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Chapter 5: Against Pros

"Present Mic is down. Four targets left."

Eraserhead barely registered the announcement as he jumped to dodge a third pellet. He and Hizashi were caught by surprise, he was pretty sure if the first shot was aimed at him he would be out of the test. The moment he had noticed Hizashi flinched in surprise—as he felt the pellet hit—he immediately rolled away from his spot. His loud companion was taken out by a perfect shot of red paint on the back of his head, the shots were consecutive, and Aizawa had to thank all of his training to be able to dodge the first shot aimed at his head.

After sparing a glance at his dumbfounded co-teacher; he moved for the chase, running to the direction of the building where the shots came from. He was halfway there when he felt his movements stiffen, he was immobilized, and his muscles constricted as he tried to break free from the invisible force restricting him, panic slowly crawling to him as he realized his attempts were futile. He couldn't move any part of his body except for his sight, his senses remained, and he immediately pinpointed which student-assassin he was dealing with, as his mind processed the profiles of the students from the recommended class.

Hayami Rinka

Quirk: Freeze/Immobulus

Briefly, he remembered, she was one of the few students who picked up a sniping rifle.

Years of experience had allowed Eraserhead to keep a cool head. He activated his quirk and roamed his eyes to the areas he could see without moving his head. He could control his scarves, but it was useless if he couldn't see his target.

It lasted for a little more than half a minute, before he felt the hold of the quirk leave him; but the feeling of being vulnerable in those seconds gnawed his gut.

"This class are trained as assassins."

He had always valued the importance of training, he had always told his students to treat their training and simulations as close to real situations as possible; but as he applied those thoughts to himself, he dreaded the possibility of this situation coming close to reality. If this hadn't been a test, those bullets would be real, Hizashi would be dead; and if Hayami wasn't worrying about her classmates, the number of targets available, and the kill count to pass; Aizawa was certain he would have been dead the moment he lost his ability to move.

He didn't know what to expect as he continued on his tracks towards the rooftop of a six storey building adjacent from the alley where he and Present Mic had been walking. From the three shots, he had gotten a sense of direction as to where their assassin was—he assumed—stationed.

Why did Hayami lose her hold on Eraserhead, the pro-hero wasn't exactly sure. Was she caught? Is she starting to run away? He was quickly thinking of all the possibilities, contingencies. Will he be walking in a trap? The last thought gave him a pause, while it is true that Hayami would definitely not take him down, because she already has her quota, Aizawa was suddenly aware that maybe the assassin wasn't alone. He dismissed it immediately, if she was working with someone, his earlier immobility was a perfect opportunity to take him out. His questions were cleared the moment he stepped foot on the rooftop, though, and he didn't exactly expect it, it was his first guess. She was caught, but it seems like she's been holding up a fight.

Her former PE instructor was present, standing tall and his stance at the ready.

Then there was Hayami, her petite form crouched down and ready to evade, her eyes sharp—watching Agent Karasuma of any indication for his next movements, and the sniping rifle forgotten at the edge of the rooftop. Aizawa did the same, watching the young assassin closely, waiting for his chance to capture her where he was sure she had her guard down.

It was only because Aizawa was focused on her that he noticed the way she tensed, and on instinct, the pro-hero activated his quirk; consequently announcing his presence.

"Eraserhead." Her hiss resonated her annoyance clear as day, and as if that wasn't enough, she whipped her head to his direction and gave Aizawa a cold glare.

That momentary lapse in attention, however, was taken by Mr. Karasuma as an advantage as he turned and swung a kick that forced Hayami to bend her upper body backwards—barely dodging the kick. Using that backwards momentum, she fluidly executed a backflip that created another gap in space between her and the agent.

Aizawa didn't waste time admiring the expert fluidity of that movement and he immediately launched his capture weapon to her direction. Not giving her enough time to move out of the way, but before the thin strip of fiber could meet its target, something had been thrown strong enough to halt its trajectory. Hayami moved away again. He took a quick glance at the rubber knife that landed haphazardly at the edge of the rooftop, he was tempted to turn and look at the direction of where the throw had come from, but he knew he couldn't take his eyes off of Hayami, for now he cannot afford the possibilities if ever her quirk would be freed.

He figured he also didn't have too much to worry about, Agent Karasuma was fighting off the other assassin, with Aizawa's experiences on the job this is one of those moments when a hero has to rely on an ally or colleague to make the right decisions; and besides, Aizawa and Hayami was the most logical match at the moment, considering the assassin has a quirk.

Launching his capture weapon to her direction again was more of a reflex, but his target expected it so she jumped sideways to avoid it. Reaching for one of her handguns she took aim and a shot. Aizawa bent low to avoid the pellet, before sliding to avoid a second. This shoot and dodge exchange continued for at least a few pellets, before Hayami decided to change things up.

Deciding that trying to shoot him was a little futile (because she can't actually afford to take him down due to the number of targets) Hayami moved in to attack him directly, and it had somehow surprised the hero. As he had briefly watched this particular assassin against Agent Karasuma earlier, he had the vaguest idea that she had preferred to evade and wasn't much of a close combat fighter. But as Aizawa was being forced to step back and block her kicks and punches he realized his mistake.

Aizawa raised his left arm to block a kick aimed to hit his temple, his eyes never leaving her, his quirk ablaze against her. He tried to counter, attempting to catch her foot but she was able to evade, backing up a step and preparing for another attack. This time, she spun and a vicious axe kick was aimed at his face, his instincts and reflex screamed, so he raised both his arms in a cross to protect his face and that's when it happened again… he froze.

Due to the rapid succession of her attacks, she had forced him to block his face and effectively blocked his own sight of her, even for a split second, she was able to utilize that brief moment to activate her quirk on him.

Admittedly, Aizawa never had the opportunity to fight someone who had the same type of quirk activation. Either she had known and used it against him, or she just devised a plan for him to block his own vision of her on the spot—either way, it was impressive.

Vaguely, he heard the other assassin fighting the Agent: "Well, I'd say, Mr. Karasuma, those cuffs did slow you down." Then another announcement rang.

"Karasuma is down. Three more targets."

"Where are you?" He heard her say, and Aizawa was confused.

"On it." He heard another voice of a boy, someone closing in from a distance.

Then he felt the quirk leave him. When he was finally freed the rooftop was empty, except for the government agent who stood as if waiting for him to be able to move, a line of red paint running across his chest—over his navy training shirt.

"Where–" Aizawa's question was cut off by the announcement, to which he sighed to.

"Eraserhead is down. Two targets left."

"Kimura was closing in, he gunned you at the back. And you have a shot at your arm." Karasuma explained.

The pro-hero only hummed in response, and started to walk away towards the observation/viewing room. Karasuma followed.

Once they were inside the viewing room where various monitors are alight to show feeds from every camera stationed within the fake city, Karasuma spoke. Addressing everyone present in the room including his colleague, Irina.

"They have comms."

"What? How?" Quite a few of the present pro-heroes expressed their shock. Even Aizawa was surprised. Slowly, the brilliance of Hayami Rinka's decision—to make sure Present Mic was the first target (her target) down—dawned on him.

"Horibe Itona." The blonde woman, who was apparently also this class's former English instructor commented. Her form hunched over the panels as her eyes watched the feeds attentively. "He gave them the comms. Probably one of his side projects."

"You're saying, a fifteen year old made that?" Maijima (Power Loader) exclaimed, his tone was a mixture of awe and excitement. "He could be valuable in Support!" The Support Course instructor commented—impressed. While comms weren't exactly unique items, the complications of its creation (tech: wirings and circuits) was one that an average fifteen year-old wasn't usually able to do (unless of course those average whiz kids that came from Support Tech dabbling families, or enthusiasts); especially wireless ones.

"Right." Karasuma agreed. "He would definitely dabble in that field."

"Well, we hadn't exactly put rules that would have forbade them to use any other item besides the weapons. I guess they exploited that." Nezu commented that had put everyone in silence.

Aizawa walked over to where the rest of them sat, settling himself beside Yamada, who was impossibly silent.

For a moment, the gruff hero thought the silence would remain, but Yamada had decided to finally break it. "Think of this test as an actual scenario and you would be terrified."

Aizawa kept silent, but he had agreed. He tried to recount Hayami's decision, and his analysis left him impressed with her skill. He figured she was probably watching him and Yamada long enough as they converse about this current recommendation from that rooftop, she probably considered the fact that since there are two targets she'll have to outrun or restrain one of them after she took a target down. Ensuring that Present Mic was taken down before the hero could react was the best choice at that moment. She'll have better chances of going against Eraserhead (even without her quirk), due to the nature of the both pro-heroes quirk. Yamada's Voice quirk would be able to cover a lot of ground especially in long-range, and she would be at a disadvantage trying to avoid soundwaves. Against Eraserhead, on the other hand, would have put her in even fields with him, either long or close range, and it was evident for Aizawa as he also recounted their short fight. Also, Aizawa noted, she had probably known that her classmates were near and coming. Her face was calm, there's a plan and it'll work, the phrase was basically painted on her forehead.

Everyone was focused on the feeds now, which mostly showed the remaining two pro-heroes—Vlad and Thirteen—roaming around in different areas. The remaining two assassins are impressively invisible from any of the camera feeds, except for short flickers where they were captured moving from place to place, but their targets on the field are still left unaware of their whereabouts.

"They're also exploiting the fact that there was no time limit." Aizawa commented after at least a minute, sure enough, they were taking their time. The remaining girl within the field—Fuwa Yuzuki, name was indicated by one monitor that projected the current status of the assassins in the field—already has eyes on Thirteen. She was on a two-storey roof watching the suited hero's approach.

When Thirteen was directly in front of the building she was on, Fuwa jumped; arms outstretched, both hand clutching the handle of the rubber knife, the paint-coated edge (the edge where it was supposedly sharp if ever it was a real blade) facing down. She landed with a cat-like grace as her rubber knife sliced and left a long line of red paint in the back of Thirteen's suit.

There was no fight, just one beautifully executed assassination.

"Thirteen is down. One target left."

Aizawa's gaze searched the form of the UA principal, watching his reactions as they watched the scene. He remembered his words: "They took down an entire unit of elite soldiers, went up against real professional assassins, and assassinated a Mach 20 highly intelligent villain who blew up 70% of the moon. If we are to test their skills, those faux villain robots won't be effective. Let's try them against our own pro-heroes."

He wondered then, just how would they fare against the pro-heroes if they're in their full strength… without the extra weights?


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