Chapter 3

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Torrington Base

Albion hanger


"My god." Said Kou as he starred wide-eyed at the two Gundam mobile suits in one of the Pegasus carrier's hanger, completely in awe of both mobile suits.

One of them was of similar build and appearance to the original Gundam as well as others currently fielded by the Federation military while the other was far more heavily armored and armed than all other Gundams, even more so then the Full Armor Gundam of old.

Gatlings guns and missiles launchers were placed around it's shoulders and backpack along with it's thighs. Larger than normal beam saber hilts were on it's waist and next to the Gundam was a large and thick shield along with two large weapons, a bazooka and beam rifle respectively. Despite the sheer power and menace the 2nd Gundam held, Kou was entranced with the first Gundam. It's simplicity and resemblance to the original Gundam as well as the RX-78-7 spoke more to Kou because of the White Devil.

The White Devil was a legend within the Federation military and even the civilian populace. A teenager with no military training or combat experience became one of the Federation's most capable aces during the One Year War, piloting their very first mobile suit and using it to take down various Zeon aces in the war, like Char Aznable and Ramba Ral, people that had killed so many Federation soldiers in the beginning in the war and proving they weren't as invincible as people made them out to be, even killing both of them as well as helping kill Garma Zabi.

Though Kou was stunned at hearing that the White Devil had decided to take a teaching job in the military, taking his AI with him, he was still in awe of the White Devil and hoped that, one day, he could meet him. He seemed like the kind of person that Kou can get along with. And, perhaps secretly, he could be the legendary ace of the Federation like the White Devil. He had a good relationship that went beyond a working relationship with his AI, Swift, and he was working hard to become a good pilot in the military, despite his current assignment.

Continuing to look at the two Gundams, Kou almost didn't recognize the tapping from Keith until he heard the yelling of a woman.

"What are you two doing here?" Demanded a blond-haired woman with green eyes as she approached both Keith and Kou as they gazed upon the two Gundams. She wasn't wearing a Federation uniform, however, instead wearing a Anaheim electronics skirt and dress-shirt instead. "These things aren't museum pieces to be ogled after. Get back to your assigned duties." Upon hearing that, Kou looked at the woman, noticing her lovely features, before speaking.

"Sorry, about that. We just wanted to see if this ship had a Gundam on it." Said Kou, looking at the woman, who looked at both young men with an annoyed look on her face. Sighing, upon hearing that, the woman spoke.

"I'm guessing you two are stationed in Torrington Base, correct?" Asked the woman. When the two boys nodded, she sighed again. "I suppose it can't be helped then. The Gundam line has become rather popular since their introduction along with the GM line. Toys and the like are selling like hot cakes all over the Earth Sphere." The two boys nodded at that in agreement, recalling a conversation they heard of how Gundam toys and being made all over Federation controlled space.

After the war, some toy company decided to create toys of Federation mobile suits. These range from simple plastic toys in fast food places to action figures of respectable quality. Of the top sellers, the Gundam line was the most popular, ranging from the original Gundam to the RX-78-7 Gundam.

Moving on, though, the woman looked at the two Gundams fondly before looking at the two young Federation soldiers.

"Look, I won't report this if you both go back to your barracks now and keep this a secret. These Gundams are supposed to be kept secret until their official reveal later today." Said the woman. Upon hearing that, Kou looked estatic.

"You mean these things are being tested in Torrington?" Asked Kou in awe. The woman pursed her lips at the sheer excitement from Kou's voice before speaking.

"Yes." Said the woman. "Now get off the ship, please. I need to do last minute check ups with these Gundam before they're revealed." Shooing the two soldiers away, the woman went to the two Gundam models.

Pouting at the woman's rudeness, Kou nonetheless left with Keith, intending to go back to his barracks to talk to Swift, to tell him what he saw, trusting him to keep a secret. As they left the Pegasus class ship, Kou spoke to Keith.

"Were you in awe of those Gundams like I was, Keith?" Asked Kou, remembering those two Gundams, which revitalized his excitement. Keith nodded while smiling.

"Yeah. They're pretty awesome and cool." Said Keith. "Those Gundams are always impressive to look at, regardless of the model. The way they look. They way they're so stoic and awe-inspiring to it's allies when it's in the field. It's just a cool series of mobile suits." Kou nodded in agreement at that.

"Yeah, what I wouldn't give to pilot one of those things." Said Kou. "Maybe someday we'll get to pilot a Gundam one day. That'll be a sight to see." Keith nodded at that, dreaming of them becoming as famous as the White Devil, leading the Federation to victory. As they daydreamed they suddenly heard some shouting.

"There you two are." Yelled Burning, scowling at both Keith and Kou as he made his way to them. "Get your lazy butts to your Zakus or else I'm going to put both of you on latrine duty for a month!" Upon hearing that, the two boys scrambled to get to the hanger bay where their Zakus are, nearly tripping a few times as they did so. Shaking his head, Burning looked at the Pegasus class carrier before him, smiling a bit at seeing it as it reminded him of the White Base and it's crew before he left as well.



"So, miss Purpleton how are the two Gundam doing?" Asked captain Synapse as he approached the Anaheim electronics employee that had urged Kou and Keith to go away. Looking at the Federation captain, the woman spoke.

"Well, they're both not suffering any sort of problems or unforeseen technical difficulties since we left for Earth. We just need to adjust their balancers and targeting computers for fighting in Earth's gravity and we'll be good." Said Purpleton. Synapse nodded at that.

"Good." Said Synapse. "I'll be leaving to speak to the general in charge of Torrington. I expect the two Gundams ready for combat the moment I come back with the general." Instead of acting offended, the woman nodded.

"Of course, it shouldn't take to long really. I ran the numbers. They'll be more than ready for combat the moment you come back." Said Purpleton. Nodding at that, Synapse left to go speak to general Arturo of Torrington base regarding the two Gundams on his ship.

A few minutes after the captain left, miss Purpleton was busy configuring the two Gundams for Earth's gravity when she noticed one of her fellow Anaheim Electronics employees leaving his post. Recognizing it, she yelled at the man.

"What the heck are you doing, Mr. Orville?" Said Purpleton as the man stopped and looked at her. "We got a job to do and you're just leaving?" Grabbing a fistful of his blue hair, the man spoke.

"C'mon Nina, it's been such a long time since I've been on Earth. And it might be years before I get another chance to do so. I want to experience the beauty of Earth again. Just this once, please. It's not like we have anything extremely vital to do or requires all of us, ma'am." Said Orville. Rolling her eyes at the man, muttering about his selfishness, before nodding.

"Just be assured that I'm making a report on this as soon as we get back into space." Warned Nina as she went away to work with more selfless people. Orville just thanked her before leaving. As he left, however, he smirked in triumph.

Few hours later


"Commander Gato, the reinforcements from Kimberlite base have arrived." Said a Zeon pilot to Gato via radio as Gato waited in the desert for their spy to arrive. Gato nodded in satisfaction at that. That meant they had over three dozen mobile suits at the ready to fight against the Federation. With surprise, the cover of night, and the rapid way they'll attack, the Zeon forces will attack at the scheduled time frame, leaving the Federation utterly confused at what was going on as they steal their prototype Gundams for themselves for the next stages of their plan.

Gato, along with everyone else, knew, however, that there was little chance of many of them surviving. Once the confusion and surprise is gone, the Federation will begin destroying them all. If not because of their training, but because of their superior mobile suits and AI advantage. Gato, as much as he hated to admit, the artificial intelligence support the Federation had will overcome any experience their pilots had. They simply react too fast for any of their pilots to fight against them. It was the AI that killed many of their pilots in the One Year War. And it was the AI, along with the White Devil, that defeated him at Solomon. Gato traced his burn mark and scars on his face as he recalled his defeat. So many of their number was going to die in the battle to come, yet they won't let that stop them from fighting against the oppressive Federation and their lackies, both because they have nothing to lose and for the memory of all those that died fighting against Federation oppression. Plus, if their operation succeeds, than they'll all die martyrs deaths as the spirit of Zeon resurfaces to fight against the Federation, more powerful than ever.

Gato stopped his thinking when he spotted a Federation jeep coming towards him. Driving it was a blue haired man. Smirking, Gato watched as the jeep stopped and the man looked at Gato.

"Were you followed?" Asked Gato, sternly. The man just shook his head.

"I made sure I wasn't followed, lieutenant commander Gato." Said the man, the same one that gave Nina Purpleton the slip sometime ago. "We're free to go back to the base undetected." Gato nodded at that.

"Good." Said Gato as he walked towards the jeep. "I'll see that you are commended for your duty to Zeon, Orville. You are fighting for a good cause and should be rewarded for it." Orville just nodded at all that before handing out a Federation officer uniform.

"Here, this should keep you undetected for awhile until you reach your objective." Said Orville before bringing out a tarp as Gato dressed up in the Federation uniform, slightly disgusted in wearing the uniform of the enemy, but choose not to express it, knowing it was needed to achieve his goals. "You should also be under this. I don't think the guards won't be the least suspicious when they see I'm not alone. And another thing, the Gundams have an advanced system lock on them to prevent theft, I have the necessary cyphers to get you access to them, but you need to be quick and get out of here before the Federation catches you. If you get caught, it's all over." Gato nodded at that all that before taking the tarp, going over to the back of the jeep, laying there, and tossing the tarp over him, completely hiding his body. With all the preparations done, Orville began the long drive back to Torrington base. As he did so, Gato prayed that everything will be done on schedule. Or else this operation will be a total failure.



"So these are the prototype Gundams that will appear in the naval review." Said general Arturo as he looked at Synapse as the captain nodded. In his hands the classified details of the GPO1 and GPO2 Gundams. "I must say, they seem quite powerful compared to our normal mobile suits, but they seem inadequate compared to the RX-78-7 and Full Armor Gundams in service at the moment."

"True." Said Synapse. "But both models are quite expensive to maintain and operate and though the GPO2 is of similar costs to them, these two models should be cheaper compared to those two models. Besides, we don't need high quality suits anymore now that all that is left of our enemies are mere pirates and what is left of the Principality of Zeon loyalists. Speaking of which, I've heard that rumors that such a group of loyalists are still on Earth, near this very base. Are they true?"

"I won't deny that there is a possibility there are still Zeon forces around the area, but the sheer amount of defenses Torrington has should deter any sort of organized attack on us. Unless the Zeons like a quick and pointless death, they're not going to attack us." Explained Arturo. "But just to be safe, I've had men look into it. So far, nothing." Synapse nodded at that before changing the subject to a more important one.

"Both of these Gundams need to be field tested before the naval review." Said Synapse. "Nothing too serious. Just enough to assure people that are afraid that they aren't as good as the engineers claim them to be. Can you provide the pilots?" Arturo nodded at that.

"Of course, I'll do what I can." Said Arturo. "With luck, I'll get pilots capable of piloting those Gundams within two days." Synapse nodded at that.

"That is more than sufficient." Said Synapse. "If that is all, general, I must leave." After saluting the man, Synapse left the Federation officer alone as he made his way back to his ship. As he made his way to his ship, however, he got the feeling that something bad was going to happen soon. Something terrible.



"All papers are clear." Said the Federation soldier upon seeing the papers given to him by an Anaheim Electronics employee by the name of Nick Orville. Upon seeing nothing of note on his jeep, the soldier allowed the engineer entry into the base.

Looking around him, Nick slammed his hand at the back of his jeep, alerting Gato that the coast was clear, causing him to move the tarp off of him.

"Tch, typically Federation response." Said Gato as he sat on the back of the jeep. "He should have noticed the back of the jeep and inspected it. Such laziness comes from those bound to Earth's gravity."

"You might want to cut that chatter off while we're here, sir." Said Nick as he noticed some GM troopers patrolling the base with a few Federation soldiers. "This is one of the most crucial parts of the operation, sir." Gato just nodded at that as they approached the Albion warship. Upon seeing the Pegasus warship, Gato remembered the battle of Solomon, causing him to slightly flinch as he remembered that disastrous battle. He remembered his chance to destroy the Trojan Horse that day and how he was stopped and humiliated by the White Devil himself, taking him down and his men without even trying. Gato wasn't as good as an ace as Char Aznable or Ramba Ral, but the fact he was taken down so easily left a stain on his honor and when he learned that the White Devil was just a civilian with little to no military training at the time hurt his pride even more. How he would want to get a second chance against the teen that caused so much pain and misery to Zeon and kill him.

But for now, he'll settle for inflicting a great deal of damage to the very corrupt nation that the White Devil fought so hard to maintain. And the key in doing so was in that Pegasus class carrier. Not only is it the key to achieving Gato's goal but it's also proof that the Federation was a corrupt nation that needed to be taken down.

Once the jeep stopped, Gato, after grabbing the cyphers from Nick Orville, walked towards the Pegasus carrier, eager to do what must be done to revive the Principality of Zeon for the greater good of the Earth Sphere.


"And that should be done." Said Nina Purpleton as she finished the inspections towards her two Gundams, fully satisfied that she ironed out any unforeseen bugs or glitches in her Gundams. Now, it was all up to user error if her Gundams didn't perform as they thought they would. Honestly, she wanted an AI to be their pilots because, unlike humans, they can unleash the full potential of her Gundams without fail. And unlike humans, like that Nick Orville, always focused on the job instead of their own selfish requests and wants. Why the higherups didn't want an AI installed onto the Gundams was beyond her. Her attempts to request an explanation to this were denied for whatever reason. Whatever the stupid reasons were, Nina was fully confident her Gundams will perform to their best in whatever testing the Federation puts them through.

Stepping a bit back from the console she was using, Nina looked at her Gundams and smiled. These Gundams will be the pioneers of the next generation of mobile suits and Federation security. And she helped make them. Oh, the amount of recognition and praise she'll get from them.

Just as she was finished staring at her Gundams, she heard the excited sounds of young men. Turning around, she saw, to her surprise and annoyance, the two young soldiers that she removed from the ship sometime ago.

Sighing in annoyance, she yelled at them as she walked down towards the two soldiers. When she was face to face to them, she spoke up.

"What the heck are you two doing here again?" Demanded Nina as she crossed her arms, annoyed that she had to deal with them again. "I thought I told you two to stop coming here and wait until they're revealed to the entire base!" Upon seeing Nina, the two soldiers gulped before speaking.

"Sorry, we couldn't resist." Said Kou, looking at Nina. "It's just that they're Gun…"

"They're Gundams I know, but that is no excuse." Said Nina as she glared at them. "I gave you a chance, boys, and you blew it. I'm going to have to report this to the higherups. Let them deal with you two." Before either of the two young soldiers could beg or protest at her response, Nina noticed a white haired man in a Federation officer uniform approaching the two Gundams, particularly the GPO2 Gundam. She would have ignored them if it weren't for the facial features the man had, the scars and burn marks on the upper left side of his face. Those features caused her to look at the rest of his features and she gasped out loud. She knew this man and he certainly wasn't an officer of the Federation. Ignoring Kou and Keith, Nina yelled out to any guards in the hanger bay. "Stop him! He's a former Zeon officer!"

Upon hearing that, any and all Federation soldiers looked at Nina and looked towards who she was pointing to. The White-haired man that was quickly making his way towards the GPO2 Gundam. Seeing them moving quickly towards the Gundam, two soldiers aimed their guns at the man as he used a mobile elevator to make his way to the cockpit.

"Stop!" Yelled one of the man as the supposed Zeon officer opened the cockpit of the Gundam. Just before they could open fire on him, the man quickly entered the cockpit and sealed himself inside. As the two soldiers made their way towards the Gundam, another soldier was reporting a situation in the hanger bay, informing the captain of the situation and to alert the base. As this all happened, the Zeon officer powered up the Gundam. As it did so, he saw the Gundam was in lockdown. Smirking, Gato inputted the cyphers Nick Orville gave him and watched as the cyphers worked their magic, giving him full access to the Gundam. Laughing out loud at his success, Gato began moving the Gundam, breaking it out of it's bonds and moving towards a secondary hanger bay door made for mobile suits in case the primary one was incapacitated, uncaring of who got in his mobile suit's way. As he neared the door, he directed the Gundam to bring out of it's waist mounted beam saber before activating it, emitting a green saber instead of the usual pink. Fully confident in his ability to escape, Gato spoke out towards the assembled Federation lackies.

"I commandeer this Gundam in the name of the Principality of Zeon. By the name of admiral Delaz of the Delaz fleet! Zieg Zeon!" Yelled Gato before creating a hole to make his escape. Moving out of the hole, Gato eyed the base before him as Torrington base began to stir to alert levels. Just as the first mobile suits moved out of their hanger bays, the assault from his allies began.

A bombardment of missiles and rockets began to bombard Torrington everywhere, causing chaos and confusion for the Federation while a wave of old Zeon mobile suits were making their way towards Torrington from several different directions, giving Gato a chance to escape. As much as Gato wanted to stay and help his fellow Zeon brethren, he needed to leave now. So, using the Gundam's powerful thrusters, Gato quickly fled the base as the defenders tried to regroup and assess the situation in time to stop Gato.


Kou, looking at the massive hole that was caused by the Zeon soldier, looked towards the other Gundam in the hanger bay. Even as the ship shook from explosions occurring all over the base and near the ship, Kou knew what he had to do. Looking towards Nina as she tried to figure out what just happened, Kou asked her give him access to the GPO1 Gundam, unknowingly sealing his position in future conflicts to come.