Garret woke up the next morning and got dressed .
He went into the kitchen to find his parents making pancakes. Morning his mom said. Did you sleep well ? Yes Garret said. We got your bike out so you could ride to town with Opal. Thanks mom Garret said.

After eating breakfast he put his shoes on and ran over to Opals trailer with Penny knocking on the door. The Preacher answered hello Sir is Opal up ? No she is asleep but can you wake her up ?

Sure Garret said walking into her room. He saw her sleep in bed . Her hair was a mess and she was drooling. Winn Dixie jumped off the bed greeting Garrett hey Winn dixie he said petting him.

He then walked over to Opals bed shaking her awake . Opals eyes fluttered open. Garrett she said.

Hey Opal your dad said I can come in and told me to wake you up. Garret told her. Opal got out of bed. She was still sleepy until she looked in the mirror. She blushed realizing that her hair was a mess and that she was wearing only a long shirt.

She tugged her nightshirt down over her exposed legs and grabbed a brush trying to fix her hair.
I didn't mean to embarrass you he said.
It's okay mind if you wait outside till I get dressed ? Okay Garret told her. By the way you look pretty still even with messy hair he said causing her to blush. He then closed the door .

After getting dressed in a red shirt and overalls shorts She then went into her kitchen. Morning dad she said. Morning Opal he said smiling. She took some waffles from the toaster and quickly finished it. She then grabbed her bike and Helmut same as Garret. They then rode into town with their dogs by their side.

When they rode into town they heard little girl say hi Opal. Opal stopped and got of her bike to great the little girl. Hey sweatiepie Opal said. Who's your friend ? she asked Opal Sweetie pie this is Garret . Garret meet sweetie pie . They both said hello and shook hands. Penny licked Sweetie pie making her giggle.

They then rode to the pet store where they were greeted by Gertrude the parrot and she landed on penny's head. Otis was playing guitar to the animals like he usually did. He greeted Garret and they chated for a few minutes before Garret and Opal continued on his tour of town.

They stopped at the library and Opal introduced him Ms Franny Block. She told him the story about the bear in the library and gave him a candy . Garret said it tasted like missing home. He checked out a Nancy drew book and they left.

She later introduced him dewberry boys and Amanda Wilkinson and they shook hands.
They last but not least arrived to Gloria Dumps house. She made them peanut butter sandwiches and they talked for hours. Gloria liked His dog Penny she gave Penny a sandwich as well.

You found a nice young man she told Opal. Were just friends Opal told her. Gloria laughed. I may be blind but even I can tell you love him .
Maybe Opal said quietly.

They later played baseball with the other kids. Winn dixie and Penny both snagged a ball causing the kids to laugh. Garret was starting to like it here. They later went back home greeting their parents and had dinner in their homes. They went to bed that night happy.