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It was just his luck that Noctis was approached by the weirdest person on his first day at Insomnia University. It was the young man's first time away from home and he felt free, almost too free. The world felt almost frightening now that he was on his own. He hoped the feeling would soon pass.

"Well hello there!" The greeting came from a strangely dressed, violet haired man. Noctis wondered why the man before him was wearing so many layers of patterned clothing and then some odd shawl over top of that. It wasn't even cold.

"Uh, hello," Noctis managed a greeting back. He was a little put off by the man's sudden approach. His golden eyes were intense as he gazed upon Noctis. He gave off an aura that put the young man instantly on edge.

"My apologies for disturbing you but I just had to introduce myself. I do not recognize you from prior years so I assume it is your first year here?"

Noctis nodded. Was this man faculty?

"Ah, welcome then. I do hope you find Insomnia accommodating to your needs. I am Ardyn Izunia, head of the theater department. I am at your service should you require anything at all."

"Ah, thank you," the younger man responded as his guess was confirmed.

"I must say, you share such a striking resemblance to my younger brother. May I have your name?" Ardyn said, his eyes seeming to shine as if eager for the response.

"Oh, uh. Noctis Lucis Caelum," the man said, feeling rather uncomfortable. Maybe he shouldn't have taken time to wander around before his class was to start. He would have been able to avoid this encounter.

"Well then, hello Noctis. I don't believe your name is on any of my class lists. A shame really. If perhaps it would interest you-"

"Ardyn!" The firm voice startled Noctis and he jumped. Ardyn turned towards the voice, a smirk forming on his face.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear," Ardyn chuckled softly and then in a louder voice said, "Somnus! Come over here, if you will."

Noctis wondered if it would be rude to walk away while the oddly dressed man was distracted. Before he could do it, he caught a glimpse of Somnus. The young student froze, his blue eyes widening in shock.

Somnus looked familiar. Very much so. His was a face he looked at every morning. Though it was a little sharper and older, Somnus's face looked very much like Noctis's own.

This was Ardyn's younger brother? Noctis thought. They didn't look that much like one another. The newcomer was not paying attention to Noctis but looking towards Ardyn with an annoyed expression.

"Please don't harass any of the new students, Ardyn. You already have enough of a reputation," Somnus chided.

"I would never do such a thing! How dare you insinuate," the younger brother feigned insult.

"Ardyn," the dark-haired man warned, his blue eyes, so much like Noctis's own, narrowing. The other rolled his eyes at the threat.

"Anyway, come meet Noctis," Ardyn gestured at Noctis. Somnus turned towards the young man.

Noctis found himself a little embarrassed with two sets of eyes on him, both seemingly faculty. He saw Somnus's eyes widen when they looked upon him. He looked as startled as Noctis had felt seeing him.

"Noctis, this is Somnus Izunia, my brother," Ardyn continued, "and like I've stated, you two do share quite the resemblance."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Noctis," Somnus greeted, snapping out of his daze. He offered a hand.

"Nice to meet you too, sir." Noctis responded politely and shook his hand. Was he supposed to call him sir? Was he even a professor? What did you call a professor again? Noctis couldn't remember. He just wanted out of this situation.

Neither man commented on it so Noctis assumed that it didn't matter.

"Is there something you would like to tell me brother?" Ardyn then asked. "The similarities are too much to be just a coincidence. Is he the result of one of your many trysts during our youth?"

"What, when I was like ten?" Somnus snapped at the insinuation.

"I would not be surprised with your track record," Ardyn responded with a shrug. A dark glare and then swift punch to his shoulder was the response he received for that. The violet-haired man dramatically held his shoulder as if it were broken.

"That was both painful and uncalled for. I thought we left our animosity behind. Clean slate and all?"

"We did. That's for being a dumbass."

"I'm hurt," Ardyn groaned, "I might have to bring this assault up to the Dean."

"Feel free," Somnus smirked triumphantly. "Aranea will just give me pat on the back. You know that woman would strike you any day of the week. She has little sympathy for you thanks to your antics."

"It's not my fault she has no sense of humor and can't keep up a conversation without resorting to violence," Ardyn shrugged and let go of his shoulder.

"I've had many civil conversations with her. I believe it is just your personality. And the fact that I've been told by many you have a very smug and punchable face," Somnus remarked.

Ardyn glared at him, his face losing all amusement for a moment.

Noctis could agree to that last part. Seeing as both men were distracted, he finally took the chance to slink off. Somnus and Ardyn continued their conversation, not even noticing the student's sudden departure.

Thankfully, Noctis was able to find some familiar faces.

Prompto Argentum, his high school best friend. They were both starting this year. The blonde wanted to get into professional photography and thankfully Insomnia had a course suitable for him.

Ignis Scientia, his cousin, though Noctis and he could have been brothers with all the time they spent together. They hadn't had much time recently but they'd been close via phone and video calls. Ignis was already in his third year, the top in most of his classes and well on his way to becoming a lawyer.

Gladiolus Amicitia, a family friend and once again someone Noctis could call a brother. He was also in his third year and on his way to becoming a police officer just like his dad. Gladio had taught Noctis to defend himself, becoming his and Prompto's teacher. He felt everyone should know how to fight if the situation called for it and would offer his help when asked.

Looking over his schedule, Noctis realized he had Somnus Izunia listed as his Criminal Psychology professor. Though he was going into accounting, wanting to obtain a CPA like his father, he had also decided to take a few extra courses to 'expand his horizons' as his dad liked to say.

Okay, Noctis thought to himself. That was fine. Somnus didn't seem as weird as his brother. He hoped anyway.

It turned out that it was Prompto that had Ardyn Izunia as a professor for one of his English classes. Noctis wished him a hearty good luck that left the blonde a little puzzled.

Noctis ended up running into the Izunia brothers outside at noon but luckily, they didn't notice him.

"And here I am, hurt once again by my cruel brother," Ardyn was saying to Somnus. Both were holding brown paper bags with some logo on the side. Probably fast food but Noctis didn't recognize the place.

"Why did I let you move in with me again? I regret my kindness," Somnus sighed, looking as if he was done with the world.

"You would have left your own brother out on the streets? How very unbecoming," Ardyn gasped dramatically. "Who then would be there to make sure you got up on time? Who would make your favourite coffee every morning? Who would remember to feed the cat?"

"I remember the last one just fine, thank you!" Somnus responded quickly, sounding rather offended. He then continued, "Though, I suppose I can admit there may be some use to having you around. I take back what I said."

"Good. That is all I want," Ardyn grinned and they began to chat about something else as they wandered away.

The young man saw the brothers head over to an almost empty table under the shade of a tree. There was a silver haired woman already sitting there. She seemed vaguely familiar until Noctis came to the realization it was the dean of Insomnia University, Aranea Highwind. She was the youngest person in the country to achieve such a position. He recalled Prompto fawning over her picture when they were deciding schools. He could see why but he hadn't paid much attention to her himself.

Noctis was startled out of his thoughts by a cry of pain. He looked to find Ardyn pouting at the dean while holding his shoulder, the same one Somnus had punched earlier. The dean was sitting by him, calmly eating her meal as if nothing was wrong. Somnus sat across from them both trying, and failing, to hold back a smile.

Noctis hurried away from there to find Prompto before Ardyn noticed him. He wasn't sure if the man would want to talk to him again but he was taking no chances. He went back inside and navigated the hallways until he found the blonde at their decided upon meeting place. As he approached his friend, Noctis thought back on today's events and began to wonder if his choice in university might have been a mistake.

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