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" first pregnancy scare," Mary sings, chucking the tests into the bin as Francis digs them out again. "Francis, my pee touched those!"

"Yeah and my mother checks these bins like crazy because of my sisters," he reminds her. "Chuck them in your bin!"

Mary snorts and places some tissue down for him to put them on. She wraps them up as he washes his hands and she stuffs them into the pocket of her hoodie. "If I was pregnant now, what would you have done?"

Francis corners her into the counter of the bathroom sinks and pecks her nose. "I'd be there for you through every step. I wouldn't even complain if you sent me out to buy you stuff at ungodly hours."

She cups his cheeks and he winces, her grinning before she turns around and washes her hands. "Sorry for my pee hands."

"Your pee hands are the only hands I'll accept," he says, nipping at her neck.

"That is how those tests started, Monsieur!" She cries out, squealing when he squeezes her hips.

Francis pouts. "What do you expect? You're the most beautiful woman in my life, I've got to claim you as many times as I can."

"Just for that, you can't touch me for a week," Mary teases him before swanning out of his arms and heading out of the bathroom.

"Oh, come on!"

"Nope," she giggles, hurrying down the stairs.

Francis laughs. "You're so unfair. Hey, why don't we go out on a date?" He wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her up, walking into the living room to drop her onto the sofa. "We're done with our final year... You'll be starting your Master's in a few months or so... I'll be managing La Rose of Italia... We've got all the time in the world right now so let's not waste it before we're pulled on different sides of the day."

Mary pulls him down onto her. "I'm game," she says, pecking his lips. "We could go grab some treats from the bakery and some lunch from the restaurant and go on a picnic. I found this lake spot with the girls that weekend we went on our little trip away and I'd love to show you it."

Bringing the hand that wears her promise ring to his lips, he nods and grins. "Yeah, let's go."


It's a peaceful lake area, surrounded by beautiful trees and shrubs and nature and Mary wakes up, sighing into Francis's bare chest. They got a bit lusty and she hopes no one saw them otherwise they could get arrested for public indecency.

Not wanting to do so but knowing anyone could come at any time, Mary wakes Francis up and they get dressed before feeding each other their sandwiches. Mary could stay here forever in Francis's presence, just the two of them. She runs her fingertips over his jawline and he sends her a warm smile, his blue eyes sparkling just for her.

She bows her head, a blush staining her cheeks and she turns towards the lake where she sees a man and woman in a boat. It was very wise to get dressed because they seemed to be close enough to probably identify two naked young people and be alarmed by that fact.

The other couple shares a kiss, their boat spinning in slow circles in serendipity and Mary laughs softly.

"Promise me when we're old, we'll take boating trips," Mary tells Francis, stuffing a cocktail sausage into her mouth.

"I promise," Francis says, looking towards the peaceful lake that is empty save for the birds going low for their meals. He turns to Mary and sees her wave a little at the lake and he furrows his brows a little. "Who are you waving at?" His fingers trail up her shoulder.

Mary turns to him. "There's a couple waving at us on a boat in the lake. Don't you see...?" She blinks, her eyes widening as she turns back to the lake and sees that the couple waving are her parents and before she knows it, they disappear before her very eyes.


"I'm okay," she breathes out, eyes stinging with tears as she kisses him. "Just seeing things."

Francis brushes her hair from her face. "Your parents?"

"I'm not crazy-"

"That's beautiful," he cuts her off, kissing her forehead softly. "They don't have to worry about you, their daughter is the strongest woman I know and she's perfect and wonderful and kind. They've made an awesome kid."

Mary laughs in disbelief and buries herself into his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist tightly. "You mean everything to me, you know that, don't you?"

"I know."

"And I love you."

"I love you too, Mary," Francis replies, closing his eyes as his chin rests on top of her head. "Always."


It's a quiet day at the bakery. Mary's eye catches Lola piping love hearts on a cake and she giggles, shaking her head a little in disbelief. It's way past Valentine's Day and she knows Lola's mind is elsewhere so she halts Lola's heart shapes and shows her the original icing plan.

"Think about Remy when you're not putting the icing on birthday cakes," she chuckles.

Lola gasps and blushes before grabbing a butter knife and scraping the hearts off. They're rainbow in colour but Mary nods approvingly, saying it adds character against the white fondant. "He's whisking me away for a graduation present - at some spa."

"How romantic," Mary replies, finishing up baking her cookie selections. "I'm going next door for a bit. You okay here alone?"

"Your aunt is out front, I'm good," Lola says, waving her off. "Go and see lover boy!"

Mary blushes but does as told, entering the restaurant from the kitchens. She finds Greer slapping up orders and Kenna asking one of the chefs if something is gluten or not for a diner. It's quite busy this lunch and it's because of the tourism increase in France, it is Summer after all.

She spots Francis leaving the office and she pulls him back inside there and closes the door behind her. Her hands go on his shoulders and she kisses him deeply before nuzzling her nose against his.

"I missed you," she murmurs.

"You're just next door," Francis chuckles, kissing her neck.

"I know, but I always miss you when we're apart," she tells him.

Francis shakes his head in disbelief before tracing his finger on her ring finger. "I can't wait to get you home-"

"To rip my clothes off and take me?"

"Oh, yes but no," Francis says with a soft chuckle as he pecks her pouting lips. "I have a surprise for you."

Mary gasps. "For me?"

"Yes, for you," Francis replies, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Do you trust me?"

She eyes him warily. "Is it a spider?"

"No!" He snorts. "God, I've learnt my lesson after Kenna's Halloween party," he assures her. "It's a good surprise, hopefully."

Mary's heart skips a beat. She wonders all of the things he could surprise her with. They are very big when it comes to large gestures to each other and as she finally returns back to work after kissing him for a good while, her mind strays over to marriage. Especially as the cake Lola is now working on is a three-tier wedding cake.

"You okay?"

Mary's eyes snap from the cake and she continues to mix the summer fruits muffin mix. "Y-Yeah."

"You look like you're now miles away," Lola says lightly.

"Francis has a surprise for me," she blurts out, her cheeks reddening. "And I kind of want it to be a ring of a particular kind..."

Lola drops the piping bag onto the table with a gasp. "Marriage?! Jesus, Mary, we're only twenty-one or almost there for you," she says. "Do you want to get married so soon?"

Mary shakes her head. "But I wouldn't mind making this ring more set in stone," Mary replies, showing Lola her promise ring. "I think I've found 'the one' in Francis and I don't think I'll ever leave him because I love him. Being broken up was torture and I never want that again."

Lola nods in understanding, a smile gracing her lips. "If you got engaged, I'm sure you'd be the most beautiful bride. You could have a Winter wedding since you guys started dating then or an Autumn one to signify the day you met."

Mary laughs. "God, that's so cheesy," she says, her phone beeping with a text from Francis.

{From Franbae: Come back next door at half 11 xx Please walk by the windows once or twice before you head in.}

Frowning, she studies the text again. "Said I should go back at half 11 tonight," she tells Lola. "I think we'll have a date-"

"Oh, my God, he's so proposing!" Lola squeals, grabbing her phone and calling someone. "Kenna? I'm going to need you to go out and buy Mary the hottest dress ever before we get home. Francis is proposing tonight!"

"Lola!" Mary cries out, eyes wide.

Could she be right though, Mary asks herself before grinning. She could be.


The restaurant is empty save for Francis at the host's station. The sign has been turned, rejecting further diners for the night and Mary remembers his orders from the text earlier. Clad in her heeled white sandals, she walks past the restaurant's windows a few times before meeting Francis's blue eyes. He's wearing something similar to what he wore the day they met and Mary grins, his own face lighting up.

Walking inside, she stands before him at the podium and says, "Hi, table for two, please?"

Francis nod, saying a charming, "Welcome to La Rose of Italia," retrieving a menu and he leads her to a table seated for two, hands her the menu and brushes his fingers against hers as he does so.

"Thank you," she says with a warm smile.

"I'm Francis, I'll be your waiter for today. Shall I get you a drink as you decide what to eat?" He asks politely.

Mary sultrily bites her lip in thought, scanning the drinks list. "Uh, two glasses of wine, please. Make it red."

"Of course, ma'am," he says, taking the drinks menu from her hand. "I will be right back to get your food order."

"Thank you," Mary says softly.

Seeing him through the window, her heart still leaps just as it did all of those years ago when she first saw him. Dressed in a sharp, navy blue suit which is more professional than what he wore back when he was a waiter and hosting. He's now the manager of the place and Mary's so proud of him, proving to be a wonderful successor to his brother who is doing well in his own new career as a police officer.

Mary's eyes glance around and as they did long ago, they finally land on the Valoises' family photo. She stares at a younger, bare-faced Francis and then at his father. "You'd be so proud of him, Monsieur Valois," she whispers before tapping her fingers on her napkin.

"Here are your drinks," Francis announces, placing them onto the table and shifting a few things to accommodate them. "Have you made a choice?"

Mary realises that she hasn't, just like she did years back and giggles to herself when he shakes his head in disbelief and awe. She's still the same eye-oogling girl. Mary scans the menu and looks into his hypnotising eyes. "I'd love your house special, please. Two of those."

"My favourite," he says lightly before giving her a cheeky wink. "Anything else?"

"That's it," Mary says before going for the kill. "Unless you'd like to join me?"

"I'm sorry?" He asks with a smirk.

Mary smiles warmly. "I don't know if you know, but we're neighbours. My mother's family's bakery is next door and well, I'll be working there a lot so... We'll be seeing a lot of each other. Why not make friends now?"

Francis chuckles. "Sure, why not?" He replies. "Let me get your food."

He returns fifteen minutes later but she doesn't mind as she realises that only one chef is out in the kitchen so he must have helped him prepare the food. He comes back out, plates in both hands and places them onto the table.

"I didn't catch your name," Francis tells her as he sits across from her. "What is your name?"

Mary looks up at him, grabbing her cutlery. "Mary. Mary Stuart."

Francis grins. "I'm Francis Valois," he replies, holding a hand out for her to shake. "It's lovely to meet you, Mary."

Mary smiles even more. "Likewise, Francis," she says softly before offering her hand to which he kisses the back of it. "What a charmer."

He chuckles, a blush settling on his cheeks as he thinks about how beautiful and wonderful this woman who his girlfriend is. "So, let's talk business," he replies, letting go of her hand and getting down on one knee. "Would you like to invest in me by marrying me and being my wife for the rest of our lives?"

And here it is, Mary thinks happily, tears springing to her eyes. "Le chemin dans mon coeur. You know it."

"And you know the way into mine," Francis replies quietly.

"Francis," Mary starts. "My answer is 'yes'."

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