Chapter 2

Immortal Bastion

"Yet again the angels come to conduct their annual purges." Thought Mordekaiser as he emerged from his personal tower in his city, his empire, to look at the devastation that was being caused by the angel's exterminators. His tower was the tallest and largest of the towers built in his empire as should be for the leader of an empire. It was here that his throne resided in and where he dwelled when he wished to be left alone. Like nearly everything in his empire, it was built with no defining traits other than that it was built to be intimidating. There were no markings of any kind that demonstrated artisan freedom of any sort. It was just black stone and metal that jousted out of the ground, intimidated any with it's smooth surface and color along with the greenish blue mist it emitted. Just as Mordekaiser wished it to be. "And yet again they avoid me like a plague."

Mordekaiser chuckled at that thought. Ever since their failed assault on his kingdom, the Angels have avoided his empire, too afraid to do another assault on him, lest they wish to suffer the same amount of casualties as the first time, if not more so. And he reveled in it. For not only did it give him the fear that he wanted with the angels, he also managed to establish trade with Lucifer's people and his various subordinates, enabling his empire to remain a permanent fixture in hell for the people of hell had grown accustomed and craved for the goods his kingdom creates. That only they can create.

One example being the rich ectoplasm called sanguine mortuorum that only his people have the know how to make. And even then, only one lich can make it. That being his lieutenant Karthus. And it was something that the lich never intended to make in the first place.

Karthus, you see, was obsessed with life and death. Born in during the great black plague that erupted on Earth, he was born in a state of poverty with his three sisters and father. His mother died giving birth to him. It was here, when he was barely ten years old, did Karthus develop his obsession with both aspects of existence. The plague killed nearly anything it touched, including his own father and sisters along with his entire village. With no cure on the horizon and no plague doctors for weeks on end, Karthus took care of his family as best he could, trying to make their last lives on Earth as comfortable as possible. Yet there was a duality in this caring of his family that went beyond mere family attachments.

For some reason, whether through divine intervention or some genetic quirk, Karthus was immune to the black plague, enabling him to get close to those afflicted with it without catching the disease. It was because of this, Karthus get a clear mind and his clear mind was borderline obsessed with seeing the death of one. To watch as the last vestige of life left a person as they died and left the mortal realm. And his family's affiliation with the black plague gave him a chance to fulfill this dark desire. A sort of final gift to Karthus, one that he would take gladly. Rumors aboard by Mordekaiser's subjects and those of Lucifers' was that what he saw changed Karthus and made him utterly fascinated with death and the various ways one dies.

From there, he joined the plague doctors when he was old enough and through this line of work, Karthus was exposed to all sorts of people with the black plague, watching in fascination as they all died in front of him or when he watched the great fires of burning bodies be created to avoid the carcasses spreading further infection to the those that weren't affiliated with the plague. All of it filled him with great fascination. For, as claimed by the lich himself, he acquired some words of wisdom from every single person that died in front of him or those that had burned in the great fires. And each one gave him greater knowledge of death and life. To get more of this knowledge he craved, he even falsely diagnosed people with the plague to see them killed off or burned to death to see their last moments of life, which guaranteed him going to hell, but when his time came, Karthus was more than willing to die.

Eventually, Karthus decided the living, even those about to die can give him no more knowledge. But what he learned wasn't enough for the man. No, he needed more. He wasn't satisfied with what he has now! There was only one thing left to do. He needed to find the souls of the dead and ask them his remaining questions. Could a person exist at the moment where life ends, but before death begins? If such a liminal moment could be understood and held, might the wisdom of life be combined with the clarity of death? But to do that, he needed to die and Karthus was more than willing to do so in order to solve the very thing that he had been obsessed with since he was a boy. So, the man hung himself, leaving nothing but the clothes on his back for scavengers and thieves to take, but Karthus didn't care. He was on his way to achieve the thing he wanted.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned for Karthus. When the man arrived in the afterlife, he was immediately brought before purgatory, where people who have sinned go to in order to be judged if they are worthy enough to go to heaven. With him were countless people that had died from the black plague. Utterly fascinated at the place before him and seeing completely whole people around him, Karthus tried to gain entry to heaven but several angels came to take him away. They had judged him and found him full of sins and darkness. They denied him entry to heaven and escorted him away. Karthus claimed he screamed at them, shouting bloody murder for denying him access to knowledge that he so craved. The angels didn't care and tossed him through a portal that led him to hell, straight to Mordekaiser's Immortal Bastion.

Karthus, upon laying eyes on Mordekaiser, was in awe of the massive suit of armor and began asking countless questions. Questions that Mordekaiser refused to answer unless he swears fealty to him. Mordekaiser, hearing of Karthus's from those that died from his false accusations as well as sensing the potential within him, knew he had to have this man under his command. It also helped that Mordekaiser was in need of more lieutenants as well. His current batch, mainly Hecarim, were a bit too unstable and he needed more cooler heads to help maintain peace between him and Lucifer.

When he did swear fealty and absolute loyalty to him, Mordekaiser gave Karthus something that the man would come to learn that day something he always wanted to be. A lich. A being between life and death. A being that was different from regular demons, sinners, and angels. And it filled him with, for the first time in a long time, with great joy. Since then, Karthus has become a sort of alchemist for Mordekaiser. Using the strange mist all over their kingdom to create spells of terrible power, one of which he used against the angels that came for them, much to his joy, as well as various goods that will be provided to the other denizens of hell to remind them that it was better for them that the Iron Bastion was around rather than be destroyed. These range from simple drugs that many Overlords were pleased to use themselves or their thralls to terrible war beasts that only the richest of Overlords can afford to buy.

Back to sanguine mortuorum, however. Karthus, to be honest, created it through complete incident. It was a byproduct of him testing a spell on an angel's soul that was captured by an Overlord, who gave them to Mordekaiser in exchange for some good drugs. The spell was intended to completely turn the angel into a banshee, something that Karthus was trying to create along with countless other undead monsters in various human mythologies, but instead he got a pile of ectoplasm. Furious at his failure, but curious at the byproduct, Karthus tested the substance and found that it gave one a rush of pleasurable sensations along with enhancing the capabilities of a demon if consumed. Reporting these findings to Mordekaiser, Karthus soon began doing similar processes to other angel souls they've acquired, mainly those that they captured during the angels' disastrous assault on their city, to acquire more of this substance before, under Mordekaiser's orders, began sending such small samples of the substance to various Overlords as a gift.

Needless to say, nearly every Overlord was sending envoys to retrieve more of this substance, finding it nearly addicting with it's sweet taste and powerful properties. Since then, Overlords had been taking the substance for special occasions or when they need it during their annual terf wars against one another for territory and Mordekaiser, uncaring to what happens in Lucifer's realm so long as it doesn't affect his realm in the slightest, ordered Karthus to create more with what angels they have left.

Unfortunately, due to the scarcity of angel souls as only exterminators came to hell and even then these occurrences are few and far between, production of this sweet substance is always slow, especially with Thresh keeping hundreds of angel souls to himself, saying he refused to part with them until he grows bored of them. So, in order to acquire more, Mordekaiser had special capture squads made to secretly acquire angels during the annual exterminations to use for the creation of sanguine mortuorum. Led by Hecarim, a former knight that disgraced him and his order of knights through deceit and killing of the weak, these capture squads have captured hundreds of angels for the usage of sanguine mortuorum.

The slow production of sanguine mortuorum also led to it's high price, where only the richest of Overlords can acquire more than just one bottle at any given time. Lucifer, being the most obvious of them that can afford it. Those that can't afford it, usually acquire it by doing special assignments given by Karthus, who always needs subjects for his experiments, in exchange for the substance he creates. These range from rather common items, such as a hundred Imp demons for experimentations, to utterly life-threatening ones, such as the capture of an angel exterminator.

Humming to himself as he thought of how many angels that Hecarim has acquired for him now as well as what fools Karthus sent out for his prized substance, Mordekaiser recalled one member of an Overlord's family that refuses to take sanguine mortuorum and it was the daughter of his rival no less. Charlotte Magne, daughter of Lucifer. Just thinking of that girl caused Mordekaiser to involuntarily shudder. Not out of contempt, no. Just mere annoyance.

That girl was too…pure, for a lack of a better term when describing her. She was just so naïve and bubbly that Mordekaiser sometimes wondered how someone as ruthless as Lucifer and Lilith could have spawned something so pure and naïve as that young maiden. He met her many times, during those parties and meetings he's forced to attend, always under guard, of course, Lucifer still hated him after all, and he was completely astounded by her. She wasn't like the other children of the Overlords, those that had them anyway, always seeing the positive things about others and trying to stop others from taking sanguine mortuorum when she learned where it came from, much to the embarrassment of the entire Magne family when everyone laughed at her for doing so, especially with Mordekaiser and Karthus around when she tried. Not to mention her constant singing and happy drawings, Mordekaiser had seen some of her drawings inadvertently during a party one time and it left him…bemused, more so when she was in her twenties at the time. And she was over two hundred years old and she's still that naïve fool she was back then. Truly she was a conundrum, one that his lieutenants, Thresh and Karthus, expressed interest in breaking or experimenting, which caused him to keep an eye on them while around Charlotte Magne. He'd rather avoid a pointless war with Lucifer just because his lieutenants wanted to hurt or dissect his daughter.

Thinking about that girl, Mordekaiser wondered what she was doing right now just as the last of the angels finally left hell, their work complete.

Few days later


Mordekaiser was sitting in his throne, brooding over what to do next for his empire when the door to his inner sanctum opened and the sounds of chains filled the room.

"Thresh." Said Mordekaiser as he looked at the two beings that were walking to his chambers, one of which was the chain warden, one of his top lieutenants. With him was one of Lucifer's Overlords. One that he was well acquainted with. "Radio Demon. What business do both of you have with me?" The radio demon just smiled that signature smile of his before speaking.

"Ahh, straight to business, as usual, Mordekaiser. I've always liked that about you." Said Alastor, the mechanical static that was unique to him present in his words. "Never trying to insult your guests or making them feel insignificant. Unless their Lucifer, of course, haha!" Mordekaiser just grunted as Alastor rambled on.

He knew about the Radio demon and his exploits. He knew of his origins and powers. All of which was interest to all Overlords of Lucifer's realm, yet he refused to indulge on them. For he had made a deal with the radio demon long ago. Back when he was just starting out in hell.

From what he could gather of him, he was a regular human during the twentieth century of Earth after the birth of Jesus Christ. He was a serial killer that held a job as a radio host in a nation called the United States of America. He died sometime in the year 1933 and was sent to hell by the angels. All of this typical reasons for some of the more heinous of sinners for hell, yet what made Alastor special was his amazing powers he's obtained the moment he entered hell, powers that put in on par with some of the greatest Overlords in Hell. Very intriguing.

While Lucifer was content to allow the Radio Demon's origins to remain hidden from him, Mordekaiser wasn't so foolish. Many leaders have fallen because of them failing to understand that they need to keep an eye on potential rivals and those that may seek to depose you. And he'll be damned if he didn't gather information on all potential beings that may try to take his empire from him.

Using Thresh, who tortured those victims they've found to be victims of Alastors' in order to get information on him, Mordekaiser found a great deal about the radio demon, mainly what he actually wants. To his amusement, the radio demon didn't actually like his position as Overlord, mainly seeing it as a way to get stupid idiots from bugging him all the time with threats or attempts on his life and he truly despises the elite of hell that discriminate on the lower classes of hell, which explains why he mainly goes after them and other, more weaker Overlords and demons. Well, most of the time anyway. He has killed people out of boredom, who raised his ire, or just because, but who hasn't in hell. Because of this, Mordekaiser made a deal with Alastor, in exchange for opportunities to kill those he wants to kill as well as some assurance that his people won't interfere with his business, Alastor will leave his people alone, to which the radio demon took eagerly, even adding in some restrictions and rules that prevent exploitation of loopholes of either side as well as giving Mordekaiser information on Overlords that may attempt to pull a fast one on him on his empire's goods. The reason for this was, despite being a powerful demon and dealmaker, Alastor wasn't stupid. He knew the power of Mordekaiser. He knew that if he attacked even one of his subjects, the lord of Iron will come and destroy him utterly, even dragging his broken body to Thresh or Karthus of their own sick pleasure or experiments. So, in his eyes, the deal was assuring his face won't be the next victim of Mordekaiser's legendary ire and his mace.

And it had been a mutually beneficial relationship since. Alastor gets to kill those that draw his ire, which he then broadcasts on his radio station, and Mordekaiser has information on several Overlords that try to weasel their way to getting more of his stuff or try to make a move on him, which he then deals with accordingly. During this time, Alastor actually began a friendship with Thresh due to their shared interest in torturing those that they have their eyes on. Of course, Thresh goes several steps further in that he tortures literally anyone that he has his eyes on, whether they be innocent or otherwise, but this hasn't stopped the two forming a sort of friendship between them. So, seeing them both here made Mordekaiser wonder what they're doing.

"To the point Alastor." Said Mordekaiser, waiting patiently for Alastor to speak. Apologizing a bit, Alastor spoke up.

"Well, I'm not sure if you know, but I'm now a proud investor of the happy hotel!" Said Alastor, causing Thresh to snicker at such a ridiculous name. Upon hearing that, Mordekaiser's curiosity rose and he beckoned for him to explain further. "As I'm sure you're aware, the princess of hell, little dear Charlotte, has been nothing more than a bundle of sweetness and naivety. We all thought it would be such a phase she was having, but if it is, it's gotten worse! She actually started a project of redeeming sinners so that the exterminations won't need to happen. *Laughs* Oh, she just makes you wonder if she's even the daughter of Lucifer and a succubus, doesn't she?" Mordekaiser stayed silent as he contemplated this.

Redeeming sinners so that the exterminations won't be necessary anymore? How laughable. Had he not known before hand that she was a demon and the daughter of Lucifer, he would have thought she was an angel in disguise. Charlotte Magne kept amazing him with her naivety. She truly did. It's almost admirable.

Such naivety. Not in reasoning, though there is plenty of that, but mainly in objectives.

The criteria for entering hell or heaven was something debated by those on Earth, but Mordekaiser knew them well. Some priests and people of god believe that one committing a grievous sin will lead them to permanently go to hell unless they repent and feel genuine regret for their actions. But it's not. The angels, whether through arrogance or a lack of understanding of context and circumstances, only see one committing a vile deed in their life and that is it. Whether it was murdering someone in self-defense or having sex with their significant other before being married incidentally due to one too many drinks, it didn't matter to those angels. You sinned, you go to hell for them. While Mordekaiser suspected there were a few that actually delve deep into a person's history, as claimed by Thresh when a man he knew committed several murders actually went into heaven as an angel vouched for him, saying he felt true remorse of his crimes and atoned for them as best he could, the vast majority were arrogant fools. Lucifer had their arrogance as well before, but he properly humbled him during their last match against one another, though he suspected he might need to again as he sometimes suspects the angel actually didn't get the memo.

But back to Charlotte little goal, even if she redeems some people of hell, the people that represent those that actually want to atone for their actions are few and far between compared to those that actually deserve to be in hell. For every person that killed another in self-defense, there were dozens more murders and monsters that deserve to be in this eternal realm of damnation. It doesn't help that those a great deal of those that don't actually belong here, upon seeing they're in hell, give up and become monsters themselves, giving up on ever going to heaven. Especially those that are religious. So, no matter how many she redeemed, in Mordekaiser's eyes, the exterminations will continue for in hell, there is no shortage of monsters and irredeemable sinners here. And they make a good, nearly overwhelming, portion of hell's population. More so than his own specters and liches. But, enough of that, Mordekaiser was still curious of this and spoke, wanting more information.

"How did you come across this information?" Asked Mordekaiser. It was Thresh that answered it.

"It was on the news, your lordship." Said Thresh, his floating skeletal-like head smiling his own signature smile as he lifted his lantern, filled with souls that he's eager to torture when he's in his personal chambers. "The little demonette announced it all across hell for everyone to hear." Thresh then began to crackle. "She then sang a little happy song on the news because she thought it would help convince people to come to her hotel and support it. Needless to say, she was in for a rude awakening."

"She then got into a fight with a reporter and got kicked out as a result." Said Alastor, finishing up. "I then took it upon myself to become an investor. As you know, I've lacked inspiration for my work. It lacked focus! And I figured, why not do something that doesn't involve killing! Get something else to get my kicks out of! That's when I saw her fight and announcement and I just knew what to do! So, I became an investor to her little project, no matter how stupid it is. For my own amusement. It'll be so amusing to watch people strive to become better, only to tumble down to the fiery, pits of failure." He spoke the last sentence with dark amusement and without his signature static, causing Thresh to smile maliciously as well. Mordekaiser, unamused, spoke up.

"If so, why have you brought this before me?" Asked Mordekaiser. "I would have eventually known about such a project sooner or later. Why have you two brought this before me, yourselves?"

"Simple, your lordship." Said Thresh. "This is a perfect opportunity for you to remove the rivalry between you and Lucifer. Helping her daughter run this hotel may help alleviate some of the tension between you two. After all, despite not officially supporting this endeavor, Lucifer cared a great deal about this daughter." Mordekaiser, upon hearing that, went into thought.

It was true, ever since he received his empire and forged it into what it was today, he had no reason to continue his rivalry with Lucifer other than for mere pride reasons. He has everything he wants. A strong empire that the angels of heaven fear, the demons are wary of him, but now they're stuck with him and have to accept it. Truly, he hated Lucifer for his arrogance back then as well as his, in Mordekaiser's eyes, inefficient way of ruling hell, but now he no longer cares for it. What he cares about is maintain his empire and his people and Lucifer allows it. Why they don't get along is because Mordekaiser continues to insult Lucifer during meetings and parties as well as Lucifer refusing to let go of the fact that he'd been tricked by Mordekaiser and lost to him during their final match between each other.

Now, with all he has, it's good for him to axe the rivalry between him and Lucifer, but he had no idea how to do so. Both his pride and Lucifers' prevent them from reconciling without the two butting heads with each other. So what was there to do? Well, it seemed there was one now before him.

Even if he disagrees with his daughter on so many things, Lucifer still loved her and wanted what was best for both her and his kingdom. His acceptance of her to do this stupid project was evidence of that, albeit an unintentional one. So, if he helped this project, he can use Charlotte, who would be happy at the additional support for her hotel, to get in Lucifer's good side and he can use her to try to get Lucifer to end their rivalry between each other. Yes…yes, that will do just fine. He truly didn't care if she redeems a sinner in hell and that it'll probably not be as effective as Charlotte wants it to be, but if it'll get Lucifer to end their rivalry and not him, then he'll support her endeavor.

"Hm…an interesting proposal, you two." Said Mordekaiser, finally speaking after ten minutes of contemplation. "Very well. Alastor, inform your business partner that she'll be receiving some aid from the Immortal Bastion and that I'll personal arrive to help set the terms of our partnership." Upon hearing that, Alastor smiled a great big smile at that, very amused at what he just heard.

"Splendid!" Yelled Alastor, spreading his arms out in enthusiasm. "I'll go ahead and inform her that I've managed to acquire a few more investors to her stupid project. Oh, how much amusement there'll be when she learns of this. Oh! And if you need directions, I've informed Thresh of where the happy hotel is. It's called the Hazbin Hotel though. A little gift from me." With that, Alastor opened a portal and left through it, leaving Thresh and Mordekaiser alone.

"Thresh, bring forth Hecarim, Karthus, and Mortem." Ordered Mordekaiser. "It's time we visit the daughter of Lucifer." Thresh grinned at that. Oh this will be such fun.

Few hours later

Happy hotel

"Oh, I'm so excited!" Yelled Charlotte Magne as she waited in excitement for her new investors to come and help out in making the hotel a success. Alastor, seeing that they need more investors, claimed he'll cash in a few favors and get some people to come in and see Charlotte, who wanted to be called Charlie. He can't guarantee their contribution to her hotel, however, and it's up to Charlie to get them to help her out. Something that the young princess was more than eager to do. Of course, her girlfriend, Vaggie, a sinner, thought otherwise and tried to convince her to not sing to their potential investors and to have a game plan for them, to no avail. Although, she wasn't sure if that was really a bad thing, considering it was Alastor that was bringing them in.

She absolutely didn't like the demon Overlord. Not just because he was only helping them for his own entertainment, but also because of him slapping her butt recently and constantly drawing her ire. Still, Charlie was willing to take a chance with him and she would do the same, even if she had a bad feeling about everything.

"I know you are, Charlie." Said Vaggie, the moth demon straightening her bowtie as she looked over her outfit, mainly her red jacket and dress shirt for any stains or wrinkles that may ruin their chances if their potential investors were perfectionists. "But, please don't sing this time. You remember what happened the last time you sang, right?" Charlie, remembering the T.V. incident, pouted before sighing and saying she won't.

"Still, I hope we got more people to help out with this." Said Charlie as they went to the room they've prepared for the negotiations with her potential investors. Nifty, a cleaning girl that Alastor brought to help out with the hotel, cleaned it up nicely and made it suitable for holding meetings with very important people. Comfy couches and seats were arranged around a table, where Charlie would talk with the people that Alastor brought with him. Some distance away from that, a table full of refreshments, prepared just in case any of the people Alastor brought got thirsty or hungry. "More investors means people would take this seriously and come to us for a chance of being redeemed. And if they're Overlords, then all the better!"

"I guess." Said Vaggie as she looked at the room, impressed with Nifty's work. "Still, I rather doubt Alastor can get another Overlord to come here and invest time and money in this hotel. Most of them aren't exactly good of heart, Charlie, you know that." If Charlie heard her, she must have ignored her as Charlie as literally bouncing in excitement at who Alastor was bringing over. She couldn't wait. Seeing this, Vaggie worried that Charlie was going to set herself for disappointment like the interview a few days ago, tried to reason with her when Nifty came in.

"Alastor is back!" Yelled Nifty, a smile on her face. "And he's brought a pretty lady with him! Like really pretty! Almost Lilith levels of pretty! Which is weird because I don't think she's a succubus like her." Upon hearing about Alastor coming with someone, Charlie squealed and went to the lobby to meet her potential investor, Vaggie and Nifty right behind her, the former worrying for her lover.

Arriving in the lobby, the three saw that the woman Alastor brought with him and Vaggie widened her one good eye in surprise and shock.

Standing all by her lonesome, looking at Alastor as he conversed with Husk, another associate of Alastor that works at the Happy Hotel as a bartender and front desk clerk, much to Husk's annoyance, was a tall woman in a red dress with gray shoulder pads, a black belt, and black wrists. The dress exposed barely any skin except for her dainty hands and face, revealing her skin to pale white. Accompanying that skin was sharp white teeth that were currently in a smile, showing their sharpness, and a really long neck, covered by a black neck cover. She had a large, red sun hat with two skulls and three black flowers on the front side with a large red and black plume on the top side. The woman was currently playing with a small fan that she brought with her as she waited for someone. That someone obviously being Charlie.

Vaggie, meanwhile, was stunned at seeing the woman in the lobby. She knew who she was. She was Rosie, an Overlord of hell and owner of Franklin and Rosie's Emporium. Well actually just Rosie's Emporium now. Her co-owner, Franklin, had been killed by exterminators in the last Extermination recently, making her the sole owner of their Emporium now. Though some people claim that she had a hand in his demise by exposing him to the angels during their extermination.

Whatever that was true or not, Vaggie was both stunned and worried at seeing another Overlord in the hotel. Charlie had spoken about Rosie to Vaggie sometime ago and from what she remembered, the woman was one of the more calm and logical Overlords at the moment, basing her actions on logic and facts, which was somewhat needed as she operated an Emporium that sells basically anything. That being said, she was still a demon Overlord and was downright cruel and malicious to those that draw her ire or those that she feels like needs to be eliminated to ensure her own success. She was one of the weakest Overlords, sure, but she's still an Overlord and more powerful than any of them, baring Alastor. So, Vaggie wasn't sure if having her here was a good thing.

Charlie, however, upon seeing the woman, let out a smile after ridding herself of the surprise at seeing her. She then quickly went up to Rosie, who noticed the demon princess making her way to her.

"Hi, miss Rosie. It's so great to see you." Said Charlie as she made her way to the female Overlord, who looked down at Charlie. Despite being tall herself, Charlie was still shorter than the other demon woman by a foot, so she had to look down on her. "So, I'm guessing you're here to help support the hotel, right?" Rosie, upon hearing that, rolled her black, pupil-less eyes, before speaking.

"I'll cut this short, princess." Said Rosie, keeping her tone professional with a modicum of respect in it, knowing she was addressing the daughter of Lucifer and she rather not incur his wrath simply because she insulted her daughter over the way she spoke, even if such a thing is unlikely, given Lucifer's own way of doing things as well as Charlie's nature. "I'm only here because I owe Alastor a favor. While I do not have a problem with you doing this venture, I actually have no qualms with redeeming a few souls here and there, I do have some skepticism of supporting a venture that has a good chance of failing. So, I hope, for your hotel's sake, that you can convince me that this has a good chance to succeed, otherwise Alastor wasted a favor for nothing." Charlie chuckled a bit nervously at that before assuring Rosie that she has full confidence that she can convince the Overlord in helping out, though the nervous way she spoke it along with the lack of confidence in her stance and eyes, left the Overlord skeptical of it. Still, she promised Alastor she'll stay enough for Charlie to attempt to convince her, so she'll give her a chance. Opening her fan, Rosie asked if Charlie had any tea in her establishment, to which the princess nodded in confirmation. She then was about to lead Rosie to the prepared room so they can both prepare it and get Rosie comfortable for the meeting when Alastor stopped her.

"Oh, dear Charlie, you should stay here! Your other potential investor will be coming soon and you'll want to see this one, I assure you." Said Alastor with a grin. Both Charlie and Rosie blinked in surprise at this. "Allow Nifty to Rosie her tea. I trust you have a wide variety of tea packets in hand, yes. Rosie is quite picky when it comes to which brand of tea she drinks. Oh yes indeed. Of course, the lady can come with her to see the tea packets to see which one she's in the mood for." Before either woman can protest, Alastor looked at Rosie, who sighed before nodding. Smiling even further, Alastor motioned for Nifty to escort Rosie to where the tea was, which the cyclops did with her usual eagerness. Once they were both gone, Alastor summoned a pocket watch and checked the time. Vaggie, suspicious, asked him how many people he asked to come here and who they were, to which Alastor smiled. "Only two people, my dear, but both are quite influential in the right areas, one even more so than dear Rosie." Upon hearing that, Vaggie glared at him.

"If you brought Valentino or the head of the Eldritch family, you're in big trouble, Alastor." Said Vaggie, both Charlie and Angel Dust, a patron of the hotel, winced at the mention of those two, to which Alastor simply chuckled.

"Neither of them, my dear, I can assure you of that." Said Alastor. "Quite frankly, it's someone even better and more influential than them." Blinking at that, Charlie asked him who he's referring to when she heard a knock to the front door to the hotel. "Ah! He's here! Charlie, if you would open the door. I guarantee that you want to see your other investor." Upon hearing that, a part of Charlie was suspicious at seeing the grin on Alastor's face, the one that promised much mischief, but her curiosity on who is at the door overwhelmed her and she went over to the door to figure out who it was. Gulping a bit, she opened the door and saw a massive suit of black armor with greenish blue mist emitting from it, particularly around the torso where the armor was shaped like a skeleton's rib cage with veins that showed the interior of the armor, where more of the mist poured out of. The suit eclipsed her in height by nearly six feet. Looking up, Charlie saw greenish blue eyes staring down at her. Upon seeing them, Charlie's eyes widened to the size of plates and her jaw nearly went to the floor in shock. Seeing Charlie, the suit of armor spoke.

"Gre.." The suit couldn't say more as Charlie slammed the door in shock, her eyes refusing to believe what she just saw. She then opened the door again to see the same figure, it's eyes glowing in anger and annoyance at having a door slammed at it, which caused Charlie to grew even more paler than usual before slamming the door again. Realizing what she just did, Charlie looked over to Vaggie, who was glaring at Husk, who was drinking on the job again.

"Uh… Vaggie." Started Charlie as she started to sweat profusely over the actions she did a few seconds ago. She just slammed the door against the Iron Revenant. Twice! Sighing, Vaggie looked over to her girlfriend and saw that she was sweating. Concerned, Vaggie asked what was going on. "Uh…the Iron Revenant is at the door." Upon hearing that, Vaggie's one good eye nearly bulged out of it's eye socket.

"What!?" Yelled Vaggie, not believing what she just heard. The Iron Revenant was at the door. What the hell did he want? Hearing a slight chuckle, Vaggie looked at Alastor, who was smiling while holding his laughter. Putting two and two together, Vaggie narrowed her eye and accused him of bringing Mordekaiser here, to which Alastor just shrugged.

"I did say the potential investor was quite influential, didn't I?" Asked Alastor, still smiling his signature smile, causing Vaggie to start saying swears in Spanish. "Now, as amusing it is to see you angry and Charlie suffering a nervous breakdown, I recommend opening the door and letting him in. Mordekaiser isn't one you want to draw his ire. Am I right?" Gulping at that, Charlie calmed down enough to look at the door and open it, looking at Mordekaiser as he growled at her. Fighting her urge to slam the door again, Charlie apologized to the Iron Revenant before gesturing him inside, to which Iron Revenant did. It took some doing, but Mordekaiser managed to get inside the hotel without breaking down the door somehow. Upon entering, Mordekaiser looked around him, seeing a cat demon in a bar, looking at him indifferently while drinking some alcohol, a moth demon, glaring at him, a spider demon, eating a popsicle, and Alastor with his usual smile. Looking back at Charlie, he saw that there was a pile of sweat under her and she was sweating profusely, smiling nervously at him. Grunting at that, Mordekaiser spoke.

"Greeting Charlotte." Said Mordekaiser, his booming voice echoing across the hotel. "If I recall, this is our first meeting without your father being around. I must say, you've grown since our last encounter. In height, but not maturity if this hotel is any indication." Too afraid and nervous to glare at Mordekaiser for saying that, Charlie just extended a dainty hand in greeting, worried that Mordekaiser would hurt her and everyone here if he saw a single affront to him. Seeing this, Mordekaiser sighed. "Do not be so scared, child, I'm here to invest in this concept. Did Alastor not tell you this?" Seeing her shake her head, Mordekaiser looked at Alastor and saw his body rigid with amusement at seeing Charlie in the state she was now, causing him to shake his head. Of course he hadn't. Looking at Charlie, Mordekaiser saw she was about to pass out and was about to tell someone to get her help when he heard the sound of a cup shattering on the floor and a woman coughing. Looking at the source, Mordekaiser felt a tinge of surprise at seeing the Overlord Rosie, hunched over and coughing into the floor, a small hand over her chest and a cup of tea broken on the floor around her, it's contents spilling over the floor.

Upon seeing the Overlord, Mordekaiser felt a twinge of something before crushing it down through sheer force. Meanwhile, Charlie finally fainted, causing her girlfriend to go to her in shock and worry. As this was happening, Alastor let out barks of laughter that was soon followed by the sounds of more laughter as dragging of chains filled the room as Thresh and some of Mordekaiser's top lieutenants saw all this happen, them being behind Mordekaiser when he was allowed entry into the hotel and were waiting for their turn to be allowed entry of the establishment.

"So very entertaining!" Thought Alastor as Rosie recovered and moved her head away to prevent her from gazing at Mordekaiser, a small blush on her face, and Vaggie rushed Charlie to their room to get her a new set of clothing and to wake her up.