Hi guys, I'm here with a unique story. So with Zero One coming to a close, I couldn't believe what happened to our lovable and goofy Aruto so I came up with this idea. It will be quite tragic in it's own way but at the same time, it will be a good ending so the best word to describe this story will be bittersweet. Enjoy!

Everyone was on the floor in pain as they saw their worst nightmare walking towards them. Clad in a black suit with white armor and red lines, it's mask was also white with one of the visors being pitch-black and the other a blood-red. All in all, the adversary was a terrifying sight and its title was known as Ark-Zero. But it wasn't the outside that horrified the heroes, no it was who was inside that terrified them all. Because inside the armor was the man who saved them all from turning down a darker path but only to ironically fall himself. His name was Aruto Hiden and he was formerly known as the heart of the team aka Kamen Rider Zero One.

"Damn, how could it come to this? Out of all people why did it have to be him?!" cursed Vulcan aka Isamu Fuwa.

"It's no one's fault but our own, Fuwa. He saved all of us but we took it for granted. Then we couldn't help save him so it's fate punishing us for our selfish actions." said Valkyrie aka Yua Yaiba sadly.

"I judged him unfairly. I once said he could be the one who could change our futures. I should have given him a chance but I blew it and destroyed the one person that cared for him." said none other than Horobi. After Jin's death, he contemplated getting revenge on Aruto and taking Azu's offer. But then he realized it would make him the one thing he hated, a hypocrite. He remembered the remorse he felt for killing Izu especially since he knew very well she did nothing wrong. Remembering Jin's last words, he made a vow and joined the other Riders in an attempt to atone for his sins. Though he was accepted a bit more easily than Gai since Fuwa and Yua were well aware of what just transpired.

"I just can't believe that President Aruto could go so far. I mean I knew he cared for Izu but to believe that her death pushed him this far." said Ikazuchi aka Uchuyaro Raiden.

"It's not too hard to believe, Raiden-san. When Fuwa-san destroyed you the first time, it was your first death along with Horobi's near death that propelled Jin to attempt to exterminate humanity which led to his first death. President Aruto's fall is no different." said Naki.

Gai Amatsu was back at Hiden Intelligence since he lost his powers but he was able to make up for it by providing intel via computer.

"Everyone, I need you all to retreat. We must regroup otherwise President Aruto will kill all of you, especially you Horobi." he said via their comms.

They nodded and were ready to do so until they heard something that shouldn't have been possible.


As the words were said, Ark-Zero was launched back by a foot that emitted a green projection of a kick. As he got up, Aruto's eyes widened and said only one word, "Impossible..." for standing before him was Kamen Rider Zero One himself.

"WHO ARE YOU!" he bellowed at the impostor.

Zero One stood back up and then said in a voice all too familiar, "Kamen Rider Zero-One. The First Rider of the Reiwa Era."

"You are not Zero One. I was the only Zero One!"

"I know all about you, Aruto Hiden. After all..." As he said this, he deactivated his driver revealing none other than Aruto Hiden himself. "I am you."

"You are not Aruto Hiden! I am the only one. I will murder you painfully and erase your existence from this world."

"You really have fallen, my other me. I've watched your journeys but I'm disappointed in your actions. I may understand them but the way you handled them make you completely irredeemable. That's why I came in. As of now, it's only going to be me and you and if you win, you'll get your wish. But if I win, you and your backstabbing buddy Azu are going to be erased permanently." said Aruto

(A/N: From here on, I'm going to call Ark-Aruto, Ark-One and the new Aruto, Zero One to differentiate them.)

Ark-One roared and charged at the unarmed Aruto ready to finish him off but Aruto simply jumped several feet in the air and quickly transformed in Rising Hopper. He then landed a rapid fury of kicks and pulling out the Attache Calibur slashed him several times. Ark-One was horrified to feel pain since he was supposed to be superior in every way. Zero One then pulled out a familiar Progrise Key and activated it.

"Shining Jump"

He then jumped back and authorizing the Key on his driver slotted it in.

"Progrise! The rider kick increases the power by adding to brightness. Shining Hopper! When I shine, darkness fades!"

Zero One was now Shining Hopper and using the Shining Arithmetic was able to outmaneuver Ark-One and send him flying. He then pulled another familiar a device and pulling out the Shining Hopper Key attached it to the edge. He then placed it over his driver again.


He then slid it back in and everyone could watch in awe as another familiar armor converged onto Zero One.

"Progrise! Warning, warning. This is not a test! HybridRise! Shining Assault Hopper! No chance of surviving this shot."

Shining Assault Hopper was back again and wasting no time summoned the two-in-one Authorise Buster only to quickly use it to send it crashing down across Ark-One's body causing him to cry out in pain as sparks flew. Taking advantage of the few seconds he just gained, Zero One, then pulled out his next trick, which Gai recognized from his camera since he created it himself. The former then quickly changed to his penultimate form.

"Progrise! Metalrise! Secret material Hiden Metal! MetalCluster Hopper! It's high quality!"

Zero-One then summoned the Progrise Hopper Blade and the Attache Calibur and combined them creating his trusty Naginata and started spinning it at rapid speeds. As he did this Azu saw what was happening and was feeling nothing but fear. She knew that her existence was in jeopardy and all her manipulations would be ruined since her master was loosing the fight. And the worst part was she could do nothing about it except hope that he can turn the tables.

Zero One then scanned the weapon and created a metallic construct in the form of a slash and launched it at Ark-One who was forced to blast it with a wave of malefic energy to melt it. The latter then felt he now had the upper hand since he knew that was MetalCluster Hopper's most powerful attack.

But Zero One was far from over, he then revealed a device that Ark-One recognized very clearly.

"IMPOSSIBLE! HOW DO YOU HAVE THAT!" for in Zero One's arms was the attachment for Zero Two which would allow him to change into said form.

"Like I said, I am you. I've went through the same journey, same obstacles and same life. Only difference is I didn't let my hate for Horobi corrupt me because I knew that wasn't what Izu would want!"

Hearing the name of his former secretary was the last straw for Ark One. Screaming in madness, he unleashed an aura full of malefic energy and charged but before he could land a punch, it was caught by none other than Zero Two.

"Zero-Two Rise! Road to glory has to lead to growin' path to change one to two! Kamen Rider Zero-Two! It's never over."

With Zero Two no2 at his absolute limit, he utterly thrashed Ark One to the ground and as he did, he could see his opponent's armors starting to crack. Soon the red visor cracked open, showing a human eye underneath but filled with nothing but grief, insanity and rage showing that the Aruto Hiden underneath was truly gone forever.

Zero Two then jumped back and activated his finisher that would end this battle once and for all.

"Zero Two Big Bang!"

He then struck him with a multitude of kicks coated in red and lime colored energy before kicking him up into the air only to fly up their via teleportation and then struck him with one final kick that went crashing into the ground creating a explosion of light and a crater. As the smoke cleared the Riders could see Zero Two as he de-transformed back into Aruto looking down at their Aruto who was now at death's door. They then heard a awful screech and saw Azu screaming in pain as due to the outcome, she was erased from existence. They then saw their Aruto mutter one final word, "Izu..." before being erased himself. The Riders could feel nothing but guilt and shame knowing he never deserved such a fate but that was sadly how cruel the world could be.

The new Aruto then turned to the Riders and said, "I already know what all of you did, and don't feel any shame because I already forgave all of you. I'm the Aruto who yours should have been had he not make that one fateful decision. But alas, fate didn't do him well in the end."

Horobi then stepped up, "Who are you?"

Aruto chuckled, "I definitely saw that question coming. But truth is, I am Aruto Hiden but I come from a alternate timeline, one that sadly no longer exist due to multiple paradoxes. I too almost died alongside your counterparts but let's just say some higher ups offered us all a choice. I was the only who accepted to go back once I heard about your problems and now I intend to fulfill the role he failed in."

The others nodded and while they knew this wasn't their Aruto, they trusted him since he did save their world from destruction after all.

A few months later, Japan was back 100% and things were back to normal. Isamu and Yua both joined Hiden Intelligence along with Gai since they had no desire to work with Williamson Yotogaki. Aruto held funerals for all lives lost during this time of war and made two special memorials for Jin and Izu since without any backup data, they were sadly gone forever. Aruto also held a silent but private funeral for the original Aruto since he deserved it for his actions before his fall. But despite this, the Riders continued to vow to be the city's protectors, since if Humagears and Humans can truly live in peace, being eternal protectors wouldn't be that different.

The End.

So yeah, this is my idea of a plot twist for the ending of Zero One since it is coming to an end. The Aruto that came to stop Ark One was an idea I created. But to make things short, it's the Aruto from the Zi-O movie so I'll assume that he went through the exact same adventures as our Aruto up till Izu was killed. Instead of seeking vengeance, he instead pretended to accept Azu's offer and briefly became Ark One. But with his emotions intact, he was able to learn of her plans and destroyed her immediately so he didn't fall into despair. So I hope you all enjoy my idea on Zero One's ending and I'll see you all next time!

UPDATE 1: Thanks to a reviewer pointing it out, I found a few grammatical errors which I fixed. If any of you can find any more such errors, please either write them in the reviews or you can PM me. Thanks to all!