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Cat's Eye

Chapter 37th

Ari Eli finally caught was sitting in the interrogation room trying to relax with the cuffs behind his back. There was a guard inside the room until Captain Beckett arrives. She was on her way over from her office while Castle was with Gina at Black Pawn Publishing finishing the final details for the six weeks book tour.

Beckett walked inside the room with all of her notes confidant with her persona for the most part.

"Okay let's get started Mr. Eli. Tell me about all of your resources?" She asked since some of his profile had been deleted.

Coughing slightly before talking. He began to say the following. "Most or all of my finances are from every piece of weapon and drugs I have sold over the years. Plus I sell and buy stocks at the Stock market since I am an investor with great success."

"Our records indicate that you and your associate work for the United Nations as Liaison officers? Is that correct?" Kate will asked with Javier Esposito and Detective Kevin Ryan were behind the glass listening on.

"That is correct. However it was just a front for the most part." He said with a slight smirk.

"Why did you show up at the warehouse knowing that Jamey Cain had betrayed you with the manuscript and the codebook?"

"I needed to with too much at stake Captain Beckett and I had no choice but to kill him at that particular time. A source of mine had advised me that Jamey Cain was talking to the police."

Inside the Glass...

"I don't believe this there is a mold working for the 12th precinct or there is a bug somewhere ?" Sergeant Esposito will have to say to his partner sipping his hot coffee.

"What are we going to do Javi?" Ryan asked...

"Check the Captain's phone or any other items in her office is the only place the deal was made from inside her office." Esposito had gotten up from his seat leaving Ryan to stay put and listen.

While moments later he entered into the captain's office using the spare key that he keeps on him for occasions like these. Walking inside with turning on the light to see proper. He began checking in the back first finding nothing and then over to her desk checking underneath and inside every draw again nothing. Until finally taking the phone apart there was the little bugger. He had gotten himself a clear evidence bag from his coat pocket and placed it inside with fixing the phone once more as the way he found it.

He would head back to the interrogation room to speak with Beckett inside talking in her ear. "Really! Javier I will take care of it. I suggest you take it to the lab to have it checked out."

He leaves while Ari Eli was nervous wondering what was going on. "Well Mr. Eli it seems we have found your bug. It's a no wonder why Jamey Cain was killed with you having to find out about his deal with us and the Witness Protection Program. Guard take this man out and placed him into the processing jail cell until transportation can be made to take him to court." Kate will say to the guard...

"I have nothing else to say Captain Beckett. I did what was needed to run my business."

"Do you have the right to kill innocent citizens of the United States with your goddamn weapons and drugs on the streets?" She was angry as hell with hitting the table with her fist to scare the guard and Ari himself not saying anything further.



For all involved in the trafficking of the weapons and drugs along with other charges. Ari Eli and his partner along with his associates had gotten the maximum amount of jail time from 20 to life to be sent to the Denville prison and place into the maximum cells inside 23 hours a day with one hour for food and exercise for the first year.

Meanwhile Richard Castle's book tour for Cat's Eye was going well for everyone involved. Black Pawn Publishing with the heighted publicity on the book and interviews. This book alone was making over $30 million dollars combined with a possible sequel in the works.

Castle was exhausted as he had called his wife from Colbrook, Maine with another three weeks to go.. He had fallen asleep in his queen size bed feeling warm under the blankets. This was one of his favorite hotels to stay in with the greetings, food and mostly entertainment.

It was sometime during the night he started to dream...

Once again he saw the same Giant Claw and red eyes of a giant Cat. He was running once again when a giant claw scratch him against his face. "NO!

He woke quickly only to find blood on his pillow...Was this real or a dream?...

The End