"Go find the Targaryen babes, and do what needs to be done," Lord Tywin had ordered. The children though were proving to be harder to find than Ser Amory had thought. Ser Gregor had already tired of the search and returned to raping and looting. But not me, Amory thought. I will do as my Lord commands.

They couldn't be this hard to find. Surely one of the babes would make some noise to give themselves away.

His search had brought him to Maegor's holdfast. They had not been anywhere else, so surely they must be in there he thought.

Two knights stood on the drawbridge and both had swords drawn, though neither had heraldry that Amory could recognize. Below lied the spiked moat, famous for killing Queen Helena and her daughter Princess Jaehera.

"Yield, and you will be allowed to take the Black," Amory offered the two men.

"Is that what you have offered all the men, women and children in the city? I think not." Said the knight standing to the left, pointing to the rest of the city, where men dying, women screaming and babes wailing filled the air. Without a helmet on, the man's grey hair stood out.

"We are knights, and will die as such." The one on the right responded.

"You both wish to die then? So be it." Amory told them as he drew his sword.

Amory made quick work of the Old man who was on the left. He had charged at Amory first, while the younger one on the right stayed back. Their swords briefly danced, a minute at most, and it was clear he was no fit match for Ser Amory Lorch. He brought his sword down in a savage arc and cleaved off the greybeard's sword arm at the shoulder, then shoved him down into the spikes below. One spike went through his chest, and the man did not cry out in pain. A quicker death than he deserved, Amory thought, as he felt a little blood welling from a small wound in his chest.

The other man let out a yell and charged at Amory. Good, let him be angry he thought. He proved to be much more difficult. Their dance lasted what felt like for hours, though it could not have been more than a few minutes. Amory managed to disarm the knight, and then thrust his sword through the man's gut. He then pulled it out as the man fell over, and dropped over the edge to join the old man down below on the spikes.

Afterward, Amroy looked over himself. He could feel a great deal of pain in his left knee, where the man had been able to strike a blow on the outside. Had he not been wearing armor, it would've cut his leg in half no doubt. It hurt far more than any bruise he had ever felt, but he chose to carry on. His shield had been hacked to pieces, and Amory had ended up blocking more than a few times with his own arm, no doubt it was broken.

But there was no time for pain now, he had to find the Targaryen babes. He entered the holdfast and began his search there. He could see more men were following him in, now that they the bridge had been cleared.

Every room had to be searched he knew. It would not be enough to just listen for the wails of the babes, he would need to look.

They were not on the first level of apartments, nor the second.

Then he went up to the third. As he had finished searching the first room in the third floor, he could hear a war-horn's cry though distant. He looked out the window and saw where it had come from. Outside the city was the rebel host. They were now entering the city. I must needs be quick, Amory told himself. I will not let them do my task. Each room on the third floor had proved to be as fruitless as those on the first and second floors.

When he made it to the fourth level, he could clearly see this was where the royal nursery was. No doubt they would be here. Yet there were just some random serving women. Amory considered giving them a good fuck before he continued his search, but he needed to finish his job. He found a room that he figured could only be Princess Elia's. But it was abandoned just as the nursery was. He searched as thoroughly as he could through the room, but they weren't there. He even ducked down to look under the bed, and found a black cat.

The cat hissed at him, then leapt at him, and before he knew what the cat was doing, pain exploded from his right eye. In pain, Amory retreated from looking under the bed, completely ignoring the cat.

By now with every step he took, his right knee screamed out, while he could not see from his right eye. It would be a shameful tale to tell he thought. Of how he lost his eye to a cat hidden beneath a bed.

Just as the others, they were not on the fourth floor. When Amory looked out the window, he could see the first of rebels were nearing the Red Keep.

He tried to go up the stairs to the fifth level of apartments, but his right leg would not let him. Cursed thing he thought. He could still walk, but going up was too much. So he tried going down. Perhaps they will not be found here he thought. He exited Maegor's Holdfast on the Drawbridge that he had won. He could see some men giving him queer glances, but most payed him no heed.

Just then, he heard a babe's cry ring out from where the Godswood. It was short, but Amory knew exactly what it would mean. No doubt the mother had panicked and tried to silence the babe after it had cried out. It could only be the dead prince's wife and children. He looked to the outward and could see some of the rebel host was now flooding in. By the time Ser Amory made it to the Godswood he could see that they were beginning to enter the Red Keep. He could see the stag, and trout banners, but the majority of them displayed direwolves. And he could see that most of them were ordering the Westermen to stop, and even killing some who refused.

He would need to find the babes before one of them got to him. He could see three of the Northerners were following him as he entered the godswood.

He went as fast as his leg would allow him to. He heard another muffled cry from a babe. It was close he thought. Ser Amory had hardly walked a few hundred yards before he came across them. He could see the princess holding the two babes, trying to get them to sleep, and a little girl tugging at her skirts.

"Mother, mother, that man, do you see him?" the girl whispered. She took after her mother he could see, having her darker hair and skin of a Dornishwoman. Mayhaps I'll be able to taste the Dornishman's wife he thought. Or rather, the Dornishman's daughter.

He could hear branches snapping behind him. The Northmen were coming.

"Who are you?" The Princess called out to him.

"Your death," Ser Amory grunted back. When he said so, he could see the fear building in the woman's brown eyes. He was only a few feet from her. Then he saw her eyes lock onto something behind him.

He turned to see a man standing behind him. "Drop your sword ser, and you may yet live to see another day." The man had a direwolf pin on his armor, with a long face, brown hair and grey eyes, cold as ice.

"And who are you to give me orders?" Amory spat.

"Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and commander of this host for the nonce." The man replied.

"But you are not my lord." He retorted.

The man who claimed to be Lord Eddard drew his sword, and Amory rose his as well. He no longer had a shield and his broken left arm would be no use. He would be forced to use his bastard sword one handed. With his right eye out, and his knee barely able to support his weight, this could prove to be troublesome.

His foe struck first, attacking his left. Amory tried to twist his body to block it with the sword he carried in his right hand, but his knee gave out, unable to bear his weight and that of his armor any longer. Bugger you, he thought. He managed to parry the strike, but his sword fell from his grasp.

The other man did not drop his sword or have his knee buckle. It's over now, he thought, as he saw the man thrust his sword into his chest, and with that, Ser Amory Lorch fell down.

"Come with me my princess, you are safe now," he heard the man telling the princess, whilst his life's blood flowed, and everything went black.

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