier for him to go and search for him now.

"You seem to know that boy." Whitebeard commented upon sensing the good mood radiated from the brat. He too, had seen the headline of today's news. And it managed to bring out an amused laugh from the Yonko when it was said that the Red-Haired brat was kidnapping a kid now. He didn't believe that of course.

After all, he knew what kind of man was the youngest Yonko, and he surely wouldn't stoop so low to kidnap a brat into his crew.

Sasuke looked up at the massive man who was sitting on his own massive chair, and nodded.

Ever since the day he ended up in this world, Sasuke had been staying with the Whitebeard Pirates. It wasn't like he didn't want or even tried to leave, but no matter how capable he was, he would not be able to find Naruto, especially when there was still a possibility that the blonde could get transported to a different dimension that the one Sasuke was currently in.

For that reason, he decided that he should just stay with these people for a while until he had a lead to his blonde friend. His current situation was also considered not bad since the Whitebeard Pirates were kind enough to allow him to stay onboard the ship despite the not so good first impression of him on their first meeting where he pointed a kunai to them after being fished out of the sea by the same people.

While he had no clue as to why he was in the form of the child version of him, but he was glad that he was still able to retain his abilities. In the end, he could only assume that his appearance was the result of going through the portal. Whether the effect was temporary or permanent, Sasuke had no way of knowing that unless the portal itself was opened once again, returning him back to his real world.

Instead of feeling vexed over his childlike form, Sasuke actually adapted to his circumstances quite well. He even dared to use his current form to his advantages.

Even though he had pointed a weapon to the pirates as soon as he opened his eyes, instead of expressing his gratitude for being saved, Marco and the rest didn't take serious of the small episode as they considered that Sasuke was just a child who was extremely wary of his surrounding.

They understood him in that sense.

After all, waking up in a pirate ship, and not just an ordinary pirate ship but it just had to be the ship of one of the Yonkos, anyone would be making the same kind of reaction as Sasuke. It was quite understandable for the boy to react like that. Plus, the child himself had been quite well-behaved once he realized that he was in a safe place. For the past few days he had been here, he was silent, didn't talk much, and often seen either sitting alone as he read some books and articles that he had requested from Marco.

All he did was reading.

Even when he was being invited to eat, he ate in silent.

When the others came and tried to strike a conversation with him, he just responded with just a a word or two. Most of the times, he would only give a nod in response.

If it weren't for the very brief conversation that he had with their captain a couple of days ago of when he was asking a bunch of questions, they would have thought that he was actually a mute. Since he didn't cause trouble, the crew had no problem in letting the boy to stay with them for the time being.

"Then, will you be going to find this friend of yours?" Whitebeard asked.

"Naturally." Sasuke replied.

Marco frowned a little bit. He looked down at Sasuke's small build that seemed fragile enough that he could be killed by just a kick from anyone on the ship. Not to mention his chance to survive alone on the harsh sea of the New World if he were to go now, but how would he even find those Red-Haired Pirates?

Unlike the Whitebeard Pirates who had the habit of staying in one place for a period of time, the Red-Haired Pirates were always on the move from one place to another. One day, they could be here in the New World. Next thing they know, news would spread that the Red-Haired Pirates had been seen partying at a bar somewhere in Paradise.

Though the recent news had said that Shanks and his crew had been sighted in the New World, they would definitely not going to stay at the same place after being discovered. Therefore, who know how long would this boy Sasuke be able to find his friend on his own?

Whitebeard naturally had the same thought as Marco.

When the Yonko voiced out his thoughts to Sasuke, the Uchiha frowned. He couldn't deny the words of the pirate captain. He too knew that it would be hard for him to find Naruto on his own, since he himself wasn't familiar with this place. Even if he decided to leave the ship now, with the lack of contact between him and Naruto, the Kyubi Jinchuriki himself might not have a clue that he was looking for him.

Annoyance started to bubble up within him at the thought of how he had no way to contact Naruto.

Suddenly, he felt the gentle breeze of the ocean blowing passed him, causing the papers in his hand to rustle. Looking down at the newspapers, Sasuke stared blankly at the face his blonde friend and all of a sudden, a thought came across his mind.

Whitebeard and Marco felt confused when they saw the boy suddenly smirked, before he looked up to meet the gaze of the Yonko.

"I have a request." He said, and without waiting for either pirates to respond, he had already said what he wanted to say.

Listening to the words spoken by the brat, Whitebeard let out a booming laugh, surprising those around him as they wondered what the heck just happened between them.

"You are one interesting brat." Whitebeard commented bemusedly. "I can't wait to see what kind of chaos will you bring with your little request here."

"Hn." Sasuke simply replied.

Also, in Baltigo.

Sakura slammed the newspaper on the hard surface of the table with a loud 'THUD', causing the nearby people to get startled by her fiery temper.

"I can't believe him! It has only been a couple of days, and now he's on the headline?!"

"You know this kid?" Sabo asked the fuming little pinkette as he pointed at the newspaper that had Naruto in it. It was a picture of a kid being carried away by the infamous sniper of the Red-Haired Pirates. It was said that the kid was taken away during a chaos that happened in a certain town, but Sabo thought that for a kid that supposedly taken away, he didn't seem to be struggling at all. Sure there was a look of frustration on his face, but somehow, Sabo had the feeling that it wasn't because he was being carried away by a pirate.

"Yes, he's one of the friends that I'm looking for. I didn't expect him to be with this pirate crew though." Sakura said with a sigh.

She frowned as she thought of Naruto's current situation. Even though it was said that he was taken, Sakura didn't believe it to be the real case at all. She knew her teammate like the back of her hand. If Naruto went through the same thing she did, then the blonde most definitely was dropped in the middle of unknown territory too, and he just happened to stumble upon the pirate crew.

Added with the childlike appearance that was no difference than her own, Sakura was confident that like her, he had also went through the same effect. If she managed to retain her abilities, that meant Naruto did too. Hence, if he was truly in danger, he would be able to save himself just fine. Sakura didn't know anyone else who could be on pair with Naruto other than Sasuke-Kun.

Also, Naruto seemed to be on his own too, or else he wouldn't get into the headline this fast.

Oh Naruto, what a luck you have there, Sakura thought with a slight fondness in her heart. After all, they had known each other for years. Whatever the circumstances were, he would be fine.

He always did.

"Do you wish to meet this friend of yours?" Asked Dragon who had been silent the entire time.

Sakura looked at him and thought for a while.

Now that she had confirmed that Naruto was fine, she had no worries about the other two anymore. After all, they were capable ninjas, and they could take care of themselves just fine. Plus, now that Naruto even appeared on the news, she was sure that the two would be able to see that Naruto was also fine. Perhaps, maybe one of them might be nearby than she was to Naruto.

Based on the news, Naruto should be at the New World, the second half of the Grand Line, while she was still here on the first half, Paradise. After what Sabo and Koala had told her about this world, she knew that it would take a lot of efforts to reach the New World, and there was no guarantee that Naruto would be at the same place by the time she arrived there.

"I don't think we can meet up right now." Sakura decided. "But I still need to give him a message to tell him that I'm fine."

"That might be a little bit hard to do, since our army does not have any connection with the Red-Haired Pirates, which means that we have no way to communicate with them." Koala spoke next to her. "Also, the Red-Haired Pirates are always on the move, it should be hard for us to locate them so frequently. Unless of course, if they managed to land themselves on the news like today."

A thought suddenly came across her mind.

What if Naruto had no idea that she was here? What if he had no idea that the whole team minus the senseis were here?

At her thought, she sighed. With no way to communicate, how could she contact her teammate?

As she was contemplating on how to contact Naruto, her eyes caught on the sight of the newspaper placed right in front of her. She stared at Naruto displayed on the front page of the newspaper, and her eyes went wide as an imaginary light bulb appeared above her head.

With a mischievous thought, Sakura gave Sabo a bright smile.

"I know exactly how to contact him!"

Sabaody Archipelago.

Rayleigh smiled with a hint of amusement as he read the latest news. "This is quite surprising. I would've never thought that he would be recruiting a brat on his ship now."

"A brat?" Shakky questioned.

"Mm. The news said that the Red-Haired Pirates have kidnapped some random kid, but really, I think they just have a new young member in their crew that's all." Rayleigh said as he passed the newspaper over to Shakky.

"This is the one? He reminds me of a mischievous little fox with that whisker marks on his face."

Sai who was wiping the table not too far away from them had his ears perked up at Shakky's words. He stopped what he was doing and stared at Shakky, or to be exact, the newspaper in her hands. Even though they spoke the same language, but the letters used by the people in this words were different than the typical letters that Sai was familiar with. Thus, he didn't try to look at the newspaper even once.

But now, hearing what Shakky had just said, Sai had a guess.

Shakky noticed Sai's intense gaze on the newspaper and asked "Do you want to see it?"

Sai nodded and accepted the papers from Shakky.

When he saw a boy with bright yellow hair, blue eyes and the three lines on his cheeks, he curled the corners of his lips into a small but noticeable smile.

Rayleigh and Shakky were surprised when they saw that. For a couple of days the boy was here, he never did give a sincere smile to anyone. He smiled, yes. But the smile on his face was always fake, and they were already familiar with Sai's fake smile to the point where they could recognize that the smile on the boy's face now was not his usual fake smile, but instead, a true genuine smile. Even his eyes shone slightly with genuine happiness.

"You look happy." Rayleigh stated. "Is that boy someone that you know?"

Sai looked at Naruto's picture who looked younger, and nodded. "He is my friend."


"What is this? I'm in the news ttebayo!" Naruto cried out as he looked at the front page of the newspaper that had his picture taken as he was being carried over Yasopp's shoulder. Even though he couldn't understand anything written on the bunch of papers, but he could guess that he was probably a big deal if he appeared on the front page of the news with huge bold letters above it.

"Hey, can you read this to me?" Naruto asked the nearest person to him, which just happened to be Yasopp.

"You can't read?" Yasopp asked curiously.

Naruto shook his head. How could he? He wasn't even from here! Even though it was weird, but he was happy that the people here spoke the same language, even though the letters and the writing system here were completely different the ones in his world.

Hearing that he couldn't read, the Red-Haired Pirates didn't look down on the kid for his inability to read. Instead, Yasopp kindly read him the news as they laughed at the content of the newspapers bemusedly.

How couldn't they? The world actually thought that they, the Red-Haired Pirates, actually kidnapped a child!

The story went back to a yesterday afternoon when the crew stopped by an island to restock their supplies. Naruto who had adapted well to his situation sooner than expected, begged Shanks to let him off the ship so that he could explore the place out of the excitement for being in another world without the need to worry about some enemies or trying to find a way back home as soon as possible.

Taking advantage of the fact that he would return to his own world eventually, Naruto felt that he should cherish this rare opportunity to take a break from his busy shinobi life. After all, who know when else would he be able to take a break? Especially after the end of the war a couple of years ago where everyone was busy trying to rebuild the village and regain what they had loss. Even Team Kakashi plus Sasuke who had stuck with the whole team ever since he admitted his defeat to Naruto, were busy doing missions here and there according to the order of the Godaime Hokage.

Hopping to another world, this was definitely not his first. However, this time, there was no such thing as a bad guy for him to beat in order to return back home. Therefore, he should just enjoy his rare freedom from work while he was still here.

Being asked to join, Shanks naturally let the little guy to come along.

At first everything was fine, and Naruto had a great time seeing a lot of new things that he had never seen before. Despite being a group of criminals, Shanks and the rest were actually good people who knew how to have fun. Hence why he chose to stay with this bunch of pirates even though he could leave the ship the moment he was awake. Plus, for some reasons, Shanks and the others truly believed that he was from a sky island named 'Konoha', which was why they hadn't told him to leave the ship yet. They probably though that since he had fallen down from a very high place, it would take a long time for them to find something called 'Knock Up Stream', whatever that was.

At least that was what Shanks had said to him.

Naruto wasn't really bothered whether he was here or anywhere else. No matter where he desired to go or where he would end up in this world, he would eventually return back to his own world. He could be eating a bowl of ramen while trying to keep his balance on top of a ball at the edge of the cliff, and the door to his world would still appear to drag him back to Taki.

The point was that, worrying about the portal was useless since there wasn't anything that he could actually do about it. He might as well just enjoy his temporary break from his busy Shinobi life here.

Back to the event of yesterday afternoon.

Everything was fine. He stayed close to Shanks as they went from one place to another. They also went to a great restaurant and he had the opportunity to enjoy many delicacies that couldn't be found in the Elemental Nations! All in all, he had a great time.

Until he saw injustice happened right in front of his eyes.

At that time, he was waiting for Shanks to finish with whatever business he was doing at a certain while he himself was being left alone outside of the store. Then suddenly, he heard noises and saw some people wearing similar uniform mixed of white and blue colors were attacked by some other people with bulky muscles and rough appearance.

At a glance, he knew that they were bad pirates.

Long story short, Naruto ended up forgetting the fact that he wasn't an adult nor was he the infamous hero of the 4th Shinobi World respected by everyone at that moment.

With confidence and great sense of justice, he went up to the crowd and tried to stop the conflict. Of course, being told to stop by a kid whose height hadn't even reached the level of their waist yet, the pirates were vexed. When one foolish man attempted to throw a punch at him, Naruto figured out these people were not the type to listen and proceeded to beat them all on the spot.

The sight of a kid pummeling a bunch of pirates as easily as breathing was truly a strange but interesting sight to the bystanders.

That was what Shanks and the rest of the Red-Haired pirates thought as they watched Naruto beating up men bigger than him. However, their fun was cut short when a whistle was heard somewhere and came at least a hundred of marines with weapons in their hands. One of the marines that was involved in the fight with the pirates had called for a backup.

Even though they could handle the marines, Shanks didn't think that it was necessary for them to get involved in this situation. He then ordered Yasopp to get Naruto, and once the sniper had taken the kid by the back of his collar, he then carried the bewildered kid on his shoulder as if he was a sack of potatoes, following the rest of the crew to the ship.

After that, the Red Force sailed away from the island, leaving behind a crowd of marines that had mistaken as they shouted that a child had been kidnapped by the Red-Haired Pirates.

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