Chapter 1: Re: Start?

Gaming to Godhood

Chapter 1: Re: Start?


The red text glared in the center of my vision, nothing but darkness beyond it. The text slowly away and panic began to spread through me as I struggled to make sense of what was happening.

I died? How? What was I doing? Why am–wait…. who am I?

So it turns out what comes after death was just a loss of identity and eternal darkness? Not that far from what I expected but I at least thought there would be oth-


Well that's something new.

"Uh … hello?"

You don't have to speak out loud, I can hear you fine if you just think it.

The voice was smooth and clearly from a young woman. I noticed now that it didn't come from anywhere, it was directly inside me.

Oh, ok then. Soo...are you God? Or like a guide to the afterlife or something?

I suppose I am somewhat of a guide, though not exactly for the afterlife. You can call me Kara. I am here to explain what is going to happen to you.

Ok makes sense I guess, so what happens now?

Well I'm supposed to tell you that due the unique circumstances of your death and the way you lived your life, you have been chosen for reincarnation.

Huh, so I was someone special in life?

Well, uh, I'm supposed to tell you that stuff but the truth is that this was random. You could have been anyone, really the only thing either of us will ever know about your previous life was that you played a lot of video games. Only someone that was familiar enough with games could become what you are now. The Gamer.

So am I going to be reincarnated into a fantasy world and go through the classic climb to become a world-breaking godlike entity?


What? But I thought being: "The Gamer" would mean th-

You will become a godlike entity in ALL the fantasy worlds.

Oh ok cool gotcha.

WHAT? Are you saying that I'll be able to world-hop and do whatever I want in any world I want?

Yes. Though you will have to work your way up and I'd imagine it will take quite some time.

Wow. Well then when can I start?

First you must select which Game System you want, then they will explain the rules you will be bound by and have you select your starting world.

Cool, so there are multiple Game Systems? Are they just what will be giving me skills and information?

They will give information, however the skills you develop won't come from them, apart from whatever starting skills picking them gives you.

Hmm so each System will give me different skills to start of with? I guess there'll probably be pros and cons to each of them.

So what are the options?

It surprised me when the Pokémon starter selection music starting faintly playing from somewhere, as well as a large table with three separate sets of text hovering in a row. The first option read:

The RPG System


"This System has its Gamer follow the path of a traditional RPG, starting off with a beginner class from the options: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Bard."

"The Gamer will be able to prestige their class and eventually gain access to a powerful class such as Archmage or Blademaster."

The Dating Simulation System


"This System is based around the Gamer building relationships with every entity in the world, including an affection meter for each person, which can be raised or lowered through gifts, getting to know the person, having similar ideals, etc."

"Affection will change how the individual will react to the Gamer, whether that be in following their wishes, assisting them, or in romance."

The Combat System


"This System will feature the style of "Beat em up" games, meaning the gamer will have built in fighting instincts and be able to utilize terrain and tools extremely efficiently, similar to Spider-man or Batman."

"This route will mean the Gamer will not grow as powerful as they could through other systems, however their baseline abilities will be much greater than other systems can provide. An early game over is almost impossible unless the Gamer intentionally pursues it, but going against higher level beings will be much more difficult."

So are the names below the System type the name of the System itself?

Yes, they each have their own personality which will be similar to what you might find from a character from their game genres.

Hmm well all three are interesting but I definitely need to think about this. Flynn seems like the safe option but I don't want to have limited potential for growth – I want to become as strong as I can possibly be just in case some universe's deity level beings decide to come for me. Deciding between Tyrion and Jade is a lot more difficult a choice. With Tyrion I'll be able to become a stereotypical "Gamer" throughout the multiverse but there's still a slight risk that I die to something stronger than me before I strong enough to protect myself. Jade presents a different path, where I probably wouldn't even be on the radar of dangerous people because I'll seem like a regular person in terms of combat ability. Although on the flipside if someone doesn't want me around it'll be really easy for them to kill me. Maybe Jade isn't such a good idea after all.

I'm not sure if I really want the RPG System though, for numerous important reasons. First of all, I have no idea how fast I'll grow or how much grinding I'll need to do. If experience has diminishing returns then I won't even be able to farm the same low level enemies over and over, instead having to risk myself with stronger opponents if I want to stop stagnating. Then again I don't know for sure how it will be, it's possible that everything will work out nicely. Hey Kara can you tell me more information about the RPG System?

You will start out very weak compared to the other systems and will struggle to defeat average opponents at the beginning of your journey. Over time you will slowly grow stronger with almost no limit to your potential.

Well nearly unlimited potential sounds great but being that weak early on could end up with me killed by having bad luck and running into someone I can't handle. If I knew my starting world, it would be easier to decide which System I want. Hey Kara do I have to choose my starting world after picking a system or can it be done before?

To see your options for starter worlds you must go through your selected system, so you would need a system to connect with before seeing potential worlds.

Well that route is closed for now but maybe there's another way around this? Kara you're a System right?


So does that mean I can select you as my System?

Well I can't see any reason for you not being able to but are you sure you want to take me with you?

Yup, none of the other Systems are appealing to me so I'd like to take you if possible. What would your system be like if I chose you?

I would be able to make it an amalgamation of the other systems though without the same power as them. This means you would still have affection and relationship meters with other people but they would be much less powerful, so you wouldn't be able to control people with them, nor will they grow as quickly. You also would not have the same fighting power that the other two systems would give you, but you wouldn't be as weak as a normal person of your race. This means you would have to train the same way people in your world do to get stronger, with only a few augmented Game abilities.

The trade off in power seems much better than simply having one of the Systems and being stronger in it. Having to train more like a normal person of the world and less like a Gamer would still be fine as I'm sure I'll find ways to exploit my Gamer skills to maximize efficiency of training.

Would you be alright coming with me Kara?

Going on adventures with you sounds much better than waiting here for however long it takes for the second Gamer arrives, so I would gladly join you if you would have me.

She sounds … excited? I guess that means I have my System ready to go. "Alright Kara, I CHOOSE YOU!".

Ahem, well now that you have got that out, care to take a look at the worlds available to you?

Okay let's see what our options are.

A list of different series pops up in front of me:


Dragon Ball

Game of Thrones

Harry Potter

High school DxD

My Hero Academia



One Piece


Star Wars

Well it looks like I have a good amount of worlds I can start off in so I'll have to narrow down my options by ruling some out. I've fantasized about being in plenty of these worlds before so there aren't any clear winners from something like just being my favorite series.

I can definitely rule out DC and Dragon Ball, only an idiot would pick a place to start off in with people who can destroy galaxies. Moving down, Game of Thrones I don't actually know much about, I mostly just watched clips of the … interesting moments, so I wouldn't have the future knowledge advantage that I do with most of the other worlds.

Next up is Harry Potter which is … probably the easiest world here, at least as long as I don't get unlucky. I'll keep it in mind but honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of that world but I'll choose it if there aren't any other good options. High school DxD sounds like it would be fun but I can't risk it, there's just too many people that could have bullshit reason to obliterate me if they felt like it. When I'm more powerful I'm definitely heading there though, it's just too powerful for now. My Hero Academia sounds really good actually, it's pretty safe and I don't think anyone would target me for my powers because I could just pass them off as a weird quirk. Harry Potter is out, right now this is definitely more fun and safer. Marvel, Naruto, One Piece – nope, nope, and nope. I do not want to be obliterated by the countless people in those worlds that don't follow any laws and can't be controlled. Lastly there's RWBY and Star Wars, I don't know anything about Star Wars so that's out, but RWBY has so much potential I might go there despite it not being as safe as My Hero Academia.

Kara do you have any preference for where we go?

(+5 Reputation with Kara)

No master, but I would recommend My Hero Academia due to it being the safest place to become stronger in.

Well both of them seem like good options and neither will be too dangerous although in RWBY there's the risk of dying to a random Grimm when I first start out. Despite the risks though, getting to experience the RWBY world without the clunky animations also sounds cool, plus I'd be able to fix a few things fairly easily with my future knowledge. At the same time, My Hero Academia has cooler powers and the people there aren't as suspicious as those in Remnant, so it'd be easy to earn their trust and slip into UA. Decisions, decisions….

Well I guess I'll be able to go to any world in the future anyways so I guess I've decided where to go first. Kara I'm ready, let's go!

Well if you're sure, let's go master!

Hey readers, hope you enjoyed my shitty writing and if you did then be sure to let me know in the reviews. If you didn't like it or have (gasp) constructive criticism let me know about that as well! I made this story out of boredom but will probably continue it for quite some time, although it'll be updated sporadically. Not too sure whether I want to go more into something like lemons or manipulation but I'm open to change how things will be in the future depending on what people are interested in.

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