I've never seen a Kiyomaro x Sherry lemon fanfic before. Welp time to fix that!

Kiyomaro was in a way nervous, being called to an inn by sherry of all people was one thing, but having it all paid for was entirely different. Was it trap? Probably. Coming "alone" didn't exactly sit well with him either, at least gash would be safer at home. As he opened the door he saw sherry sitting on the bed. "Welcome Kiyomaro I've been expecting you." Sherry said as she eyed Kiyomaro. "What's this about sherry?" Kiyomaro asked not letting his guard down. "Relax it's only me and you in this room, as for why we're here I'll explain so have a seat." Sherry said as she patted the bed. Kiyomaro somewhat skeptical decided to see what happens so he did what she asked and sat next to her.

Without wasting any time sherry crashed her lips against Kiyomaro's. A whirlwind of questions came to mind in an instant. Why is she kissing me? Why her? And why does it feel nice? Kiyomaro felt his tie being tugged as she brought him closer to her. They're tongues clashed with one another's with sherry having the advantage. Kiyomaro first kiss was being taken and while his "enemy" is doing it he found it hot in a surreal way. Sherry broke the kiss, holding kiyomaro's tie tightly in her hands pulling him close to her face. "First kiss right?" Sherry asked whispering in kiyomaro's ear. Her voice was sending chills down his spine, he looked at her and saw her confident smile, hardly red in the face. "S-sherry I-i You." Kiyomaro to go couldn't find the right words to say to save his life. Sherry soon silenced him with a single finger pressed against his lips. "Well as to why? Because you helped me when you didn't need to. Also because I'd be lying if I didn't find you attractive Kiyomaro." Sherry said to him. "So allow me to have fun with you and I'll make this the best day of your life." Sherry purred into his ear. Kiyomaro could only nod in response, he'd be crazy to pass this up.

Sherry licked her lips as her grip on his tie loosened. "Open your mouth a little Kiyomaro, I want to give you a tasty treat." Sherry told Kiyomaro, in which he complied. Seeing an opening sherry darted her tongue into Kiyomaro's mouth, licking his tongue in the process. Getting the memo Kiyomaro licked her tongue as well. The two were French kissing, in every sense of the word. The two made out once again, sherry unbuttoning kiyomaro's shirt while his hands were cupped on sherry's ass. The two broke from the kiss, only a single strand of saliva connecting the two of them.

Sherry noticed a tent in kiyomaro's pants and smiled mischievously. She stood up and began to strip her clothes off, her creamy white skin wearing a black lingerie. "Let me help you with that." Sherry said as unzipped his pants, taking them all. That's when she saw it, a huge rod of Japanese meat, 6 or 7 inches give or take. Sherry began to stroke his manhood at a fast pace, not wanting to go slow at all. "Your hard. You want this don't you?" Sherry asked in a sultry tone as her fingers were wrapped around his length pumping away at him at rapid speed. "F-fuck S-sherry." Kiyomaro moaned out gritting his teeth. Admittedly he did this sort of thing by himself, but having someone else doing it to him felt out of this world. Sherry opened her mouth and began to suck on his balls as her right hand began to stroke away at him even faster. "Sherry! T-that's my-" Kiyomaro moaned out, sherry went straight for the source. Seeing the need in his eyes made sherry want to do more to him, she wanted to taste his milk. So she did, with a plop she ceased her sucking on his balls and swallowed all of kiyomaro's dick and began to suck him off with a vacuum-like suction. Kiyomaro could feel it coming, his manhood was twitching madly and he couldn't hold it in anymore. He discharged rope after rope of cum into sherry's mouth. After a minute she pulled away from his cock and swallowed the tasty treat whole. "Mmmm not bad at all" Sherry said enjoying the taste of his seed.

Sherry began to take off her bra and her panties, she was now completely nude like Kiyomaro. "Are you sure? Are you sure you want to go all the way with me?" Kiyomaro asked. "If I didn't I wouldn't have called you here." Sherry replied grabbing both of kiyomaro's hands and placing them on her boobs. "Make me your woman." Sherry said to him. Not needing anymore of an invitation Kiyomaro helped himself to the large orbs in front of him as he began to grope and suck on them. Sherry moaned out in response as her fingers traced through kiyomaro's hair. She could feel his tongue trace against your flesh, how his tongue twirled on her nipples. "Isn't there somewhere else you should be licking instead?" Sherry asked in a sultry manner, she was clearly getting off and was ready for the real deal, but she wanted to be eaten first. Kiyomaro understanding what she meant lowered his face and spread her legs, seeing her exposed womanhood. Sherry held kiyomaro's face close to her entrance so he could lick as deep as he could. "Bon appetite" Sherry said to the black haired man. Kiyomaro opened his mouth, his lips completely covering sherry's pussy and began to eat her out. Sherry bit down on her finger, she wasn't expecting him to be so skilled with his tongue. She felt his warm tongue roaming around inside her entrance and gave into the pleasure he was giving. The more Kiyomaro licked the sweeter sherry's juices became. And so he did, his hands cupping sherry's ass he let his tongue roams up, down, left, right, any direction he could not leaving any stone unturned. Sherry began to moan out loudly as his grip on kiyomaro's hair became tighter. "Fuck Kiyomaro, I-i can't cum yet." Sherry said moaning, her face completely flushed. Wanting to make her cum even more he began to suck on her clit and inserted two fingers inside her and moved them back and forth slowly. Sherry could feel it coming, she fought it but she could feel her orgasm was coming. She underestimated Kiyomaro and didn't expect for him to go on the attack like that. Sherry soon felt her orgasm take over as she climaxed.

Kiyomaro licked his fingers and looked at the blonde below him. "Mmmmm not bad." He said copying what she said earlier. "Cheeky aren't we? Well then shall we move onto the main event?" Sherry asked as he got up placing both hands against the wall, swaying her hips showing off her ass. "Come and get it." Sherry poking out her ass.

Kiyomaro didn't care anymore, sherry wanted this and he was more than happy to deliver. He stood up and made his way towards the blonde, rubbing his length against her snatch. "Feel free to shove all of it inside." Sherry said winking at Kiyomaro. Kiyomaro grabbed a handful of her bountiful ass and sheathed his erection deep inside her womanhood. Sherry moaned out in both pain and ecstasy as she felt Kiyomaro filling her up. "Your so huge inside me." Sherry moaned her hands supporting her body against the wall. Kiyomaro could feel her wet folds sucking him in, she was hot and tight at the same time, and thus this being his first time and all it was a lot to take in. "Fuck me." Sherry demanded as she looked back at Kiyomaro. And so he did, not wasting any time he began to thrust his length in and out of her pussy at a fast pace. "Yeah that's the spirit." Sherry said moaning as she bounced her ass against his length to meet with his thrusting. Kiyomaro moaned out squeezing the blondes supple ass, his thrusting becoming even faster. Sherry could feel his dick pounding away at her pussy, how his cock was plowing her with reckless abandon.

"I'm going to cum Kiyomaro." Sherry said moaning as her grip on the wall became loose losing her balance and support. Kiyomaro could feel his release coming soon as well so held sherry's hips pulling her back against his dick and proceeded to Slam his hips frantically as he held her in place. Sherry climaxed at that moment her pussy now dripping with her cum. Kiyomaro didn't last very long himself as he buried himself deep inside the blonde, releasing his cum inside her tight snatch.

As their orgasm died down, Kiyomaro removed himself from sherry, his cock not covered in juices. "Did you enjoy your reward Kiyomaro?" Sherry asked as she struggled to lie down on the bed. "Yeah, granted the reason you wanted to do this is kinda vague." Kiyomaro said catching his breathe. "Oh don't be like that it was fun and you know it." Sherry replied. "That I'm willing to admit." Kiyomaro said to sherry. "Now we could A. Call it a day, or... We could take a bath and bang in the shower. Your choice." Sherry said smirking. "You already know my answer." Kiyomaro said picking up sherry bridal style.

Authors Comment: This was Hell to write. I'm not great at writing lemons yet I try my hardest anyways. I wish I could be like the top dogs when it came to this stuff. A man can dream.. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this fanfic, it's my first one for Konjiki No Gash Bell and it's the first Kiyomaro x sherry lemon story on this site so praise Be! Now if you need me I'm going to pass out, goodbyee!

P.s.I'm dubbing this ship: KiyoSherry!