Episode 2: Baby Steps

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55 Years Ago... Paw Paw, Michigan.

The town of Paw Paw remained quiet today as Isaac Sumdac was seen driving inside of his truck through town, stopping in front of a retail store filled with tools. Once he walked out, he entered the store and picked out what he needed to purchase as the shopkeeper waited for his customer to add money into his register.

"Hey there."

"Hello." Young Isaac put the supplies on the counter. "I'd like to have this purchased, please."

"You got it."

The man began to scan the items on the counter while television was played in the background. Isaac peering his eyes into last night's forecast as meteor shower sightings have been seen on the big screen TV.

"You hear about that meteor shower last night? I heard one of them crashed landed in town somewhere. Pretty intense stuff, right?"

Isaac nodded his head, agreeing with the shopkeeper's choice of words.

"Yes, yes I imagine it to be so." He scratched his neck. "Say, you don't think there are... More of those supposed meteors that landed nearby, would there?"

"Uh, not that I'm aware of. I mean, a couple of friends of mine in the City said that they could have sworn they saw a huge one crash right in the center of Lake Erie, but there was nothing to prove that since there wasn't anything to prove it. And even if there was something worth of value, all that water probably ruined it by now."

"I see..."

The owner sighed, putting the items inside a grocery bag. "You know, that's a lot more than you're usually payin' for. Are you workin' on a big project or somethin'?"

Isaac nodded his head. "Um... You could say I am."

The owner chuckled. "Well, it must sound pretty important. You know, you're a pretty smart guy around here. I look at you, and I see someone who's gonna make a living someday. Keep up whatever it is you're doin'."

"...I shall keep that in mind."

Once the bills have been paid, Isaac placed the merchandise on the trunk and drove right out of town, heading directly into his Farm that stood still taking in the sun blasting on the land.

As he parked in front of the closed barn, he got out of his truck and walked towards the Red wooden shelter, pulling the doors open to reveal Megatron's own head just sitting inside Offline while Isaac stared at him, taking in a breath as he took his eyes towards the Mech that would not come back online for at least until the next 50 years.

While he turned to walk over to his toolshed, there was a crashing noise going off outside, turning himself around having heard the sounds. Moving quickly, he peeked outside the Barn doors to see a car that crashed just to the side of his truck, much to his horror, though not for his vehicle, but for Last Night's Discovery as he quickly got outside and closed the doors behind him, walking over the crash site.

Standing in the scene was an Asian Woman that had Purple Dreads on her hair. Green Nails, Red Tank Top, and Khaki Cargo Shorts as she sighed, acting depressed as she rubbed her hair, seemingly unaware of the owner of the truck approaching her.

"Excuse me!" Isaac called out, walking over to the woman. "Are you alright?"

She turned around, raising a brow at Isaac. "What?"

"I said, are you alright?"

She scoffed lightly, shaking her head. "Uh, no, I don't think so."

Isaac approached her, standing right next to her while he looked at the damage. "What happened?"

She rubbed her hair, having this humiliated look on her expression. "Oh, dear, this is going to sound embarrassing." She cleared her throat, turning around to face Isaac.

"Okay, so I recently got this new electric car that originated directly from Mission City. I was taking it out for a test drive all the way to Milwaukee when suddenly I pressed on the brakes and it malfunctioned. The car was moving so fast on this highway right here that I ended up making a swerve offroad, which ended up hitting your truck. By the way, I'm terribly sorry about this."

Isaac shook his head. "No need to apologize. May I have a look at your vehicle? I'm kind of a mechanic myself."

She raised a brow, interested in that knowledge. "Really?"

"Yes. In fact, based on what you told me, it sounds like you may either have a negative battery cable or the trailer brake controls aren't functioning properly. I could have it fixed if you could allow me permission to access your vehicle, make a prognosis on it."

She smiled, having heard the kind man offer his assistance. "Sure."

He sighed as he opened the driver's door. "This won't take too long."

As he accessed the car, the woman turned around, peering off of her Purple shades as she noticed a large trail that was made based off of last night's meteor crash that was invented by an incident above Earth's Atmosphere.

"So... What's with the front lawn? Are you trying to create an industrial theme park or something?"

Isaac chuckled nervously as he pulled out the box. "Uh, no! Nothing of the sort, I uh... I was um... Test-driving on my new, new, tractor. My new tractor."

"Oh, your new tractor, uh?"

"Yes! I uh, I was trying to cut some weeds out here, and it turns out I cut more than I wanted to." He sighed as he closed the door. "Alright, your brake controls are functioning. I'm gonna pop open your hood, take a look at the battery cable, okay?"

He turned to the front of the car, opening up the hood as she leaned against the vehicle, peering her eyes over to the Red Barn.

"Say, it's kind of hot out here. Do you mind if I stay inside of your Barn for a little while?"

Isaac widened his eyes, shaking his head. "NO!" She turned around, facing him. "Uh, no! No, my apologies! I have um... Horses inside."

She raised a brow. "Horses?"

"Yes. Sick Horses, I should add. I don't want anyone to get contagious, so I'm declaring it off-limits until they've been given their medicine. I'm planning on making a trip to the vet's office anyway, so..."

"Right, so I'm guessing you're not just saying that because you have a Robot's head sitting right inside of your Barn?"

At that point, Isaac froze, having heard her suspicion said out loud in the air as he stared at the woman in front of her, who turned her face towards him.

"Tell me; about Last Night's Meteor Shower, how did you feel when you discovered this landing on your property? Because most people around here would have been scared to the death and called the police right away, but you managed to pull that thing out of the rubble, and you placed it inside of that Barn all for study... Right?"

The young Sumdac just stood there, flabbergasted by this mysterious woman who didn't seem so innocent after all as he rubbed his head, scratching it due to being stressed.

"I... I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you're talking about?"

"No? Well, in that case..." She started walking backward, pointing at the Barn. "I don't suppose you wouldn't mind me taking a look, would you?"

Isaac made a small scoff. "Well-!"

"Well, great! Let's take a look."


Isaac ran after her but was too late to stop her as the Woman in question opened the doors, seeing Megatron's head sitting right inside as Sumdac grabbed both parts of his hair, gasping out of fear for his own life.

"Well, that's strange. Where did all the Horses go? I was hoping to pet at least one of them."

Isaac made sounds of panic, sweating trailing off of his head as he saw the Asian take a walk inside the Barn.

"What... You... You can't be in here! This is private property!"

"Really? Because I'm not sure how the Cops would think about that when they find this sitting right inside of your home. I mean, you're lucky I found this instead of the local government because I swear, media outlets would have a field day with this, especially if people find that trail left off from the crash."

Isaac recomposed himself the best he could, giving off sounds of deep embarrassing grunts as he walked inside, towards the Woman. "Listen, this is Private Property! What you are looking at is a very personal pet project of mine that has a lot of sophistication-!"

"Oh, this piece of machinery you have hiding over here isn't that sophisticated, that I assure you." She started climbing on Megatron's face. "You know, I noticed you have a lot of tools that you bought from the store. I admire the effort, but honestly, I suggest you should ask for your money back. The tools you have here are good enough to handle this technology."

"What are you on about-?"

"See this Red Light right here?" She pointed directly to Megatron's left Optic. "Think of it as cutting open a pizza." She started using a screwdriver picked up from one of Isaac's inventory, tinkering with Megatron's Optic. "Sometimes, when we cook them at home, there are pieces of it that tend to stick extremely well, that even the pizza cutter has a rough time cutting through all the way because of how thick it becomes when the bread hardens. And soon, as you keep cutting through, you start to loosen it up a bit."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but can you please not-?"

"And when it loosens up, you get a much better chance at opening it up than you did before. And as a scientist who has at least 10 PhDs, you should know that the more lefty loosey becomes..."

As soon as she finished, half of Megatron's face began to collapse, falling onto the grass as Isaac stood back, shocked by the achievement the woman made as she sighed, putting the screwdriver away while she looked up, seeing Megatron's glowing Optic blink now that half of his interior Protoform on his face has been exposed into the fresh air.

"The less Righty Tighter becomes."

Isaac gasped, kneeling to the ground as he picked up some of Megatron's parts, seeing the machinery in his hands while he stood there, perplexed by the design before turning back to the woman who turned to face him once more.

"How... How could you know that?"

She shrugged. "You could say that I'm kind of a close examiner on Tech myself... I observe things, make an analysis, create a hypothesis, and then test out the theory."

Isaac scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief. "Who are you?"

"Me? Oh, who I am doesn't matter, Isaac. Who you are is what matters most." She started to advance on him. "What happened to you last night when this part fell from the sky... It wasn't merely a stroke of luck. And that piece sitting inside your Barn right now, it's not just some luxury item on display. This right here is destiny."

Isaac blinked. "D-Destiny?"

"You see, Isaac, last night you have just come across one of the rarest golden opportunities of a lifetime. You see, that machine that fell out of the sky during the meteor shower contains technology far beyond this entire Earth's table of contents, and that head alone is enough to change the whole world in just a short amount of time."

"Well, that can't be possible! That thing on the table... It's just ahead."

"Sometimes, great things are done by a series of small things that come together." She started walking around Isaac in circles. "Van Gogh said that once... And Booker T. Washington also said that success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than the large things; to the every day things nearest to us rather than the things that are remote and uncommon. And Doris Lessing also said in a quote that small things amuse small minds."

She wrapped her hands around Isaac's shoulders, leaning her head next to his as they both stared down at Megatron's decapitated head together.

"But that mind of yours isn't small, Isaac. It's big, bigger than average. And that mind despite the size and magnitude of it all just can't help, but feel amused by such a small thing, can't it?"

Isaac looked at the technology at his grasp, seeing the minerals that have unlimited potential, yet feeling uncertain about the path he wants to take.

"...I... I just don't know where to start. This just looks so advanced, I'm not sure where to begin."

"And that's where I come in, Isaac."

She began to walk in front of Sumdac, resting her hands on his as they both held on a piece of Megatron.

"I know a thing or two about technology, sometimes just by looking at it. I can show you, make you see what I see."

Isaac just stared at her, having become perplexed by someone who seemed to know so much about Cybertronian Technology.

"...And what exactly do you see?"

Her lips just formed a smile as her Purple Eyes began to stare out into Sumdac's.

"...What I see... Is the Future currently in the making..." She sighed, letting go of his hands as she patted on his back. "I've left my number and email on your truck... Call me when you're ready." She turned to face Sumdac one last time. "Oh, and a word of advice; I'd keep this quiet if I were you... A discovery like that in your Barn tends to attract a lot of attention, sometimes attention that is utterly unwanted."

And with that, she left Isaac inside of his Barn, leaving him to contemplate what to do with Megatron's Head as she headed towards her car, her face began to shift slightly to a more metallic shape than her Human Form. Her Optics Glowing in Purple as she walked out with a goal in mind...

55 Years Later... Detroit, Michigan... 6 Months until Cybertron's Fall.

The scene begins where it ended previously as Sari was seen standing before the omnipotent being that somehow breached her personal safehouse, having heard of Quintessa's claims of her being Sari's Mother while she stared into her Purple Optics cautiously.

"You seem to be... Hesitating for someone who had just met their blood relative." Quintessa said, stating facts. "Most would feel joy upon meeting a long lost family relative."

Sari nodded her head, still having the combative stance that she held. "Yeah... I'm not exactly like most people."

Quintessa just tilted her head in confusion. "...Was there... Was there something I said?"

"No... I mean, yes, no..." Sari shook her head. "I'm sorry... It's just that, the last time I gained amnesia, a Decepticon deceived me into believing him to my Father... And that ended up getting my Real Dad killed later on. And truth be told, I... I would love nothing more than to get to know my own Mom, and seeing that you're about the same height as I am, I would want to believe you and feel some semblance of joy, but..."

Quintessa clasped her hands together, lowering her head. "...But you have been betrayed by those who claim to be your family."

Sari nodded her head, scoffing at the truth. "Yeah... And my Dad got betrayed by Megatron, who lied to him about being an Autobot for a long time, so..." She sighed as she turned around, moving on to get some Burger Bot food. "Forgive me if I'm not exactly being my polite self."

"I would not be so hasty as to offer forgiveness, Daughter," Quintessa said, approaching her while hovering above the ground. "After all, you have been Online for a long time... And all that time, you and I have not been properly familiar with each other as many would normally be. This is why I do not resent you nor do I judge you for your mistrust. But I do hope to build that trust with you, and eventually have you see me as any Mother would love to see their children look at their parental being."

Sari turned around, facing Quintessa with a soft smile. "Wow, you know for a complete stranger, you sound incredibly wise for a Cybertronian."

"From where I come from, there is much wisdom to be heard, young Beta."

Sari sighed, shaking her head. "Okay, time for firm attitude." She approached the Quintesson. "Look, um... I understand that you're not entirely familiar with Human Customs, but the way things work around here is that there are ground rules to be made during a family relationship. For example, there's a term we'd like to call, "Baby Steps", which implies that we should talk at another time and place for whenever I feel ready to talk because one; in case you haven't noticed, people have become extremely Xenophobic with Sentients that look exactly like talking Robots."

"Well, you can rest assured that I have that taken care of."

Before Sari could ask, Quintessa simply closed her Optics and raised her hands up in the air. And in a sharp turn of events, her Metallic Form began to change shape, transforming into a Human Appearance as she had the look of an Asian as she had years before, stunning Sari as her Red eyes gazed upon her seemingly Organic Beauty.

"There... Does this work well under your conditions?"

Sari gasped slightly, blinking her eyes as she approached the Quintesson in Disguise, eyeballing her for a good amount of time.

"Well... Um... That actually helps a lot, for your case." She scratched her hair. "How did you do that?"

"With enough practice and discipline... It's possible you may be able to do the same as well as I do."

Sari blinked her eyes, smiling. "Wow, really? Do you think-?" She paused, scoffing slightly as she shook her head. "Uh... Yeah, nope."

Quintessa raised a brow. "No?"

"Nope, nuh-uh. No, not doing it." She started standing back. "No way, Jose, we are not even remotely close to being... That close yet, so you can cool your jets, we're not through walking the First Baby Step, okay? We're not done walking through our Terms yet."

Quintessa sighed, holding her own wrist firmly. "I see..."

Sari sat down on the couch, looking at the Alien in her home. "As I was saying, first of all, people have become Xenophobic towards any and all Cybertronians in general. Secondly, and I mean this in no offense, but I don't even know you. Okay, my Father had this tendency to work with strangers who ended up using him for very, very bad things, and I don't want to be the girl who ends up having to repeat the same ledger on the Family Tree, okay? Now, here's my first question, and I need you to be completely honest with me; is this your first time on Earth? Like, your very first time? Because if it is, then we are seriously going to have to work out even more ground rules!"

Quintessa curled her lips, turning her eyes towards the window. "...Well, it's not exactly my first time coming to this Planet... But I must admit, it has some time since I have returned... Things have quite changed after my last visit here."

Sari folded her arms, leaning back against her couch. "And when exactly was your last time coming here?"

Quintessa smiled, walking over to the window taking a look at Sumdac Tower standing from across the city.

"...The last time I have ever been on Earth, was when I had to say goodbye to your Father... Isaac."

Sari stood up, staring at her as she raised a brow. "You mentioned earlier that I resembled my Dad... Does this mean that you knew him?"

Quintessa lowered her eyes, turning around to face her Daughter. "It means... That it's a story for another time. I sense you need time to process our encounter together, correct?"

Sari nodded her head slightly. "I need to adjust something into my head, yes."

"Then, I think it is time that I have made my leave for the time being."

"Yeah... That sounds like a good idea." She pointed at Quintessa. "And you know what? You should also take the time to learn everything after your last visit, because uh... It's all a really big cluster full of big things and so forth."

"I see."

Sari made a swallow, looking up towards the ceiling as she rubbed her hair, hearing Quintessa making her exit through the door.

"Hey... Do you know how I'm going to contact you?" She turned to the Quintesson. "Like... Is there a phone number or an email I can contact you with?"

Quintessa turned around, facing Sari as she smiled out of reassurance.

"I'll come to you when the time feels right for you."

As soon as she said her words, she turned around and disappeared through the use of teleportation, shocking Sari even more as she widened her brow, amazed by her theatrics... Yet feeling very uneasy with her choice of sentence.

"...Okay, now that just feels disturbingly cringeworthy."

Somewhere on the outskirts of Detroit, inside of a top-secret military installation, the facility was well guarded by armed personnel as a lab was filled with marines carrying loaded weapons in their arms turned to a doctor of high importance as they looked at him as their main mission objective.

"General. The truck's ready for extraction."

"Is the crate ready for transport?"

"As requested per your orders, sir."

"Good... Let's get this show on the road already."

Not too long after, military trucks start to roll outside of the garage as men and women dressed in army uniforms start to run outside getting ready for transport when a series of helicopters started to fly in towards the base.

"Hey, who is that? I didn't recall ordering in aerial support."

"No one did, sir."

The General started to face the helicopters, seeing the Green Color Scheme that they held as they continued to approach the base.

"Have we made contact with 'em?"

"We are. They're not currently responding to any of our-!"

Before anyone could continue the conversation, the choppers began to fire missiles at the base, destroying their fighter jets as well as their attack helicopters as everyone quickly began to be rattled by the sudden attack.



Soldiers began running up towards the tanks, only to get shot down by the enemy as the helicopters fired lasers at them, destroying their heavy arsenal while many took positions to defend their facility.

"They're here for the crate!" The General said, loading his pistol. "Whatever you do, do not let them get that cargo!"

As they began to fire at the Helicopters, they began to make their landing on the ground as suddenly, hostile troops began to appear, running right out of the choppers as many of them held advanced Rifles at their disposal, firing lasers at the Marines, who quickly began to be taken down by force.

"What the hell?! These aren't Transformers, they're human-!"

A soldier was interrupted when she got shot directly in the chest, killed upon impact while the general and his remaining troops began to fight back, only to be struck down in a matter of seconds as the men in Green took over swiftly.

Once the Marines have been dealt with, two individuals began to jump off of the chopper, one of them being an old man with a scar on his face while the other was an Old S.T.E.A.M. accomplice known only as James Savoy, as he accompanied the head of the attack towards the track carrying precious cargo as they entered the back of the trunk.

"So, this is it?"

James nodded. "That's what my intel told my, Silas."

Silas approached the package. "Alright then... Let's pop it open."

The men began to open the payload, moving the lid up as a green glow was seen inside, making Silas peek his head inside to check the contents, eager to find what it was holding.

And... Much to his bitter surprise, all the box contained was two green glowing light bulbs that were powered by their personal battery, leaving the men responsible for the attack to mope in their shared disappointment.

"What the hell is this, Savoy? I launched this attack to recovery a weapon, not some light bulbs!"

Savoy walked over to the crate, seeing the useless content it has in store.

"This is what the intel gave me... Why the...?" Savoy's eyes peered beyond the lights. "...Wait."

He reached his hand out into the box, pulling out a small device that was attached to the battery as the group looked at it, seeing a small red light on it as they knew what it meant by it.

"...We were played." Silas said, throwing the camera into the ground, smashing it. "They wanted us here!" They got out of the truck. "Bring me their General!"

Once they were ordered to do so, two masked men grabbed the General, who was fatally wounded from their assault earlier as he was brought forth into their boot and heel.

"The weapon..." Silas mentioned, looking at the man in charge of the facility. "What did you do with it?"

The General scoffed, making a cheeky smile as he looked at Silas and Savoy.

"T... The Pentagon knew something was up... That's why they decided to give you a misdirection... Find out who and what were targeting us... And you just helped us a bunch."

Silas turned to Savoy, who shared a similar distaste as he sighed, looking at the bleeding General kneeling on the ground.

"Alright... Then tell us where it's located."

"...Why? I'm bleeding out anyway, why would I tell you a damn thing?"

"Because General..." Silas kneeled down, showing off his own pistol. "I can put you down with just one bullet... Or you can be put down in the firing range, as the rest of the traitors will be for making an alliance with Alien Tin cans."

The General coughed, spitting out blood as he looked at Silas dead in the eye.

"You... You're insane, you know that? You people are doing this because we're trying to create Peace between two species!"

Silas stood up, cracking both sides of his own neck as he continued the staredown with the General.

"It's your last chance, General. The clock's ticking fast, might wanna hurry up."

"...Go to hell."

Silas sighed, turning to Savoy, who nodded his head as he patted on his shoulder gently.

"He's all yours, James."

Silas began to walk away as the men began to drag the General against the truck, leaving Savoy in charge of the platoon.


The soldiers, once they backed up to a safe distance, draw their rifles in hand.


The troops picked their target as the General stared at them all out of an act of pure defiance.


And soon enough, the terrorists unleashed their weapons' full firepower as blaster fire was heard from the distance, and then silence filled the base right after...

The next day, Sari was seen back in Detroit listening to Warrior by Las Palmas as she was pacing around in her apartment on her headphones, smiling and dancing to the song as news of the attack on the base was broadcasted on her TV unbeknownst to her. As she started making some beats, she received a phone call, causing her song to be interrupted as she sighed, answering the call labeled, "Work".

"Hey, what's up?"

"Hey, Sari, it's Raoul. So, you remember Sharron from the other day when we were getting some Burger Bot?"

Sari made an exasperated laugh, nodding her head while mewling at the distinct memory of Sharron, taking a quick glance at the news.

"Oh, god, of course, I remember her! What about Sharron?"

"Okay, well, you wanna hear something incredibly funny? She found out where we worked, and you know what she did? She called the cops on us."

Sari widened her eyes, shocked at the sudden news of her personal development as she turned off the TV.

"Wait, she did what?!"

"She called the cops! What else is there to say? She walked up to me and told me that she called the cops, who just started showing up."

"Oh no, don't tell me that she still thinks that the Camaro we were test driving is a Transformer! I mean, come on! Bumblebee isn't even a Camaro for crying out loud, he's a Compact Car!"

"Tell that to Snappish Sharron over here! Please hurry, she won't stop screaming into my ear."

"Is that her? Is that bitch with the Red Hair?!"

"Hey, lady! Get off my phone!"

"You entitled little skank! You think because your Robot buddies Transform into Fancy Cars, they have a right to be here?! These Aliens have no documentation papers! They don't even have a right to be on our planet, you can't expect everyone to allow you to harbor wanted fugitives-!"

Sari shook her head, laughing bitterly as she abruptly hung up the phone to silence the conversation.

"Wow... Of all the things I'm going through today."

She began to get her things and start putting her headphones back on to resume the song while being on her way to work, which was a garage just on the corner of her apartment as police were seen just outside having a heated argument with short blonde hair, white earrings, and black shades that cover her eyes.

"Ma'am, this is private property, you can't just barge into other people's workplace and make accusations-!"

"This is an illegal gathering, Officer! These people are harboring Illegal Immigrants as a safe haven, these Robots don't belong here, you need to arrest them."

"For what?" Raoul walked out, approaching the complainer. "For fixing up cars?"

"For fixing up Transformers! These cars are Robots in Disguises, they're all hiding in their little Vehicle Modes and trespassing on our Planet."

"Excuse me." Sari walked in on the conversation. "Is there something I can help you with?"

She turned around, facing Sari as she scoffed.

"Oh, it's you again. The Robot Lover. You know, it's people like you that are ruining it for all of us!"

"Okay, are you sure? Because from where I'm standing, it's people like you that are ruining it for all of us. Don't you have anything else better to do, Sharron?"

"I'd feel so much safer minding my business when Decepticons aren't trying to blow up my own household!"

"Seriously, Chica? You live inside of a condo seven blocks from here, it's not even considered to be a house."

"Yeah, well it's the same thing when you think about it!"

Sari rolled her eyes, turning to the officer. "Excuse me, are we in any trouble, sir?"

The cop shook his head. "Not where I'm standing."

The woman just scoffed, shaking her head. "Are you joking? These kids are up to no good, they are making way too much noise with their private Underground Railroad with these Autobots."

Sari intervened, standing in front of Sharron. "Sharron, please, the Autobots have better things to do than hiding out inside of a garage."

Sharron rolled her eyes, turning to the officer. "Excuse me, have you even bothered to run their plates? Scan these vehicles?"

"Ma'am, I've tested them out, and they aren't even remotely matched with any-!"

"Well, try again! They're obviously using some cloaking device, masking their signals or whatever. I mean, have you tried hitting their windshields maybe?"

"Whoa, hey!" Raoul perked his head up. "Is that supposed to be some kind of threat?!"

"Uh, no! It's just a suggestion! I wasn't actually seriously trying to condone violence here."

"Well, it sure sounds like it!"

The officer just shook his head, having no longer the patience to waste his time further as he turned to the garage owners. "Look, you two just carry on with your business and try not to avoid contact with this civilian."

Sharron perked her head up as if she were verbally insulted.

"Wait, sir, that's it?"

"What would you have me do, lady?"

Sharron scoffed, shaking her head. "Arrest them?! Shut them down?! I just had my car washed."


"So... What? Are you just going to do nothing?!"

"Well, what do you expect him to do? Give you a prize-winning award for calling 911 on two mechanics for having sports cars with bright color schemes?" Sari asked sarcastically as Raoul folded his arms, standing alongside her as Sharron looked at each of them involved, making another bitter scoff.

"Wow... Wow, you are all lovers, aren't you? You know what? I remember that incident with that My Little Pony Princess the other day, where you just let those Autobots drive on our streets without even arresting them! You are totally in on this whole operation of yours, aren't you?"

The officer sighed, annoyed by this woman's wild accusation. "Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask that you leave the premises and move on with your day."

"UGH! Isn't there supposed to be cops that hate Autobots? Really, I mean, come on!"

"Look, do I have to file a restraining order on you? Get lost, Chica, we're done with you!"

Sharron just turned around, facing Sari and Raoul, pointing at them. "You two haven't seen the last of me... I'm going to come back with my boyfriend, and he's going to kick your sorry asses, all of you!"

"Enough! Ma'am, leave before I'm forced to place you under arrest."

Sharron shook her head, disappointed that she didn't get her way as she started walking away, leaving Sari and Raoul alone at last as Sumdac waved her hand goodbye with a sarcastic smile.

"Bye-bye, Sharron!"

Sharron replied with a simple Middle finger pointed at Sari while she walked away, leaving them to their business as Sari and Raoul walked back into the garage after that dramatic ordeal.

"Well, I dunno about you, but that was rather anti-climatic." Raoul sighed, going into the fridge to grab orange juice and milk, making his own cereal. "How on Earth does someone like her hasn't found out about Knockout's Club, huh? I mean, she must be that Racist to a point where she has no friends."

"I wouldn't go that far." Sari started to make her own coffee as she watched the news of the Autobot's latest takedown of Professor Princess. "Where there's one of her, there's always more like her every day."

Raoul grabbed the carton and poured himself breakfast into the bowl as Sari turned around to face him. "You want some?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm good, thanks."

"Suit yourself." He began putting some OJ into his glass. "So, other than the crazy psycho encounter, how is your day so far?"

"Fine so far... I'm still going through some... Recent wounds that just reopened."

"What happened?" Raoul started putting back the orange juice and milk inside the fridge. "Ex-Boyfriend?"

She shook her head, still looking at the news. "No."

He tilted his head, looking at Sari. "...Ex-Girlfriend?"

"Am I even supposed to respond to that?"

"Hey, I know it's not my place to judge, I'm just asking out of curiosity."

Sari sighed, lowering her head. "It's not something that involves a relationship, it's... Something that involves... Personal Family Issues."

Raoul sat down, looking at his friend and co-worker. "Family issues? Is it about your Dad? I know you don't ever talk about him sometimes, even when I bring it up."

"Uh, yes, and no... Um, it's something to do with... With my Mom, essentially."

He started raising a brow, having his interested piqued. "I thought you said you didn't have a Mom."

"I don't... I mean, I thought I didn't... I mean, I used to think I didn't, I mean.." She sighed, groaning out of frustration. "Gosh, it's just so infuriating to think about."

"Okay, can you tell me step by step just what happened, exactly?"

She sighed, turning around to face Raoul. "Well... I came home to my Apartment right after... Getting some exercise, and uh... I found a woman inside my home, claiming to my Mom."


"Yeah, and get this; she also claims that she knew my Dad, right before his death."

Raoul tilted his head, perplexed by that sentence. "Wow... Really?"

"Yeah..." She turned around, grabbing her coffee mug. "I mean, I have spent all my life living with only one parent, and I had no mention of my own Mom even hinted by my Dad, and suddenly, after a long time, she comes into my life, and tells me, "Hi, I'm your Long Lost Mother, and I also dated your Father back in the day, nice to meet you!" She sipped her coffee once and then set it on the table. "I mean, she didn't really say it like that, she was actually very polite to me, and she sounded really gentle-!"

"I meant, is your Dad really dead?"

She nodded her head. "Yeah... Yeah, of course, my Dad is dead. Didn't I tell you?"

He scoffed, shaking his head. "Absolutely not! I mean, come on, this is basically the first that I've ever heard about your Dad." He sighed, looking around. "Oh, man... I guess I should cancel that Father's Day Mug online right about now."

She scoffed, shaking her head in disbelief. "Oh... Man... Raoul, I'm... I'm really sorry about that, I should have..."

"Oh, no! No, don't you dare apologize to me, it's fine! I totally get it, you must have been experiencing one of the worst mourning periods of your life, it's not my place to ask questions about it."

"Yeah, but he's been dead for three months! I should have been over that by now..."

"But the fact that you're now just mentioning your Dad's death means that you're still trying to patch up that stitch."

She bit her lip, clasping her hands together. "...You know, I'm starting to think you're right about that."

Raoul sighed, putting his food on the table. "...Okay, have you got someone to talk to?"

She scoffed. "Well, yeah, I'm talking to someone right now, which is you, dummy."

"I meant, do you have other friends to talk to about this? People that also knew you and your Dad personally?"

She lowered her eyes, letting go of her hands as she let them spread on her side of the table. "...Well..." She lifted her head up, watching the news of the Autobots on TV. "I have... Friends." She turned back to Raoul. "But I don't want to bother them right now. They have other issues that are going on... Have I at least told you about any of the problems they had?"

"Yeah... You mentioned something about your friends living somewhere out of the country that recently had some kind of big dispute about Noah's Ark or something, and that one of your friends had his throat slit."

"Okay, well, he actually had a knife that stabbed him right in the throat, which left him entirely mute."

"Seriously? How is he still alive right now?"

"You could say he's a lot tougher than he looks." She folded her arms. "But they're still going through their own wounds, so I don't wanna repeat what Sharron did earlier and play the victim card."

"Well, in your defense, I'm pretty your Card would be a lot more realistic than Sharron's could ever compete with."

"Why? Because I'm not crazy?"

"No, because you're actually a pretty nice decent human being."

"Oh, I wouldn't go that far when trying to describe what I am."

He chuckled, shaking his head. "Okay... Well, do you have anyone in Detroit you can speak to?"

"Why does it matter? I mean, can't I just talk to you?"

"You could, but I feel like you need someone you're familiar with to talk about this issue. Someone you knew the longest, someone you knew before you ever met me. Someone you can share the deep stuff with."

She sighed, leaning back against her chair as the many friends she has in town started to pop up into the back of her mind.

"...Well, I have a bunch of friends I know, but I'm pretty sure they're in school right now."

Raoul scoffed. "Aren't we all supposed to be in school right now?"

"I am, but I actually know everything there is to know about."

"And that's the reason why you dropped out of school?"

"Uh, no. Actually, it's because most of Planet Earth thinks that I'm dead, so... Currently, I'm technically expelled at this point."

"Okay, well currently, I've technically dropped out, because I know enough there is to know about cars. And besides, I've got my own Online business that's trending so big that I don't even need college to go big."

They both laughed together, bonding over their shared history of school drama as they sat on the table facing each other.

"...Seriously though, are you sure there isn't someone else you can talk to?"

She sighed, twirling her hair. "...Well... There is someone that I do know... A cop."

"A cop? Oh no, is it the same one that helped us get rid of Sharron?"

"Uh, no, actually." She smiled, shaking her head. "No... This one, believe it or not... He's the kind that absolutely Hates Machines."

"Oh... Like Sharron?"

"No, more like the non-sentient kind of machines. You know, like smartphones, computers, all the good stuff."

"Seriously? Who would hate any of the good stuff?"

"This is why I Hate Machines!"

Captain Carmine Fanzone was seen at the local Detroit Police Department as he was trying to get a cup of coffee... Which was the 15th cup so far as a pile of disposed cups was sitting right inside of the recycling bin as he stood there impatiently, seeing his that his cup was also made a mess from the coffee machine that had failed to give him the right amount of coffee as he requested.

Once the machine halted, he started to bang on it, only to have coffee spill all over his hand, making him shout as the hot liquid poured into his skin, making him growl in pain while the machine poured coffee onto the counter, making a complete mess in the department.

"Ugh, dammit! Who ordered this machine?!"

As he turned around, grabbing a napkin to wipe off his hand, Monique appeared, handing him a cup of espresso as he accepted the drink, sighing at his partner's timing.

"Coffee machine still giving you a hard time?"

"Yeah... The new one... The old one, the last one before the old, and the last, and the last..." Fanzone grumbled his sentence for a bit. "I swear, I feel like I've been cursed for all eternity because Machines hate my own guts."

"Well, I'd refrain from speaking the same mantra. Rumor has it that hating Machines is considered to be a Racist derogative for the Autobots."

"Well, I wasn't even talkin' about Autobots."

"Well, nobody knows that whenever you're screaming at the damn coffee machine because all they see is some weirdo acting like a crybaby over the fact he can't get caffeinated like he wants to be."

Fanzone sighed, shaking his head. "Alright, where's that girlie with the Unicorn?"

"On her way to prison. She's serving full time now."

"Hopefully, that stays that way, I don't want to jinx it when she's spotted making trouble again."

Once they walked out of the kitchen, they walked around the precinct as news of the base attack led by terrorists was spread all over TV as they held their drinks having a conversation.

"So... You heard about that attack on that base outside town recently?"

"Yeah... It's been bugging everybody as far as I can tell."

"You don't think it's S.T.E.A.M, do you?"

"Maybe, maybe not. I know they haven't been active for some time after Lena's arrest at the United Nations, back in New York."

"Are we going to expect anything from the Government?"

"Not as far as I can tell. Look, whatever happens, just keep your cool and act as you'd normally do. I'm going to go to the roof and finish my coffee."

Fanzone walked away from Monique, leaving her to her duties as he entered the roof, drinking his coffee in peace when Sari, who was in full Cybertronian Mode, was sitting on top of the small door roof right behind him.

"Hey there."

He turned around, seeing young Sumdac right there as he widened his eyes in surprise.

"You again?"

"Me again... Did you pick up those guys from the Grocery Store?"

He sighed, nodding his head. "As a matter of fact, I did... And ain't nobody happy about the Vigilante antics you've been cooking up lately."

"Why? Because I'm making the City a better place?"

"Because of what you are... No offense, but people are getting really anxious about a hybrid of Human and Machine combining together, it freaks everybody out."

"And it freaks you out because you hate machines?"

"That's not-!" Fanzone hmphed, raising a hand up. "...That's not what I meant. I don't give two cents what you are, I've been around and our mutual friends long enough to get used to you."

"So, would it be cool that I come up here and talk with you for a while?"

"Well, I was really hoping to drink my coffee in peace, but since you're up here bugging me, I might as well get this over with now."

"Great." Sari jumped off of the door, walking to Fanzone. "How's your day so far?"

"Peachy. Just another typical Saturday." He sat his coffee down, turning to Sari. "What about you? How have you been holding up?"

Sari sighed, rubbing her head. "Well... I've been doing okay for the most part... I mean, my Dad died, his company has Daniel Witwicky in charge, and everybody else thinks that I'm dead too, so... You know, it was really hard trying to adjust post-Autobot Political shenanigans, but I think I've gotten the hang of it up until recently..."

He folded his arms, taking a straightforward glance. "What happened? Did the owner at the bodega get to you last night?"

"No, I'm already over that incident... But, I uh..." She took a big whiff of fresh air, blowing it out in release. "Wow, this is harder to explain than I thought."

"Well, given how much you people tend to carry with you, I can imagine it'd be easier to explain it upfront-!"

"I met my Mom last night."

Fanzone widened his eyes, having heard the Techno-Organic say that out loud in front of him. "...Oh?"

"I mean... I guess I might have met my Mom... I met this Cybertronian, well, not really Cybertronian, I guess, but... But she said she knew my Dad, and that I'm her own Daughter, and uh... You know, it just started opening up some... Some old stitches that I thought I had really shut closed for good..."

"Okay, I changed my mind; it is a lot harder to understand it... You have a Mother you know about? That your old man knew about?"

"I don't know, maybe..." She groaned as she started pacing back and forth. "I mean, my Dad never even mentioned my Mom, not once! And having her show up in my life after such a long time, right after my own Dad died, it just... It feels really rushed right now."

Fanzone scratched his head, having become perplexed by the Girl's argument. "Well... What are you feeling about her? Do you believe that lady you've mentioned?"

"I... I don't what to believe anymore." She scoffed as she leaned against the rooftop ledge, sitting against the bricks. "I mean... I know someone who could relate to having parental issues, but he can't really speak anymore... Even if he really wanted to, at least."

"Well, do you want to believe whoever your Mother is, even she is your Mother?"

"I don't know, Fanzone... I just..." She shook her head, sighing. "Look, when my Dad died, I have felt like I have lost my entire family that day, and I have been trying to really hard to clear the void in the back of my head, but when that person showed up at my home out of nowhere claiming to be possibly my only remaining blood relative left, I just... I am feeling extremely lost in my head right now. And the Autobots have enough troubles of their own, so... I'm just left stuck inside of a dead-end at this point."

Fanzone sighed, shaking his head. "Ay, Yi Yi..." He started sitting down right next to Sari as they both watched the sky is at its natural Blue color. "Look... I don't know all the answers to the world, to this freaking universe, nobody does... All we gotta do is live at the moment, do what we feel is right, even though it means taking a huge leap of faith and try letting in someone who says they're related to you. I mean, tell me something you haven't quite told me yet; like, do you feel like you wanna know this gal?"

"...I..." She shrugged. "I want to... But I don't want to have my choices ending up affecting everyone else I care for."

"Well, that's all part of the risk... Sometimes, we have to take a risk, especially when it comes to meeting family, and if we don't take that risk, then... We'll just end up stuck in limbo, not knowing our own history. And that's something you can't ever get over unless you're fully committed to that point."

Sari lowered her eyes, having heard Fanzone's own personal advice as she lifted herself up a bit, letting her hands slide against the ledge while she looked up into the sky.

"...You know, I'm pretty sure this is one of those moments where you didn't act like you're a random Detroiter that has a bad habit with Machines."

"Eh, I have my moments." Fanzone cleared his throat. "Speaking of moments; mind if I share a little something with you?"

"Uh, shoot."

He folded his arms after getting up, walking around for a little bit. "So... What do you know about the attack on that base last night?"

She shrugged, shaking her head. "Not much... All I know is that I wasn't there and that some terrorists were behind it."

"Well, one of those supposed terrorists just happened to be a former member of S.T.E.A.M. Remember them?"

"Regrettably... Which one are we talking about?"

Fanzone hands out a photo, which had Savoy's picture on it as Sari took it, getting a good look at him.

"Ugh, this guy? He tried to shoot my friends once, Cade and the others."

"During the time you had your little mental freakout session, I know. I was there, remember? Well, he's back out in the open, and apparently he's sided with some former Black Ops Unit that once operated by the name, Cemetary Wind."

"What's that supposed to be?"

"Some deep-pocket project the Government shut down a while back after the United Nations fiasco. Of course, these guys didn't like that, so now, they're calling themselves M.E.C.H."

She raised a brow at the mention of that name. "M.E.C.H... Why does that sound familiar?"

"Because it's starting to become a widespread group all over the world. People who are afraid of Transformers that banded together to take actions into their own hands because the world leaders think it's a good idea to make an alliance with those Bots."

She tilted her head, turning to Fanzone. "Isn't this something the Autobots could handle?"

"It is, but there's something else I just got an alert telling me of a weapon so dangerous that it could practically be used as cyber-warfare. And as far as I'm concerned, the Autobots are apparently too busy to handle this problem."

"What could they possibly be doing right now-?!"

A sudden roar burst through the atmosphere, causing Sari to be interrupted as the two looked down, seeing the Autobots dealing with an angry Grimlock in his Alt Mode as he is rampaging through Detroit like crazy... Mostly because Hot Shot is riding him like he's a Horseback, which irritates the Dinobot even more than less.

"Me Grimlock need food! Me Grimlock starving!"

"Grimlock, come on! We're to give you your daily supply of Energon here!" Hot Shot told him as he continued riding him. "We were literally just about to-!"

"Hot Shot forgot to give Dinobots food!"

"Oh come on, that was only like two hours aAAAAAOOOOOOOO!"

Hot Shot suddenly began to hold on for dear life as Grimlock began to shake him in an attempt to make the Autobot get off his back as Crosshairs and Brawn arrived, chasing after them in their Alt Modes.

"Seriously? Hot Rod nominated Hot Shot to lead us?!" Brawn asked accusingly while he drove along with Crosshairs.

"Well, it was his choice, so it's not our fault we're stuck with the same fool who forgot to feed the Fragging Dinobots!"

"Yeah, well when we get back to Cybertron, I'm smacking Rodimus upside the head for being a Hot-Headed Dumbass! And I ain't apologizing for it!"

The group began making their chase as Sari and Fanzone watched from above, seeing their current activity has no room on the current matter at hand.

"...Yeah, they have their hands full."

"No kidding." Fanzone sighed as he turned to Sari. "Now, this weapon is said to be moved across town within the next 10 minutes. Are you up for this?"

Sari sighed as she nodded her head. "I've got absolutely nothing better to do, so what the-!"

Suddenly, her eyes peered on to a familiar metallic figure standing on the rooftop across the precinct as Quintessa stared back, seeming ready to talk as Sari paused her sentence dramatically.


Fanzone turned around, only to find Quintessa gone out of sight as he turned back to Sari, raising a brow.

"Everything okay?"

She nodded her head slightly. "Yeah... I'm fine, um... Where is it happening?"

"Underneath the bridge located near the freeway. I'm assuming you'll show up?"

Sari nodded her head, activating her Battle Mask. "I'll be there."

In a split second, she flew right out of the roof, blowing the air away as she inadvertently let Fanzone's coffee get pushed by the wind, much to his delight as he stared down at the only beverage he had all day long.

"...And she ruined my drink, how wonderful."

As Fanzone grumbled, returning inside of the precinct, Sari flew in the air when she spotted Quintessa again next to a quiet alleyway. Once she set her sights on her, she flew towards her location, landing on the ground as Quintessa turned to her own Creation.

"My Daughter, my Beta... You have grown quite accustomed to your tools." She stared at the Jetpack that Sari wore on her back. "Though... I don't remember that being added into the original arsenal."

"It was a present from my Dad's," Sari told her, taking off her Mask. "He gave it to me, made me put it to good use.

"And I see that he was right to give it to you... You use it as if it were your Birthright."

Sari sighed, walking over to her supposed Mother. "I... I have thought about what you said earlier... About being my Mom."

"And? Do you believe me?"

She walked around, holding her hands behind her back.

"I... Believe that I want to believe you... I really believe that I do... But if I'm being completely honest, then I'm sorry to say that I don't even know you... You just showed up in my home, telling me that you knew my own Dad! I mean, what I'm saying is... I think that if you really mean what you say, then... I think you need to earn my trust."

Quintessa nodded, understanding Sari's reasons. "I understand... What must I do to gain that trust?"

She sighed, rubbing her hair. "Well, it depends... How well can you fight?"

Later, a military transport was seen getting moved near the freeway straight out of beneath the bridge as they continued to drive through the city carrying such precious cargo.

"Alpha team, this is Charlie Actual, moving Precious Cargo to Prime destination, over."

"Copy that, Charlie Actual. Alpha Team and Bravo escorting care package now, over."

The convoy began to roll out, moving through the city to relocate their precious cargo to a safe destination, unaware that they under the watchful eyes of one of their own allies as Sari and Quintessa watched from above the rooftops.

"I don't understand... Are we are to combat them?"

"No, just the ones that are going to rob the Military of some dangerous gear. They might show up since they didn't bother going in quietly the last time, and I doubt that they'll be quiet on the next time."

"Well, I urge you to use caution when you enter the battle. I'd hate to see you injured in any way during the inevitable confrontation."

Sari raised a brow, turning to Quintessa. "You're not coming with me?"

"I... I would... But I am required to not engage in any kind of combat when I'm outside into the Earth."

"And why is that?"

"...For Diplomacy, of course... Humans need to see us as non-violent sentients, is that not the case?"

Sari sighed, nodding her head. "I admire the effort, I'll give you that." She turned around. "Alright, well, I guess I'm on my own, as per usual."

"But, you're not alone, Beta... I'm still by your side, even if I'm on the sidelines... I can give you advice, tell you what you need to do, show you things you never thought possible to be done in your very nature."

"Well, maybe that'd be great if I wasn't in the middle of a babysitting job."

Quintessa sighed, rubbing her neck. "Your Father had doubts too... It seems like you share the same trait, but in a different approach."

"Well, obviously, I mean, Dad had to think about what inventions could work best, and I'm trying to figure out when the best time to fight and learn-!" Sari widened her eyes, turning to Quintessa. "...Were you just trying to get me to open up to you?"

"I honestly wasn't even trying if that is what you are asking."

Sari groaned, scratching her head. "Okay... You know what? Just stay here and keep an eye out. I'm gonna go call the Autobots, see if they're through with the Dinobots."

At that mention, Quintessa's eyes glowed brightly as she turned to her Daughter beginning to turn around and leave.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"And why shouldn't I?"

"Because that would take out the element of surprise. And besides that, they'll most likely be expecting them to show up."

"And?" Sari turned around, facing Quintessa. "The Autobots dealt creeps like M.E.C.H. before, even if they haven't met them yet."

"That's precisely the point. This entire World has already transcended into an already all too familiar territory that anyone would expect them to appear."

Quintessa started approaching her while Sari paid attention to her Wisdom.

"That is why I suggest you must be the one to handle this on your own. Show them what you're made of, give them a reason not to assume everything that will happen the way they expect it to be."

Sari raised a brow, folding her arms. "And why are you telling me this?"

"Because you are strong... Stronger than you realize, even at your current state. And that is why you are more than equipped to handle the danger quite sufficiently."

"And why do you think that?"

"Because if there is one thing the enemy will not be expecting to show up in the inevitable confrontation, that would be you."

As she thought about that sentence, an explosion suddenly erupted from the city, causing Sari to turn around and see one of the trucks getting flipped sideways by enemy forces as she pressed her hands against the ledge, seeing the battle had already begun.

"Dammit, they're here!"

"Go. This range is close enough for me to guide you, now go! Show them what you're made of."

Sari for once obeyed that command as she turned her Battle Mask on, jumping off to take a dive down the street before activating her Jetpack to fly right towards her destination.

As she was on her way, the military had engaged with M.E.C.H, who were also after the convoy as they were undergoing a car chase.

"Charlie Actual, Alpha Team is down! Bravo Actual is taking heavy fire, over!"

"This is Charlie Actual, over! We're being under attack by the same individuals who assaulted the Cullen Facility, requesting immediate backup, over!"

As the chase ensued, a Green Helicopter hovered in the air as the man named Silas oversaw the attack from above, smiling at the overall progress of the assault.

"James, how are we? Have we got eyes on the prize?"

"Currently ongoing the search," James said as he was seen being in the passenger seat of a Green Muscle Car. "And this time, I'm sure that weapon's sitting right inside the truck in front of us."

"Good. Then it's time to secure the package. I don't know when those Bots are coming, and I don't want to know."

James nodded his head as he circled his finger in mid-air, signaling the driver as he punched the accelerator, driving right next to the truck upfront while the Marines in the 2nd truck, presumably Bravo Actual, attempted to shoot at them. When being shot at, Savoy began activating a low range EMP, which deactivated everyone's weapons inside the truck, much to their dismay.

However, that didn't stop M.E.C.H. from driving next to the end of the truck as Savoy pulled out a pistol and pointed directly at their driver, as he pulled the trigger to fire a blaster shot aimed directly at a Marine's head.

But just before it could make an impact, Sari flew right in and deflected the shot, bouncing it towards one of the vehicles chasing after the military as it swerved over to a light pole, taking M.E.C.H. by surprise as Savoy's car pulled back, seeing a familiar figure in the wind.


As Sari landed on the top of the truck, looking back at M.E.C.H, she quickly stood back to peer her head over to take a good look at the driver.

"Hi! How are you doing? You hurt?"

The driver turned around, seeing Sari appear out of nowhere had him stunned from the appearance.

"Who are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Backup. Now keep driving, I got you covered!"

She stood up, activating her Blades as she stood in the back, running off to make a jump towards a M.E.C.H. vehicle, landing on the top of the car to face the two thugs.

"So, I'm not sure about you, but I think you guys have definitely gone past the speed limit. Mind if I check your license?"

The only response she had was when the driver pulled out a gun and started firing at her, causing Sari to deflect the blaster shots that were aimed right at her chest.

"Okay, so I'm presuming that's a no."

At that point, she started thrusting her hand towards the windshield, breaking through to penetrate the steering wheel, pulling it out of the car as she jumped towards the next car, leaving the last to crash towards an old Porter C. Powell billboard sign.

Once that was taken care of, she used her Blades to cut a car right in half, rendering the transport obsolete as she moved on to the rest, slashing at the third's tires to make them crash into a wall while moving on to the final vehicle, which was practically one of the M.E.C.H. thugs attempting to jump onto Bravo Team's vehicle to take the Marines hostage.

And within a split second, she hopped up to kick the soldier out, letting him fall onto the street while she used her Blasts to destroy the engine, letting the car flip over on its roof as it hung upside down, knocking the enemies out completely as she stood in the back of the truck, turning around to check on the troops.

"Everybody all good?"

One of the Marines got up, looking around the street. "We're good... What happened to the last one?"

"What do you mean? I took care of them all.

"No, there was supposed to be five of them. You took out four, I've kept count!"

"Okay, then where exactly is the-?!"

Before they knew it, the truck carrying the package was suddenly t-boned by Savoy's vehicle as it rammed the truck sideways, leaving Sari to turn around and widen her eyes in shock.

"Oh no!"

She jumped off of the last truck, leaving the Marines behind while she flew towards Charlie Actual, landing on the ground to look around, seeing Savoy and the Driver missing as she jumped to the back, seeing the cargo untouched.

She breathed anxiously, turning to the package to open it up, see if he managed to take it, which was not the case fortunately enough... However, the content of the package offered Sari some sense of intrigue.


She picked up the Item, which was practically a laptop loaded with a satellite of the entire Planet Earth as she held it in her hands, seeing the screen manually screenshotting images of numerous vehicles of interest.

"Okay... So, it's a computer filled with cars, what's so special about... Wait, what?"

As she paid close attention, one of the screenshots managed to capture Rodimus Prime in his Vehicle Mode, which immediately began to scan him as he was quickly identified as a Cybertronian in a matter of seconds, much to her surprise. Then as she scrolled through the history browser, it began displaying information about previous Autobots, especially Optimus Prime, Cliffjumper, Arcee, Springer, Jetfire, any of the Autobots that previously appeared in Detroit in history.

"...Alright, what is this supposed to be exactly?"

"The Future."

Sari turned around, seeing Savoy holding the Truck Driver hostage as he held a gun at his neck, prompting her to hold the laptop in her hands as she flipped it shut, putting it back inside the crate.

"You know... The last time I checked, you're supposed to be dead."

Sari perked her head up, staring at Savoy in an act of defiance.

"That goes to show how much you know."

Savoy chuckled at her sarcasm, shaking his head.

"What you just saw was a device handcrafted by Lena, head founder of S.T.E.A.M, the Leader of the Cause who was arrested wrongfully for fighting for our Human Rights." He then started slamming the Truck Driver's head against the table, pinning a gun at his head. "A device that was taken by our government, who is utterly naive to believe that we should align ourselves with the Autobot filth that still smothers our Planet's surface with their cursed metal."

"And Lena made this why?"

"So she could give us a way to identify any and all Cybertronians from a worldwide view, especially if any start coming into orbit. That way, we'd have a fighting chance to eliminate them before they start showing up on Earth."

"That sounds an awful lot like termination rather than self-defense. And the rest just sounds like as if it's made to hunt everyone down like animals!"

"Call it whatever you like, sweetheart, but that is virtually the key to solving Humanity's problems, and you're holding it at the palm of your hands, so I'd like you to hand it over before I smear this guy's brains all over the truck."

Sari made a step, only for Savoy's driver to appear, backing him up as he held a gun at her, much to her displeasure.

"Nuh-uh... One wrong move and we start pulling the trigger, that's how this works."

Sari tilted her head, forming a fist in her hand. "That seems unfair, given there's two against one."

"Yeah, well, what can I say? I like those odds."

As they waited for the computer, Sari stared at them, figuring out when to make the right move when she heard a voice calling out to her.

"They have no idea what you're capable of, Beta... They still have yet to experience the element of surprise, which is an advantage you should use before they swiftly and unjust."

Sari's Optics rose out of curiosity, hearing Quintessa's voice inside her head as all the noise was suddenly drowned right out, causing her lips to form a question.

"No, don't speak. Just listen to my voice, my Creation. Listen to me carefully and breathe."

Sari did as she was told, closing her Optics and breathe through her Battle Mask, hearing her own breath blow out from her mouth.

"Listen to the moist sound of your breath. It's echo resonating from you. Focus on the sound as if it were the only thing you could possibly hear as if it were the only thing you needed to cling to."

And listen, she did as Sari continued to hear her breath move away like the wind, passing by towards the barrel of a blaster rifle.

"Now listen to the sounds of the energy that resides from inside the blaster... Hear it's energy resonate from within, focus on the Hum it provides while your breath goes away. Feel where it is and who is being carried."

Sari continued to have her eyes closed as she listened to the hum that Quintessa mentioned... The one that was carried by Savoy's Truck Driver as she let her hands go, feeling a sense of calm while Savoy began barking orders she could not hear from this angle.

"Now... Picture yourself standing behind the men... As if you were there all the long, as opposed to your current position... And once you gain that picture... Open your eyes and look at what you've accomplished."

Sari started to listen to Quintessa's words carefully as she listened to that hum, which was being blown out from the back of the rifle as she gained the picture in her head, the one Quintessa had helped her draw mentally... Then, from their point of view, Sari disappeared within a blink of an eye, much to Savoy's shock.

And finally, without realizing it, Sari appeared from behind the two as she teleported right behind them, knocking their heads together as she knocked them right out, single-handedly defeating them in combat as the Truck Driver gasped, seeing she dealt with the two with such finesse while she stood dumbfoundedly at her own victory.

"How... How the hell did you do that?!"

"...I'm not sure."

Sari shook her head, clearing any thoughts of her newfound ability as she turned to grab the laptop from inside the crate.

"This device... Where was it going?"

"...T-To the Pentagon... They wanted to have a good look at it-!"

"Wrong." Sari corrected, turning to the Driver. "This is going directly to the Autobots, and if you have any objections, then you go tell your superiors, whoever they are that they can take it up with them, okay?"


"Okay, cool!" She lightly punched the driver on the shoulder. "Nice chat, have a nice day!"

She popped out of the back of the truck and started walking away, leaving the Driver to come after her.

"Wait, hold up! What are you? My cousin has seen you on the TV, and nobody knows what you are! I mean, for real, who are you?"

She stopped to turn around, hesitant to give out her real name since it was mostly a failure the first few times. Then her eyes gazed upon Quintessa, who stared at her from above as she stood her ground as if being granted permission to say her own name.

"...Beta." She told the Marine, turning to face him. "You can call me Beta... That's who and what I am."

With that said, Beta turned around and flew right out of the area, leaving the Marine stunned while reinforcements arrived on the scene, leaving Silas completely unsatisfied as he watched the events not going his way.

"Sir? What are your orders?"

Silas sighed, leaning back against his chair. "What do you think? Pull back, we're done here."

The Chopper began to turn around and exit the scene, avoiding any confrontation with the government...

Later, Sari was seen at the Garage with Raoul as they watched the news inside, seeing Savoy's arrest along with the crew responsible for the attack displayed on the screen.

"Yikes... I wouldn't want to be those Pendejos right about now."

"Neither would I."

Raoul turned around, rubbing some oil off of a greased part. "So... Beta is what everybody's calling that Cyborg Vigilante, huh?"

"Hmm... I wouldn't call her a Cyborg, because I think she's more of a Techno Organic."

"Si? And how do you know, Miss High and Mighty?"

She smirked, nodding her head. "It's just a feeling."

Raoul sighed as he set the part down. "Alright, well I'm going on break. And before I go, I should probably tell you that you have a visitor waiting for you in the back."

"Oh, cool, I was expecting to meet up with her anyway."

"Actually, the visitor is a He."

She raised a brow, turning to Raoul.

"...He who?"

"I don't know, it's just some guy in a Porsche who says he knows you."

She widened her eyes, having an idea who her visitor may possibly be as she walked out of the garage, entering the back alleyway where Jazz was seen appearing in his Vehicle Mode, having an open door waiting for her.

As she smiled, she got inside of him, closing the Driver's door shut while she sighed, seeing that she was reunited with one of her friends.

"It's good to see you again, Jazz."

"Same can be said of you, Sari." Jazz said with similar joy. "So... Beta, huh? Nice work with defending the Organics back there."

"Thanks... How was feeding the Dinobots so far?"

"Mostly a cluster since Hot Shot forgot to feed 'em. But it's all over now, and everybody's good, so we're fine."

"That's great to hear."

His rearview window perked over to Sari, taking a look at her. "Seriously though... You got yourself a whole new Designation?"

She sighed, nodding her head. "Yeah... You could say I have gotten it from inspiration..."

"From what exactly?"

"I... Prefer not to say at the moment... It's actually something I'm starting to figure out myself, someone I'm currently seeing. I don't want to talk about it yet because this one is, uh... Very personal, but when I'm ready, I'll definitely share the details with you guys." She sighed, leaning back against the Driver's seat. "So... How's everything going so far?"

"Well, pretty good for the most part; Prime and Elita got Bonded together just last Solar Cycle, so they're happy."

She chuckled, rubbing her hair. "Gosh, I'm so sorry I couldn't make it... Did you at least get my present?"

"Oh yeah... Bumblebee really appreciated that, and speaking of; he's currently getting an Upgrade from Wheeljack and Ironfist."

"Those two? Ooh, they're a force to be reckoned with."

"When it comes to Upgrades? More like scary even."

She curled her lips, looking at the windshield. "...How's Cybertron?"

"Doing fine... Most of the Repairs have been done and fixed up... You're welcome to visit us anytime you want, you know. Everybody else would be happy to see you again."

"I'm sure they would..." She pushed herself up. "But... I'm still trying to overcome issues... And I'm sure you have your own issues, as well as everyone else... And yeah, it'd be fun to have you guys by my side and all, but... I think I need to figure out how to take care of myself, for the most part, to grow without having to hold someone else's hand when it comes to being independent."

"Alright well... You know where to find us if you need us."

"And if you ever need me, you'll know where to find me."

"That's cool... But first, you mentioned you got something for us?"

"Oh yeah." Sari quickly got out her bag, getting the Laptop out and putting it in the Backseat. "This was a souvenir of S.T.E.A.M.s before it got replaced by a bunch of new wannabes. I thought you'd might want to take it back to Cybertron, have it kept in safe hands."

"Sure thing. I'm certain Optimus would know what to do with it, I trust the Bot as if I needed to depend on it."

Sari smiled as she got out of the car, but not closing it fully as she stood her ground, thinking about something in her mind.

"...Say..." She turned around, facing Jazz. "Would it be cool if we were to... Hang out from time to time? I'm available on the weekends, and you know, I'd like to see you guys every now and then, talk and stuff."

"Yeah... Yeah, I'm sure everybody would love that."

"Cool..." Sari closed the door, stepping back while nodding her head. "Cool, so... I'll see you around?"

Jazz chuckled, rolling his engine fumes. "We'll see you around. Take care, Sari!"

With that said, he drove right out of the alleyway, leaving Sari behind as she went back inside of the garage, seeing Quintessa in her Human waiting right inside to take her by surprise.

"I'm surprised you didn't mention to him about me," Quintessa said as she noticed Sari walking inside.

"Would you have tried to stop me?"

"I was merely observing, it's no consequence whatsoever." She turned around, facing Sari. "Now... Would it be okay if we talked?"

Sari sighed, nodding her head. "Yeah... Yeah, I think it's time that we started to talk. Um, can we sit down?"

"Of course."

In a short matter of time, they went over to the same counter that she spoke to Raoul from their previous conversation as they sat on the opposite ends of the table.

"So... You knew my Father?"

Quintessa sighed, nodding her head. "For a very... Very long time indeed, yes."

Sari leaned on against her chair, intent on listening to Quintessa.

"Well... What happened? My Dad never mentioned you to me, not once in my entire life. Why is that?"

Quintessa sat there silently, deathly silent as her hand began to reach out for Sari's holding her close as memories of old began to stir into her head.

"...The reason why Isaac never mentioned me is probably that... That I wiped his memory of me..."

Sumdac Tower... Seven Years before the Autobots awaken from Stasis.

Isaac was seen at his office making some high profile documents when he heard a knock on his door, peeking his head up to see Quintessa in her Human form as a warm smile formed on his lips.

"You again."

"Hello, Isaac... You look well."

"As do you! You barely aged a day!" He stood up, turning away from his desk to share a hug with his longtime colleague. "It's been so long... Where have you been?"

"Traveling around the world... And other places too." She broke off the hug. "How are you?"

"Fine! I was just considering contacting you about the future of this company... See, I have been sitting on the chair for a long time, and I think it's time that I started sharing it with you!"

Quintessa scoffed lightly, shaking her head. "Isaac, you're too kind, but that won't be necessary."

"Why not? I'm this close to starting a press conference, and besides, Sumdac Systems needs someone to take care of the Company even long after I'm gone!"

She nodded her head. "I agree... Which is why I'm telling you that someone can't be me."

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

She sighed, holding hands with him as she looked him directly in the eyes.

"You may find this hard to process, but... This is the last time that we will ever speak to each other."

Isaac widened his eyes, having heard her say something he never thought would be said.

"...You're going away?"

"Yes... For good this time... See, I have spent a long time helping you become the person you were destined to be, and now... I think it's time for me to move on to my own journey, to focus more on my future."

"So, what? You're saying goodbye?"

"Yes... But not without giving you a gift... A token of your reward that I believe you may find quite enlightening."

"Oh?" Isaac looked around as if he were searching for a Christmas Present. "Alright, well... Where is this gift?"

"Sitting right inside of your Laboratory, even as we speak... You won't be able to miss it, it has a unique glow to it."

"Well, what is it exactly?"

She smiled, holding his hands still. "I think it'd be more interesting if you were to see it for yourself... And I have faith that you'll be able to take care of that gift even long after I'm gone."

"After you're gone? Why? Is it important?"

"Yes... Because that is also part of your journey Isaac... Something I'm not able to join you, as much as I want to."

"Well... What should I do? Everything I have ever learned, I've learned it from you... And you know so much."

"And that's partly the reason why I must leave now... Because you have to learn on your own... And to make sure of it..." She started wrapping her hands around his shoulders. "...I'm going to need you to forget about me."

"...Wait, what?"

Before he knew it, Isaac's eyes widened with a gasp as her entire being reverted to her Metalliac being, taking him by surprise before Quintessa's hand was placed at the back of his neck, forming a Purple glow on the back of his own scalp as his eyes went dull, mind numb from her intrusion.

"When you wake up... You will no longer remember my own existence, nor of the moments we've shared together... When you wake up, everything I have ever taught you, you will think of it as something you taught yourself... And soon enough, you will have taught yourself many things, to a point where you will no longer need me as a teacher."

She started to lay him down on the floor, his eyes still dull as he felt every memory of Quintessa beginning to be erased from his mind.

"When you wake up, you will find our Child waiting for you in the Lab... It's activation waiting for your touch, big or small... And once the Child awakens, you must care for it for as long as you can, until the Child has grown to a point where it no longer needs your protection... You must love it as you have loved me, not out of my own request, but because of the heart that resides within you."

With her word resonated into his barely conscious mind, her lips began to touch his as Isaac's mind began to fall into its brief slumber, having felt the connection he had with her before eventually forgetting all about it in the end as she ended the kiss, letting him go.

"Goodbye, Isaac... May your Journey last until the very end of your Life-Cycle."

With enough words said, Quintessa began to revert back into her Human Form, walking away as Isaac woke up, groaning at the fact that he found himself lying on the floor with no memory of what transpired... However, he did find a flashing light at the end of the hallway, making him walk out of the office to check out his Lab.

Entering the lab, he found a small Little Body Like Liquid Metal, taking great interest in it as he slowly moved on to touch the Protoform, setting into motions of things yet to come as Isaac received a shock and fell to the floor unconscious... With Quintessa baring witness behind the scene.

Quintessa sighed as Sari stared at her, having heard her own story of the last time she had spoken with her Father while the thought brought back memories of old.

"...You made my Father forgot all about you? Why?"

Quintessa still held her hand, turning to face her Daughter as they continued to sit together.

"...When you're as ancient as the Stars, you tend to bear witness to time itself going fast quick rapidly..." Her eyes rolled down, turning a plant that has been sitting in the pot for some time. "And as you bear witness, you tend to notice the many friends you've made in life... Grow old, beyond the average age of living... And then to a point where you're forced to sit and observe the life slowly dim from the eyes, watching them drift into the afterlife."

She set the plant down, turning back to Sari as she continued to listen to her words.

"For my People... Our People, I should say... That's the curse of Immortality... To watch and observe as life is born, only to die by Time's self-righteous hands, having to learn the hard way that nothing ever lasts forever." She leaned back against her stool. "For Humans, some would deem it unfair for a Cybertronian to have such a trait... But others, they'd find it as a gift... For Cybertronains, beings such as you and I, have a much longer life-span than any other being in the entire Universe... To cherish every moment, feel every moment spent, to know how little we are despite how big we seem."

Sari sighed heavily, having heard Quintessa's speech as she continued to hold her hands from across the table.

"...Why are you here? Why now, after all this time?"

She turned to look at her, feeling like the right moment to state her intentions.

"...Because I need your help, Beta... You see, a long time ago, I had... Something was stolen from me, something that belongs to me by Birthright... And for a long time, I've been trying to find a way to reclaim that Birthright, though it is rather difficult because it requires a process that takes time and effort to consume... And for it to work, I need your help to make the process come into fruition."

"Okay..." Sari nodded her head. "Okay, and what is your Birthright exactly?"

"...My Home... My Planet was seized a long time ago, and I'd like it back."

Sari sighed, taking a deep breath as she nodded her head.

"...Alright... How can I help?"

"Not, now, Daughter." Quintessa smiled, letting go of her hand. "But when the time is right, I will find you... And when I do, I'll be happy to show the steps needed to work. I look forward to spending our time together, as I have enjoyed it with your Father."

Sari nodded her head, smiling as she felt that Motherly Love spread on her very essence. "I can't wait... Mom."

Quintessa nodded, making her exit as Sari watched her leave the Garage and out into the Open World.

Later, Quintessa was seen inside of an undisclosed location as she maintained her Human Form, looking around the area as she looked to be in a place of business.

"...I know you're here... There's no need to hide."

She turned her head to the dark, from within came none other than Silas as he approached the Female in an unsatisfied expression in his figure.

"You let the Girl take what belongs to M.E.C.H... What was that for?"

Quintessa turned her body to face Silas. "I did what I had to do in order to maintain the trust she has in me."

"And because of that, the Autobots have the one thing we needed to wipe out their very presence from the face of the Earth, all because you wanted to get friendly with a Machine that everyone believes is Dead."

The Quintesson raised a brow, tilting her head. "Is there something you'd like to add, Silas?"

"Yeah, a lot of somethings." He started walking towards her. "You know, my spies had informed me that you had some personal encounter with Sumdac one, too many times... Especially when you met with her at that Garage downtown. Now, I don't know the exact origin of this relationship, but one thing's for sure is that she knows where to find the Device, and how we can steal it back."

"No... She is not to be touched."

"And why is that?"

"Because I said so."

"Because you-?" Silas let out a bitter disgusted laugh. "Because you said so? Well, you know what?" He started approaching her a lot more. "You say a lot of things, yet I'm not seeing results, so I'm just about tempted to march right into that Apartment and have her cut open like a pig-!"

Before he could spell out any more of his threats, Quintessa's hand reached out for his throat, making him be lifted up in the air as Silas winced in pain, seeing her return to her Metallic Green Form, all while she started crushing the life from his own breath.

"You do not presume to question my orders. I am Eternal, you are Mortal, therefore I have vast superiority than any of you Humans could possibly imagine."

As Silas choked, feeling the life drain from his soul, Quintessa tossed him against the wall, bruising him roughly as he coughed, breathing intensely while he clung to his throat, feeling the air return to his body as Quintessa knelt down to his current level.

"You are not to harm her... You will not lay a finger on her, nor will you come into contact with her under any circumstance unless I deem it appropriate... If I find out that you have disregarded my order, I will personally see to it that your entire organization, this entire rebellion of yours, will suffer for a lifetime of existence, do I make myself clear?"

Silas continued to cough while he simply nodded his head, turning his head as he slowly regained his breath.

"You... You couldn't make the picture any more clearer than that, lady."

As he knelt on the floor, Quintessa returned to her Human Form as she stood up, observing the Leader of M.E.C.H. while she stood in her current position.

"...I know my methods seem entirely unorthodox, and I don't expect you to understand them all despite being an experienced tactician... But you can rest assured that I make good on my promise when I tell you that we'll both get what we want... It's only a matter of time until we reach our end goals."

Cybertron... 6 Months Later.

The scene takes place back in the Metroplex as Optimus and Rodimus were seen fighting to the death, with one Prime being under Quintessa's spell while the other is trying to make him regain his senses while he used his Crossbow to combat Optimus's, Star Saber.

Optimus of course, given how much power he wields, does not hold back against his assaults as he pushed Rodimus back, swinging his Weapon at him furiously, with such rage that is both disciplined and extroverted that even Megatron would find it amusing... If he could while sharing one Processor with Ratchet at the current moment as Quintessa hovered to watch.

"Optimus, stop!" Rodimus growled, having Optimus cut him on his own chest. "Optimus, you have to listen to me!"

Optimus would not listen however as he pushed Rodimus back, shoving him to the floor so he could stab him right into the chest with the Saber. Rodimus was quick to react, however, since he rolled over to let the blade strike into the ground, giving Rodimus the opportunity to use his Crossbow's String to hold Optimus down by making a flip behind his back and tying the strings on his neck.

Optimus widened his Purple Optics at that as his Blue Servos held onto his neck, Rodimus continued to hold him in this position as he intended to make him lose enough battery power to have him fall into Stasis, tightening his grip as Rodimus did not hold back in his current course of action.

"Trust me... You may not like it now, but it's for your own GOOOOAAHH!"

Optimus gripped on the Strings and in a matter of seconds, he flipped Rodimus over, throwing him right out of the window as Rodimus fell down several feet in the air, landing right into the balcony, smashing through several pillars on the way down.

Once he landed on the balcony, he crashed through a ceiling window, shattering the glass as he landed right on top of an Autobot Symbol... The Chosen One looking tired and beaten to a pulp as he got onto his knees, panting on his own Intake as he regained some strength to get up.

At least he was going to when a Grappler Cable wrapped itself Rodimus's neck, tightening it enough to make him choke as he widened his Optics, grabbing his own neck while he was dragged, pulled by Optimus as he had followed him down into the Balcony, still intent on putting his own head on a platter.

Once he got close enough, Optimus had his back faced against Rodimus's own back, still pulling on the Grappler to continue choking the Flaming Prime to death.

"I'm going to kill you," Optimus said with no absolute sign of stopping as he continued his assault. "And when you die, you would die all for a struggle that is purely meaningless."

Rodimus simply choked at the thought, causing his base instinct to fight back as he tried reaching for his Crossbow, which was kicked away during the struggle as he had no way to put his hands into their grip. With nothing else to do, Rodimus simply just sat there, literally fighting to maintain his Function as he slowly began to blackout, knowing the Red and Blue Prime wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

Just when he felt like the end was near, Optimus was suddenly struck by a Wrecking Ball, causing Rodimus to fall back onto his knees gasping for air with his Optics widened as Bulkhead arrived with Jazz and Bumblebee to the rescue.

"Sorry to do this, Bossbot, but you'll thank me later." Bulkhead said as he kept swinging his Wrecking Ball at Optimus, who got Wrecked a second time as Jazz moved on to check on Rodimus.

"Yo, you good bro?"

Rodimus coughed, holding his throat as he turned to face Jazz. "You have... No idea how good it is to see you again."

"Hey, just be lucky when we showed up. And you can thank Red for this later when we get to a safe distance."

Bumblebee began making a small beep, turning to Rodimus while using a radio box to voice out quotes from a TV show.

"I'm Looking For The Doctor."

Rodimus widened his Optics, knowing who Bee was referring to.

"Oh Scrap... Uh, guys about Ratchet-!"

"He's right here!"

Within a blink of an eye, Sari appeared through teleportation as she helped Ratchet/Megatron relocate into the balcony as everyone turned to bear witness to their horrific convergence.

"And from where I'm standing, he's not exactly looking too good!"

Bulkhead widened his Optics, looking at Ratchet and Megatron.

"Is that... Ratchet... And Megatron?!"

"Yep, courtesy of my Mother, folks, give a round of applause."

Jazz knelt down, hearing both Decepticon and Autobot's whimpering voice colliding into one as their suffering was heard by the group.

"Jeez... What did she do to them?"

"I don't know." Rodimus got back onto his Pedes. "But if the Decepticons find out what happened, they're going to through a fit."

"That is if any of them are still roaming freely. Quintessa put in a lot of effort, and it's my fault for helping her."

The Autobots turned to Sari, hearing her own guilt being expressed out in the open.

"Come on, Sari," Bulkhead said, turning to her. "It ain't your fault."

"But it is... I brought her here, she made me bring her here!"

"Did I?"

Everyone turned around, seeing the one responsible for so much chaos as Quintessa hovered from above, approaching the group while acting like royalty.

"From what I recall, you helped me out of your free will... I have no recollection of forcing you to do something that wasn't your choice thereof."

Sari turned to her, angered at her very presence as she took a couple of steps, facing her.

"...I let you into my life... I trusted you as I trusted my friends, I treated you like you were family, and you just took advantage of all it."

"Daughter, I never took advantage-!"

"You used me!" Sari yelled, letting out an emotional roar. "You convinced me that you were this helpless person that had her Planet taken away, but instead, you were the one that ended up taking Cybertron away because you wanted to be so arrogantly selfish!"

With no time to waste, she unleashed her fury, shooting blasts at Quintessa as she knocked her to the ground, continuing to let out a barrage of blasts at the one she trusted.

"You lied to me, you betrayed me, and you took away a home that belonged to my friends!"

As she let out another shot, Quintessa quickly shielded herself, blocking Sari's attacks as she stood up, holding her ground.

"I did no such thing! Cybertron was mine long before the Created stole it from me!"

"Because you and your people Enslaved them!"

"Because they were our property! We were the ones that brought them life, and they thanked us by stealing what was ours! I am not the one who's being selfish, it is they who are being selfish!"

Sari scoffed, shaking her head out of anger. "If that is what you choose to believe, then you have zero wisdom to share with me considering how much damage you caused!"

As she tried approaching "Mom", Optimus grabbed Sari with his bare hand, catching her off guard as his Purple Optics glared out into the small Techno Organic.

"You will abide by our Creator's word, whatever the consequence may be..." Optimus said lowly as he stared out into Sari, who was saddened by his current state of mind while struggling to get out of his grip.

"Optimus... Optimus, listen to yourself! This isn't you-!"

Before she could plead further, Bumblebee fired upon his own Dad, making Prime let her go as he activated his Sabers, attacking Optimus who engaged in a small duel with each other.

Bumblebee moved on to press the offensive, swinging his Blades down in a small circle before pressing on to hit him by the knee, moving to incapacitate him, but not kill. That was rendered futile when Optimus stood back, letting go one hand on the handle of the Star Saber to hold onto one of Bumblebee's bare Servos, holding him in the air so he could give him a face butt, knocking him down into the ground as Sari watched in horror.


As he fell, Prime dragged him by the back and slammed his face against the wall, right before Bee quickly activated Battlemask and shielded himself from the impact. Before he could further damage, Bulkhead moved in to swing his Wrecking Ball at the Prime, who dodged the attack so he could grab him by the wire and pull the Green Bot close the elbow him in the face.

While Bulkhead hit the ground, Jazz came into the fight and attack him with his Nun-Chucks, defending Bumblebee and Bulkhead as he took their place. Once the Cyber Ninja pushed back the possessed Prime, he moved to kick him by the chest, only for Optimus to grab him by the leg, pushing Jazz to the ground, punching him in the face repeatedly before Rodimus jumped on his back, pulling him away from the White Autobot.

Rodimus clung to him as he started punching Optimus by the head, intending to make him feel battered, but he was pulled back, getting slammed against the wall brutally, denting his Spoiler further while Optimus grabbed his weapon, intending to stab the Chosen One by the Spark, but not before Bumblebee quickly intervened and jump kicked him by the face.

Optimus fell on his knees after that attack, as Bumblebee landed on the ground, Prime began to move to strike back, only to get hit by the Magnus Hammer, which was possessed by his Son sometime prior to this very moment as Optimus was flipped sideways, falling onto the ground from that impact. Of course, Optimus picked himself back up, turning to face the Autobots in fury when Sari showed up and blasted right at his Optics, blinding him temporarily as he screamed in pain, covering his Optics while standing back to give them time to recuperate.

"We can't fight him," Sari said, standing back. "Optimus has become too brutal, he'll rip us apart before we could talk some sense into him."

"All the more reason you must surrender," Quintessa suggested as she appeared before them once more. "Desist, you will be treated fairly, all of you... Persist, and there will come judgment without mercy."

As she made her threat clear, Knights began to appear on the balcony, surrounding the group as they huddled together, feeling a little outnumbered given their current situation.

"Okay, fellas," Rodimus spoke first, grabbing his Crossbow. "I'm all up for ideas if anybody has any..."

Bulkhead moved to pick Ratchet/Megatron up, holding them by their shoulders as Jazz, Bumblebee, and Rodimus leaned against each other, Sari stood her ground, preparing to fight as she continued to stare right at Quintessa, the one she thought she could depend on.

"I already told you before, Daughter... This is something that was inevitable, you can't stop this."

Sari sighed, shaking her head as she closed her eyes, calming herself down momentarily.

"...Maybe not..." Her eyes reopened. "But that doesn't mean we can't stop trying."

Within a matter of seconds, the Knights all charged right at the group, who suddenly disappeared as Sari used her technique to teleport themselves off the balcony, leaving Quintessa to bite the dust as Optimus regained his sight, his Optics still having a Purple Hue into them.

"They've escaped... Shall I pursue them, your highness?"

Quintessa shook her head, turning around. "No... They can keep running for as long as they like, it means nothing."

As she turned around, she activated a Quintesson hologram to display a screen that highly resembles a technology that was built originally on Earth... The very device that Sari once gave Jazz to so it would be brought to Cybertron, which is now deemed very dangerous at this very moment.

"The tools the Humans have given us will be enough to track down all the rest... And once they are found, there will be nothing that will stand in my way..."

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