Author note; YO , first time fanfiction, or at least the one I actually put a decent effort into. I recommend you guys to stay around till 3-5 chapter to understand what kind of fanfiction is this and if it will interest you guys or not. Hopefully I will post in the next week at max or I will be in hiatus for a year unintentionally because I forgot. Cya in chapter 4-5.

NEW AUTHOR NOTE: I think the fanfiction title and prologue is a bit misleading and doesnt really tell what my ff is about. SO I'm gonna rewrite it or just leave prologue empty maybe. In case you wandering whats the original name, it's "The dragonborn is pretty cute, might propose after the War, I dunno."

It sound like a oneshot fanfiction and purely romance and not death, war and steel... hey that sound like a nice title.. Also note this fanfiction will show multiple prespective. For now I will start writting Hadvar prespective, then we continue

To even learn the simplest shout, it would take many years of training is required

To become a strong warrior, one need to dedicated half of their life time to training to be a Warrior.

To become a wealthy rogue, training is not enough to be successful, one need extraordinary talent to be the best.

To become a powerful mage, one need to dedicated their whole life to training, studying and practicing spell even as their hair turn grey and their hand become wrinkle to master a single School of Magic.

And Dragonborn is the one that can mastered all of it. Becoming a Jack-of-All Trade, and Master of All.

But for some reason, the Dragonborn is inhabitant by a different yet same soul, the two different soul have fused to become one, fused from a world where Tamriel is but a name of a fictional land for a game and the feat of the Dragonborn is but an exaggeration that many believe to be a possibility rather than destiny.

As our hero inhabitant by a new different soul, she will still achieve it all, Ending the Civil War, Slaying Alduin, Becoming a Harbinger of the Companion, Arch-Mage for the College of Winterhold, Guildmaster for the Thieves Guild, or will she carve her own unique path, refuse to let fate decide her future. She will handle her own path and shape not just Skyrim but all of Tamriel to her liking.