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Oneshots 1-10 tell a story, but these are little add-ins to the story. Set either before, after or during this series of events... This one is an AU aftermath.

Ryan/Eric angst, mentions of Ryan/Calleigh & Eric/Sam

Song #11: "Don't Deserve You" by Amanda Perez

Baby I know that I can't live without you in my life

But baby why can't I just do all the things that's right

O baby I know that I can't live without you in my life

But I can see it when I look at you

I can see it now that I don't deserve you

Ryan didn't know how to take the fact that Eric had slept with her. Sam, of all people he had his selection from. He definitely felt a certain way about his boyfriend sleeping with his ex-girlfriend. It's not like he had a reason to be impressed, he'd been cheated on. He hated Eric. People warned him about his reoccurring commitment issues.

It's not like he really expected much. Ryan was a heartbreaker, despite his full commitment and no messing about on the side. He just remained honest to the girls he liked for a while but his infatuation ended quickly. Not leading anyone on is what made him a dignified casanova, to them at all.

So Ryan told him that he couldn't do it anymore, found himself back in his and Calleigh's shared office to make up work for himself to complete.

"Hey babe, why the sad face?" Calleigh inquired, handing him a latte and sitting on the desk in front of him.

Ryan took a long sip of his drink. "Eric."

"Twice?" The blonde remembered the last time this happened. But only, it was Eric's ex boyfriend that found his way back. Eric, being the needy guy he could be, gave into that urge. Ryan had no idea until Walter told him. Yet he did nothing about it, hoping that this drunken mistake wouldn't happen again. But this time it was her. Ryan gave a short nod, grabbing his red A5 notepad and throwing it in the wastebasket.

She sighed. "Oh Ry.. I'm sorry."

Ryan's eyes fell to floor for a moment, taking in the fact that every thought he'd had about Eric sat in that damn journal.. then his eyes met her soft gaze. He felt at peace. Sometimes he wondered if it really was him that had brought whatever they had to a funny ending. His heart had always been in two different places. Ryan couldn't stick to labels. His heart loved who it wanted to.

He and Eric hadn't even done it. Which probably explained why they didn't, Ryan always backed out. Said he wasn't ready. Which was very true. Now it would never happen, Ryan never made the same dating mistake twice.

The thing about him and Calleigh was that they had the trust acquired to know when something happened and when the other needed their space. It's what made them so close. Ryan loved painting her dainty features, fascinating eyes and beautiful blonde hair. He couldn't be 100% one way, when the other had always been there. She treated him better than anyone he had ever dated.

Ryan placed his hand on her leg, a warm smile lighting up his face. "It's not your fault."

"I feel like it is.. I'm supposed to be your other half. Look out for you, warn you if I think something's going to happen." She replied guiltily.

Wolfe shook his head. He stood up from his chair, handing her a drawing pad from his locked desk. Her eyes shifted from their gaze as she opened it up. The glint in her eyes sparkled when she saw what it was filled of. She couldn't believe it.

"This is dated from the day of the seminar.. isn't it?"

"'Course." He smiled. "I've always had a crush on you, Cal. You're incredible.. but I don't deserve someone like you. So have this."

Calleigh slid off the ledge and pulled him into a tight embrace. He hugged her back, putting all his emotion into it. Things hadn't been easy but he prayed to end up with someone even half as amazing as her. She meant everything to him.

"I love you." She muttered, tears rolling down her face.

"I love you more." He whispered.



Calleigh sobbed violently into Alexx's shoulder. Her husband was gone, murdered by a gang banger's girlfriend who had no business doing so. Ryan had only proposed to her two months ago as he insisted that he didn't want to keep waiting. She'd accepted, knowing that she would be marrying a man she truly loved despite how spontaneously decided it seemed. His death came at a time that wasn't supposed to be as depressing as it felt.

Their wedding was beautiful, even if it was small and meaningful. The vows he wrote are words she would've never thought to hear from him but would never forget. He died protecting his wife. Something that Ryan would find suitable as a way to go.

His father flew in from D.C. as soon as he heard. Ryan's final moment were spent with him. Calleigh only cried harder seeing Ryan's father so broken down.

"I-I c-can't b-believe h-he's g-gone!"

"It'll be okay, honey." Alexx reassured her quietly, letting her cry it out.

For everybody else, it felt like a shot to the heart. Walter, Natalia and Sam were all sad to see him go. Though they could never understand Eric's emotions. He seemed distraught. But he couldn't be more so than Calleigh, she was his wife.

Delko compared his relationship with Ryan to what he had with Calleigh. Something always held Ryan back in theirs. To the point where marriage, the future and taking the relationship to the next level were minor thoughts.

Until Eric made the error of cheating on him.

He started thinking about it more and more. That tentative motion he had faded with the hurt he suffered. Eric knew that Ryan had loved Calleigh too, though he hadn't quite figured out how much. When they sat on the rocks - he could see the chemistry between the two friends. It were as if their bond grew stronger. Calleigh began to see what she wasn't seeing before.

It came to be a short before downfall of their relationship. Ryan's hair became a faded, light brown/dark blonde mix and he started wearing glasses a lot more. He was physically losing his vision.

Eric hated himself knowing that he should've done more to protect him.

Now Calleigh carried his last name, keeping his legacy alive in a way that Eric despaired knowing. Ryan was happy with the firearms expert. His smile had to be the most amazing thing about the effect Cal had on his life.

The Cuban sighed,

'I love you. But I never told you, which was my biggest mistake.'