A/N: A short story filled with songs and oneshots with an implied Eric x Ryan theme. I was daydreaming and had an idea for this. Each song represents the progression of their relationship.

Set around Season 9, but involves mentions of earlier events.

[EDITED, AGAIN- FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS] I won't use all the lyrics (copyright reasons :) but there will be a song mentioned each one shot.

Song #1: "Crush" by Mandy Moore

Ryan found himself distracted by Eric standing outside the Trace lab, talking to Walter about the case. He was supposed to awaiting the results from the Maspec but it took a bit of time.

The song playing reminded him of the year he started working at the crime lab. It was playing on the radio while he filled out paperwork to settle his transfer. Eric had come into the office that same night, appearing to have lost something. He stood in front of his desk and gave him that look.

Ryan had felt personally attacked when he did so.

"Hi," He'd said. "Do you want to talk?"

That was because the same week, he and his ex-fling broke it off. Ryan wasn't mad though. His mind was always elsewhere. Wondering if he had done something to upset his colleagues, which is is why they didn't like him. Eric in particular. Wolfe didn't even think Eric liked him. So he avoided him for as long as he could before they were paired together for the first time, and on several other occasions following.

They actually got on well when they weren't arguing. Seeing Eric actually had a lovely smile when he was happy. The song resonated in his head ever since.

"Not really. I'm not really someone who does the whole feelings thing.."

Ryan really hated the way he felt. It just wasn't like him, liking someone who never really saw him. Or he didn't say anything. Sometimes Wolfe got curious and unknowingly checked Eric out, it's not like he thought anything of it. He was more than sure that Eric pretended he didn't notice.

Then completely embarrassed him when he asked if he wanted to go grab dinner, right after they'd spent the whole day arguing about a case. Ryan never cooled off so quickly. His temper decreased and he went. Pathetic on his part. Eric was softening his cold external facade. That worried the younger CSI. Knowing that this was getting to his head, and he was falling. Faster than he'd liked.

These last few years he'd done his best to hide his feelings. Keep his defensiveness to a maximum and not give in to any ways people would try to make him say something.

The belief he and Eric were on working terms was good enough for him.

"Hey Wolfe!" Eric smiled, walking into the lab. "Everything ok? Simmons said you looked dazed."

Ryan laughed it off. "I'm good. Just a little tired, that's all."

Unconvinced, Eric just gave a gentle nod. He watched as Ryan carefully filled in his evidence report once the results came through. Ryan tried not to focus on his state too much, his eyes staying on the papers in front of him.

'Why did he have to do this now?' He grumbled, shifting in his seat as he felt Eric's hot breath on his neck.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and Ryan cursed. Again.

The Cuban-Russian, however, was more focused on the song than anything else. He swore that he'd heard it before. It wasn't his kind of music though the lyrics meant more to him than anything else.

"This song remind you of anybody?" Eric inquired, smirking.

Now he implied Natalia, but Ryan's interaction between them after they broke up hadn't been because he liked Natalia.. it was because he just wanted to get a chance to see Eric. Though he let people believe it was Natalia he had a crush on so they wouldn't figure out his actual crush.

"No." He insisted. "Bet you can think of someone though, Delko."

Eric chuckled, rolling his eyes. "I think you might as well just give me the results on the trace before I punch you."

"The substance found on the vic's clothing is cobalt. Happy?"

"Yes," Eric jokingly placed his hand to his cheek, mocking what Molly did a few days ago. "Thank you babe."

"Shut it, Delko!" Ryan called as Eric left, still laughing.

His cheek still tingled from Eric's gentle touch. It shouldn't have felt that good. Ryan kicked over his chair and sighed. As soon as this crush ended, he'd feel so much better. Seven years for a reoccurring crush seemed unbelievable.

'Ooh, I got a crush on you

I hope you feel the way that I do

I get a rush

When I'm with you

Ooh, I've got a crush on you

A crush on you'