The Hive fleet leviathan had long since been blunted by the actions of the ex-Lord Inquisitor Kryptman, yet there was little that could have been done about the shards of the fleet, splintered from the main body through eagerness for precious biomass, or the dangers of a passing warpstorm.

One such splinter ran critically low of the life blood of the Tyranid species, so when it detected the presence of a lush green world teeming with life, their alien emotions approximated delight.

Not a ship in sight. No warpspace had taken hold of the jewel in front of them. There was little time. Not enough time to infiltrate, to breed, to subjugate, no. The warriors will be enough. They will tear through the undeveloped forests and plains, feed and feed and grow stronger yet. Expand. Consume. Destroy.

Every organism knew its function, ready and raring to act for the Hive tyrant lording over them. Soon they would feast. Their ship descended through the atmosphere with nary a bump. Perfect. They had all shuffled to the front of the ship, the eager warriors ready to kill.

Soft moist earth softened the fall, in a clearing of the forest of tob. 3 hive ships were all that had survived the tearing by the metal men and the endless greens and the chaos and the empire. The tyrant knew there were more, but they could not journey to them. Not yet. First, they must feed.

Rippers gaunts and lichters leapt from the bay doors as soon as the doors opened. Dedicated to their task, they smelled meat-flesh and steel. A clearing nearby. A tall being of ice and metal. A shorter one of olive skin and blonde hair. Salivating, the warriors changed their pace and direction, to tear apart the fools who would stand against their dominance.

The luckiest never lived to regret their decision. Misfortune lay with those who saw their brother hewn in half with a cold flash of shining light, before the monstrous insect creature adjusted his stance and swang-

"Oi! Cocytus! I told you to leave some for me!" spoke aloud Aura, in a pouty high pitched voice. "Look how strong they were! They would have made great pets…"

"I. Am. Sorry. Aura. My. Enthusiasm. Got. the. Best. Of. Me."

"Hmmpf!" aura crossed her arms. "As long as you don't interfere with this big one I'll forgive you"

"Thank. You. Aura. It. Is. All. Yours."

Dead! Dead all of them! How?! This planet is weak, nothing but weaklings, but all of them are dead. Fragmented half thoughts as these whirled around in the hive tyrants mind as she raced through the forest to the site of their defeat. She would have revenge against those who killed her brood, and reclaim their biomass to grow a new army.

Aura's excellent hearing had detected the hive tyrant from miles off, but her eyes widened from anticipation when its towering stature emerged from the trees. Its already rage filled eyes flashed as she saw cocytus wipe the sticky greenish blood from his blade. "Oh no you don't" though Aura, activating a ranger skill to draw the aggro of the nearby raging beast. Its head snapped to aura like an arrow from a bow, and its killing intent spiraled of its body like a raging torrent of flame.

Aura raised a eyebrow. While it was nothing to her, she knew that it was one of the strongest intents she had felt since arriving on this world. Making up her mid, she called out to cocytus, "This one is stronger than hamsuke, message Ainz-sama, he might want to see it!"

With a confident smile, Aura undid her whip from her belt. "I'll have you trussed up like one of Bukubukuchagama-sama's turkeys by the time ainz-sama gets here!", and stepped forward to avoid the enraged tyrant's tail strike. The hive tyrant was a fearsome apex predator, left to run amok it would decimate any imperial hive world, but as strong and fast as it was, it couldn't hope to land a hit on the dexterous elf child dancing around it. In its red tinted rage, it didn't notice the knots aura had expertly tied with her movements around her with her whip.

She tried to escape by snapping the whip, but it was too late. With a sharp yank, the whip's knots all contracted, and the mighty hive tyrant toppled to the ground, unable to move.

It looked up at her captor, ready to roar and spit, but was surprised to see her kneeling to a dark vortex that had begun to form in front of her. An indescribable sensation of fear wracked her body, as she came under the influence of [Despair Aura II], trying to break free and run with all her might. Useless.

She was bound and prostrated before the avatar of death she saw before her. Resplendent in a cloak of deepest purple, appearing darker than the void between galaxies. A skeletal visage peered at her under a velveteen hood, the dare skull catching the light of the moon in a sinister glint. Its ribs held a floating red orb in a cage of bones. In its gnarled bony hand it held a staff of divine make, an unearthly union of base metal and heavenly design, inset with 7 lustrous jewels glowing with arcane power. The Overlord of Death's jaw opened, and he spoke aloud, in a sonorous and deep timbred voice:

"I am the Sorcerer king of the century old Sorcerous kingdom, ruler of all the lands, seas and skies of this planet, and the strongest mage that has ever walked upon this earth. I am Ainz ooal gown, the name that does not know defeat, Last of the 41 supreme beings and strongest of them all, who...what… are you?"

The tyrant let out a pitiful screech, and struggled in its bonds even harder, but is still unable to get free from it. It raised its head to ainz and roared, and covered him in spittle. 'Disgusting creature' thought Ainz, and brought his staff down on the top of its jaw with a resounding crack.

As it was only a duplicate of the real staff, safely stored in nazarick, it did not activate its auto targeting feature, but Ainz's base stats were enough to crack the chitinous carapace of the tyranid's head, and a piece of mandible flew off, leaving a jagged stump.

It continued to struggle against its bonds, making pathetic noises of fear and anger directed to ainz for the strike. After casting a cleaning spell on his robe, he turned and addressed aura. "Send you beasts through the forest, and track down any other of these monsters. It could be very dangerous to let them run amok, and let me know if you find its lair first. I will open a gate to the 6th floor. Take this… thing there and attempt to tame it. It could be a useful source of information." he turned again. "Cocytus, you will accompany me to where Aura heard its noise earlier, making sure we locate this beast's lair is essential, there may be others like it there, which must be contained or destroyed."

"Yes Ainz-sama!"

"I. Would. Be. Honored. To. Escort. You. Ainz-sama."

"Then, let's get going."


This is my first fic, so please, as much criticism as you can muster. I cant improve without feedback, and i may have made a mistake in the lore.