The story's timeline will follow BNHA while the ambiance would've been an Alternate Universe (AU) where both worlds are co-existing.

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Prologue: The Recommendation

"This is very unexpected, Agent Karasuma." The chimera UA High School's principal stated matter of factly as he skimmed through the file that the addressed agent had presented him.

A few members of the teaching staffs were also present in the Principal's Office, and are witnesses to the unfolding predicament.

Eventually, Eraserhead spoke. "A government recommendation to the Hero Course was rare enough, but for a whole class? It shall I put it?" He paused and hummed in thought, before continuing. "Uncharacteristic." The others such as Snipe, Ectoplasm, and Vlad seemed to agree.

"Additionally, a majority of this class are eventually quirkless. So why for the Hero Course?"

Agent Tadaomi Karasuma heaved a sigh and nodded to acknowledge Eraserhead's question. "I expected the principal have read the entire file that was sent to him two days ago?"

The principal nodded.

"It is your call, Principal Nezu, if you are going to discuss to your subordinates the nature of the recommendation and the students. But make sure it will remain within the staffs. It is still a government secret after all."

There was an awkward silence within the room as the UA staff waited apprehensively for any explanation from their principal.

"Yes, of course." Principal Nezu spoke as he slid the folder back to the government agent, Karasuma, who took it.

He briefly glanced at it, after confirming the principal's signature over the pertinent papers, Karasuma prepared to leave.

"The papers have been signed, I have to take my leave. I'm meeting the students to break the news and deliver stuffs. Thank you, principal." And with that, he exited the room, leaving everyone in silence.

Apparently, after a few tense moment, Eraserhead spoke again. "He's meeting the students to break the news. Mr. Principal, does that mean you consented to the recommendation?"

Nezu took a glance from him as he calmly sipped from his cup of tea. "Sharp as always Aizawa." He hummed appreciatively before continuing, "I did."

The shock was obvious and it resonated to everyone present within that hall.

"Mr. Principal, why?" Snipe was the first one to raise the question. "This group of kids, this class' majority are quirkless. I understand the ones with quirks, theirs were pretty impressive. But all of them? For the Hero Course? Seems too farfetched if you ask me."

"I did think of that. But you know, they already saved the world. So I think we should give them a chance."

"Saved the world?" Vlad questioned, genuinely confused and curious. "Can you elaborate?"

"Ah, yes, we'll get to that. Let's just wait 'til everyone is here, hmm?"