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Inspiration for Fanfic: One Thousand and One Nights. The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Inspiration Theme Music for Fanfic: Disney's Aladdin song, "Arabian Nights".

Welcome to the second part of my The Beginning Trilogy, part of my Prelude Series and my Long Series. :)

I am so relieved that I uncovered the true beginning of my Long Series. It was a long time coming, so I'm relieved. :)

This part will focus on God, Gilgamesh, and Aladdin. :)

That said, enjoy! :)

The War in Heaven was arduous. The Angels, Archangels, and Fallen Angels fought long and hard to claim Heaven. The Fallen Angels thought they won, but that victory was cut short, thanks to the LORD.

The Fallen Angels were defeated, sent to Earth and creating whatever mischief they could find. Even the faeries were sent down to Earth for not picking a side. The faeries found themselves falling in love with nature.

But the War was far from over. The LORD still had business with them. So, while the LORD took care of the Fallen Angels and the faeries, keeping His Angels and Archangels occupied, more activity stirred.

This is Aladdin's tale, taking place centuries after the story of Noah and the Flood.


Gilgamesh was the first to come out of his story.

It happened one night, while his author was penning his story. Gilgamesh flew out of the book, right into the real world. It wasn't enough. For the last thing Gilgamesh expected was being a majestic king, for all to see.

Gilgamesh smiled at his reflection in the mirror. Yes, he had a perfect body, but even more that he felt like conquering Mesopotamia! It was the only thing he could do to keep himself occupied.

"Hey, who are you?" one soldier declared, stopping the author of the story, The Epic of Gilgamesh, to stop writing.

"Huh?" the author of the epic poem asked.

Uh oh! That wasn't good!

Gilgamesh darted out the window, flying high and feeling like he could rule the world. Well, at least in his mind, he thought he could. But he was still under the LORD's gaze. Great! Gilgamesh knew something was wrong. He just didn't know what else to say. Other than it was a miracle that the LORD appeared before him.

"Gilgamesh, it's time," the LORD said. "You're the first to enter the real world. Come. We have much to discuss."

Gilgamesh sighed. This was good. "Then I will go with you. I trust this will not take too long. I have a kingdom to rule."

The LORD smiled upon Gilgamesh, telling him, "Then come. It is time you learned the true history of the world and all its makings."

"Where am I? Is this Earth? You didn't take me to another world?" Gilgamesh asked, concerned.

The LORD smiled, laughing, as he said, "Now, we'll have none of that. Come. It's time you learn your true destiny."

"Yes. Very good," Gilgamesh said, following God through Mesopotamia. In time, Gilgamesh understood his true purpose. "I won't be the last character to enter this world?"

The LORD shook his head. "No. I intend to give the fictional characters something to look forward to. The War in Heaven is over, but this battle is far from over. I will need your help. The time of the fictional characters to arrive in this world is about to begin, starting with you."

"Me?" Gilgamesh pointed to himself. He was wearing leather armor, which suited him comfortably. "And what will I find here?"

"Hope," the LORD said. "Do not fear, Gilgamesh. Your time has come. And now, I must seek out a few more fictional characters. The Flood is over, but your journey has begun."

Gilgamesh nodded. "Then we'll be grateful that the Flood is over. For I feared the worst if it hadn't come."

The LORD smiled upon him, patting his shoulder, "You'll do fine. Trust me."

Gilgamesh nodded, standing up. "I trust you. As always. Uruk is done. Now, now I must find the other characters, before it is too late."

The LORD nodded, saying, "Then good luck, for your task is about to begin."

Thanks for reading. :)