A/N: Hi! After months of reading fan fiction to survive quarantine, I've finally started one of my own. What better subject than my favorite show of all time! This chapter focuses on Frasier and Charlotte and a glimpse into their lives post-finale, but they're not necessarily what the whole story is about. This is my first fan fiction, but please review, good or bad! :)

Frasier couldn't keep from repeatedly tapping his heel as the plane began to descend into the Seattle-Tacoma airport. He reached over to the seat next to him and intertwined his fingers with Charlotte's. After all they'd been through the two of them had finally made it to this point. She looked over into his eyes and sighed with a smile. He smiled back at her and kissed the top of her head.

The night she left for Chicago, he was nearly sure that that was it for the two of them. However, Frasier has never been one to leave things be. In a passionate moment of impulse, he'd boarded a flight to Chicago and shown up on Charlotte's doorstep, bouquet in hand. As soon as the door opened to reveal her face, he'd known that nothing in San Francisco could possibly compare to what was standing in front of him here in Chicago. Charlotte's face lit up with joy when she saw him and they knew it was meant to be. Frasier made the move permanent and went exclusively to private practice, no longer needing the adoration of the public now that the right woman was in his life. In a whirlwind of happiness, a year later they found themselves running down the steps of a church with the gleeful chimes of wedding bells cheering them on to their new life together. Psychiatry was a stable profession, but Charlotte's matchmaking business began to really take off after news of her unique personal success story spread to all corners of the city. Soon Frasier was tagging along as her plus one to countless weddings all around Illinois.

Though she and Frasier had discussed children early on in their relationship, one year turned to five years, and five to ten. Now that Charlotte's Web was running nearly on its own as a mobile app, she had much more free time on her hands. The noise had settled, and she and Frasier began to notice the quiet hole in their hearts that seemed it could only be filled by the sound of a child's laughter. However, their natural clocks seemed to have wound down to zero. So, after months of research and phone calls, along with a lot of wishing and praying, they boarded a plane to Seattle where they hoped the familiar city would help them find a new love once again. A mere 72 hours ago, an adoption agency that the couple had reached out to in Seattle called to set up an interview. The vague amount of information mattered very little to the hopeful husband and wife, so they decided to meet as soon as possible.

The next morning, Frasier woke up a few minutes earlier than his alarm thanks to the sounds of birds chirping outside the hotel. He let out a deep sigh, wishing they would've let him rest just a bit longer for the big day ahead, but the past few days had happened so quickly that he found he was glad to have a moment to himself.

With all the talk of children, Frederick was on his mind a lot lately. He reached across to the nightstand where his phone was sitting and sent Freddie a text to see how he was doing. The buzz of potentially having another baby was thrilling, of course. However, as hard as it was to admit, Frasier couldn't ignore the underlying guilt gnawing at him that he hadn't been there more during Freddie's childhood. Now he was hoping to start again with another baby. He and Freddie have still maintained a close relationship, no matter how far apart their distance was from one another. He had talked to Frederick in length about the next chapter of their lives that he and Charlotte had hoped to embark on. Freddie had grown into a brilliant man and made sure to show his support for his father and step mother.

Just then the daunting sound of the alarm rang out, and Charlotte stirred awake.

"Good Morning, dear." He said, and kissed her.

"Good morning. You seem chipper for this early in the day." She replied with a smile.

"I was just thinking about you. And our future." Frasier replied, looking over her.

"That's sweet, but I do hope that future includes coffee." Charlotte said.

"Of course. Why don't we head across the street to that great breakfast place I recognized on the way in. Niles and I used to go there all the time before our squash game. We should have plenty of time to enjoy a nice meal before we're scheduled to be at the adoption agency. And then later tonight don't forget, we have dinner with the family at Niles and Daphne's."

"That sounds perfect!" Charlotte said, getting out of bed to pull on the sophisticated clothing she'd brought, hoping to make a good impression with the people they were meeting.

Then they headed out the door, hand in hand.