A/N: I do not own the Descendants movies, but my word, is it such a fun box to play in. Here's an idea that I am surprised never happened in the movies: the VKs meeting the heroes of their stories. I'm rectifying that here to a degree with Evie meeting Snow White as well as injecting a theory of mine about the first movie. Enjoy!

Fairest Ones of All

There she is.

Snow White observes the girl from a discrete distance. Her hair is blue as opposed to Snow's own raven-colored locks, but the famous reporter has seen a picture of this girl from the Isle- Evie. The resemblance is… uncanny, both to Snow White herself and… well, the Evil Queen.

Prince Benjamin had caused quite a stir when he'd announced his plans for the Isle. Many on the Council had grumbled about it (her own reports on the issue were viral across Auradon's social media platforms), but the citizens themselves were split between vocal protest, grudging acceptance, and a general sense of "well, we will just have to see how this goes."

"Snow White? What brings you here?"

The older woman jumps in surprise, before turning around to see the soon-to-be-king standing in the shade of the tree nearest her. If one had to personify Auradon itself, Benjamin would be what they got: kind, intelligent, humble, and dashing. An honest-to-goodness Prince Charming.

Snow smiles. "I took a day off. I wanted to meet… well, my sister."

Ben nods in understanding. "I see. Must be jarring, having a sister you never knew about until recently."

Snow chuckles. "Indeed. I'm just gathering my courage. I don't know what she's like."

Ben nods here too, his mind whirring. "Well, neither do I- I've actually not interacted with her like I have the other three. I'm kinda going in on faith here. I'm well aware that these four could be up to mischief at best, evil at worst- I'm just hoping that they don't follow through."

Snow looks at Ben in alarm. "You think there's a plot?"

Ben's voice lowers to a whisper. "Off the record… I do. The night after they arrived, alarms went off in the Cultural History museum- specifically, the alarms around Fairy Godmother's wand."

"Oh, dear!"

Ben nods. "Indeed. However, that incident pretty much revealed the scheme. I would wager that Maleficent put these kids up to it, so I'm working a little quicker than I'd like to prove my point. Already, Jay and Carlos de Vil are getting into the team spirit as far as Tourney is concerned- Jay especially."

"And what of the fourth… Mal, is it?" Snow inquires.

Ben nods. "Mal is… I'm working on her myself. She's crafty, I'll give her that. If she's anything like her mother, then I expect a love spell or potion to come my way at some point."

"You seem… incredibly nonchalant about that," Snow White states, surprised at his attitude.

Ben smiles. "I have a plan. I hear the Enchanted Lake is a good place for a date."

Snow blinks. She knows all about the lake, and how it washes away certain magic. "You say that Mal is crafty? I think you give yourself too little credit, Your Highness."

"Perhaps," Ben shrugs. "I'm just doing what I have to do to prove my point- even if some of the people closest to me disagree."

"So, is the rumor true? You and Audrey..?"

Ben hesitates. "She won't be on stage with me at Coronation."

Snow White nods, before turning to where Evie sits. "Well, wish me luck!"

Ugh… I hate stoichiometry.

Evie really doesn't like all the math that she's having to do for Chemistry. Still, she got really lucky that she wasn't busted with the magic mirror in class. Mal had very nearly ruined her makeup over that, so Evie was trying her best to fly under the radar. It doesn't help that it is oh so tempting to pull out the mirror and ask it how many significant values are in this problem-

"Excuse me? Is this seat taken?"

Evie turns to look- and gapes at just who is speaking to her. So much about the older woman is familiar to her, because Evie's seen some of the same things when looking in her non-magical mirror.

The Fairest of Them All. Snow White.

"Oh, no," Evie says shyly. Even though she hasn't heard her mother's shrill voice in days, Evie has heard it often enough that she doesn't have much confidence.

Snow White sits down, looks over at Evie's textbook, and scowls. "Oh, goodness! I'd forgotten how much I loathed Chemistry."

Evie laughs at this. Finally, someone who understands! "There's just so much… math!" Evie whines, and Snow White is now the one laughing.

This exchange is what breaks the ice between the two.

"So," Snow White starts, "I came here today because… well, I wanted to meet you properly."

"Properly?" Evie asks.

Snow White nods. "Yes. It is one thing to find out that you have a long-lost half-sister; quite another to find out she's on the Isle of the Lost. There's a… reputation about the people who live there."

Evie catches the hint of doubt in Snow's tone. "You don't… believe that reputation?"

"…let's just say that outward appearances aren't everything to some people."

Evie snorts. "That's rich, coming from the Fairest of Them All." Snow White catches the disdain her little sister (and isn't it something that she's already referring to Evie as such so soon?) and shakes her head.

"I don't think I'm the Fairest One anymore." Her smile turns an odd combination of mischievous and endearing. "I do believe I have been usurped."

Evie takes a moment to process this, before the realization kicks in. "You don't mean… me?"

Something breaks in Snow White's heart, followed by an understandable rage. Really, Grimhilde? What did you tell this girl?

Evie doesn't see it, though, because Snow White only nods. "Indeed. You have me beat, sister." The teasing tone causes Evie to blush a deep red. "Why don't you come with me and I'll show you what I mean?"

"I'd love to, but I've got to meet Chad in twenty minutes to help him with his homework."

Snow White stares, before laughing hysterically. "Girl, Chad Charming is dumber than a box of rocks. He can do his own homework."

Evie blinks for a moment, torn between staying and going, before deciding screw it and tossing all her books into her backpack. She doesn't have any more classes today besides Study Hall.

"Let's go." There is much more confidence in her tone now.

As it turns out, Evie has a keen eye for fashion.

One place the two sisters stop in is a fabric store, and Evie immediately beelines for the book section. It's an odd choice, but she does have a good reason:

"On the Isle," Evie states, "I stitched all the clothes that us four wear. I'm not quite sure how I did it, but I made it work. I don't want to just 'make it work', though. I want to make it something special, and I want to know what the things are called when people ask."

Evie goes quiet for this next part. "I always thought I was dumb for not knowing the answers."

That's when Snow White wraps her little sister in a hug. Hugs must not be a thing on the Isle, Snow reasons, because Evie tenses a bit before relaxing. After a few moments, the two pull apart, and Snow smiles.

"You know, there's an event coming up in a few weeks where parents can visit their kids at Auradon Prep. It's a big affair, lots of dressing up and all that stuff. I know a few people that will be there that you'd love to meet. Sound good?"

Evie smiles, eyes a tad watery, before nodding. "Sounds good."

The next few weeks are a whirlwind.

Jay takes to Tourney with ease, integrating himself with his teammates and becoming a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Carlos gets over his fear of dogs, to the point where Snow White freezes when she sees him walking one.

Mal and Ben get closer, and Snow White is pretty sure that a potion might not be necessary (though she does figure out that the prince is under a spell before anyone else does).

As for Evie… they meet up often, with the older sister giving the younger a formal education in fashion, something the younger sister takes to with a passion. In addition, with every Good job! and Atta girl, Evie! that Snow White uses, the girl's confidence builds and builds. Seeing the lights come on in Evie's eyes cements Snow White's opinion that she has, indeed, been usurped.

And when Family Day arrives, Evie is the only one of the VKs to have someone show up for them. When she steps out, the crowd is shocked to see the two sisters wearing matching gowns of red, blue, white, and gold.

A headline in all the fashion magazines the next day reads: Fairest Ones of All.

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