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Jadzia trudged through the Habitat Ring, tired and content. They had held an all-staff Waldo-finding party in Quark's earlier (even Odo couldn't manage his usual grumpiness since he had an arm around Major Kira the whole evening), and it had been a great success. The whole senior staff worked seamlessly together…with only a few books ripped. Chief O'Brien had reluctantly let himself be dragged into the whole affair, and although he enjoyed it, he was quite dismayed to learn that Molly had taken a liking to these books. The last Jadzia heard, he was pleading with her to not take one back to their quarters - she couldn't help but think that Keiko was going to be in for a very interesting night.

As she came up to her door, she shook off all thoughts of children and their toys. For the moment, she had none - just Worf, who she was sure would be tired from the day's shenanigans. She stepped inside and was enveloped in the warm light of her and Worf's shared quarters. Jadzia could hear Worf snoring in the bedroom, and decided he deserved his rest. She made her way to the bedroom, shrugging off her clothes. She carefully raised the covers and slid into bed, hoping Worf would stay asleep, but he rolled over to trap her under one arm.

"Hey, sleepyhead," she murmured, smoothing a hand over his cheek.

Her husband groggily cracked an eye, then sighed happily. "We have defeated the enemy, Jadzia."

She giggled to herself. He was such a Klingon. "Yes, we have."

"We are to be commended," he mumbled.

"Mhmm," she hummed soothingly, hearing his breathing even out and knowing he was being claimed by sleep.

Jadzia snuggled closer. She had worked hard this week at bringing her crewmates and friends together (read: making mild chaos). She had accomplished her goal and was now very sleepy. She smiled. Her job was done. She let go of her cares and slipped into a deep and restful sleep.

The End

Wow! My first fic, finished! I never thought I would get into writing like this, but here I am. This was a new and fun experience for me, but I'm not sure I'll keep going. If you had fun reading this, let me know! I'm a really inexperienced writer and feedback is always helpful. Also I'm sorry if the formatting was weird, I didn't have the heart to type this out again.