Hey guys, Blazblade here! Now while I'm making up my own stories for you guys to enjoy (and a big thanks to everyone who's favorited me and my stories and added me to their alerts. You guys really help encourage me to continue doing this), I've had this need for a few ideas that I want to try myself down the line but I want to see what some of you guys come up with such ideas.

This is my challenge to any who are willing to do this. From these few stories, I want to see who would be willing to try these out. Now while I could end up tackling these myself down the line (though it won't be QUITE a long time), I am curious for those among you who would want to try them out.

You guys can select which story you want to tackle.

Gundam Wing/AC x Titanfall

Inspired by stories like Gundam-fall: Changing fate and Mobile Suit Titan SEED, I was wondering if there was anyone willing to try Titanfall x Gundam story with it set during Wing. Much like those stories, it will involve our home boys of the Militia Jack Cooper and BT ending up in the events of Wing and possibly working with Heero and the other Gundam Pilots. What happens from there is up to you but Jack should get a mobile suit/Gundam down the line.

Watch Dogs x Persona 5

This one is an odd one I'll admit, but considering that Futaba was the original mind behind Medjed I figured it would be interesting if she would have been part of DedSec or at least knew of them (and even Aiden Pierce). You can make the main character an OC from DedSec going to Japan to assist the branch there (which means messing with Shido and the government) and either work with the Phantom Thieves or try to make a bigger mark then they do or have it be Futaba being a member that has connections with DedSec and can pull off the same big cyberattacks like causing a black out across Tokyo (or come up with your own big cyberattacks if that isn't enough for you). You also have the option of including lore and such from Assassin's Creed if you want, so you can have your DedSec OC be a member of the Brotherhood (since having the Pieces of Eden might make things get really crazy for the Phantom Thieves).

Command & Conquer x RWBY

Basically the usual Isekai formula that one of the factions from C&C end up in Remnant due to some mishap or done by act of ROB. You can have it be a single commander to lead it (like an OC or something) or use known commanders from the games.

Factions to choose from are as follows:

Empire of the Rising Sun

Allied Nations


Celestial Empire



You can use units from the various mods made for both the Tiberium, Red Alert, and Generals universe. Not just cannon units, but also being able to use units from mods or come up with your own.

So there's the challenges I have so far. Expect some more in the near future. Have at it everybody!