South Park Preebook Summerbreak working in the animal shelter.

Heidi walked around her bed excited. She took her cloth bag which had cute little picture of a little white cat and packed her stuff in it. A water bottle, something to eat – of course vegan, her phone, and her purse.

Heidi decided to wear some baggy grey pants and a loose green shirt. She would not need to dress fancy where she was going. A sloppy look would not even matter to all the animals.

Two weeks ago, before summer vacation started, an animal shelter has opened in South Park. Gina and Phil the owners of the shelter have already rescued some animals. Last week Heidi was there to meet Gina and Phil and they showed her around. Heidi already met some dogs, cats and other animals. Gina told her she was glad for help and they were looking around for more help right now. Heidi was more than happy to help. She loved animals. That is why she turned vegan.

Growing more agitated again Heidi had to go to the bathroom. Whenever she was nervous or looked forward to something, she had to pee many times. It was like her bladder was jumping around.

After emptying her bladder Heidi went back to her room to grab her cloth bag and went downstairs. Her mother and her father were sitting on the couch watching TV.

Mrs. Turner clicked mute when she saw Heidi walking down the stairs,

"Hey sweetie. Do you have everything?" she asked her daughter.

Heidi went through her bag again and nodded. "Everything is there mom."

"Do you have enough to eat?"

"Yes mom. I only work until eight that's just five hours."

"But you still need something to eat to maintain your energy."

Heidi rolled her eyes. "Mom. I have something packed and it's enough for five hours. And besides they wouldn't let me starve there if I didn't have enough food.

Mrs. Turner stood up and took Heidi's cheek in both of her hands.

"I'm sorry honey. This is just your first real job."

"It's not an actual job. I'm not getting paid."

Mr. Turner turned his head to the two. He had been following the Tv which was going on in mute.

"But it's still a job. And we expect you do your best."

That is typical from her dad. He always wanted Heidi to do her best she can. Heidi follows that advice to always give her best.

"Sure Dad. I always am."

Mr. Turner smiled. "That's my girl."

Heidi walked a little past them and put on her sneakers.

"So, I have to go now."

"Don't you need a jacket." Mrs. Turner asked.

Heidi frowned. "Mom, it's summer. It's like really hot outside."

Mrs. Turner nodded. "Of course. Have fun sweetie."

"I will bye."

"Bye!" both her parents called after her in unison.

Heidi had to walk about twenty minutes to the animal shelter. She could have taken the bus. But she preferred to walk. Especially because it was so hot outside. The heat in the bus would be almost unbearable. She also preferred to walk than to use her bike. This was also a good way to listen to her music on her phone with her headphones on and be on her own before her work started.

The animal shelter was quite small. The outer wall was light green at the main entrance was a big door. Heidi remembered that Gina told her she should use the backdoor. To get to that door, she had to walk down the stairs left to the backdoor. The door was a few steps away from the stairs.

When Heidi got there, she could already see Gina waiting for her.

"Hey Heidi. Great you could come." Gina greeted her.

Gina was 26 years old. She was blonde white green eyes. She mostly wore her hair in a tight ponytail. She was tall and seemed quite fit. Gina also wore green overall and green trousers. She also had nametag just placed above her bust.

"Hey. Yeah I'm excited."

"What's good for us. I will show you were you can change your clothes." Gina said.

Heidi nodded and followed her.

"We are really glad that volunteers are willing to help. Phil is showing around our other volunteer."

Gina held the door open for Heidi. Must be the changing room.

"There are other volunteers?" Heidi asked her.

Gina sighed. "Volunteer. Sadly, it is just one. But he must be your age. I don't exactly remember his name. "Gina was thinking for a second. She put her hand on her forehead. "Ah. I'm never good with remembering names."

"That's okay. I will probably him."

"Yeah of course you will." Gina stopped. She took two keys. One was red and one was silver. She handed Heidi the keys. "So, these are you're keys. The grey one is for your locker and the red one is for all the other rooms. With this key you can get in every room."

Heidi nodded. She would probably need a chain, so she will not lose them.

"One the grey key is a number. That's the number for your locker." Gina explained to her.

Heidi was looking at her key. The number two was faintly engraved.

"Number two." Heidi said.

"Oh, that's the one just at the entrance." Gina said.

Gina then gave Heidi her working clothes.

"This will be your working clothes. Try them on if they fit. I will wait outside."

Heidi took the clothes. Gina left and Heidi changed in her clothes. The working clothes fit her quite well and were also comfortable. She folded her own clothes and put them in the locker. The changing room had about 20 lockers Heidi guessed. But most of them did not seem to be used. At the end was one door with a shower and one door with a toilet. The door with the with the toilet was the One she had to use now. Heidi was excited and nervous. Now that she was there it was real.

After emptying her bladder Heidi washed her hands and walked out of the changing room.

Gina stood there with her phone in her hands. A friendly smile on her face when Heidi appeared back.

"Great. Do they fit?" Gina asked her.

Heidi nodded. "Perfect. They are really comfortable."

"That's great." Gina put her phone back in the pockets of her trousers.

"You just missed your second volunteer. He was just walking with Phil past us." Gina told her.

Heidi had to grin at this. If she did not have to use the toilet so much. "I will see him next time. Maybe It's someone I know."

"Oh. You probably will. He goes to South Park elementary as well."

Heidi frowned. A boy in the same school in the same year. She wondered who also volunteered to work here. Voluntary. Most boys in her school would not do that.