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Clark could barely take his eyes off of Lois all day.

He's trying to figure her out.

So far today, Lois has fetched him a bottle of beer, conversing with him without any sarcastic comments or dirty looks thrown his way. He expects her to be distant or even angry after the wedding, but no, she's actually…nice

He doesn't know why, but it bothers him!


And not to mention, how good she looked in that fitted high-waist jean and off-shoulder blouse that hugged her curves perfectly. Clark couldn't take his eyes off of her if he tried. Lois is standing in the backyard, talking with his mother and Oliver when the sunlight hits the exposed skin on her shoulder. Catching Clark's attention.

The glow of her skin made him wonders if it's as smooth as it looks, under his hands. Like in a trance, his eyes continue traveled down to her chest. In his mind, the edge of her blouse lowers down on its own accord, very slowly, revealing a perfect-"Oh my god, stop! Get a grip Clark!"

Blushing, Clark avert his eyes and swallow down his drink in futile attempt to quench the sudden and unexpected thirst he felt.

Clark turn back his gaze to Lois when he hears her laughing happily at Oliver's joke. Aaaand the strange feeling come right back in, causing Clark to hold his bottle a little tighter.


"Stare any harder, you'll burn holes on my cousin's head."

Clark whipped his head to his right, "Chloe! How long have you been standing there?! And I-i-i'm not staring. I'm just curious as to how she's..."

"Hotter than before?" Chloe supply.

"Yes" Clark shuffling his feet and avert his eyes, "…different."

"Oh yeah the hair. I think its looked really good on her. It's her natural color, by the way."

"No! Well, that too. But what I mean is her attitude. She's…nice" Clark says, prompting a not so ladylike snort-laugh from Chloe.

"What? It's true!"

When Chloe continue to laugh, he proceeds, "not one sarcastic comment or dirty looks thrown my way, since she's been here! Not even one." Chloe continue to laugh.

"Chloe, stop. It's not funny. I'm worried."

Chloe put her hand on her mouth, trying to stifle her laugh, before she responds, "sorry, it's just that you have been complaining about her attitude for a very long time, now that she's changed, you're complaining! So, yeah, I think it's funny!

Knowing that Chloe is right, Clark's struggling to find excuse to his demeanor.

"Well she, she…fetched me a bottle of beer without being asked!" when Chloe just looks at him weirdly, he continues.

"The only time Lois being nice is when she wants something or did something bad." said Clark.

"Okay that makes sense. But you know what? I think you read too much into it. Give her the benefit of the doubt. You get what you want, a nice Lois. Enjoy it!"

When she hears no reply from Clark, Chloe turns to him, his face looked even more troubled. Suddenly an apprehension comes to her. A knowing smile appears on her face.

"Unless…" Chloe trails off.

"Unless what?"

"Unless, you want her to be her usual self. It's bothering you that now she treated you normally like any other people. Because maybe…maybe you thought what you and Lois have is beyond normal. You know, special."


Not waiting for Clark's reply, Chloe walk off with a smirk.

With mouth slightly ajar and eyes widen, Clark gulping hard.

"Shit, Chloe's right"