Chapter Five


I didn't think three was a big number. It's far from the double digits but…three kids "a lot." Or so I am overhearing around the water cooler when people don't think I'm listening and don't let on that I am. How do I keep up with two active tots "at my age"? Chasing criminals does help keep me in shape for that and vice versa. And why on earth would I want several little ones? Wouldn't that "ruin the point" that I have a pretty young wife waiting for me? Well, there's many answers to that; first being no woman, especially my wife is sexual object there for the taking. After that however there's the fact that Aimee and I wanted to experience pregnancy and parenthood together. We enjoyed it so much the past two times, we decided "why not do it again?" Lastly, to some minds, a relationship with the age difference of Aimee's and myself is all about sex. Not actual love and companionship.

I can't speak of all, but our marriage definitely isn't. Sex would not have kept her around (as good as I am in that department) with all we've been through (and it's not like I have money as a break-up plan, ha-ha). So anyway, the fact I am evidently excited about Caine number four, number three in the "small bunch" is beyond the understanding of some people. Children are a joy and a gift. I may have not got the chance to be a part of my first child's childhood but I'm getting the chance to see Kyle live a second, this time, happy childhood seeing the adoring way he treats his sisters.


After "again?" (except for my parents whom I personally think would love a half dozen grandchildren, fyi, not happening from me) I get a "congratulations" when I tell people I'm pregnant again. Most notice it because I already have a tiny "baby bump."

Do you know the sex yet?


You have two beautiful little girls. I bet your husband would love a boy this time!

Thanks. And whatever it is, he'll "love" it. If this one's not a boy, it's not my fault.

On to the second question I get when I'm pregnant. When did I realize I had "a thing" for older men? Or Gingers. I never have. Not that I had anything against dating an older man (or a ginger) but none had ever asked me out before Horatio. I took the leap with him because, well, I can't really explain it other than there was just something drew me to him the moment we met on the side of the road that day. I was curious to find out if redheads are more "passionate" in bed than others. I wouldn't lie.

The answer is a resounding "fuck yes!"