A Gamer's Guide to Evolution.

I'm really glad you guys like the last chapter, but i forgot to put this in there, so i'll put it here now. This story was inspired by the works of The Dark Wolf Shiro, Milnir, Sir Lucifer Morningstar, The Axe Guy, AgelessReaper, USSExplorer, ghost83 and Lord Wolfe. You guys should go check their stuff, it's pretty good.

I'd also like to thank omega9028 for the amazing ideas, really dude you're awesome.

Anyway, on with the chapter!

Have you ever heard of the term "Trying to herd cats"? Well I can confidently say, I'm experiencing it right now.

Ever since we decided to head towards Riverwood, Ralof and Hadvar have been at each other's throats, sometimes literally, and I'd have to separate the two of them, seriously couldn't they wait until we were in a safe place, for god sake!

It started with snide comments from on to the other about theirs side of the civil war, then when thing really got going, they started insulting each other's choices in life, what makes it even worse is that the two of them used to be childhood friends, best friends even, so they know quite a lot about each other, and let me tell you, if I have hear about Ralof getting dumped by a girl or Hadvar smashing a body part in his uncle's forge, one more time, I'm slapping a bitch!

"Of course she wouldn't go out with you, she probably saw you for what you really are, a no good backstabbing traitor!" Hadvar yells.

" I'm not the one that had his first kiss with a Warhammer!" Is Ralof's response.

" Oh for god's sake!" I shout as I turn around and hit them on the face. "Will the two of you stop with the childish name calling? What are you, five?" I breathe in slowly " Now, we still need to get to Riverwood and I'm really not feeling up to having to listen to how some girl rejected Ralof or how you almost killed yourself Hadvar, so either you two shut your mouths until we get there or I'm shutting them for you."

I think it was the fact that i actually did slap them that made them stop and not my words, but i don't really care, as long as they stop bickering like spoiled brats i'm good.

Anyway, we continue our trek through the woods until we reach a cobblestone road going down the hill we're on and soon enough, we can see Bleak Falls Barrow, Hadvar and Ralof stop to look at it, memories of happier times coming to the surface of their minds, i guess, i keep walking on up to the Guardian Stones and wait a bit for them to arrive, because honestly, i have half a mind to leave them behind to kill each other.

But if i did that, i wouldn't have either Gerdur's or Alvor's support, so i gotta babysit the two nitwits awhile longer, fun.

Once they're near enough for them to hear me, I start spilling bullshit, again.

"So, these are the famous Guardian Stones i've heard so much about? I thought they'd be bigger, what with "Guardian" in the name." i say while shrugging at the end.

Ralof comes up to me and gesturing at the stone said " It is said that the stone helps in the growth of those that obtain their blessings, why don't you give it a try?"

Like I didn't plan on doing that before.

Walking up to the three stones, I immediately dismissed the Thief Stone, not even gonna touch that one, I got no use for it, and I'd normally have gone for the Warrior Stone, buuuut…

I touch the Mage Stone, and the whole light show happen, just like in the game

Perk Gained

[Mage Stone]

+20% Skill EXP in Magic Skills

You just gotta love the perks in Skyrim, they were never checked for game breaking exploits, like there was that one video of a guy who made his character completely immune to magic.

Speaking of which, hey Bob, will I be able to do that?



"Mage eh, well to each their own i guess." Said Hadvar, trying, and failing miserably, to be polite in expressing his disappointment.

Ralof doesn't even say anything, he just shakes his head and turns to walk off.

After a while on the road, we get ambushed by a pack of three wolves, we manage to kill them easily enough, there was one each and I get 50 EXP for the wolf that I killed with my Spider Leg.

"Listen, as far as I'm concerned you've already earned your pardon. But until we get that confirmed by General Tullius, just stay clear of other Imperial Soldiers and avoid any complications, all right?" Said Hadvar to me before turning the stink eye to Ralof " Not you though, you're still a rebel and a traitor." Ralof just shrugged and continued on his way.

It didn't take long after that for us to reach the gates to Riverwood, a quaint little place really, surprisingly, it was the exact same size as in the game, I guess because everyone had a home in this town in the game, heh.

"Looks like we're the first ones who made it." Said Ralof after surveying the surroundings, before looking at me " I'll go talk with my sister, you can join me if you want." .

"Nah, you go catch up with your family, you too Hadvar, I'll just stay at the inn." I say to them before walking towards The Sleeping Giant Inn "Good luck you too."

Finally I'm free of them, as I'm walking towards the Inn, I pass by Frodnar throwing rock at a tree with Dorthe beside him petting Stump on the head. Once I'm inside, I see Sven that lazy ass nord bard. I really don't like him, guy doesn't respect his mother, guy like that doesn't deserve anything but a boot up where the sun doesn't shine, little bitch, which is why i'd always go with Faendal in that stupid misc quest.

I also see Orgnar, good man, and Delphine the "Innkeeper" discussing the state of the ale, I don't really care.

After paying for a room for the night, I go to the river that gives the village its name, and take a look at my appearance now that I have the chance.

The face that looks back at me is the face of my game character, long black hair goatee combo, light brown skin, like the color of milk and coffee is the closest comparison I can make, and light gray, almost silver, eyes.

Anyway, now that my looks are confirmed to be absolutely amazing, I start practicing my Water Manipulation, to see what are its limits.

When me, Hadvar and Ralof got to Riverwood it was just past 15pm, is my best guess, and since it's getting dark now, I must've been practicing for hours and I didn't even notice.

Upside is that i learned that Water manipulation only has a few limits, i can't attack with it without making it a spell first, same thing with defence, but i can control the flow of water in the plants,i also could pull water from the air, but it's just not worth the effort, when i tried to pull water from the fish's blood, nothing happened, i wonder why? Is it because I'm not strong enough? Or is it because I just really can't?

No, you can, or rather you'll be able to once your level is high enough

That's good to know.

So after wasting my day trying to do something and getting almost nothing out of it, I decided to head up to the inn, eat someth-… i just realized that it's been two whole days, i've eaten nothing and I'm still not hungry, meh must be Gamer's Body, it's the only thing that makes sense, anyways, when i get inside, i find Alvor nursing a mug of mead on the table beside the front door, when he notices me, he gets up and walks to me.

"Hello stranger, i'd just like to thank you for saving my nephew, he is the last link that i have with my sister." Said Alvor with such gratitude, that I was getting uncomfortable.

"Hey, no need for that, he saved me as much as I saved him." I respond.

+20 affection with Alvor The Smith (20/100) for saving his nephew.

+10 affection with Alvor The Smith (30/100) for being humble.

Wait what? Bob, what does this mean?

It means that he sees you as a friend.

So it doesn't mean he wants to jump my bones?

Yes, depending on your interactions with those around you, you may receive a certain amount of points towards your reputation with them.

People that you have high Affection with are more likely to agree with you

That's a relief.

So if I'm a good guy to them they like me and if I'm a dick they hate? Got it.

Now that I think about it, how do I check that?

Just think [Rep List].

'Rep List.'

In front of my eyes a window opens, in there there is a list of everyone that I have interacted with so far, with Alvor at the top, followed by Gerdur with 20 points, Hadvar and Ralof, both with 13 points, and finally Rikke with a whopping -10 points, understandable really, all interactions i've had with her so far were me annoying her and her trying to kill me, i'm actually surprised it wasn't any lower.

"If there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to ask and I'll do everything to help." Said Alvor.

I take a moment to think, I could use this, I always was a fan of blacksmiths.

"Well, there is something you could do for me." I trail off.

Skill Gained

[Smithing] (15/100)

The ability to craft weapons and armor from various materials.

Available - Hide, Iron.

Say what you will about Alvor's prowess in his craft, but the man sure knows how to teach it to others. Sure he isn't the best at it, even he admits that, but he knows enough.

After the lessons in smithing were over I got this little gem.

Iron Dagger

A small knife that can be used as either a weapon or a kitchen tool.

Deals STR + 4 Damage.

Made by Korvan while under Alvor's tutelage.

First change I get, I'm enchanting this thing and changing its name from the generic one, maybe I'll name it what I always name it? But 'Alvor's Gift' doesn't really sound all that impactful when I think about it, but it's also not wrong… Oh why the hell not, you know what they say "if it isn't broken, don't fix it".

So now I have a glorified kitchen knife, a spider leg and my water spells, guess I'll see what the Kobold ID is all about.

Going to my room in the Inn, I close the door and raise my hand to the sky, like the Original Gamer does in the Manhwa.

"ID Create." I said.

For a brief moment there is darkness, and then it's gone, actually my surroundings have completely changed

Where before there were wooden walls and floor and a thatched ceiling, now there was rocky walls and ceiling, and a floor of beaten earth, also it was dark, not like can't-see-shit dark but like the low light that was coming in was coming from somewhere far away.

Looking around I notice that I'm in a narrow corridor, but I can faintly hear yips and growling in the distance… Now that I think about it, I don't even know what 'Kobolds' look like.

Meh, only one way to find out.

With Spider Leg in one hand and Alvor's Gift in the other, I walk as slowly and silently as I can, trying to be cautious about this whole thing, which is why I nearly jump out of my skin, when a screen appears in front of me.

Quest Alert!

[Kobold Caves I]

Objective I - Eliminate 100 Kobolds.

Rewards - 350 EXP, 150 Gold, 1 Stat Crystal, 1 Gacha Coin.

Bonus Objective - Kill Kobold Chief.

Bonus Rewards - 500 EXP, 250 Gold, 2 Stat Crystal, 2 Gacha Coin.

Don't do that Bob!


You motherfucker, you did that on purpose!

Here they come, good luck!

Wait what?

Looking in the direction that the sounds were coming from before, I see at least five kobolds rushing me, they are not what I expected, mainly because of how tiny they are, they barely reach my waist, so they must be around 2 to 3 feet in heigh, so basically they're as tall as the average 4 year old child, they look really thin too, but not the skinny kind of thin, the malnourished kind of thin, which if i wasn't going to slaughter them all, would be kind of worrying, as for their outer appearance, they look like Argonian children honestly, what with their scaly hides, but that's where the similarities end, their head look look more alligator than the argonian lizard, all of them have at least two horns, and the most strange thing about them, to me at least, is that them seem to have bits of fur on their forearms, shins, upper backs and the top of their head, right behind their horns.

Curious, i Observe them.


Level - 5

HP - 100

MP - 80

STR - 7

END - 9

DEX - 15

INT - 8

WIS - 7

CHA - 8

EXP Value - 25 EXP

They're really not that strong, but they're faster than me and there's five of them coming at me, and I have to kill one hundred of them?

It looks easy, but i'm pretty sure it won't be, if only because of their superior DEX.

As the first one gets near me, I immediately jab at it with my Spider Leg, it dodges my attack, displaying its higher DEX, problem is that while i'm distracted by this one, two lunge at me with stone daggers in their hands, they don't get a clean hit on me, simply because while their DEX is higher than mine, it's not so high than i can't dodge albeit barely, which means i still took damage, though not as much as it could've been.

- 8 HP

And before I could even get some distance the one that attacked first rushed in again and managed to get a shallow cut on my arm.

- 4 HP

I don't like where this is going, i have more HP than them, and can do more damage per hit, but they're just so much faster than me, that they can attack more times and they're attacking as a pack, this is not good, not good at all, if this goes on for long enough, i'll die by a thousand cuts!

The last two Kobolds try to rush me too, but as soon as they get near me, I cast a Water Ball in their direction, forcing them to back off, before doing the same thing two more times with the other three, which leaves me with a little over half my mp.

Skill Level Up!

To give myself some breathing room, i cast a Water Wall between us, as soon as the wall is up, I pull my stats window up and put all the five points that i have in DEX, bringing it up to 15, which puts me at the same speed as these scaly-ass sons of bitches.

Skill Level Up!

The Kobolds have been banging on my Water Wall the entire time I was busy distributing points, so now they're almost breaking through.

"Let's see if you can handle me now fuckers!" I scream my challenge.

I think they understand me, because they roar and break through, but as soon as they do, i stab one of them through the eye, into the brain and out the back of the head, killing it, which would not have happened if this was actually a game, since neither me nor my weapon had the necessary damage for it to happen, but since this isn't actually a game, the lack of an intact brain does translate to death.

Sadly I'm forced to abandon my Spider Leg to avoid being shanked by the other four, then I cast two more Water Balls, and manage to kill another one of them, which surprisingly net me another level!

Which restored my MP, so I cast Water Whip at the closest of the last three Kobolds, hitting it in the chest and sending it onto it's ass and then I finished it off with another Water Ball.

The last two rush me again, but differently from the other three, these two seem almost coordinated in their attack patterns, sure it's nothing complex, actually it's really basic what they're doing, one attacks while the other hangs back, then they switch.

It's not anything impressive, but it's strange they're doing this with the INT that they have, Hey Bob, what gives?

Mated pairs have a +25% increase in their base stats.

Wait, so it's a male and a female?


Now that i really look at these two, the one that i'm guessing is the male has a wider head and a slumped back, while the female has a narrower head and a straighter posture.

Huh, that's nice, hey Bob, can I capture these two, can I put them in the inventory?

You can surely try.


Looking around the room, I note that all the water from my spells is still splashed around on the ground, so using a bit of Water Manipulation I gather the rest of the water at the two's feet and charge the Spark spell I got earlier, I blast the two with it.

The light show that happens is mesmerizing, but i stop the flow of mp to the spell, i want to capture them alive, not make barbeque of them.

Observing them tells me that mixing water spells and lightning spells is extremely dangerous, because they went from full HP to 5 HP in the few seconds that I held the spell.

Shrugging, I put the two of them in my inventory and continued on my way.

Eventually i enter a room in the cave system, and let me tell you, it's big, specially considering that there are huts made out of sticks and hide, really similar to what the Forsworn are know to build, but smaller, and there are Kobolds everywhere, male and female both, either with stone daggers or slingshots.

Welp, time to get to it.

Looking around the cave room, I take note of the layout.

From the entrance to the corridor that I just left, the room opens up into a large wide and long room, with an underground river cutting through the cave room, like huge, jagged "Y", with two wooden bridges connecting the three land masses into one, the smaller part of the room has a bigger hut, must be the Chief's, and at the back of the room, away from all the other hut is a lone hut with a ornament seemingly made of bones? Can't be sure, it's too far away from me to make it out.

Anyway, after taking this all in, I work on a plan to take out the other Kobolds, which doesn't take long.

That is a stupid plan and it'll get you killed.

Only if i die.

That was a reference to something, wasn't it?


Anyway, after deciding on how to employ my brilliant plan, I decided that a simple approach is the best option, so taking a deep breath, I prepare myself and sprint into the room, making sure to run by each and every hut in the way, screaming my bloody lungs off all the while.


I think that should do it.

Looking behind me I see the rest of the Kobold, except for the Chief and the one from that hut all the way in the back, coming after me.

Well, that worked better than expected… I'm going to run now.

Yes, please do, you suicidal maniac.

Love you too, bitch.

So I keep running around the cave with a pack of +50 Kobolds running after me, and I'm still screaming my lungs off, calling them names, insulting their ancestors, that kind of thing, and soon enough, I got a large group of them trying to cross the river, roughly about a third of them, while the other two thirds are using the wooden bridges to try and reach me.

Well, I can't have that now, can i?

Turning around, i cast a Water Pillar right under each bridge, shattering the flimsy thing and sending a good chunk of the Kobolds into the water below, the few that didn't fall into the water, fell into the hard rock ground, which if is worse, at least in my opinion, since most of those currently have their brains decoration the cavern floor.

Anyway, now that I have the bitches where I want them, I cast Sparks into the water of the stream, and let me tell you, Bethesda really nerfed the interaction between electricity and water in Skyrim, as in, there wasn't any at all. Here though, it's almost overkill.

Seriously, it was quite gruesome, their eyes boiled and popped like balloons, they literally cooked from the inside out, some of them even exploded, showering the others in boiling blood and charred meat.

Strange thing is, over cooked Kobold smells like burning rubber, for some fucked up reason.

"Oh god, that reeks!" I exclaim , pinching my nose, thoroughly disgusted.

Anyway, I take the chance to glance at the quest objective to check my progress.

Objective I - Eliminate 99/100 Kobolds.

Level Up! x 4

Skill Level Up!

Wait, 99? But i didn't kill the Kobold from the far away hut, nor did i kill the two Kobolds i put in my inventory!

Actually, you did.

Hold the fuck up! What do you mean "you did", no i didn't!

Living things cannot survive inside the inventory.

Bitch, why didn't you tell me!

You didn't ask.

You motherfucking little shit bitch boy fucker!

Motherfucker, thinks he can trick me like that?! The only reason I'm not throttling Bob right now is that he doesn't have a body for me to strangle, and the I need him if i want to keep my Gamer powers, but I'm still fucking pissed off!

As I'm raging by the shore of the stream starts getting out of control, the Kobold chief comes out of his hut.

The Kobold Chief is not much different from the regular Kobold, at least appearance wise, same scales, same face structure, same strange fur, though that's where the similarities ended, because while the regular Kobold was around the same size as a 4 year old, the chief was around three times their size, so roughly like a 15 year old in height, where the others looked malnourished, it look like it's been lifting weights it's whole life, it had a crown of horns on top of it's head, it still had the same loincloth as the others, though it had a cape made of animal fur, a pauldron made of wood, a necklace of teeth and a log that it was using as a club.

When i do notice the damn thing, it's already charging at me, and boy let me tell you, he may be small when compared to a human, but sure as hell is fast as fuck, so fast in fact that i'm having trouble following him with my eyes, so even when i try to dodge, i'm still smack in the face, and i'm sent flying away.

-100 HP

Skill Level Up! x3

[Physical Resistance] (Passive) - Lvl 5/100

Physical Damage is reduced by 5%

Goddamn, this thing packs a punch! How strong is this fucker?!

Kobold Chief

Level - 15

HP - 2700

MP - 80

STR - 21

END - 27

DEX - 45

INT - 8

WIS - 7

CHA - 8

EXP Value - 100 EXP

Oh, fuck me.

This thing is absurd, i can't run away to think of a plan, it's just too fast, and i can't fight it head on like i'd want to, i'd be turned into road kill faster than i can say "Motherfucker".

I'll have to play this the smart way, I'm pissed off, but not stupid, no way i can fight this thing the way i am right now.

Looking at my stats shows me that i have 25 stat points that i got from leveling up when i killed most of the Kobolds, so there is that, but from what i read in those Gamer fics, it's usually a good idea to hold on to these points to use at a later date, an emergency or whatever the hell else i'd need lots of point for.

But on the other hand, a single hit from this fucker put me at half HP, going by that logic, it would mean this son of a bitch deals 100 damage per hit! Which is just unfair, wait no it isn't, this is a boss, of course it's gonna be a bitch to get rid of.

Hey Bob, do I keep the EXP that I gained so far if I leave the dungeon now?

Yes, you do.

Though, you will have to start from the beginning again.

There are no checkpoints inside IDs.

Fuck it, I'm out of here.

It wasn't what I'd hoped would've happened when I got in here, but at least it wasn't a total waste of my time.

Though as I raise my hand to leave the ID, the Kobold Chief charges at me again, and I somehow manage to escape just as it's club was near my nose.

Once I'm back to my room at the Inn, I fall back on my ass, that was too close for comfort, one more second and I'd lose my head, quite literally.

Anyway, i should probably go to bed, even if i don't really need to sleep anymore, i like sleeping and i paid for the fucking bed, so i goddamn will sleep on it!

The next day, the first thing I did was check to see what new spells I got, that is if I got any.

Thankfully, I did! A whole bunch of them in fact!

[Water Pike] - LVL 1/10

Costs 50 MP

Deals 100 Damage

[Wet Floor] - LVL 1/10

Costs 150 for every 5x5 meters

create a coat of water over the floor, halving enemy DEX making it slippery.

[Mist] - LVL 1/10

Costs 180 for every 5x5 meters

Create a thick mist around you.

[Geyser Trap] - LVL 1/10

Costs 135

Create a hidden geyser that will explode when stepped on, dealing 550 Damage.

Got some really useful spells in there, like Mist and Wet Floor, but the real prize was Geyser Trap, that is my most powerful spell right now, a few of those and the Kobold Chief would be a soggy carcass.

Again, I should have looked at the Alerts when they popped up, I don't know why I keep forgetting to do that…

Anyway, what should I do now? I could head on to Whiterun, go on ahead with the main quest line, and get me a hot Lydia.

Really? Lydia?

Yeah, I've got the hots for Lydia, you got a problem with that bitch?!

You're fucking basic.

Sue me then, motherfucker!

Anyway, I could just head over to the Riverwood Trader and get that side quest done with, I could also just say fuck it and head on to Bleak Falls Barrow, OR i could just stay here and train my stats up! Wait, I can do that right?

Did it really take you this long to ask that?

Just answer the fucking question already.

Yes, you can do that.

Welp, it's settled them, I'mma plant my ass right here and train myself up!

Now, where can I go and train my stats, DEX will be relatively easy to train, just gotta run through the forest without hitting a tree in the way, though I say easy, it will get increasingly more difficult to train not only DEX but all of my stats up at higher levels, but anyway, that is one stat out of the way, so let's see, the best place to train my CHA would be the Bard's College, since charisma is kinda their whole shebang, INT and WIS will take care of themselves whenever i level up, but no sense in not helping the process along, though i'd have to go to the College of Winterhold for that, which leaves STR and END, they're my main problem right now, since there are so many ways that i could increase them, that it's actually difficult to settle on one.

A sudden 'thud' sound interrupts my thought process, I look over at what could've made such a racket inside the Inn, when I notice that I'm not inside the Inn anymore.

How did I get here? I could swear I was just inside the Inn!

It seems you've got the habit of wandering around whenever you actually stop to think things through.

Go fuck yourself Bob!

Bite me, bitch!

Well, at least that explains why I was outside, but what was that noise again? I swear I've heard it before, but where was it?

When hearing the same sound once again, I finally pin-pointed where the sound was coming from, the Lumber Mill.

Wait, that could work, but first, I gotta find either Hod or Gerdur.

"Hey, you're Korvan right?" I hear a voice say from behind me.

Turning my head to look over, I have to look down a bit for me to spot Frodnar.

"Yes, I am, what can i do for you?" I ask the little town prankster.

"My mom wanted to speak with you, she didn't tell me what it was about, so could you come with me?" He said.

Okay, what are the chances of Gerdur wanting to speak with me just as I'm wondering where I can find her? I was never that lucky in the past.

"Sure, lead the way kid." I see no reason to deny such a request, especially when it was something I was planning to do anyway.

After a while of following the kid around, we get to the wood mill, i can see Hod up the cutting those huge logs in half with the sawmill, there is Faendal chopping firewood and there is the lady of the house herself, sharpening an axe.

"Hey mom, i found the guy!" Shouted Frodnar.

Having gotten his mother's attention on us, I see her put down the axe, get up from the grindstone and walk over to us.

"Ah, you must be Korvan, i'm Gerdur." She says, introducing herself while extending a hand for me to shake, which I do "I'd like to thank you for saving my brother, if you need anything, you just have to ask." She said.

"Don't worry about it." I wave it off.

+10 affection with Gerdur (30/100) for being humble.

No reason to appear like a prideful jerk, especially since i've no reason to even think of acting like that, not nearly as powerful as I'd need to be for that to be viable.

"Anyway, do you guys need any help in the mill? I'm looking for work, you see." I explain.

Sure it's not my actual reason, but making connections is always a plus, especially when the people you're trying to make such connections with are rather useful.

"Hmm, no not really, but we do need someone to go to whiterun and talk with the Jarl about what happened in Helgen, if what my brother said is true, then we'd need the help." She says.

"I can do that, I was planning on going there later anyways, just gonna do it earlier than expected." I say.

+10 affection with Gerdur (40/100) for agreeing to help protect her family.

I can see the relief and gratitude radiating from her, guess the news of the dragons returning really spooked her.

"Thank you friend, know that, if you ever need a roof over your head, my door is always open to you." She said.

Heh, perks of being friendly, even if I don't particularly care for what happens with Riverwood.

Anyway, after taking my leave from Gerdur, I went on my way towards Whiterun, completely scrapping my old plan to stay in Riverwood and grind my stats up.

Oh well, Whiterun has always been my favourite hold in the game, could use a little bit of green though.