Chapter 5

Cadmus8- I'll be honest, I completely forgot about Kallista when I was writing this story, which is odd because she is tied to Hecarim and he's one of my most used junglers in League. But now that you mentioned her, I guess I can add her into the story as well. The story is relatively young so we can safely add her in. Whether she'll betray Mordekaiser or not is up in the air as…well you know, Hecarim backstabbed her literally in League canon and he's working for Morde.

12/12-Updated slightly to avoid an obvious plot hole.


In a destroyed part of hell, Rosie was whimpering as she crawled on the ground of a destroyed building like a worm, her dress in tatters and her sun hat gone, black blood spilling from several wounds all over her body. Closer inspections of her surroundings showed that the building she was in was her emporium, now in ruins. And the one responsible for it was slowly floating towards her, their wings fluttering as they moved towards the demon. Soon the assailant slammed a foot onto Rosie's back, placing her firm on the ground, before they grabbed her hair and forced her to look at them, allowing the demon to see that her assailant was a female angel with two sets of wings and a form-fitting suit of white and golden armor. The angel glared at the demon with golden eyes before speaking.

"You have broken the agreement between us, demon." Said the angel, her voice filled with judgment and self-righteousness that it would have made Rosie scoff at normally, but at the moment, she couldn't. "You shall be punished for your transgressions." Rosie just smiled at the angel. If she was going to die, then she wasn't going to give this angel the satisfaction of seeing her beg or scream in pain. The angel glared at the demon woman for smiling at her before raising her teal sword. Rosie expected her to strike her down with the sword, but the angel just pointed her sword somewhere that Rosie can't see. The sounds of feet stepping on broken glass clued Rosie to the fact that someone was approaching them. The footsteps grew louder and louder until they stopped and Rosie sensed the presence of someone. Someone that, to her shock and horror, she knew. What the angel said next confirmed it.

"Slay this demon, Sahn-Ikal." Said the angel, looking at Rosie's son, clad in the armor similar to her own, except his eyes glowed green. "Slay this demon and redeem yourself." Handing her sword to the young man, the angel then exposed Rosie's neck to the boy. Widening her eyes in horror at seeing her son, Rosie screamed out in pain and horror as her son swung the sword at her neck. Not for her, but for her son, now a puppet to the angels.


Screaming in her sleep, Rosie nearly fell off her bed if it weren't for her waking up and catching herself at the last moment. Sitting up, Rosie placed a hand on her chest as she took several deep breaths in order to calm herself down, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't. The nightmare was just too much for her to handle. The thought of her son being forced to work with those angels, specifically that angel, and killing her was too much for her to bear. She, like other demons, disliked the thought of dying and being turned into an inanimate object as a result, for that was the end result for those that died here in hell from angel weapons and other ways of killing off demons, but the thought of her son being her executioner churned her heartstrings. Not only because it was someone she deeply loved, but also because she knew that her son would never do such a thing on his own free will. He loved her too much for him to do such a thing. That meant the angels forced him to do so or placed him under mind control.

The thought of her son being under the thrall of the angels both terrified and enraged her. She'll fight those angels to the death if it meant keeping her son away from their grasps. Even if it's likely she'll die from such an attack, she didn't care. Her son was all that mattered to her. Not even her Emporium mattered to her as much as her son, despite what people claim. Even if he disobeyed her wishes and exposed himself to the outer world of hell, thus endangering him to the angels, those of her rivals that will exploit him should his origins be exposed to them, and those idiots that think it's a good idea to exploit him, not knowing his origins, she still loved him. How couldn't she? Even if she was a demon born in hell, she still had emotions like love and care towards those she was attached to. Especially to the boy she gave birth to and the man she conceived him with. Not like some human preachers or some angels thought. Damn those people.

Plus, she couldn't really blame her son for acting the way he did. Making that deal with Alastor. Trying to place his life in his own hands and to prevent others from taking advantage of him and his loved ones. Just like her. Just like his father. Oh, if it weren't for her son, she would have fought those demons to her last breath. She refused to be used by those arrogant, stuck up, angels in their bid to gain vengeance on the man she loved for what he did so many millennia's ago. And Mordekaiser would have killed them all in retaliation for killing her. Maybe even having Thresh and Karthus torture the souls of the angels for all eternity as well. He was quite a vengeful man on those that have really brought his ire on them.

Sighing in sadness, Rosie wondered how long it would be until the angels figure out that her son was out in public and that he was planning on exposing them to his father. And what their retribution will be. Whatever it was, she'll have to prepare for it. Ensure what damages done to her property are kept to a minimum. She just hoped that the princess can do the same when the angels come for her son and that her son can protect the happy hotel staff as best as he can.

Happy Hotel


"Alright, people!" Yelled Charlie from the 2nd floor of the lobby, eyeing down her employees, both old and new, with a great big smile on her face. With all their eyes directed towards her, Charlie then spoke up again, full of enthusiasm. It had been a full week since the last shipment of personal and supplies have arrived at the hotel. And another week of storing everything and assigning people their posts and tasks as well as making sure the hotel is in pristine condition enough for the first few clients. After triple checking everything, Charlotte Magne was finally ready to open up her hotel and start her crusade of redeeming sinners. "Today is the grand opening of the Happy Hotel! And you know what that means?" The employees just stayed silent as they looked at Charlie, none of them sure if they wanted to speak up and answer Charlie's question. A few seconds of silence passed before a single voice spoke out.

"The mission to redeem souls can finally begin?" Asked Sahn-Ikal as he looked at Charlie. Upon hearing that answer, Charlie looked at Sahn-Ikal and smiled.

"Yes!" Yelled Charlie, happy at the correct answer, eyes glittering in excitement and happiness. "And it'll all be thanks to you all that the exterminations will no longer have to be necessary and for our society to become a better haven for all!" Some of her employees looked at each other at that, still not understanding how a spawn of a succubus and a fallen angel could be this naïve and cheerful, but stayed quiet, lest their masters, Rosie and Mordekaiser get annoyed with them and they draw their ire, and none of them wished to have that upon them. Looking over all her employees one more time, Charlie then announced them to get into position for the grand opening. With that, everyone went on their business as Charlie went down the stairs in order to start the ceremony.

Sahn-Ikal watched as the blond-haired demonette walked outside of the hotel with the white-haired sinner and Alastor. Everyone else either went to the kitchen, lobby, or any other important facilities in the hotel. Except for Sahn-Ikal. The gray-haired demon had to think of his plans in telling his father of what the angels did to the woman he loved and possibly what they are planning to do against him.

Sahn-Ikal had no illusions that the angels were satisfied in preventing his father from being with the woman he loved. Neither did his mother, but her fear of retaliation from the angels stayed her hand in warning Mordekaiser of what the angels are possibly planning. Sahn-Ikal had no such fears. At least, fears that prevent him from doing what must be done.

At the moment his plan is simple. Tell his father of his origins and why it was kept from him. Then help him with whatever preparations he'll make when the angels come for retribution for his mother's breaking of their deal. There was no doubt in Sahn-Ikal that his father would kill any and all angels that were involved with harming his Rosie and keeping the birth of his child from him. The boy can only imagine the horrors that he'll have them be inflicted with for this affront to him. None of there were particularly merciful.

Unfortunately, for some reason or another, Alastor used one of his requests to prevent him from telling anyone but his father of the situation in person. Face to Face. No exceptions. And he couldn't request anyone to inform Mordekaiser that he wished to speak to him. Nor could he walk straight to the Immortal Bastion to talk to him. No, Mordekaiser had to come to the Happy Hotel on his own accord so Sahn-Ikal can speak with him.

The request as frustrating to the hell-born and when asked why he would do such a thing, Alastor simply laughed and said it would be more entertaining that way before leaving the hell-born alone to get comfortable with his new job.

Frustrated at the demand placed on him, Sahn-Ikal nonetheless bowed down to the request, knowing just how foolhardy and stupid it was to break a deal with a deal maker. There were somethings that just weren't meant to be done unless one wished to die a slow and painful death. And breaking the conditions of a deal was one of those things. Still, he hoped that it won't be too late to inform his father of what is going on before it is too late.

Another thing to note was that Sahn-Ikal suspected that Mordekaiser won't have his son help him like that. Not when he recently discovered his existence and has no gauge on his combat prowess. No, he'll likely have him stay behind and tend to things, like having him uphold the deal he had with Alastor, which was helping the daughter of Lucifer with her passion project, the hotel.

Lucifer's daughter, Charlotte Magne, was naïve, but in an endearing way. She wasn't too naïve that it was irritating. She still knew of the darkness in the people of her father's kingdom and the difficulty of her passion project in succeeding to redeem the number of people she desires, but she didn't let that stop her from doing what she believed was good for the people of hell, even if it made people laugh at her. That was something that Sahn-Ikal respected. The willingness to do what she thought was best for her people and the courage to do it, regardless of the people thought of it and her. It reminded him of the stories his mother told him about his father. Of how he wasn't afraid of doing what he set his mind on, regardless of the dangers, and how he was uncaring of what others thought of him during his attack on Lucifer.

Maybe not the best of similarities, one that Charlie might find offensive, given Lucifer is her father, but Sahn-Ikal couldn't help but notice the similar traits of his father, according to his mother at least, and Charlie. Heh. Quite strange the naïve daughter of Lucifer has something in common with the ruler of the immortal bastion.

But moving on, if his father ordered him to stay here and complete the deal, he made with Alastor, then Sahn-Ikal was glad that he wasn't one of those responsible for helping people rehabilitate and be redeemed. He was many things, but a counselor or therapist was not one of those. He was skilled with a blade and leading small groups of soldiers in battle, but he can't sit down and try to help people find their faults and try to help them on their path to traveling to heaven. He just wasn't that kind of person. He was far too blunt in what he thinks of people and their faults to be an effective therapist or counselor. Something some people in hell need in order to start this path of redemption. In fact, he didn't think anyone, besides Charlie perhaps, in the initial hotel staff was an effective counselor at all.

He, and Charlie for that matter, should be thankful that Rosie gave them some people with varying degrees of psychological training and guidance counseling. Otherwise, this whole hotel may be a wash.

Instead of being responsible for helping rehabilitating sinners, Sahn-Ikal was given the easier job of simply guarding the hotel against threats as well as deal with any freeloaders, baring Angel Dust as instructed by Charlie herself, that want to scam them or any clients that were…rowdy. The Iron guard, numbering fifty now, was considered by most of the staff to be more than necessary for that assignment, but questions about having Sahn-Ikal be a guard as well as who he was were sent to Rosie by her workers and even Charlie herself, but none of them provided a satisfactory answer. All she said was that Sahn-Ikal was going to be a guard of the hotel and that was final.

A bit disappointed at that answer, Charlie, nonetheless gave Sahn-Ikal the job of chief of security, overseeing the safety of the hotel and its inhabitants as well as keeping an eye on their clients, making sure they're actually on the path of redemption. It's a job that Sahn-Ikal took with grace and one that none of the Iron Guard raised an issue on. They simply took it with silence, uncaring how is in charge so long as they did their job competently. And that was fine with Sahn-Ikal. He'll prove that he was worthy of the job and prove to them that he was Mordekaiser's son.

Speaking of his father, Sahn-Ikal wondered how he would react to the knowledge that he had a son with the woman he loved. Would he react with surprise and shock? Would he treat him like a son? Would he be a good father? Would he gain vengeance on the angels that caused his mother so much grief? All these questions and more were plaguing his mind as he made his way to the room that Charlie had made to be a security room. Opening the door and sitting in an empty chair, Sahn-Ikal pondered on this in the empty room, looking at the various monitors that oversaw the hotel and its premises.


Front of hotel

"And the Happy hotel is now officially open for business!" Yelled Charlie as she snipped a red ribbon in front of the hotel. She cheered as her bodyguards, Razzle and Dazzle, fired a confetti cannon, spewing confetti all over the place. Vaggie sighed as she smiled at Charlie as she looked in front of them, seeing no one there, which was to be expected. After that disaster with the 666 news station, none of the other news stations wanted to be associated with them, at least for a little while. That and people still thought of redemption as a joke along with the princess. Hopefully, the recent support of Mordekaiser, Rosie, and Alastor will get people to give them a shot. Well, maybe not the later or even the first of the bunch, but definitely the 2nd.

While they were unpacking and renovating the hotel in order to deal with the influx of supplies and staff, Rosie sent a letter to Charlie, saying that she spread the word around for her hotel and that it was worth a shot to the sinners around hell, saying it will help the hotel's credibility if she had some clients right away instead of months after it's opening. Grateful for it, Charlie was eagerly waiting for her first batch of clients, wondering who they would be.

It only took a few more minutes of bouncing up and down for Charlie to calm down and for the sounds of hoofs to reach Vaggie's ears. Looking outward, the two girls and two guards saw, to their surprise, Hecarim and some of his knights were arriving to the hotel, the blueish mist that is signature of the people of the Immortal Bastion trailing behind them.

Unlike their leader, the knights with Hecarim were not an armored centaur monstrosity. Rather, they were regular humanoid armored warriors riding armored horses, wielding either lances or halberds for arms. Behind the riders, or on top of in case of Hecarim, were people of varying shapes and sizes, obviously sinners. Seeing the sinners among them, Charlie's smile grew to nearly encompass her entire face. Counting a dozen riders, Charlie was happy that some people actually took her hotel seriously and were willing to give it a shot. Oh, how this made her so happy. So much so, that she didn't stop to question why Hecarim and his men were the ones escorting the sinners to her hotel. Stopping inches before Charlotte, Hecarim addressed the daughter of Lucifer as his occupant got off him.

"Greetings, Charlotte Magne." Said Hecarim as he looked down at Charlie. Vaggie frowned at the sounds of condensation from Hecarim as he greeted Charlie. The man clearly didn't enjoy what he was doing and he was glaring at Charlie with hostility and bloodlust in his eyes. Though, from what she's seen and heard about him, that was always. The centaur specter was apparently cursed with an unsatiable need for blood and battle for some betrayal he did while he was among the living. Why Mordekaiser sent him of all people here was a good idea was beyond her and she worried that Hecarim will do something to the hotel staff in order to satisfy his bloodlust.

Before Charlie could ask him to call her by her nickname, he continued. "I have brought the first batch of sinners for your little rehabilitation project. At the moment, these are the only ones that miss Rosie has managed to convince to try out your hotel. The rest hinge on you and your staff." Upon hearing that, Charlie was disappointed, but not the bit surprised. People still doubted her hotel will work and didn't want their hopes to go down again. Still, she was going to succeed and get these people onto the path of redemption and straight to heaven. Thanking Hecarim, the horseman snorted in disgust as Charlie held out a hand in thanks. "Do not mistake my escort to be one of kindness, hellborn. I am merely doing this as a sign to you that the Immortal Bastion is supporting your endeavors and under the orders of Mordekaiser himself to support your endeavors by finding sinners and bringing them here to be redeemed. Nothing more. I do not believe in your dream nor do I believe it will do anything against the exterminations in the long run. You're chasing a foolish dream and it would be better off for your family if you be someone to marry off and not do anything foolish again such as this." That comment caused Charlie to frown, hurt, while Vaggie glared at Hecarim, her bow sharpening and her hair going up like a cat in distress and for Razzle and Dazzle to raise their fists up at Hecarim, causing the horseman to scoff. "Try to fight me and I'll show you why I'm the leader of the Death Riders." With that, Hecarim ordered his men to ready up. A few seconds later, the people of the Immortal Bastion left for their home, leaving Charlie and the sinners alone.

Taking a deep breath, Charlie looked at the sinners that Hecarim brought, who were a little unnerved with the way Hecarim spoke towards the princess of hell and how blunt he was towards his opinion of the hotel. Smiling at them, she spoke.

"Relax." Said Charlie in as much as a soothing voice as possible. "Everything going to be fine. Don't listen to that bad horseman. He doesn't know what he's saying. This will work and soon you'll all be on your way to heaven and be redeemed of whatever crimes you've committed in the past." A few still looked uneasy and unsure if they made a good choice coming here or not, but nonetheless, none of them said a word and stayed where they were. Happy at that, Charlie spoke up again. "Okay, so can we start off with introductions. I'm Charlie and who are…," Charlie looked around the group of sinners for one to pick out randomly. Eventually, she spotted a female sinner with violet skin, white hair, and goat feet. "You. What's your name, miss…"? The sinner sighed before speaking.

"Matilda Mayberry." Said the sinner as her tail swished back and forth as she addressed the princess of hell. "And I'm here to be…redeemed." The cautious and nervous tone she had signified how unsure she was on if this was going to work as she hoped it would. Nonetheless, her answer caused some people to nod in agreement, having been convinced to come here via the Overlord Rosie and her employees. Smiling at that, Charlie grabbed Mayberry's hand and shook it firmly.

"Well, then you came to the right place!" Yelled Charlie, stunning Mayberry a bit. "We'll get you started on the path of redemption and on your way to heaven or else my name isn't Charlotte Magne!" Blinking at Charlie's enthusiasm, Mayberry just slowly nodded at that, a bit creeped out at the hellborn's enthusiasm and her general cheery demeanor. With that out of the way, Charlie quickly got acquainted with the rest of the sinners before escorting them all to the happy hotel in order to get them rooms and to start their rehabilitation sessions. As she walked, Charlie was having rainbows and fireworks explode in her mind. Things were going so well. Oh, how she had to throw a celebration party with everyone once they redeem their first sinner. As she walked, she had a sneaking feeling that everything was going to work out in the end with no hitches. Oh, how wrong she was in the days to come.