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Part Four – Feathers tend to tickle

I feel the light dance on my face before I notice the warmth pressed against my front right then my ears pick up soft snoring… it hits me at this point, that last night I was making out with Zuikaku. I start to remember the way she moved against me, then… oh god… I open my eyes and see her brown hair out of the usual ponytail…

I slowly lift the blanket and look under just to confirm my memory and I see her white skin pressed against my own and I notice a distinct lack of sleepwear I slowly pull the blankets back down over the two of us and wonder just what I should do at this point… as I start to wonder how long it'd been since I'd been with a woman… or rather woke up next to one… in either case, it's been a long time.

My mind starts to fill in the blanks from just waking up, the two of us on the floor by the table, her under me, pressing herself against me, rolling and grinding her hips against mine as we kissed, the way her thighs felt… I notice that blood is starting to collect down south and I hear a mumble from Zuikaku as her hips start to rock like she's trying to get comfortable… not good! Not good… actually really, really good…. No brain, no!

I inwardly sigh as I feel myself poking against her, but she doesn't seem to react, guess she's still asleep then… My mind starts playing back as she pushed me to sit up and undid the little knot that was keeping the top of her dress up, letting it fall down, the shy smile on her face when she didn't try to cover herself.

As I'm thinking about that my left arm moves over her hip and onto her belly, I hear her make a soft noise at the touch, I slide my hand north to find her breasts and confirm that they really do feel like human ones, again another noise from her that seems to be encouraging me to continue. I move my hand south to her womanly area and I notice it's already damp, as my fingers touch her; she lets out a quiet moan of my name.

I feel her adjust her hips and legs just as she starts to slide herself along my arousal, I start to wonder if she's awake at this point, I start to kiss her neck right where it joins her shoulders, as I do this, she lets out another moan right before one of her hands grips me and slips me in her. I'm still amazed at how warm it feels, how human it feels.

She starts to pump with her hips, as her moaning gets a little louder, just above the whisper it had been. I follow her motions, this feels amazing, she starts going faster as she turns her head a little so she can see over her shoulder, I see one of her brown eyes looking at me, and I can see lust and something else in there. She speeds up more, driving me deeper in, I see her bite her lower lip, her cheeks becoming red. I'm doing my best not climax, I'm trying to make this last, it feels so good.

She twists her back to try and be in a position for a kiss; I get the hint that's what she wants when her eye darts down to my lip and back to my eyes before going back to my lip. I lean over her as much as I can to kiss her, while my left-hand keeps pleasuring her. As we kiss, I feel her get very tight around me, she starts to pulse as I hear her moan into my mouth, this is too much for me, when the kiss breaks like she can tell that I'm close she tells me, "It's okay, I don't mind."

That was all I needed to hear, I kiss her again, deeply this time and let go, I feel myself start to pulse inside of her, filling her. When everything comes to an end, I lean my head against hers and whisper into her ear, "You are amazing…"

When I slip out of her, she rolls over to face me, kisses me before looking like she wants to say something, but stops herself then says, "So are you… this time I think was better than last night…"

She kisses me again before blushing and saying, "I think we were both very nervous last night and got into our own heads."

I slip my right arm under her waist and pull her on top of me as I roll to my back before I place both hands on her rear. She rests her chin on my chest just looking at me, a smile on her lips as she says, "I like this."

I tickle her just under her rear where her legs form, getting a giggle from her as I tell her, "I like this too."

I see her look to beside the mat we're on and she gives me an apologetic smile before reaching for her phone to see the time as she says, "Kuso, we overslept…"

I blink a couple of times and remind myself to ask Shoukaku about some of the more colorful words in Japanese next week. As we both get out of the sleeping mat, I see her blush a little when she looks back and sees bodily fluid marks on the bedding as she makes a groaning sound before she pulls on some underwear out of her drawer and pulls her red dress on in a flash. I get dressed in a hurry and reach for the sliding door with her, as soon as we open it, there is a popping sound and some streamers float into the air as we both see and hear Shoukaku say, "Omedetō!"

I look to Zuikaku and see her go as red as her dress, while Shoukaku has this smile on her face, telling me that she knows exactly what we were doing, I feel my cheeks get hot as Zuikaku heads into the kitchen to start making breakfast, I go to follow when Shoukaku stops me and says to me, "I don't mind you two being together, but if you're going to do it here, could you be a little quieter? The walls are kind of thin in the Sakura dorms…"

I'm at a loss for words; I didn't think we were being loud, even last night that ended with neither of us getting off in a good way… I see a smile quirk up at the edges of her lips as she teases me, "I'm kidding, you two were really quite. The only reason I knew you were over was when I got home after midnight I saw your shoes by the door."

I look down, still bright red when she adds, "I've been up for hours, waiting for you two… Zuikaku should notice right about… now."

I see Zuikaku poke her head out of the kitchen as she says, "Thanks sister for getting breakfast done…"

Breakfast went over rather quietly once it was done Zuikaku more or less shoved me out the door while telling me, "I'm going to go into detail about last night with Shoukaku, so unless you want to be here to hear it all…"

I give her a quick kiss while feeling my cheeks get hot at the thought of some details being shared when the kiss breaks I feel her pat my chest as she tells me, "I'll see you later Shikikan."

With that she shoved me out the door, as I turned around I bumped directly into Takao, it takes her a moment to process that it's me and I see her ears droop even lower and she looks very sad. I hang my head and sigh. As she hears me do that, she looks up and gives a smile, that I know is fake and is being used to cover pain as she tells me, "I congratulate you on your new relationship Shikikan… I hope you and Zuikaku many blessings in the future."

She turns to leave and I take her hand as I say, "Takao…"

She pulls her hand away and tells me, "It is alright Shikikan, I knew the risks when I saw Zuikaku had expressed interest in you as well…. I hope I will still see you on Saturdays however."

I sigh and give an affirmative to her, while she uses the back of her hand to wipe her nose as she tells me, "Then good, I will see you then. In the meantime, please let me go."

I let go of her hand and see her hurry down the hall and I hang my head. I start to question myself as to how I ended up in this position in the first place.



It's been a few months since I first slept with Zuikaku, in that time she's become a real fixture in my life. Usually, around eighteen hundred she shows up at my office with a pair of bento boxes, that I'm getting better at being able to eat thanks to continual practice with chopsticks. I know that us getting time together is a bit trying at times… I'm starting to feel a bit bad for Shoukaku, she doesn't say anything, but I'm getting the idea that she wishes me and Zuikaku would spend more time at my quarters…

I start thinking that maybe, that's not such a bad idea, it'd simplify logistics… I suddenly feel very nervous, I know I really like Zuikaku, but am I really ready to ask her to live with me?

My mind starts to play images of Zuikaku in nothing but an apron in my kitchen, her in nothing at all on my bed… I feel blood rush south and I sigh… biology is going to biology….

I pinch the bridge of my nose to turn my attention away from personal thoughts to the task at hand when I hear a knock on my door, I give one final look over the papers spread out over my desk and note that aside from budgetary requests, the bulk of my corresponded with HQ has been going without a reply. I head a second knock on the door, and I hang my head before calling out, "Enter."

The door opens and I see Zuikaku, in her red dress and white coat, I see on the right sleeve a little rust-red mark on it and I touch my nose recalling that she wore that when my nose got broken. She gives me a smile, like a really warm genuine smile, the likes of which I have never seen on her face before.

I watch as she more or less glides across the floor to beside me, bending at her hips to give me a kiss before she places a couple of boxes on my desk as she says, "Hey Shikikan, are you really busy tonight?"

I smile at her, turn my chair and pull her into my lap as I tell her, "Never to busy for you."

She smiles back and turns a little red as she laces the fingers on her right hand through my left and asks, "Can I tell you something?"

I'd be lying if I'd said I wasn't worried she might be thinking about breaking up with me, but I thought about her behavior just now and dismissed it as highly unlikely, I move my right hand to brush a stray hair out of her face and behind her ear as I tell her, "You can tell me anything."

As I said that I started to worry that she was pregnant… can Kansen get pregnant? I start to wonder as images of little versions of Zuikaku running around start to dance in my mind. I see her get redder in the cheeks, okay, not pregnant, embarrassed about something? I see her take a deep breath in and out a couple of times before she chooses to use Japanese with me… I know she does this when she's worried about or super excited about something, "Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu…"

I see that she's blushing a lot, and gives me a weak smile as she switches to English and tells me, "When you figure out what that means get back to me with your answer."

I smile at her, she doesn't know that I know what she said, I lean in close to whisper in her ear, "I love you too."

When I lean back I see her smile, very, very broadly before putting her hands on either side of my face and kissing me deeply, it's electric, like every kiss I share with her. When it breaks I lean my forehead against her and just bite the bullet and ask, "Zuikaku, would you like to live with me in my quarters?"



I put down the last of her boxes in the living room, and look up to see Zuikaku and Shoukaku sitting on my… our couch at the coffee table, sipping tea. I look at the coffee table and see that the models there are different now, I see my old ship and the Zuikaku I had painted for Zuikaku, the bows of both boats touching. I see Shoukaku finish her tea before she stands and teases us with, "Well I'll get out of your hair so that you two can get up to lewd things…"

She paused to gesture to my quarters as she added, "all over this place."

After the door closed behind her I look to Zuikaku and raise an eyebrow at her and she laughs before coming over to kiss me and take my hand and lead me to the bedroom as she says, "I don't know about doing it all over the place, but here…"

As we enter the room, she takes my hand and presses it to her belly as she leans against me and says without any embarrassment this time, "I love you, Marcus."

I whisper in her ear as I let my hand wander up her front, "I love it when you use my name."

She turns in the embrace to face me and lock lips with me, her hands sliding around to my back then up and down it before she pulls my shirt free of my pants to slide her hands up the skin of my back. I deepen the kiss and slip my hands under her shirt and up to unhook the bra she had put on today before I slide my hand back down her back and under the waistband of her pants.

She breaks the kiss to playfully nip my lip before taking off her top and bra, tossing them both to the floor before she tosses herself backward onto our bed. I take off my shirt and toss it into the growing pile on the floor before climbing up on the bed with her, I start kissing up her bare belly, making my way to each of her mounds then to her collar bone, kissing across it to her neck as I hear her moan out my name. I feel her nails drag down my back as she starts panting, grinding herself against my crotch, I take the hint and slide my pants and underwear off, while she lifts her backside off the bed to pull hers down. I get off of her to help pull them off before I start to kiss up her inner thigh, as I get close to her womanly area I can both see and smell that she is ready for me, I look to her and she nods just as her slender hand guides me inside of her, I look to her face and see the utter pleasure there, I start to thrust as she moans louder, telling me to faster, deeper, harder. I do everything that she asks of me, I feel her legs wrap around me and she pulls me in right to the hilt as I feel her tighten around me and she moans very, very loudly that she loves me, her warm tightness is too much and I give in and hit my release.

As we both come down from the pleasure high, I slip out of her and hold her from behind as I just follow my heart at this point, I know she is who I want to be with, I hope she wants to be with me as I ask her, "Marry me. I want to be with you until my last breath, I don't need time to tell me that…"

She is quiet for a moment before I hear her whisper out, "Yes."

I hold her tight against me and just enjoy this moment, in this one moment; there is nothing wrong with the world.



It's been almost a year since I asked her that question, I now sit across from a woman with long brown hair, tucked into a white hood, her white dress concealing her… ample torpedo protection, as they say here. The hood is doing a fantastic job at hiding her features; I can just make out a smile on her lips as they are quirking into a smile, god how I love her.

The ceremony is mostly a blur to me, I'm transfixed on her, we had chosen to do something more traditional to her homeland, mostly at the insistence of her sister, but really, Zuikaku had seemed to light up at the idea, so who was I to shoot that down? I had been amazed at how well living with Zuikaku had gone since she moved in, everything had just seemed to fit, perfectly… that's not to say that we didn't have problems from time to time… like Shoukaku more or less moving in a month or so later when it really sunk into her that she'd be without Zuikaku…

Thankfully Shoukaku hadn't caused any friction, and she seemed to enjoy that I took a round out of the 'vaunted' First Carrier division when I had Baltimore and Bremerton flank them from behind island and smoke cover and land 'killing' hits on both Kaga and Akagi from less than five kilometers away…. Both of those foxes were furious about it…. Claiming that I had used some kind of dirty trick… when all did was use the overconfidence that they suffer from. But well that's a story for another time, I get that reminder when I feel Zuikaku squeeze my hands with hers, pulling me back to the here and now, and getting me lost in the brown pools that are her eyes, this is where I want to be for the rest of my days, the here and now, lost in those eyes.

The rest of the day passes in a blur of spirts, laughter and smiles from my bride, when we get home we slip into our routine, she starts to make dinner, while I do what I can to distract her, making dinner take twice as long to get done. I watch from the door as I see her sleeping in our bed, it'd been a long day no surprise she's wiped out, and I smile, seeing that ring on her finger and the smile on her lips. I smile before turning out the light and climbing in next to her and pull her over to press against me as I feel the exhaustion of the day lay into me.



The End.

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