Cheyenna is a week from turning two and Rachel just turned four last month.

Something was going on with dad and mom, nothing bad but I can't put my finger on it. I knew more children may be in cards and I don't mind. And it's not like my parents need, and weren't going to ask my permission to procreate. If I told them they did, I would love to see how that conversation would go! I think my sisters are so lucky to have dad there from the very beginning of their lives. I just might get a little brother this time.


It had only been a month and four days since we officially started "trying" again. It hadn't taken us long to conceive with Cheyenna, our first planned pregnancy. But unlike with Cheyenna's conception we were getting more interruptions, at the worst times. But duty called, damn it.


Two lines.

Both tests in the box read the same thing. Taking advantage of our girls being at preschool and with mom I wanted to confirm this before I told Horatio the good news. Our family physician laughed when she verified it. I had told her that husband and I had trying for a month "or so" although I could count the days. The doctor estimated I were four weeks pregnant.

"By the looks of this, you two got it the first time, and just kept going. Congratulations. I'll set you up with your O.B. and they'll get back to you with an ultrasound appointment in a few days."

I had forgotten that Horatio been called in earlier than his usual shift that morning. Hence him home when I got there. And finding the two positive pregnancy tests on the sink in our private bathroom.


Aimee wasn't there when I came home. She and the kids should be home soon so I went to our bathroom to take a quick shower. The first thing I noticed was the two pregnancy tests on the side of the sink. The two positive pregnancy tests.

"Well, well, well," I thought out-loud.

I told one of my quickest showers ever and waited for my wife in the living room. I met her in the kitchen when I heard her pull up in the driveway.

I kissed her and asked her how her day was.

She smiled and says "the same as usual."

"Really?" I countered. "You wanna change your story? Cause I've been in our bathroom."



I forgot to hide the pregnancy tests, forgetting Horatio could be home early and wanting to make sure I was home before mom brought Cheyenna and Rachel home. That part was "the same as usual" life with two little ones.

"Well, that wasn't the way I wanted to tell you—"

My husband cut me off with a kiss. "Either way, you know I couldn't be happier." He says.

"And by the way the doctor thinks it happened on our first try," I told him.

Horatio chuckled. "I told you I'm good."


It's official! And I called it first even if I didn't tell dad and mom. I'm not sure how the girls feel. But I'm thinking they're not as thrilled as me (or our parents). They get annoyed with each other a lot so I guess the thought for Rachel (I don't think Cheyenna grasps the idea yet, she's smart but she's young) there's going to be another kid around to beg her. That aside no doubt mom and dad are looking forward to enjoying the experience of pregnancy without any outside drama going on for us. I am, too. I'm not really a part of it the same way they are. What does that say about me, I wonder? Is that creepy?