Opal and Garret have been dating for a few weeks now. They would go to the store and get icecream and they would swim in the pool his Parents bought.

The Preacher was nervous about Garrett and Opal dating but realizing the bond they shared he gave them his blessing. Garret had dinner with Opal and her dad sometimes and Opal would run across the trailer park to his room and sleep with him.

They had started middle school and they were in the same classes. They couldn't be happier.

Garret started to notice that Penny was acting weird. She was eating more and not as active.
Her appetite changed too . His parents took Penny to the veterinarian's office and they were shocked to find out that Penny was pregnant .

They realized that Winn dixie was the father of the puppies. Garret was happy . When he got back he told Opal the news and she got excited.

They said they would give puppies to their friends like sweetie pie Thomas , Amanda and others.
They let Winn dixie be around Penny because they knew they he was going to be a dad.

68 weeks later Penny gave birth and to Goldendoodle mix puppies. They were adorable . They took pictures and fed them milk from a bottle when their mother wasn't feeding them.

When they puppies got old enough they were given to good homes. Sweetie pie got one as did Miss Franny and Gloria Dump. Glorias dog eventually became a guide dog for her so she could leave her house and walk around town more.

Sweetie pie Thomas was excited to finally have dog . It slept with her at night and she named her dog rocky. The puppies loved peanut butter like their parents which made Opal and Garret laugh .

They were happy that they could give the puppies to good homes.

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