Aladdin walked for some distance with Gilgamesh and the LORD. The air was nice and peaceful, exactly as Aladdin hoped. He smiled, feeling so at peace right now.

It was almost as if he wasn't himself. But he felt so enlightened. This was good, since he wanted to please the LORD.

As they walked down the dirt road, seeing the dark blue-purplish sky flex out an array of colors, a thought came to Aladdin. It was a thought he had been longing to say, but hadn't had the heart to say in so long.

"Lord," Aladdin spoke up, getting the LORD's attention, "I know you said we need to find this caravan. If we wanted to take it, we could, but I don't…"

The LORD grabbed his shoulder, saying, "What's inside the caravan is valuables for all. Do you understand? I will protect you, once you're inside the caravan. Until such a time comes, then I will need you."

"Yes, my Lord," Aladdin said with a sighed. "Very good, my Lord."

The LORD smiled, gesturing forward, "Let's go."

Aladdin sighed, following Him.


Aladdin stopped with Gilgamesh and the LORD behind a large rock. Before them stood a caravan with purple curtains. The caravan was tube-shaped. The caravan had also been painted a yellow color, with pretty colorful flowers painted on the door. There was also a middle-aged woman, dressed in a red dress, watching over the caravan. She had a campfire going next to the caravan, making herself some food to eat, while she had her water jug present next to her.

Aladdin looked at the LORD, asking him, "All right. So, you want me to steal what's in the caravan?"

The LORD shook his head. "No, but Aladdin…"

"Aladdin, wait!" Gilgamesh cried.

It was too late. Aladdin wandered off towards the caravan. He looked back at Gilgamesh and the LORD, shushing them both. Aladdin turned to the caravan, sneaking inside.

Aladdin sighed. The moment he was in, he took a look at his surroundings. So far, the middle-aged woman was cooking meat over a campfire. She would be distracted.

"Right. Now, what was I looking for?" Aladdin whispered, searching around the caravan for the chest.

There were so many knick-knacks inside, that it was impossible to find the chest. So many dresses. So many colorful dresses and cages. There was also a wooden wand, polished and almost made the sticks envious. Aladdin observed this wand. For a moment, he thought he might burst.

Aladdin whistled, snitching the wand and placing it inside his purple vest for safe keeping. He turned to a mysterious, small chest. The chest had ornate designs, painted gold, and was made from a strong wood. He opened the chest, discovering there were some jewels and a mirror inside.

He looked at the mirror a bit closer, seeing it had turned him into a Sultan. "A Sultan, huh?" He closed the chest, stowing it inside his purple vest. He was so relieved that his purple vest now had pockets. It was perfect for snitching things. And now…


No way! The top part of the yellow door closed. Aladdin looked at the doorway, making his way towards it. He attempted to bash it open, but found he couldn't. Oh great. How was he supposed to get back to his friends?

"I told you, you couldn't snitch anything," the LORD said, resting His hand against Aladdin's shoulder. "All I wanted was the chest, not the wand."

"Oh," Aladdin said, chuckling. He removed the chest, handing it back to the LORD. Aladdin pulled out the wand, asking the LORD, "What do I do with this?"

The LORD gave it some thought. "The witch put you in here. I'll set you free."

Aladdin sighed in relief. "Good. Can we hurry? I'd like to leave now."

"Hyah!" the witch outside cried, snapping her whip at the horse, who pulled the caravan.

"Whoa!" Aladdin fell to the floor, the wand falling out of his hands. He turned to the LORD, asking Him, "Why didn't you set me free? Huh?" He turned to the doorway. It was wide open.

Aladdin had seconds to leave the caravan, before it moved away. He moved quickly, darting past various objects. He dived out of the caravan, landing right on the grassy ground, as the caravan drove away.

Aladdin huffed a sigh of relief. He was still in the Portal Realm. Thank goodness! He looked up at Gilgamesh and the LORD as they helped him to his feet. "Thank you," Aladdin said, relieved.

"Hmm. You thought I would abandon you?" the LORD asked Aladdin, shaking his head. "I would never abandon you. Not truly."

Aladdin sighed in relief. "Good. That's good."

The LORD patted Aladdin's shoulder. "You know I am."


Jafar awoke. He was bewildered by all that was going on around him. Aladdin was now closer to the gazebo. Jafar took a good look at Aladdin talking with the LORD and Gilgamesh. Jealousy formed in Jafar's heart. He wanted that. He wanted what Aladdin had! But villains didn't get friendships. They had henchmen.

Jafar looked around. He could see the stone embedded to the gazebo. It was as if the gazebo had changed overnight from a wooden gazebo to a stone gazebo, and back into a white painted wooden gazebo.

Jafar huffed, staring at the bench. Yes, he had been asleep inside the gazebo. He could hardly remember the things that were said yesterday. If he could tell day from night here.

Jafar looked up, staring at Aladdin talking with Gilgamesh and the LORD again. Aladdin was safe. That was good because now, Jafar could have his hide! Just what was Aladdin doing with Gilgamesh and the LORD? Gilgamesh, the King of some land. Jafar was too tired to recall the name of Gilgamesh's kingdom, let alone care.

Jafar stood up, yawning. He slept too long. He looked towards the skies. Yes, it was still dark blue to purple. Great!

"Why do you want him?" the LORD asked Jafar. "There's still work I have for you."

Jafar huffed, "What is it?"

The LORD smiled. "You'll see." He pulled out the very small chest. He passed it to Jafar, telling him, "Inside this chest is something valuable. It's all you need., but it is important."

Jafar took the chest, staring at Him quizzically. "What's inside?"

The LORD smiled, saying to him, "You'll see."

"This doesn't sound like work. But then, I…" Jafar's thoughts were interrupted. As soon as he opened the chest, he was greeted by a mirror resting against its lid. Jafar looked at the mirror, seeing he was wearing a black hat and black robes. His eyes were red and he was laughing.

It didn't add up. Why was he a Dark Visier?

"What did you do? I'm evil? Is this what we're pulling at?" Jafar asked, handing the chest back to the LORD. Jafar folded his arms, glowering at the sight of seeing himself evil. "Why did you show me this? I'll bet Aladdin was shown riches."

"Yes, the chest does reveal what the heart wants, but more importantly what the soul is craving. That's what you saw. Your Shadow Self is coming out to play," the LORD declared.

"But Aladdin… he…"

"Aladdin was shown what he is becoming. A great Sultan," the LORD looked upon Jafar, telling him, "Not much needed to be transformed in Aladdin's life. That's where he's heading, should all go according to plan."

"What does this have to do with me?" Jafar asked the LORD, confused.

The LORD grasped his shoulder, telling him, "You were shown something you do not wish to see, but it's what your soul wanted to show you. This chest will prove effective to any who wishes to see themselves in their true forms. Don't worry. I'll keep this chest handy. You have nothing to fear. If you ever need to seek out this chest again, I'll stow it somewhere safe." He stowed the chest away inside one of the His pockets, smiling at Jafar.

Jafar huffed. "I'm evil! I can't believe that," he said, wandering off. "I need time to think." The LORD looked at him in interest. He followed Jafar, hoping Jafar could seek him out. That's all the LORD could ask for, even as He, at the same time, spoke with Aladdin and Gilgamesh.


"That's all the chest shows? Our true selves?" Aladdin huffed, asking the LORD, "Why didn't you tell me?"

The LORD shrugged. "I thought it would be an adventure."

"Lord, thank you," Aladdin said, smiling.

The LORD smiled back. "Are you ready? It's time to head to the Mirror Universe."

Aladdin nodded. "I am."

The LORD smiled, resting a hand on Aladdin's shoulder. "Good. Let's go."

"Right. But what about Jafar? Should we…?"

Gilgamesh shook his head. "He'll be fine. You wait and see."


Jafar walked for about a couple of feet. To his surprise, the LORD was following him. Jafar stopped and looked at Him. Oh, how he hated someone following him! So, why was the LORD following him?

"Why are You following me?" Jafar asked, walking away.

The LORD followed him, enjoying this tirade. Jafar walked for another couple of paces. To his surprise, his whole world was shifting. Before, he was away from the gazebo. Now, the gazebo was back. He walked in circles! How?

Wait a second! This Portal Realm was a realm for ghosts! Surely, one of them probably did this.

"Why am I walking in circles? Is this some trick?" Jafar asked, hotly. He stomped his foot, not enjoying. "No! No, it can't be true!"

"I'm afraid so. Are you ready to concede? Aladdin needs you," the LORD said.

Jafar sighed in disappointment, "It seems I have no choice. Okay, where is he?"

The LORD pointed to Aladdin and Gilgamesh. "He's right there. Go easy on him. He's suffered through a lot."

"Humph. A street rat," Jafar said, making his way back to Aladdin.

Aladdin stared at him in dismay. Somehow, this whole day was turning their world upside down. "Jafar, you're back. Why are you back?"

"Why are you back? This is ridiculous!" Jafar stammered, folding his arms again. "I don't want to talk. I have nothing to say. I'm evil! That's what the chest showed me."

"And I'm good. What difference does it make?" Aladdin asked, knowing even they couldn't change fate.

Jafar sighed, knowing he would have to concede. He looked at the LORD, asking Him, "What do you want?"

"Come. The Mirror Universe awaits," the LORD said, opening up a portal for them to a world similar to the Portal Realm.

Jafar stepped through the portal first, followed by Gilgamesh. Aladdin looked back at the Portal Realm, knowing then, all was well.

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