So this might not be entirely canon-compliant, since I envisioned Kira and Odo not being together when this story started. I totally headcanon Dax as scheming to get them together.

Jadzia was at her post in Ops when Sisko appeared in the doorway to his office. His mouth was turned down. Uh oh.

"Commander Dax, I need to see you in my office."

When she walked in, Sisko gestured to the chair opposite his desk. "Sit." When she continued standing, he growled, "do I need to make it an order?" She took a seat with the feeling she knew what he was about to say.

"What have you done with my crew?" barked Sisko.

Jadzia sat there a little too innocently and said, "What do you mean, Benjamin?"

"I mean that where two days ago I had a crew who did their work well and on time, I now have a distracted and fidgety crew obsessed with a children's book!"

Shifting in her seat, Jadzia replied uncomfortably with, "You can't say this was all my fault."

"Can't I? You usually seem to know the consequences of your actions and I know you're not as uninvolved as you seem. When you gave them that book, you knew what you were doing."

"They've needed a break for a while now. Maybe a little mental vacation is just what they need. It could even help them work better together as a crew." Jadzia sat back in her chair and mentally crossed her fingers. Please, please let him see her side.

Sisko considered that point for a moment, then leaned forward to deliver his final pronouncement. "Fine. As long as it doesn't get too out of hand, you can continue with this challenge." (Score!) "But," he held up one resigned finger, "I reserve the right to end this game if it becomes a problem." Jadzia nodded. That was fine by her. "Thanks for having this little talk. Am I dismissed?"

"Dismissed." As Jadzia left, the captain ran a hand down his face. Dax would be the death of him someday.

Back in Ops, Jadzia was triumphant. She was home free! She passed Miles on the way to her station. "Chief, would you be interested in joining our little game?" The Chief shuddered. "I've heard enough from Julian to discourage me from ever wanting to try. God forbid Molly hears about it and wants a copy of one of those books." Jadzia shrugged. "Your loss, Chief."