NOTE: Hi, all! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. Don't worry, it'll get better. We just got to hang in there! Anyway, I hope this little story of mine puts a smile on your face. I'm not very good at humor stories, but I sure hope this one gets a tiny chuckle. Enjoy the story! Oh, one more thing. Spoilers for the movie Cujo, based on the book by Stephen King.

The year is 1983. The seven Castaways from the S.S. Minnow have been rescued since 1968, when Professor Roy Hinkley, a teacher from Ohio, who happened to be one of the seven, was able to contruct a raft that was sea worthy, and were lucky enough to come across a ship that rescued them.

The celebration was unbelievable! The gang was so happy to be back in civilization, and to be in real beds instead of hammocks or cots. Being able to use real showers, and eat different food besides fish, coconuts, and bananas. Of course, after being interviewed by a bunch of reporters, they all went to stay in a nice hotel, where they contacted their loved ones to let them know that they were all alive and well.

They all had a big feast at a fancy restaurant. The meal was on the house, and they could all order anything they wanted off the menu. While enjoying dinner, the seven all grew solemn when they realized that they would all be going their separate ways soon.

"Let's make a pact," Gilligan had suggested. "The seven of us all get together at least twice a year and promise to always write each other."

The pact was set. No one had broken the pact. Every year they would do something special together. Whether it be going out to dinner, going to the beach, having a party, or simply just going to a movie.

In the fall of 1983, Gilligan heard that there was a movie playing called Cujo, and it was about a dog. That was all he knew about it.

"Anybody in it we know," Ginger asked Gilligan on their way to the movie. They were riding in a limo that the Howells had owned.

"Um- I think the mom from E.T.'s in it."

"Oh! Dee Wallace Stone! She's a doll," Ginger exclaimed, with a smile.

"You know her," asked Mary Ann, with bright eyes.

"Yes. We worked on that vampire movie together. She's a real sweetheart!"

The Professor changed the subject.

"You all do know, of course, that Cujo is based off of a Stephen King novel."

"Who's Stephen King," asked Mrs. Howell.

"He writes a lot of horror books," the Professor replied. "Remember the movie, Carrie?"

They all nodded and shuddered.

"He wrote the book for that, too."

"Wow, Professor! Did he write the book for Frankenstein, too?"

The Professor laughed. "No, Gilligan."

Before more could be said, they arrived at the theater. The Howells insisted on buying everyone's tickets and refreshments. They didn't have to, of course, for the others were more than capable of paying their own way, but the Howells insisted.

Gilligan wanted to sit in the front row, but the others turned that idea down really quick.

"It hurts my neck," Mr. Howell said, rubbing the back of his neck at the thought. They all sat in the third row, which was still a little too close to the screen, but not as bad. The Howells sat next to each other, followed by Skipper, then Gilligan, Mary Ann, Ginger, and the Professor.

Mrs. Howell, Ginger, Mary Ann and Gilligan all covered their eyes during the scary parts.

Once it was over, Gilligan looked pale as a ghost.

"Are you all right, little buddy," Skipper asked, trying not to laugh.

"I don't like Saint Bernards anymore," Gilligan said, as they all stood up to leave.


Gilligan and Mary Ann were sitting by the beach. Hawaii was the place they all agreed to meet each other, since it was where they first met. The others retired for the evening, but Gilligan and Mary Ann weren't tired, so they decided to take a stroll on the beach.

"You sure do look beautiful tonight, Mary Ann," Gilligan said, shyly. Even after all these years, he was still shy around girls.

"Why, thank you, Gilligan. I had fun tonight. How about you?"

"Yeah. I didn't mean what I said about Saint Bernards, though. I know that dog was only an actor, and didn't really bite that actress on the leg."

Mary Ann cringed. "That was the scariest part of the movie for me."

"Me, too. I'm surprised Mrs. Howell didn't have one of her fainting spells."

"She did. It's when you went to the bathroom. Cujo had just killed his owner's neighbor."


They continued to walk, when Gilligan had another question.

"What's the scariest movie you've ever seen, Mary Ann?"

"Promise not to laugh?"

"I promise."


"The shark movie?"

"Yes," Mary Ann said, with a nod.

"Why would I laugh about that?"

"I don't know. I just figured you would think I would say something like The Exorcist."

"That one made me faint," Gilligan said. "And this is coming from a guy whose seen a lot of scary movies. It still didn't scare me as bad as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, though. Boy, movies sure have gotten scarier over the years."

"I agree."

There was a pause.



"Want to hear something?"


Mary Ann smiled, and imitated a demonic voice: "Redrum! Redrum!"

Unfortunately, Gilligan passed out at hearing this. Poor Mary Ann looked embarrassed.

"I-I'm guessing the Shining isn't one of his favorites."