Chapter 3

Happy Hotel

Rosie was normally a very calm woman. She had to be when she constantly had to attend meeting with individuals like Velvet and Valentino around in the same room. One who was just a crazy bitch that was clingy to both fellow Overlords Vox and Valentino and the other that saw everyone, and she meant everyone, as potential whores for his porn studio. She also had to be when she operates an emporium that every single good in hell, baring the incredible hard to acquire ones, though she made an effort to try to acquire said goods for profit. She wouldn't be a good business woman if she didn't try to.

She was an Overlord. One of the most feared demons in hell and, despite being one of the weaker ones, as loathed as she wants to admit, commands the respect and fear of many denizens of hell, including other fellow Overlords through her brains. She made sure she had a good hand when it comes to dealing with other Overlords and potential customers, always keeping a poker face and smile when dealing with all of them. Never wavering in her confidence and burying what fear she had underneath a good façade of pride.

And yet, here, in this run-down, although she admitted the princess has done a marvelous job in renovating the place for her passion project, hotel she was nervous and was showing it despite her best efforts. For she was sitting in the same room as the Iron Revenant, who was standing because his weight would shatter any chair or couch the princess prepared for him. There was no doubt in his mind they would because the princess didn't know that he would be arriving and, as a result, didn't magically reinforce any furniture for him like Lucifer does with his whenever Mordekaiser comes for his scheduled meetings and parties. So, to prevent damage, Mordekaiser was standing in the room, waiting for Charlotte to awaken so they can start the meeting.

It's been three hours since Mordekaiser arrived and the Princess fainted as a result. After taking her to their chambers, the moth demon, Vaggie, took them to the meeting room and asked them to be patient while she helped awake Charlotte. And so, Rosie was stuck with Mordekaiser for three hours. Alone. With no one else around to keep them company.

Sipping her tea, Rosie snuck a peak at Mordekaiser as he starred at the door that lead to the room, waiting patiently for the princess of hell to arrive. He wasn't looking at her and Rosie wasn't sure if she was disappointed at that or relieved.

By all accounts, Rosie should be afraid of Mordekaiser. He was, at the moment, the only being in hell that defeated Lucifer in combat, even tricking him as well. He also was the only one to humiliate the angels as well, beating back their exterminators in a show of his power, which no doubt increased since then. He ruled an entire kingdom of hell, separate from Lucifers', commanded legions of undead ghosts and liches, and is so powerful that even the most powerful of Overlords fear bringing his wrath upon them.

And Rosie had more than a few good examples of this power. During the meetings and parties, Mordekaiser was forced to attend, the Iron lord constantly had a menacing aura around him that spoke volumes of his power as well as making people second guess their intentions with him. It was so powerful that Imp servants even fainted when they got too close to him, overcome with fear that he'll come and pound them into paste. Mordekaiser made it very clear to all that he hated attended the meetings and parties he was forced to attend and it showed through his aura and his condensing stare at everyone. So much so that he nearly bludgeoned the first Imp servant that got to close to him.

And yet despite all that, Rosie felt a part of her was disappointed that Mordekaiser wasn't paying any attention to her. This was because, unbeknownst to many, she knew a great deal of Mordekaiser's past. More than the Iron Revenant would like for people to know. Secrets that, if they came out, will have Lucifer knocking at her door angrily and she didn't want Lucifer's wrath on her and her Emporium. And she wasn't sure if Mordekaiser would protect her and offer her sanctuary in his Immortal Bastion if said secrets came out or leave her to die. Maybe even use her as a way to humiliate Lucifer again by making it seem those secrets were lies, making Lucifer attack one of his Overlords over nothing, humiliating him again. He's very cynical and pragmatic, after all.

Pursing her lips, Rosie was about to start a conversation with Mordekaiser when the Iron Revenant spoke.

"What do you desire, Rosie?" Said Mordekaiser, his tone still the same dread-invoking that it normally was, looking at the black-eyes Overlord, eyeing her as she gulped and put down her tea cup somewhere safe. "It seems we have some time before Charlotte will arrive to begin the meeting and I sense some anxiety from you. Concerning me no doubt. So, speak." Sighing, Rosie spoke up.

"First off, I assume you're here because you wish to remove the rivalry between you and Lucifer, correct?" Asked Rosie, mustering her courage and looking up at Mordekaiser. Seeing her signature smile wasn't there, Mordekaiser spoke.

"You are correct." Said Mordekaiser honestly. "The rivalry between my and Lucifer was an unfortunate byproduct of me achieving what I desire in hell. While amusing at first, it has now run it's course and must be remedied."

"And yet you refuse to do so because of your own pride so you're using Lucifer's own daughter as a scapegoat to make Lucifer do it rather than yourself." Said Rosie, narrowing her eyes at him. Mordekaiser just nodded at that. "Such a waste of resources if that is your end goal, Mordekaiser. All because you don't want to swallow your pride and be the one to bury the hatchet with Lucifer. Do you realize how petty that makes you seem?" Upon saying that, Rosie instantly felt the room go even colder than it already was. For a brief moment, she feared that she tipped him over the edge and likely doomed herself to a life of suffering under Thresh's or Karthus's care when Mordekaiser grumbled.

"You are correct, Overlord." Said Mordekaiser as the room went back to normal temperature. "It does sound petty of me to support this endeavor for just that reason. But I also see great long-term effects this thing will have for hell should it succeed and I support it. Not only would supporting this hotel strengthen the bonds between Lucifer's domain and my own, for it's his daughter's project, but we're also giving a sense of hope to those sinners that are wrongfully stuck here in hell by those arrogant angels, making them more productive for Lucifer's society." Rosie sighed at that.

"I suppose you have a point in that, but those aren't the main reason for you doing this." Pointed out Rosie, to which Mordekaiser only nodded in agreement, causing her to sigh once again. "Mordekaiser, your warrior's pride may prevent you from doing this, but please. Swallow up your pride and bury the hatchet between you and Lucifer on your own accord. Don't force the princess to do it for you. This may sound hypocritical coming from a demon of hell, but it'll be good for you in the long run. Pride goeth before the fall if I recall in that human bible of god, which I absolutely disdain, but has, as much as I hate to admit, good advice." Mordekaiser grumbled at that.

"I will keep that under consideration." Said Mordekaiser, causing Rosie to smile a bit, satisfied. "How have you been doing, Overlord? I have not the pleasure to speak with you for the last two meetings and parties I've attended." Rosie, surprised at the question, replied after a moment of catching herself.

"Good." Said Rosie. "Franklin is dead and I have sole ownership of the Emporium now. Pity that I couldn't grab more of Franklin's territory then I got, but the Emporium is all that truly matters in the long run. Especially now that I don't have to share the profits with a co-owner, despite him being a, relatively, good partner to work with. Ah well. He wouldn't be shedding much tears over my death if our roles were reverse, I see no reason to do the same with him." Mordekaiser grunted at that before asking another question.

"Have you reconsidered my proposal?" Asked Mordekaiser. "The offer is still open." Rosie sighed at that.

"I've told you before, Mordekaiser. I will not abandon my position as Overlord to become your trophy bride." Said Rosie. "I see much loss for me for little gain if I become a harlot queen of the Immortal Bastion." Upon hearing that, Mordekaiser actually growled and glared at Rosie.

"You think I would treat you as a trophy?" Demanded Mordekaiser, the room getting colder again, even more than when she claimed she would be a harlot queen, walking over to Rosie, who began to fear greatly for her life. Mordekaiser was normally able to contain his emotions well, but if he snaps…the amount of damage he could do would be devastating, especially those that get in the path of his mace. When Mordekaiser brought a hand up, Rosie had to bit her lips, drawing blood, to keep her from screaming out in fear of him hitting her, for she was certain any hit from Mordekaiser would be extremely damaging to her. But instead of hitting Rosie, Mordekaiser flung it away from her, hitting nothing but air, and turned away from her. She heard his growl as he tried to control his temper. "You think I would treat the woman that helped me in the most critical moments of my time in hell as nothing more than a trophy?! That I would treat you, an Overlord that took pity on a human sinner such as me and helped me become what I am today, nothing more than what Lucifer does with Lilith?! That I would have you nothing more than a public image with no power in my empire, despite knowing your capabilities!?" Hearing each question was a stab to Rosie's heart as she realized how much she hurt him, perhaps more so than anything he's over experienced during his time as both a human and in hell. "I thought you knew me better than anyone in Lucifer's courts. That you would know my plans for you. I still do. So why do you reject my proposal!?" Rosie just looked at Mordekaiser's iron back, covered by a tattered pale, red cape, sadness all over her face.

"Mordekaiser." Started Rosie, unsure of telling him the truth of her refusal. "It's…complicated. I just can't be with your queen. I'm better of being just an Overlord in Lucifer's domain."

"Why?" Growled Mordekaiser, turning around to face Rosie again. Though he couldn't express his emotions much, due to his face being a literal, unexpressive helmet, one could know much of his emotional state through his eyes if they knew what they were doing. Right now, his eyes were expressing his anger and frustration at Rosie as well as his restrain to prevent him from striking her for her continued refusal to tell him why she refused to be his queen. "I deserve an explanation to why you refuse to accept my proposal, no matter how weak it is. I can give you unfettered power that no one will jeer at you behind your back for being weak. I can give you the ability to control the flow of goods from the Immortal Bastion and how to price them accordingly. I can give you more power than what that emporium of yours can give you. Why refuse such great gifts without giving me a reason for it?!" Rosie just churned her face in pain.

"Mordekaiser…Sahn-Uzal." Said Rosie, visibly startling Mordekaiser at her using that name. The name he used when he was human. She then stood up and placed a hand on his metal torso, it was all she could do due to his massive height. Looking down, Mordekaiser saw Rosie's all black eyes. Despite being akin to black holes of nothing, Mordekaiser saw much pain and regret in them and that they were close to breaking down in tears, making his pause at what was going on. Rosie opened her mouth to speak when the door to the office opened and the princess of hell came out, a smile on her face.

"Hey!" Yelled Charlie as she arrived in the room. "Sorry about fainting earlier, I just…oh." Charlie saw the position both Mordekaiser and Rosie was in and stopped. "Am I…interrupting something?" Hearing the princess of hell, the two stopped their moment to focus on the task at hand. Rosie swallowed first before adopting her public persona and looked at Charlie with a smile.

"Nothing to worry about, princess." Said Rosie as Mordekaiser went to the opposite side of the table so Charlie could see them both in her field of vision. "Just saw a speck of dust on Mordekaiser's armor and wanted it cleaned off. Nothing more." Charlie, having seen the sad expression on Rosie's face, thought otherwise, but refrained from asking, feeling that this wasn't something she should speak about. Still, she'll make a note of this in her diary. Smiling, Charlie looked at both the Overlord and revenant before speaking up.

"I'm so glad that both of you are here!" Yelled Charlie as she looked at both of them separately. "You're helping a great cause, I assure you both! With your help, so many of our people will go to heaven and the exterminators won't need to come here as often." Mordekaiser refrained from laughing at that enthusiasm, finding it incredibly naïve, as it might ruin his plans. Instead, he nodded at that. Rosie, bringing out her fan, opened it and hide her mouth behind it.

"Only if you convince us that this has a good chance to succeed princess." Pointed out Rosie. "So please, give it your best shot." Hearing the non-sarcastic voice of Rosie, Charlie smiled before speaking, hoping that she'll convince them both to help out.



"Fucking hell." Said Husk as he drank his fifth bottle of cheap booze while he, along with the rest of the hotel staff, waited for Charlie to finish up and give them the news that Rosie and Mordekaiser were helping out with the hotel. Along with them, were Mordekaiser's top lieutenants and the captain of his honor guard, Mortem. Normally having such powerful beings all in one room would be a cause of alarm for most, but Husk couldn't give two shits about them. All he cared about now was booze and gambling. He didn't give two shits if he died or not. Though he had to admit, that Thresh was quite a scary person, even more so than Alastor. What with all his chains, floating head, and that shit-eating grin that promised so much pain and suffering to those that catch his eye.

Vaggie, meanwhile, was grumbling to herself as Nifty was on top of Hecarim, bouncing in joy as she tried to get him to be like a horse. How Hecarim, who, next to Mordekaiser, managed to fit in through the door without breaking it was beyond her, but then again, she could say the same with Mordekaiser, who was eleven feet for pure metal and spikes.

"Go horsie!" Yelled Nifty as she sat on top of the horse portion of Hecarim. As a human she always dreamed of ridding a horse. She never managed to before she died and to her disappointment, there were no horses in hell. But now, she had a chance to ride one now! And better, it was a horse that can talk. And was a man! "Walk around for me!" Hecarim growled as he turned his entire human portion to face Nifty.

"I am no children's toy for your amusement, sinner!" Yelled Hecarim as he grabbed her and dropped her off him. "I am one of lord Mordekaiser's most feared and powerful lieutenants. Responsible for the capture of exterminators for a myriad of usage as well as the lieutenant responsible for his cavalry. I am not a toy!" Nifty just pouted and got back on top of Hecarim, jabbing her heels at his sides.

"Just one quick ride, horsie!" Yelled Nifty as she gave Hecarim a sad kitten look. This normally would be effective, but Hecarim just scoffed and shook her off, only for Nifty to get back on him.

"Get off before I decide to slice you into two with my halberd, sinner!" Yelled Hecarim as he glared at Nifty, who just stuck out her tongue. Alastor, watching all this happen, smiled in amusement as he memorized this all for future recollections.

Twitching her one good eye at this, Vaggie was about to warn both of them to behave before she stabs them both with her harpoon, when Angel Dust went up to her and spoke.

"So, uh, who the hell are all these guys?" Said Angel Dust as he pointed all four of his arms at Hecarim, Karthus, Thresh, and Mortem, who looked like a suit of armor, like Mordekaiser, but was based on the human skeleton with some additional features to invoke fear, like a permeant scowl and glowing eyes. "And that big ass guy from before. Never seen anyone of them before. They like some new species of hell or something?" Upon hearing all that, Vaggie looked at Angel Dust incredulously.

"Don't fucking tell me you don't know about the people of the Immortal Bastion as well?" Asked Vaggie, not believing this. First, he didn't know about Alastor, the fucking radio demon, but he's now telling her that he doesn't have a single fucking clue about the people of the Immortal Bastion and Mordekaiser? Upon seeing him nod, Vaggie groaned and slapped her forehead, not believing any of this. "How the hell did you survive for so long is beyond me." Groaning, Vaggie began to explain everything to Angel Dust. "Okay, here's the story. Long ago, Lucifer was unchallenged in his rule of hell. No one could have challenged him for rulership. All those that tried ended up dead or worse. But then came this sinner that challenged Lucifer for domain of hell. He raised an entire army against him and lost. And Lucifer completely obliterated his from existence. Normally this would be the end of that, but, somehow that sinner came back to life, possessing his armor. No body knows how he managed to return, but he did, stronger than ever. When Lucifer faced him again, he lost and from that day, Mordekaiser became a rival to Lucifer and formed his own kingdom in hell called the Immortal Bastion. And ever since that day, Mordekaiser has raised countless people that have died from the exterminations or came to hell to serve him and his kingdom. Some of these beings became the guys you're seeing right now," She pointed to Thresh and Karthus. "And these guys aren't your typical sinners. The ones that are Mordekaiser's lieutenants are some of the most ruthless and despicable beings in history. The kind that are too suited for life in hell." Angel Dust, seeing the serious look on Vaggie's face, just shrugged.

"But aren't most people here deserve to be in hell?" Asked Angel Dust, not seeing the problem she had with all this. "All these guys just have extra spooky stuff on them that make them edge lords kind of. What's the big deal?"

"The big deal is them!" Yelled Vaggie, pointing at all of Mordekaiser's lieutenants. "You don't know their history Angel. If you did, you would be afraid of ever getting in their bad side." She pointed at Thresh. "Especially him. I only know the most basic details of him, Angel, but that is enough to make me wary of him. He's the type of guy that can break even the bravest and stoic of people apart without breaking a sweat if you let him. And he's the type to make it slow and as painful as possible. Trust me, Angel, you don't want to mess with him." Angel wanted to make a sassy remark but the tense frame of Vaggie made him second guess that. Looking at Thresh, Angel had to admit, he wasn't the kind of guy that Angel wanted to fuck with. Not just because of all the hooks and chains the guy has, but he has this aura around him that made all the hairs of Angel rise up in fear. The shit-eating grin constantly on his face didn't help either. Along with the, if you focus on them, screams coming from that lantern of his. All of which were screaming out in pain and misery. Yeah, definitely not someone he wanted to fuck with. Both literally and figuratively.

The others were on the same boat. While not having the same scary aura as Thresh, Karthus, Mortem, and Hecarim still were imposing figures in their own rights. With Hecarim and Mortem, it was their large frames and the metal faces that were always in a permanent scowl. Karthus, while having a sort of flesh on his person, unlike everyone else in Mordekaiser's inner circle, and around the size of Lucifer in height, still imposed great fear with his magic prowess. It's just his powers were more hidden than the rest of his cohorts.

Still, Angel Dust wondered if Vaggie was just being her usual paranoia and pessimistic self. If these guys are as bad as Vaggie says they are, then how come they weren't trying to kill them or steal their souls or something. As far as he could tell, they're just here to help Charlie with her crazy idea and that was it. And if that was all they were doing, then Angel Dust was all for having them here.

"Whatever, floats your boat." Said Angel Dust as he placed a pair of hands behind the back of his head. "If these guys can help with this hotel without making me do anything then I'll be all for them." Upon hearing that, Vaggie grabbed fistfuls of her hair, threatening to tear some off, in frustration. Why the hell was she the only one that actually had common sense in this hotel staff? Even Charlie was far too naïve for her own good.

Speaking of the princess, a part of Vaggie prayed that she was doing fine and that Mordekaiser hadn't done anything to her. She was the daughter of his rival and she wouldn't put it past him to hurt her in order to get to Lucifer.

An hour later


"So, what do you guys think?" Asked Charlie with big puppy eyes and a big smile on her face as she looked at both Rosie and Mordekaiser, eager to hear their responses. Unless they were negative, of course.

Rosie pursed her lips, processing all that the princess had given to them during the whole time they've been here, which was around an hour. She had to admit, the princess, when she isn't being naïve and singing a happy song, can be quite informative and convincing when the situation calls for it. She certainly provided good points for her and Mordekaiser to assist in the endeavor of rehabilitating sinners and demons so they can go to heaven. The most prominent being both selfless and selfish reasons, though the selfish ones appealed to Rosie more. The selfless one being that it would lessen the population the hell so that the angel exterminators would stop coming here to kill the people of hell, which Charlie wanted more than anything else at the moment. And Rosie had to admit, it was a relatively good thing to do, but as said before, she much preferred the more selfish reasons. And there were plenty of them.

The first selfish reason was it would prevent the exterminators from hampering her profits. It was no secret that Rosie, like nearly all other Overlords that had assets in goods that are sold to the general populace in hell, despised the exterminations. Regardless of who was killed or many were killed, the exterminators always killed people that could be buying stuff from her emporium. And that hampered profits a bit. So, less exterminations means more people buying stuff from her emporium before their inevitable demise. Sure some will go to heaven after being redeemed, but it's a smaller margin compared to the amount the angels kill off during each extermination.

The other reason was that it gave her good publicity if this passion project gets popular with the citizens of hell. When word gets out that people are actually being redeemed in this hotel with a good success rate, those wanting a 2nd chance to go to heaven will be happy and look up to those that helped make it a reality, Rosie being among those that did so. So, using that rise in popularity, she'll encourage people to buy her products rather than other Overlords that dabble in her line of business. Plus, helping out the daughter of Lucifer will give her some brownie points with the royal family. All in all, she has plenty of reasons to help out if all goes well. Yes, she does indeed. And even though the princess might not like her reasoning to help out, seeing them as rightfully selfish, she'll still accept her help. She was just to naïve for her own good. Perhaps that is why Lucifer and Lilith had Charlie be in a relationship with that moth demon, regardless of the fact Charlotte needed to produce a heir to the throne in case of something happening to her and her parents.

As for Mordekaiser, he already made up his mind to help. He didn't care about what rewards he gets for helping making this hotel a reality. All he cares about was having Charlie end the rivalry between him and Lucifer, which he was confident she'll do.

"Well," Started Rosie as she fanned herself while looking at Charlie, a bit unnerved with the big smile on the princess's face. "You certainly provided some very good reasons for us to assist in this endeavor. Both moral and immoral ones. I'm impressed. I thought you wouldn't bring up the latter ones in your attempt to convince us." Upon hearing that, Charlie frowned a bit before speaking.

"As much as I want you two to help this hotel purely for humanitarian reasons, I know that just saying those to both of you wouldn't cut it." Confessed Charlie, surprising both of her investors. "Everyone has a rainbow hidden within themselves, but for some people, that rainbow is deeply hidden with pragmatism and cruelty. Something both of you have in spades. And is the case with every other Overlord in hell. Even without that knowledge, my dad taught me that, even if one helps out for purely moral reasons or from loyalty alone, it helps to have some reasons for them to help that benefits them greatly. Even if it's things that I don't agree with."

"Lucifer taught you well, it seems." Said Mordekaiser, slightly surprised Charlie took some of Lucifer's words to heart and that he taught her some important life lessons. Charlie just nodded at that and looked at both Mordekaiser and Rosie with her big eyes.

"So, I know that both of you just want to help for those selfish reasons only, but I hope that you both can see the good that this hotel can do for all of us and that you'll come to see just how much good you'll be doing for a lot of people's lives." Said Charlie with hope in her voice. Rosie blinked at the naivety of the princess, but found that she couldn't help but respect it. Still naïve and foolish, but the princess earned her respect nonetheless.

"Still quite naïve, princess." Said Rosie before closing her fan. "But, regardless of that, you've earned my support." Upon hearing that, Charlie blinked in surprise before a big smile formed on her face. Before she could speak, Rosie spoke up again. "I'll supply the basic necessities you need to fully support this hotel. Food. Clothing. Dishes. The works. I'll even throw in a discount for all that as a gesture of good will. You should also expect some of my personal to come and help out. I've seen your hotel staff and you really need more than what you have at the moment to make this a success." Upon hearing all that, Charlie squealed in joy before dashing towards Rosie, grabbing her hand, and shaking it hard.

"Thank you so much!" Yelled Charlie in happiness as she shook Rosie's hand, much to the Overlord's annoyance. "You won't regret any of this! I promise you!" Smiling a bit, Rosie asked Charlie to stop shaking her head, which she did after a minute of firm shaking. Flexing her hand, Rosie looked at Mordekaiser, who then spoke.

"I'll provide personal to help guard this establishment." Said Mordekaiser. "As much as you don't believe that people will come here to do harm to this place, people will come to inflict damage to this place. If not because of the idea of redeeming people, but because of your status as daughter to Lucifer. People will want to use you as a way to get to your father. Plus, there may be some need to deal with some of the more…difficult people who want to be redeemed. If that isn't enough, I could use my contacts to help convince people to come to your hotel for the possibility of redemption." Charlie, turning around to Mordekaiser, smiled at him and went over to him and hugged him, jumping up to hug his big, metallic torso. Mordekaiser gave a grunt as Charlie hugged his torso tightly. She obviously must be filled with joy to come and hug him like that. Seeing this, Rosie felt a ping of annoyance at the princess of hugging Mordekaiser, but squashed it down.

"Thank you so much! Both of you!" Yelled Charlie as she let go of Mordekaiser and smiled at both of them. "I promise you both, you won't regret this! Any of it. I'll make you both proud."

"See to it, princess." Said Rosie, hoping she was done being so cheerful. She honestly needed a cup of tea after all this. How did Lilith and Lucifer deal with this bundle of joy anyway? Charlie then escorted them both out of the room and led them to the lobby. As they did so, Charlie looked up at Mordekaiser and spoke.

"So, sorry about before." Said Charlie as she looked up at Mordekaiser, who looked back. "It's just that you got this aura of intimidation and reputation of being someone you don't want to anger, that I just got so nervous. Plus, there's the…"

"The fact that I have a rivalry with your father and that I humiliated him when we first met?" Said Mordekaiser. Charlie nodded at that. "Speaking about your father, will he come here and talk with you about my support of this hotel? Try to make you deny it?" Upon hearing that, Charlie shook her head.

"Oh no, he won't." Said Charlie. "He won't interfere in hotel business unless it's important business that affects the entire realm of hell. He promised me that himself. I'm sure he'll be pissed that you're helping and we'll have a talk about it, but I'm sure he won't force me to deny your help. At least I hope so." Mordekaiser gave a grunt at that. "But back at the topic, sorry for fainting around you. That was uncool of me to do so. I just got so scared that you'll tear everything down and kill my friends for me slamming the door on you. Twice." Rosie laughed at that.

"Mordekaiser won't do such a thing for something like that." Said Rosie as they walked. "At worst, he'll turn you to a pulp for doing that." Charlie laughed nervously at that before speaking up.

"So, anyway, we cool, Morde?" Asked Charlie. Mordekaiser gave a nod at that, making her smile. "Thanks. You know, you're awfully nice. My dad constantly fights with you and is always in a sour mood when you're around and so is mom, but you're quite nice when people get to know you." It was true, for all her life, her mother and father never permitted her to be anywhere close to Mordekaiser and his lieutenants without an armed guard close by. She saw them exchange glares and insults with Mordekaiser, who returned them in kind. She saw her father nearly come to blows with him, something he never does with nearly anyone else, forcing Lilith and others to stop them from fighting. And she heard her parents talking about Mordekaiser in private on what is motivations and plans are, leaving her with a slight fear of the Iron Revenant. But now, she saw that he actually was a nice guy now that she got to know him. Scary and can ripped her to shreds if she pushes him to far, but nice nonetheless.

"*Chuckles* You are more naïve than I thought, Miss Charlotte." Said Mordekaiser as Rosie giggled to herself behind her fan. "How you are the daughter of a Fallen Angel and Succubus is truly a great mystery. One that may never be solved." Before Charlie could speak up, they heard yelling as they arrived at the lobby, seeing Nifty at Hecarim's shoulders, begging him to walk around.

"At least a small stroll! C'mon!" Complained Nifty as she begged Hecarim to walk. Growling the ghostly centaur was about to summon his mighty halberd to deal with this girl, his patients at it's end, when he saw Mordekaiser arrive, forcing him to kneel before him.

"My lord." Said Hecarim as Mortem, Karthus, and Thresh did the same, though the latter two simply bowed. Mordekaiser ordered his men to rise and order for them to ready to leave. As his men left, Vaggie got Nifty off of Hecarim, much to the cyclop's dismay, Mordekaiser looked at Charlie.

"You'll have some of my men arrive in two days." Said Mordekaiser before exiting the hotel. As Mordekaiser carefully exited the hotel, Rosie looked at Charlie.

"You'll have my supplies in two days as well." Said Rosie before extending a hand. "I normally don't do these sort of things, but…best of luck with your endeavor, princess." Smiling at that, Charlie shook Rosie's hand before the Overlord departed, saying a farewell to Alastor along with an invitation for tea in a day, both of which the Overlord returned with his usual gusto.

Exiting the hotel, Rosie saw the last of Mordekaiser's men depart through a portal created by Karthus. Mordekaiser himself, however, was waiting, standing in front of the hotel and gazing at Rosie as she made her way out. Seeing him gazing at her, Rosie's insides churned tightly, knowing why he was waiting for her.

Walking up to him, Rosie looked up at him and smiled a bit.

"You wish to complete our conversation from earlier, correct? The one that the princess interrupted?" Asked Rosie, the smile on her face, but wasn't what she was feeling at the moment. Instead of amusement and joy, she was feeling anxiety and fear.

"Yes." Said Mordekaiser, looking at the small demon Overlord. "You were going to tell me why you refuse my proposals of being my queen to the Immortal Bastion when the princess interrupted us." Rosie shook her head at that, causing him to actually blink in surprise before narrowing his eyes at her. Before he could even speak, Rosie wrapped her arms around him, the height difference making it so that she could only place her head on his stomach, where greenish-blue mist came pouring out of him, but Rosie didn't care.

"I can't tell you why I refuse your proposals, Sahn-Uzal." Said Rosie, as she hugged him tightly as Mordekaiser looked down at her. "You have no idea how much I want to, but I can't. I'm sorry." Upon hearing that, Mordekaiser grew suspicious. She wants to tell him, but she can't. There is something afoot. Was she being blackmailed? If so, who was it. And whoever it was, they will pay dearly. But for now, Mordekaiser placed a hand over Rosie's back and gently patted it, causing a sound of appreciation to come from the Overlord. After a minute of this, Rosie let go and looked up at Mordekaiser, giving him a smile, but one filled with sadness and pity for both of them. For a moment, Mordekaiser considered just grabbing her and forcing her through the portal to the Immortal Bastion, where he can force her to tell him what is going on, but refrained from doing so. This woman, as much as he disliked it, was special to him. She was the only woman in hell that can make him feel…alive again. And he wasn't going to force her to do something against her will. Not yet at least.

So, with a tense goodbye, Mordekaiser went through the portal, which closed after he went through it. Pursing her lips as the portal closed, Rosie began the long trip to her emporium, hoping that Mordekaiser will forget what happened between them today.

Few hours later

Rosie's emporium

After a long trek, Rosie finally entered the safety of her emporium. This megastore was her lifeblood in hell. She fought tooth and nail to make it what it was, along with Franklin, and she would be damned if anyone was going to take it from her. Well, except one person that is.

After ordering some workers to get back to work upon seeing them slack off, Rosie made it to her private champers in the emporium. Well floor, actually. There was an actual floor in the emporium lower levels dedicated to her own personal usage. A bit much, but she was rich and powerful. She can get away with such shit. It used to be divided between her and Franklin, but Franklin is gone so it's all hers.

Taking an elevator to her own personal floor, Rosie saw various Imps and workers packing up Franklin's things and taking them to the public floors to be sold for potential customers after they ransacked them of anything that is more valuable to Rosie than as something to sell. As much as she respected Franklin as a business partner, his personal items would sell for a pretty penny in the market and it's not like he wouldn't do the same to her stuff if she got axed instead of him.

Moving away from these people, Rosie entered her own section of the floor and went to her private rooms. Rooms that only her and a select flew may enter. Both because of her want for privacy and for another one that is closer to heart.

Entering one of these rooms, Rosie saw a young demonette scribbling something into a checkboard while another demonette was casually twirling knives around. The first was a demon with a white lab coat and red glasses. Her blond hair was tied up in a ponytail. The 2nd was a blacked haired one whose hair was all over the place. She wore black gloves, shirt, and boots that complimented her gray skin. Both had red eyes, black horns, and gray skin. Between the two was a door.

The demon twins, Helska and Dryska, her preferred assets to dealing with things that she rather not be linked to her. Seeing Rosie approaching them, the twins stopped what they were doing and looked at her.

"How has he been doing?" Asked Rosie as she approached the twins, a smile on her face as usual. It was Helska that responded.

"He did his homework in record time." Said Helska, adjusting her glasses. "He excels greatly in figuring psychology, particular the understanding of a person's mind and what they're likely do under a situation though he seems to struggle with things such as financing and business management. I've had him study extra hard on those subjects to make up for this deficiency. So, don't be surprised when he complains about me." Rosie sighed at that.

"And what of combat lessons?" Asked Rosie, already knowing the answer. Dryska smiled at that.

"Perfect all around. Really great at figuring out what a person will do in combat and react accordingly to that." Said Dryska. "Prefers to end them quick though. Nothing wrong with that style, but I can't tell if it's because he doesn't like them to suffer or if he doesn't want to waste time on opponents. The latter I get, but not the former. Takes the fun out of watching them scream in pain as you beat them up." Rosie nodded at that before dismissing the twins. Once they left, Rosie opened the door and entered the room it led to.

The room she entered was a large spacious room, filled with shelves full of books on a whole variety of subjects, both practical and for some things that Rosie would like her rivals to have access to. Amongst these shelves was one demon, sitting in a large table with stacks of books around him. Walking towards him, Rosie gave the demon a warm smile while making her presence known.

"Studying hard, I see." Said Rosie as she stroked his gray hair, similar in pigmentation to her own hair. He was of average build for the denizens of hell and was humanoid in appearance like her. In fact, the two shared so many traits, appearance-wise, that some would think that they were siblings. And they would be wrong by a bit in terms of relations. "You should be, if you want to be successful in the future, Sahn-Ikal. Hell is merciless to those that aren't prepared and even then, it's still merciless to those that are." Hearing that, the demon looked at Rosie, revealing his eyes to be a dark green color, and spoke up.

"I should be focusing on my fighting prowess, mother." Said Sahn-Ikal, putting down a pen he was holding. "That is where I feel most alive and where I feel my calling is. I don't see myself that can handle financing. I'm just don't see myself as being capable of leading your emporium, mother. At least to the capacity as you." Rosie simply smiled at that.

"Nonsense." Said Rosie as she patted her son's head, making him twitch in annoyance. "You just need to study more in order to become an effective businessman. Trust me, I wasn't always the successful business woman I am now at the beginning of my career as an Overlord. I gained it through hard work and determination. And destroying a few rivals and people in my way. It's the same with you. Just study hard in all your subjects and you'll become good at the things you need in life. Along with other things that you find interesting. You'll see the good in all this later on in life, believe me." Her son sighed at that before nodding his head, making Rosie nod her own head in satisfaction.

"How was your trip, mother?" Asked Sahn-Ikal, looking at his mother. She told him, prior to having the demon twins look after him, that she was going away due to a favor that the Radio Demon cashed in.

"It was enlightening and profitable." Said Rosie. "Alastor wanted me to help princess Charlotte in her little passion project. I'm sure you've heard it in the news." Her son nodded his head. "Now, while her dream to stop the exterminations may never happen, it still is a good source of profits if it succeeds. So, I decided to support her endeavors in the form of supplies and personal, which she desperately needs to make an effective hotel of redeeming sinners. If all goes well, we'll see an increase of profits for the emporium." Her son, upon hearing all that, started to hatch a plan in his head. A plan that his mother wouldn't like to hear about.

"So, who is going to be selected mother?" Asked Sahn-Ikal. "Any of my tutors?" Rosie shook her head at that.

"No, I need to see who to select for this hotel of the princess', but I assure you none of your tutors will be selected to partake in this endeavor. As much as profit and the emporium are high on my list of priorities, you are my highest priority." Said Rosie, hugging her son, who returned it. After a tender moment between the two, Sahn-Ikal asked his mother something.

"Were there other investors other than yourself, mother?" Asked Sahn-Ikal. Upon hearing that, Rosie tensed a bit, which Sahn-Ikal noticed.

"Yes." Started Rosie after a moment of hesitation. "The Iron Revenant was there on his own accord. He agreed to provide security and to spread word of the hotel to those that wish to be redeemed." Sahn-Ikal, hearing that Mordekaiser was there, asked if there was any difficulty being around the Iron Revenant. "…There was. You have no idea how much I wished to tell him about you, Ikal. How much he wanted me to become his queen and wife. And how much I wanted to. But I can't. I just can't. Curse those damn angels." She then let go of her son and let out a single tear. "If those damn angels didn't get in the way, things could be very different here in hell, but alas. They did and here we are. You hidden from the public and me not around Mordekaiser." Rosie sighed and turned around, sighing as she did so. "And they claim to be angels. Hah." Seeing the distress that his mother was in, Sahn-Ikal spoke up.

"Why do you not try to tell him, mother?" Asked Sahn-Ikal. "If you told him, he'll protect us. Keep us safe from those winged bastards. And if it comes down to it, I can handle myself against them." Rosie couldn't help but laugh at that.

"As much as I wish to stick it to those winged angels, we can't. They'll come here when we least expect it and hurt you in ways that I can't fathom." Said Rosie. Seeing her son glare at that answer, Rosie sighed. "I don't want you hurt, in any shape or form, my son. You don't think I know you're strong right now. I do. But you're not strong enough to defy the angels, my son. Not the more powerful ones. So, please. I can't lose you. I can't have your father, but I can have you." With that Rosie left the room for her own personal chambers, leaving her son to his own devices.

Upon entering them, Rosie locked the doors to the chambers and sat down on her bed. Placing a hand on her chest, Rosie remembered back to when she first met Mordekaiser and couldn't help but think of how such a brute stole her demon heart.

"Sahn-Uzal. Mordekaiser. If only things turned out more positive for us." Thought Rosie sadly before deciding to take a beauty nap. After all that happened, she needed it.