This will contain incest, because let's face it, all mythology contains incest, and percy's backstory will be fully explained in the next chapter, through a flashback.

But he and Annabeth may or may not have been a couple I don't know yet.

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A woman could be seen sitting in a majestic throne, in a grand hall, surrounded by several other smaller and significantly less impressive thrones. The woman not only radiated immense power. She was sitting at a rather respectable height of fifty five foot, and when standing she was about seventy foot, at least while in her god form.

Her skin was as dark as space itself, with flecks of starling silver, and shining gold, with bursts of colors here and there. Her hair, was a black as well, not that one could tell. No mortal could look into her eyes, for they were miniature suns, just blazing with brightness and power. This woman, is Chaos, the first being in existence, the mother of the protogenoi, grandmother of the titans, and great grandmother of the gods, and goddesses, and great great grandmother of the demigods and demigoddesses.

She was thinking about some possible way to save a different world that she had created, a world that was in trouble, due to the premature death of her chosen one and his father, for that world, a world, where capturing and using creatures to battle one another, was the normality, unfortunately.

Then, she just remembered, her eldest, and favorite son had just returned, he would be willing to go and help her world, but she would have to convince him first.

'Perseus, could you please come to the throne room? I have something I wish to discus with you, and yes, you may bring your wives Nyx, Hemera, and Thalassa with you.' Chaos sent a mental message to her son.

'Very well, mother, I shall be there momentarily.' Perseus thought back.

Not even two minutes later, the aforementioned group teleported in, each arriving in their own way.

There was a gray fog that started to cloud and obscure the room, loud chanting began to foster, the ground rumbled, a coffin started to rise, the lid slowly slid off, the fog parted, a silhouette took place in the fog, a block of ice showcased a man, the ice shattered, and there stood a man in a cloak, the cloak was then tossed off by the man. The man had long black hair that was slightly spiked, going down to top of his back. His eyes were sea green at the moment, but have been known to change to red or blue, depending on his mood. He was rather tall, at least for a human, which is the form he chose to be in, standing at, approximately, six foot, and eight inches. He had an impressive 10 pack. He was very tanned, and had no visible body fat. All in all? He was a very delectable specimen of the male species. This was Perseus, who sometimes went by Percy, or Nebula. The primordial god of dimensions, reality, space, power, protection, planets, meteors, storms, stars, sacrifice, loyalty, respect, oaths, destruction, elements, time, gravity, creation, animals, the sun, the moon, sex, cunning, ambition, time, souls, justice, judgment, warriors, disasters, black holes, comets, fading, and the void.

A black mist, and the sounds of hounds howling, the rising of a black moon. The shadows dancing, and casting an ominous glow and the creatures of the night roaring, howling, voicing their approval. The shadows solidified into a beautiful woman, with healthy, pale, creamy, smooth skin. Long black hair, and beautiful silver blue eyes. She too stood rather tall, at an impressive height of six foot six. This beautiful woman, is Nyx, the primordial goddess of night, and mother of hell hounds.

An illuminous, glorious burst of light, so blinding that it could light up a black hole, came into existence. With it searing heat could be felt, the light receded into a womanly shape, the glow faded away, not completely, but enough for the onlookers to see. Where the light once concentrated so greatly and vastly, left a breath taking vision of beauty. She stood tall at six foot four, with long shining blonde locks, that swept her angelic face, tan skin, with gorgeous sky blue eyes. She had a big bust, and very well developed curves. She had a flat toned stomach, and nice shapely legs. This woman is Hemera, the primordial goddess of day.

A spout of water came bursting through the room, and with it a massive Megalodon shark, whom held a gorgeous woman riding on top of it. This woman had long blueish black hair, that went down to the small of her back, sparkling sea green eyes, tanned skin like she spent all of her time at the beach, a decent bust, nice hips, thighs, well shaped curves and legs, and a nice flat toned stomach. This woman is Thalassa, the primordial goddess of the seas.

Chaos just looked at her children, and laughed.

"oh void, is everything dramatics, theater, and a competition with you lot?" chaos asked once she was done laughing.

"what can I say, It was fun, you have to admit though, I had the best entrance." Perseus exclaimed to his mother.

"no, I had the best entrance, didn't I mother?" Nyx asked her mother.

"nope sorry, you're both wrong, it was me, isn't that right?" Hemera inquired of her grandmother.

"I'm afraid you're wrong, sister, the best performance goes to me, and everyone knows it, right?" Thalassa asked.

"sorry, but Perseus had the best performance, however, all joking aside, I'm afraid I have some rather bad news." chaos told her children and grandchildren seriously.

"what is wrong mother? Is it order again, or Tartarus again?" Perseus and Nyx asked.

"you are all aware of the other universes, and dimensions, correct? Well, in one of those dimensions or universes or worlds, whatever it is you wish to call it, the chosen ones of said place, have died prematurely, and I need someone to go and fulfill the prophecy in said dimension, and that is why the four of you are here, for I wish, for Perseus to go and in order for that to happen, the three of you will most likely join him, if he agrees to go. But, know this, once you go you cannot return until you have fulfilled the prophecy, and you will be reduced to a baby age, as well as have most of your memories sealed away, and most of your abilities will be severely weakened and limited, yet you will remember one another, so take this time to make a decision and choose wisely, once your mind has decided, let me know." chaos told them.

After a few minutes of the four primordials mentally talking to one another, they reached a decision, and then turned to their mother.

"you said we will remember one another, right? And we will still be married to one another right? Then we accept." Nyx said firmly.

"also, remember, you owe us a date." Perseus told his mother.

Chaos smiled warmly at her eldest daughter, then gave her son a smile, while blushing.

"very well, thank you all for accepting this responsibility, I will send you over there now. I don't know how long until I will see all of you again, so farewell for now." chaos told them all, and then everything went black.

I don't know when the next chapter will be, this was just an idea that was swimming around in my head for a while, and wouldn't leave me alone, Percy's past will be explained in a chapter or two.

Also I am going to say this though, I haven't fully mapped out what happened in percy's past, but he never dated Annabeth. This will most likely be a harem.

I am willing to consider all starter suggestions for the four of them, and give ideas for the harem girls.