"Hey, why don't the two of you check out the Pokemon you just bought?" Leaf asked Percy and Nyx. The two of them exchanged and shrugged. "might as well." Nyx said with a sigh, before grabbing her pokéball and tossing it. Percy quickly followed suit.

From the two pokéballs, came a rather welcome, if unexpected, surprise. The first ball thrown released a yellow magikarp, while the second ball let loose a purple feebas. The two trainers felt their eyes go wide. Two shiny Pokemon? One of which is a feebas? They just swindled the guy. Oh well, his loss, their gain.

"Okay, seriously, what is your luck Percy?!" Thalassa exclaimed, while stomping her foot. She wanted a feebas, well more specifically, she wanted a milotic, which evolved from a feebas.

"well I would definitely say it was worth the price, though I have to admit, I think Percy got the better deal." Hemera spoke up, with disbelief in her voice.

Percy and Nyx decided to scan the Pokemon with their pokédexes.

"magikarp, the fish Pokémon. It is virtually worthless in both terms of power and speed. It is the most weak and pathetic Pokemon in the world. This magikarp is female, with the ability rattled, and knows the moves splash, and tackle." the mechanical voice rang out, Nyx looked like she wanted to destroy something, her hands were twitching, she had a murderous look in her eyes, and she radiated an aura of death.

"feebas, the fish pokémon. It is a shabby and ugly Pokemon. However, it is very hardy and can survive on little water. This feebas is female, with the ability swift swim, and knows the moves, splash, tackle, mirror coat, confuse ray, dragon breath, and hypnosis." Percy gaped at his pokédex. This feebas was busted!

"Yep, it's confirmed, Percy you have the best luck in the world." Leaf said seriously. Percy and Nyx returned their Pokemon, and Percy brought out his egg. He took the time to study the egg, for a moment. It was a brown color, with some cream colored spots. He had a feeling the Pokemon inside was an eevee, which would be a great addition to his team.

The five of them then walked further into the cave, coming across a few trainers, they each agreed to a battle.

"go graveller" a hiker called out, a bright light, followed up by call of, "graveller"

Graveller was a large round pokémon, with four stubby arms. It was a dual rock and ground type.

"Graveller, the rock Pokemon. With a free and uncaring nature, it doesn't mind if pieces break off while it rolls down mountains." the pokédex rang out.

Throwing his pokéball, and releasing Dratini. The blue serpent came out, with a small roar, the dragon coiled back, glaring at the graveller, who flexed it's arms, glaring down at the small Dratini.

"Graveller, use defense curl, then follow with rollout." curling itself into a ball, the rock Pokemon rushed forwards. Intent on ramming into Dratini.

"quick, use twister and dragon rage." Percy called out commandingly. Dratini spun around as fast as she could on such short notice, unleashing a whirlwind of dragonic energy, sending it at the rolling graveller, before she threw her head back, and spat out a glob of green energy. Upon colliding with graveller, it was launched backwards.

"Graveller, get up and use a combo of smack down and bulldoze. Don't let up! Flatten that damn dragon." the hiker yelled out. Percy thinking quickly, called out to his dragon, "use dragon rage again, follow it up with another twister."

A dragonic combo took down the graveller. The hiker grumbled good naturedly, before recalling his defeated Pokemon.

"The name's joey, and my rattata, is among the strongest of it's kind, it's in the top percent." a young trainer called out, while releasing his pokémon.

"….are you serious right now?" Hemera deadpanned.

"It's in the top percentage." Joey insisted.

"Are you real?" Nyx asked him.

"It looks just like any other rattata." Leaf said, confused on why he seemed to think it was special. Rattata, was a small purple mouse pokémon, with red eyes, and two large teeth.

"Rattata, the mouse pokémon. It eats anything. Wherever food is available, it will settle down and produce offspring continuously." the pokédex said.

"Should be an easy battle and some easy money, so I guess I will battle him." Thalassa said. Before throwing up pokéball, releasing her pidgey.

"Pidgey, use gust and quick attack." pidgey wasted no time in blitzing the mouse in front of her. Joey recalled his 'top percent rattata'.

A schoolgirl asked Nyx for a battle, and Nyx accepted, mostly because she didn't like how the schoolgirl leered at Percy. It pissed her off.

"Go clefairy." the peppy schoolgirl called out, before winking at Percy. Nyx growled, 'how dare this little slut wink and look at my Percy! She doesn't even deserve to think about him!'

Using her pokédex, Nyx scanned the clefairy.

"Clefairy, the fairy pokémon. On nights with a full moon, Clefairy gather from all over and dance. Bathing in moonlight makes them float." the mechanical voice called out.

"Go poliwhirl." Nyx stated as she sent out the tadpole pokémon. Poliwhirl clenched her fists while staring at the fairy pokémon.

"Clefairy bombard that tadpole with disarming voice and pound." she cheerfully said. Nyx shot the girl a look, oh if only looks could kill, to bad Nyx wasn't Medusa.

"Poliwhirl use hypnosis, followed up with alternating mud shot and bubblebeam." Nyx ordered.

"Clefairy, use cosmic power, combined with metronome." the girl said happily. Nyx scowled.

Clefairy glowed blackly, with stars, and planets roaming all over her body. Once her cosmic power was done riding through her body, she waved her fingers, before she started glowing brightly.

Nyx felt her eyes go very wide. Of all the fucking moves, this clefairy got explosion through metronome. She didn't even have a chance to try and figure out a way for poliwhirl to avoid the attack. She covered her eyes and ears, awaiting for the inevitable. Yet it never happened. Of course, she forgot, poliwhirl had the damp ability.

"Quickly poliwhirl, rush it and body slam it, then rapid fire water gun!" Nyx cried out.

Running towards the fairy pokémon, and then jumping up and crashing down on top of her, the tadpole pokémon quickly fell back, and fired water bullets after water bullets. Clefairy stood no chance, as she was attacked over and over again.

Nyx accepted her winning money with a smirk on her lovely face. She sent the other girl a condescending look in her eyes. The girl just pouted, before looking at Nyx with an angry look in her eyes.

Hemera and Leaf beat a few rocket grunts, who used some zubats, and ekans. Going deeper into the mountain, they found a few moon stones, and even managed to find a few fossils. The five young trainers proceeded to exit Mt. Moon, heading into Cerulean city.

So they are now out of the mountain. What fossils should they all have? Any shinies? Anything else they should catch? I was thinking on giving Leaf, Hemera, or Thalassa a clefairy.

Yeah, a few battles happened, nothing to impressive. I don't really want generic trainers to have long battles, because well they kind of suck, but gym leaders, elite four, champions, etc. these types of battles will take longer.

The pokédex entries I used can all be found online, I just wrote random ones out, so you can look them up if you want.