Chapter 1

For the longest time, the Fallen Angel Lucifer has ruled over hell unchallenged and undefeated. Though there have been plenty of powerful demons and Overlords that can be considered a challenge to the Fallen Angel, none have actually succeeded in their attempts to overthrown Lucifer and take his place as ruler of hell. Those that failed have either been exterminated by the Fallen Angel or were made examples of to remind other powerful demons that he was not to be challenged. Those that remain fear his power or find it tolerable enough to serve under him. So, with his wife Lilith, he successfully ruled over hell with no one to threaten their position as queen and king of hell.

That is until the rise of the Iron Revenant changed the power structure of hell considerably.

No one, not even the angels and, perhaps even God himself, know how the Iron Revenant came to be. Nor how he managed to hide until he was powerful enough to become a rival to Lucifer and establish his own kingdom in hell. All anyone knows is what the Iron Revenant wants people to know and even then, that knowledge is limited.

From the Iron Revenant's own words, he was a human warlord that fought and killed countless people, swelling the ranks of hell with his slaughters. When he finally died, he thought he would be earned a position of privilege and honor for his killings by the gods of his faith. So when he found what the afterlife really was, he grew bitter and angry, lashing out and denying the fate given to him.

From this, it was clear that his faith was something that didn't have anyone god and was a barbaric one, similar to the human Greek and Norse mythology, the latter especially so because, according to human sinners that made it to hell, there was a sort of afterlife belief in Norse mythology that, if a warrior kills enough and dies in battle, they get to be with their gods in a place of beauty and paradise. Yet despite that, none of this really helped narrow who the Iron Revenant was as he refused to give any hints to his past human life. Any attempts to pry more information have usually ended with people receiving his brutal mace, Nightfall, to the face.

But back to the facts at hand, since lashing out, the Iron Revenant bid his time, gathering power and avoiding drawing attention to himself, either by laying low for a time or drawing attention away from him by forcing demon overlords to fight each other through a series of deceptions cause by him. He continued doing this, playing a deadly game of cat and mouse, until he eventually revealed himself by raising an army of demons against Lucifer.

Through both intimidation and false promises of either power or a better life for them, the Iron Revenant gained a considerable cult following of human sinners, who often were treated as inferiors to those born in hell, and even some true borne demons through similar methods, amassing an army of ten thousand under him. How he managed to gather so many under his name without anyone noticing is unknown, though some claim it was due to the arrogance of the Overlords at the time and Lucifer being confident that no one would be insane enough to raise an army against him. And to be fair, he would be right in most instances, but the Iron Revenant was insane enough to try. Though, considering what happened next, some would say he was simply being smart. Crazy, but smart. What happened next would solidify his position as an eternal rival to Lucifer in hell and creating a grudge between him and the Magne family ever since.

Charging his army at Lucifer's own home, the Iron Revenant's army pushed back the guards of Lucifer at first, but then Lucifer came into the field and rallied his men, using his considerable power to incapacitate the Iron Revenant's army, not killing any of them as he would be later making an example of them for attacking him. Once that was done, he demanded that the leader of this silly uprising show himself and he may show him a bit of mercy.

It was then that the Iron Revenant showed himself and it would be the first time the rivals see each other and would not be the last.

Encased in armor that was designed akin to his old armor when he was human, the Iron Revenant demanded that he face Lucifer in combat, to give him a fight worthy of a god. Lucifer, bemused at such a demand, simply waved his hand and summoned some tentacles to restrain the sinner, not inclined to waste any of his time with such a ridiculous demand. But then, the Iron Revenant did something that enraged the Fallen Angel, causing him to do something that he'll regret later on in his life.

The Iron Revenant called him a coward, saying he was a miserable, pathetic, and whore loving fool that God was right to banish him from heaven if he acted this way in heaven. For he was, in the Iron Revenant's words, a fool that lost everything in heaven simply because he couldn't resist the bosom of a single woman. A woman who likely bed other men besides him due to her nature as a succubus.

That, along with the attack on his own person, enraged Lucifer, causing him to turn around and lit the sinner alive with hellfire. Yet even as he was burning, the Iron Revenant continued to insult the Fallen Angel, calling him weak and useless. That he wasn't as scary as the people of hell made him out to be if this was all he could do. Enraged even more, Lucifer intensified the hellfire burning the Iron Revenant, but all that did was make him laugh.

Even as his body burned to ashes, the Iron Revenant didn't scream. He just continued his laughter, not stopping until he literally couldn't laugh anymore due to the fire taking his ability to do so. With nothing left to burn but the armor, Lucifer extinguished the fire, eyeing the armor, which was now charred black, disdainfully. He then ordered the mass execution of the Iron Revenant's army, saying it was their punishment for following such a fool.

So for three years, the Iron Revenant's army was executed slowly, using weapons from the exterminators, angels sent by heaven to eliminate some of hell's population to avoid it becoming overpopulated, that were left behind by their annual exterminations, either because the user died during said exterminations or they broke after too much usage. The deaths of the Iron Revenant's army soothed Lucifer's mind a bit, but it didn't do much, his anger over the Iron Revenant being too great. Even constant soothing from his wife, either through the bed or just being there to comfort her husband, wasn't enough to calm the rage in the Fallen Angel's heart. Perhaps if he did calm down, though, he would have seen that everything he did was part of the Iron Revenant's plan.

Indeed, the mass killings of his army and the burning of his body to ashes was all part of the Iron Revenant's plan to achieve a power that rivaled Lucifer in power. Just as the last of his army died through the usage of angel weapons, the armor of the Iron Revenant, kept as decoration in an Overlord's estate after successfully bidding for it during the whole execution, stirred to life. Blueish green eyes and blueish green mist flowed out of the armor as it broke free of its cage, announcing that he, the Iron Revenant, had been reborn.

"Twice slain, thrice born!" Yelled the armor as claimed by survivors of the Overlord's estate before it slaughtered anyone that it saw, including the Overlord.

Reborn, the Iron Revenant then summoned a massive army from the ground all over hell. But these weren't anything the denizens of hell have seen before. These were the souls of those that had died in the exterminations before, risen from whatever place they've been sent to after being killed again by angels through, as of yet, unknown means. Did the Iron Revenant make a pact with some dark patron that held dominion of souls killed in hell? Or did he find some lost way to do so? Or, perhaps most worrying if true, he created some way to do so. Colored in the same colors as those of the one that had risen them in the first place, the souls began to attack en mass, attacking anything that wasn't another soul as the Iron Revenant made his way to Lucifer's home, the way cleared by the strongest of the souls he's risen. He wasn't even halfway, there, however when Lucifer, sensing the great power in the Iron Revenant, displeasure all over his face.

Not only was the fool that had insulted him returned to haunt him again, but he risen up an army of souls, something thought impossible by him, to attack his domain. Before Lucifer could even attack him, the Iron Revenant made a proposal to him. A deal.

If Lucifer beat him in combat, the Iron Revenant would forever leave him alone, going away to whatever afterlife that greeted him as a result, taking the souls he's resurrected with him. But if he won, then Lucifer would cede a portion of hell to him to do whatever he pleased as well as creating a treaty that would recognize his sovereignty. Too angry and, perhaps, much too eager to see him gone, Lucifer accepted the deal, adding to the things he regretted ever doing that involved the Iron Revenant, even sealing it with dark magic to ensure neither can break their oaths and terms.

With the deal commenced, the Iron Revenant ordered his army to stand down and that he was ready for his fight with Lucifer on any terms the Fallen Angel wanted.

Seeing the devastation that the Iron Revenant caused that would cause people to challenge him again, Lucifer decided to have all the Overlords of Hell and other demons of power watch their fight, so as to remind them of his power. Several hours later, the two combatants were in a large wasteland of hell that wasn't yet colonized by demons. Well, the intelligent ones anyway. All around them, demons of various positions of power were watching, silently placing bets on who would win, as well as wondering who they should be supporting.

Satisfied that all would be watching, Lucifer asked if the Iron Revenant had any last words to say to him, to which the Iron Revenant replied yes.

"Destiny. Domination. Deceit. These are the words that define me. These are the words that will cause people to look back at this day as the day the natural cycle of life and death, of heaven and hell, was broken by me. Mordekaiser. The Iron Revenant. And these words define you. Arrogant. Prideful. Stupid. For these traits blinded you and allowed me to achieve my destiny!" Yelled now named Mordekaiser before pointing his two-handed mace at Lucifer and, to everyone's surprise, the two disappeared before their eyes, two bright lights, one greenish-blue and one bright red replacing them. They watched as the two bright lights clashed with one another, creating sparks as they clashed. As this continued to happen, many wondered who would win this battle and if they're going to be here forever until someone lost. Minutes turned into hours as this watching of two light spheres continued to happen. Just as some were about to leave due to boredom, the combatants returned. Upon seeing the state of both, there was a cry of horror from the queen of hell as she looked at the state of her husband.

While Mordekaiser bore little damage, baring some dents on his helm, chest, and a large gaping hole in his torso, revealing nothing but a skeletal under-layer beneath his armor that seemed to be fused with it and the greenish-blue mist that surrounded him, her husband wasn't so fortunate. Literally ripped in half, Lucifer's upper body was held up by Mordekaiser for all to see while his lower half had Mordekaiser's mace embedded onto it. One of his eyes was hanging loosely from its socket and one of his arms was missing.

Laughing at the stunned crowd before him, Mordekaiser declared himself the victor and that they all should honor the deal that Lucifer made with him lest they wish to face his wrath as well.

Stunned at the defeat of Lucifer, the crowd of demons and Overlords honored the deal that Lucifer had with Mordekaiser, slightly fearful of the Iron Revenant and his powers. A day later after that momentous event, Lilith and Mordekaiser met with each other to discuss the treaty that Lucifer had promised him should he win their duel. Lucifer, being too incapacitated to do it himself, but also trusting of his wife to handle things, made her do it as Mordekaiser wanted the treaty now along with the land promised to him.

For days on end, the two powerful entities argued with each other on what to give Mordekaiser, neither backing down from points they both decried to be non-negotiable. Even as Mordekaiser threatened to hurt her just as bad as her husband in their duel, if not more so, Lilith refused to back down. Eventually, they agreed to several terms that both parties deemed agreeable, though rumors abound that Mordekaiser was unsatisfied with some of them.

The treaty of Iron as it would be called gave Mordekaiser a large, empty space, void of any life in hell and far away from the nearest city of hell that he can do whatever he pleased with. It also acknowledges his own independence as well as allowing him the ability to forge his own kingdom so long as he didn't declare war on the rest of hell, something that Mordekaiser actually demanded, much to Lilith's surprise. In return, Mordekaiser would attend an annual party and meetings to help repair relations between him and the Magne family as well as soothing relations with other overlords, to which the Iron Revenant also agreed. He would also come to the aid of the Magne family should anyone attempt to overthrow them as the rulers of hell as well as being refused aid to build his kingdom. Those last two caused Mordekaiser to growl at such a ridiculous demand, but he bowed to it. Sealing the deal with magic, the two stared heatedly at each other, one for demanding ridiculous demands and the other for doing extreme harm to her husband, before they left each other's presence.

So, walking into the middle of his new home, Mordekaiser began to show everyone the extent of his powers. Actually using the souls he's summoned as building blocks for his empire, Mordekaiser formed a great fortress city of black stone and metal that stretched for miles. Where there used to be nothing but rock and dirt, lay black stone with a green mist of unknown make that surrounded it. Once Mordekaiser was satisfied with his fortress-city and its size, he used what souls he had remaining to create massive walls of black stone, creating a perimeter around his fortress-city. With everything achieved, Mordekaiser named his new capital the Immortal Bastion and began the process of rebuilding his depleted forces.

And so, for hundreds of years, Mordekaiser lay in his fortress, building his army with no care to what the other denizens of hell or the forces of heaven thought of it. He only came out of his fortress in order to attend the various parties and meetings that he was forced to attend per his agreements in the treaty of Iron. Every single time, he's went into a heated staring contest with Lucifer, who was still bitter over his humiliating defeat and the fact he unwittingly fell for Mordekaiser's schemes. For Mordekaiser's part, he just did it because he saw the Fallen Angel as a weakling that is unworthy of being king of hell as well as a fool that allowed chaos to happen in his realm when he could easily fix it. It also doesn't help that Mordekaiser spouts his beliefs straight into Lucifer's face, nearly causing them to go to blows yet again on several occasions. Fortunately, cooler heads stopped them every time, albeit barely.

During those years, Mordekaiser acquired several interesting souls that would eventually become his lieutenants. These lieutenants were beings that have committed vile deeds during their human lives, but also exhibited clear skills that drew the eyes of the Iron Revenant enough that he gave them considerable strength and made them lieutenants of his armies as well as giving them portions of his city to do what they so pleased. These included the chain warden Thresh, the death singer Karthus, and the bloodthirsty Hecarim. The three being the most prominent of Mordekaiser's lieutenants and are often his emissaries for other beings of Hell when the Iron Revenant is too busy attending to matters that he's either forced to do, such as those parties and meetings Lilith forces him to attend or were too vital to him to be left alone.

And as his strength and power grew, so did his infamy. The angels, worrying about his growing power and fearing he may lead his army into an assault against heaven, sent a considerable amount of their exterminator angels against his kingdom during the next mass genocide they're scheduled to do against hell.

That, however, was later proven to be a mistake for Mordekaiser has prepared for the angels inevitably assaulting his kingdom.

When the angels came for him and his thralls, Mordekaiser allowed the angels to wreak havoc in his city, killing and eviscerating his thralls with ease. When the bulk of the angels were in the city, however, Mordekaiser sprung his trap.

Karthus, using the power given to him by Mordekaiser as well as the magic coursing through the Immortal Bastion, began conducting a massive spell of immense proportions that will deal with the angels in their city. Thresh, meanwhile, summoned a cage around the Immortal Bastion, preventing the angels from escaping. Before any of the angels realized what was happening, Karthus finished his spells and before their very eyes, the angels were hit with a great surge of energy. The same energy that coursed through everything in the Immortal Bastion. The surges of energy eviscerated the majority of the angels, turning them into dust as Karthus' spell did it's dark work. Those that survived were easy pickings for Hecarim and his warriors, who slaughtered the survivors without mercy.

With thousands upon thousands of angel souls in the Immortal Bastion, Thresh began to use a special lantern in his possession, rumored to be constructed by the madman himself and began sucking them all up within it. It was said that Thresh laughed all the way as the angels were sucked into his lantern, dark plans forming in his head on what to do with them.

News of this failure reached both Heaven and Hell. The archangels were furious, but also fearful of Mordekaiser for no one has ever defeated the exterminators in such numbers before. They've had casualties, yes, but never in such numbers. Fearing more deaths, the angels canceled their extermination of hell's population for the first time ever and began planning ways to deal with Mordekaiser should he prove to be a threat greater than Lucifer.

Lucifer, upon hearing it, was said to have smiled for, despite his hatred of Mordekaiser, he hated the angels of heaven considerably more and was overjoyed to hear such a humiliating defeat of his former brethren, so much so that he actually sent a letter of appreciation to Mordekaiser for doing so. With proper threats and insults of course. Rumors spread that the Iron Revenant laughed at the letter, though heartedly rather than with disgust.

Since then, the exterminations have continued, albeit avoiding Mordekaiser's domain as no angel wanted to experience what happened that day. Not without assurance from their leaders that a strategy was made to counteract what Mordekaiser did that day. The leaders of hell, seeing a way to ensure the protection of their most valuable of assets, went to Mordekaiser, offering whatever the Iron Revenant wanted in exchange for protection of certain items, whether it be assets that are vital for their work, such as money or drugs, or important people to them. This led to an amendment of the treaty of Iron that allowed various beings of Hell, whether they be Overlords or common sinners, to make deals and trade with the Immortal Bastion so long as the same thing was done for the Immortal Bastion.

More time has passed since then and the original denizens of hell have grown accustomed to the beings that live in the Immortal Bastion and its Iron-clad ruler. These ghosts, specters, and liches as they've been grown to be called along with other names, traded what exquisite and rare items only they can create with the other denizens of hell, who provide them with whatever their leaders desire, which were varied and depended on the leader themselves. Lucifer and Mordekaiser still despised each other and are eager to fight each other, but they have more or less developed a working business relationship with one another. Though cooler heads like Lilith have to keep the two at bay as Mordekaiser is always eager to insult Lucifer for what he deems as the failings of the Fallen Angel and Lucifer was always eager to fight Mordekaiser for the humiliation he brought him all those years ago.

It was now the year 2019 on Earth and the most recent Extermination of hell is ongoing. Once again the angels are doing their quest of killing denizens of hell to prevent its overpopulation. And like always, they've veered away from the Immortal Bastion and its denizens, not wishing to incur the wrath of Mordekaiser and his undead ghost army. After this latest venture, however, one little demon would propose something that will draw the gaze of the Iron Revenant and his allies towards her.