Dramaaaa happens in this chapter. Chapters 22 and 23 have been posed together.

"Kenna, you shouldn't-"

"Ladies, accept the gifts and move on," Kenna cuts Mary off, sliding the three cheques across the table. "And if you guys are doing Masters, just come my way."

Mary glances down at the full tuition fee of her degree in disbelief. "Jim was going to-He managed to get me..."

"Kenna, thank you so much," Lola says, sobbing. "We will repay you-"

"With hugs and kisses and stress-free lives," Kenna tells them with a smirk. "Now... Our second year's almost over and I've managed to snag us an e-vite to one of the hottest parties of the semester. Everyone who is anyone will be there."

Greer scoffs. "Who is hosting it exactly?"


"Wait, what?" The girls cry out.

Kenna shrugs dismissively. "My parents are really apologetic for the whole abandoning me thing so they wanted to make it up to me as their only living child and let me host a party at their holiday villa by the beach."

"Jesus..." Lola breathes out.

"So, help me out, girls? And I'll leave the best alcohol for us," she says, trailing her fingers up Mary's arm with a pout. "Please?"

"Well, that's a benefit of having a rich best friend," Greer replies. "I'm in."

"We're all in," Mary says.


By nine at night, the party is in full swing that Saturday. Mary shifts uncomfortably in her leather tank top and high-waist skirt - it was Kenna's gift to her, each of the girls getting new outfits. Even Leeza who's somewhere helping grab drinks from the freezers out back with her boyfriend.

Francis is somewhere and when she finds him, he is laughing at something Amelie is saying. Setting her jaw, she turns away and looks for a strong drink to down. Of course, they had to invite Francis after all that he has done for them and vice versa but that doesn't mean he gets to flaunt his new girlfriend around.

She's lost all of her friends in the throws of the crowd and she puts it to the back of her mind, trying to enjoy this party somewhat at least. Some people from her course recognise her and she politely greets them, telling them where the bathrooms are when they request one.

Mary's never hosted a party before. She has kind of hosted a wake as that was for her mother's funeral and the thought is quite daunting. She pushes that too to the back of her mind.

She finds a drink in rum and Coke and pours the mix into her red plastic cup from the keg. She looks around, seeing everyone having fun and she finally spots a recognisable face in Lola and her boyfriend, Remy.

"Over here!" Lola calls out to her from across the room.

Just as she's about to head towards them, Louis blocks her path and she halts, rolling her eyes hard. "What do you want?" She hisses, almost gagging when she smells how wasted he is.

"I'm so sorry," he tells her. "My parents are arseholes, I told them they were and-"

"I don't care. We have nothing in common! You ruined my relationship, the only thing that made me happy-"

"You were the one who told him-"

"Because my relationship with Francis was based on communication and honesty! You just think I'm going to be your future trophy wife," she snaps.

Louis sighs, running a hand down his face as she blindly places her cup on the table behind her and crosses her arms. "Mary, let's just talk for a second, please?" He asks, his eyes quickly darting to something over her shoulder and back.

Curiously, she spots Francis and Amelie and her eyes darken, especially since Francis eyes them with narrowed eyes. She gives him a wry smile, turning back to Louis as her smile disappears.

"You have a second."

"Can we try again? And start off, on the right foot?"

Mary shakes her head. "I never liked you, Louis," she admits. "You were a rebound and well, I don't think I'll ever get over Francis..." She grabs her drink and downs half of it, meeting his eyes. "I love him, Louis. We just had lust between us..." She starts to feel woozy, her eyes drooping as Louis asks if she's okay.

She feels herself being led away - upstairs and she holds a hand to her head as she follows whoever is taking her upstairs. Her cup taken from her hand and she feels a cup being shoved into her hand.

"Drink this, you'll feel better..."

She does and soon, she feels worse than before and she slumps into the person's arms. She's in and out of it, feeling herself being dragged into a room and laid on something soft.

"Wha...?" She tries to string a sentence, but she feels weak, her arms like lead and unable to move.

Mary groans and she suddenly feels her skirt riding up her thighs. She tries fighting them off but feels their breath on her ear, her eyes shut closed.

"You're so... beautiful."

"Get... off," she mumbles weakly.

Just as he's about to pull her underwear down, he's off her and she sits up in a haze as Kenna kicks what appears to be Louis in the balls. She comes over to help Mary up but Louis hits her across the face, saying, "Fucking bitch," and she's sent to the floor with a yelp, Mary kicking him to get him away from grabbing her.

In the struggle, Kenna crawls out the door and heads downstairs to look for Francis. She knows she's a mess, blood on her face as she stumbles around, bumping into partygoers but she doesn't care as she finds Francis alone at the drinks bar. She pulls him much to his complaints about wanting a drink and she shoves him up the stairs in time to see Mary trying to push Louis off her.

Francis sees red.


At some point, the police are called and Kenna provides them with a statement as Mary cleans up Francis's cuts and bruises.

"Thank you," she mumbles, bowing her head in shame as she attempts to open the packaging for the butterfly plasters.

"Do you want him charged?"

"He was drunk, I could smell it on him," Mary tells him.

Francis scoffs, leaning away from her touch. "He fucking spiked your drink and pulled you upstairs to have sex with you without your consent! If Kenna wasn't there and hadn't got me..." He cups her cheeks, searching her eyes. "I don't know what I would have done... Knowing that I hadn't been able to be there for you, help you, fight him off-"

"You did," she reminds him, brushing over the cut on his bottom lip. "You saved me. You always do."

His eyes water with tears and he rests his forehead against hers. "I've been a whole fucking mess without you, Mary."

"Same here," she whispers. "But you're with Amelie."

He starts laughing. "Well, I kind of hired her to make you jealous. She's a lovely person but she's not my type."

"She's just like Olivia-"

"I never loved her either," Francis cuts her off. "I love you. With your raven locks and big, brown eyes and plump lips and all..." He kisses her softly. "I want you back if you'd take my stupid arse back."

Mary lets out a sob and she grins. "Yeah. Only if you forgive me for letting Louis kiss me-"

"I was stupid, blinded by jealousy and I know you would never cheat on me," Francis replies. "There's absolutely nothing to forgive when it comes to you. But for me, will you forgive me for being a dumbarse?"

"We'll see," she starts thoughtfully. "Might need to hear you call me a 'goddess' as well as give me two lollipops. The big ones. Like from the circus parks."

Francis snorts. "You really never want for anything but the simple things in life, don't you?" He asks tenderly, kissing her cheek.

"If I'm honest, I just want you," she whispers into his ear.

Before they can kiss, Bash is there and he's fuming, searching for the guy who hit his girlfriend across her beautiful face. Springing away from Mary's arms, Francis goes over to smooth things over when Bash's eyes set on a cufflinked Louis by a police car. He can't do anything to jeopardise his future career as a police officer. Louis is not worth it.

Mary heads over to Kenna once she's done giving her evidence and being the hostess as her parents own the place and she sighs heavily, shaking her head when she sees Kenna's busted lip.

"I'm so sorry-"

"No," Kenna says, her shaking hands taking Mary's own. "I'm never going to ever let that happen to one of my sisters. Do you hear me? It was worth it, fighting for you when I couldn't..." Her eyes spring with tears as she looks down.

Mary hugs her tightly and she mouths for Bash to come over and take over. When he does, Kenna latches onto him after he tenderly kisses her lips and forehead, Mary going back to Francis.

"Does this mean we're back together?" She asks him nervously.

Francis grins. "I thought that was unsaid," he says, kissing her. "I love you."

"I love you too," she replies, digging her face into his warm chest.



Mary freezes and Kenna turns sharply, ready to spray her pepper spray in Louis's face. It's been two weeks and they both dropped the charges on him after his parents paid them a little visit with a little or huge threat. At first, Kenna wasn't going to stand for it, saying her mother was a solicitor who never lost a case but Mary managed to convince her. He wasn't worth it and she rather not ruin anyone else's lives.

"I'm not afraid to use this, dickhead," Kenna says, her finger on the top of the spray button. "Try me, fucker."

"I want to apologise to both of you," he says and that's when Mary notices his black eye and bruised cheek. "What I did was unforgivable but Mary, I-I still love you and want you back."

"Are you sick in the fucking head or something?" Kenna hisses as Mary shifts uncomfortably on her feet. "Fuck off. Otherwise, my parents will make a little contribution to the university and the Board will kick you out."

"I just-"

"We're done, Louis. Stay the fuck away from all of us," Mary snaps.

Louis sighs, smiling wryly. "Your boyfriends paid me a little visit. Isn't one in police school or something?"

Kenna pushes Mary behind her and steps towards Louis. "Threaten my boyfriend, his family or Mary again and I'll do more than damage your little balls and spray some pepper into your eyes."

"I doubt you could do anything considering you froze when you got raped-"

Mary punches him and he's sent flying to the floor, Kenna laughing in shock as a crowd starts to gather around them. Her hand is shaking and she can see bruises start to appear around her knuckles. She didn't mean it but he was using her best friend's rape against her after they've done so much this semester to campaign for a safe campus for everyone against sexual assault along with the Student Union team.

"Hey, Louis," Kenna says, bending down beside him and pulling her phone out. "Smile for the camera!"

When they get home, Kenna wastes no time in showing everyone her new picture over dinner with the Valoises. Since they got back together, all four of the girls frequented dinner.

"I knew you could throw a right hook," Francis says proudly, kissing her cheek. "Well done, Beautiful."

"I wasn't going to stand there and let him insult all of us," she tells him, using a corner of her napkin to wipe some sauce from the corner of his mouth. "There's my handsome boyfriend."

Claude gags. "Mum, they're worse than before!"

"Leave them be," Catherine chides. "Where's your own boyfriend, hmm?"



Makeup sex is the best. They wanted to take things slowly when they got back together but then they became irresistible to the other and soon, the familiar sound of the bed shaking in the over room makes Kenna roll her eyes hard as she sticks her earphones into her ears.

"Quiet down, will you?!" She calls out.

Mary laughs against Francis's neck and he kisses her ear. "Maybe we should-"

"She's just jealous," he says against her skin.

"We should probably stop and eat something," Mary says softly, running her fingers down his jawline. "But you're so soft and warm..."

He inhales her deeply, putting her scent to memory. "That I am. You are too," he chuckles against her skin before hearing her stomach rumble. "Ooh, I guess we should eat."

"Why don't we cook something together?"

Francis shifts so he can see her face. "I'd rather cook and eat you up-"

"Francis!" She cackles when he squeezes her bum cheek.

"But spaghetti seems great too," he finishes.

"Hmm, fine," she hums, kissing him deeply.

He tries to deepen it, even more, attempting to retrieve another condom from her drawer but she slaps his hand away lightly and cups his cheeks with a tut against his lips.

"Food. Feed me, peasant."

Francis snorts and gets off her to retrieve his clothes but she's already beelined for his discarded shirt on her side. He playfully rolls his eyes, pulling her hot pink robe on along with his boxers. "As Your Majesty wishes." He stands, bows mockingly and heads out of her bedroom as she looks for her panties.

He loves her so damn much, he's so happy they are back together. He was about to never commit himself to another girl or get married overall. If she wasn't Mary, he didn't want her.


He turns around and grins at her, his grin growing when he realises that not once since their breakup did she take her necklace off and he loves her even more for that. For respecting the relationship they built from understanding, love, commitment and honesty.

"Get the pasta, will you?"

So, Frary is back bitches! Urgh, I love them so much, it hurts. We had badarse Mary and Kenna in this chapter and protective Francis and Bash. Louis is gone forever, he'll even transfer to another location of their university much to Mary's relief but I won't bother writing that into the story. I don't want to spend any more time on that guy. So the last two chapters will be on their last year of their Bachelor's degrees.