Why should this be our last dance my dear friend the band still plays on let us continue this waltz throughout the ages till all comes crashing down making the sweet music of eternal love
Across the sea came a maiden fair a buxom lass with shining eyes and golden hair with a smile so pure twas like the sun heart to match from the north he came as well dour and hardy a man most true the white wolf who shall forever love you let us speak of the joys of their reign their sorrows joy and some pain for the maiden fair was consumed by desire of the northern king cloak in fire do not give into despair my friends

Jon snow dragon of the north unrelenting and mighty he shall be a king of old come again upon his brow a wreath of sweet summer his are the hands of a healer gentle and sublime he who is born of the eternal snow but consumed by the firey lust of the blessed maiden with silver hair a noble wolf he was but no more to take flight as a dragon forevermore

She is a noble maiden most fair of violet eyes and silver hair forged in the blood of ages long past now the dragons come at last in fire and fury of long ago a noble wolf shall lay the lions low united in love they shall be this noble maiden from across the sea and a wolf of the north hardy and proud with the wisdom of long winters upon his brow one of ice one of fire shall arise the Lions ire

Now the dice has been cast and this merry tale shall come to a close of the noble wolf from the north stalwart and true the bards shall sing of the noble maiden most fair with violet eyes and silver hair a dragon of passion and desire who aroused the old lions ire I shall sing like the winter winds loud and all shall hear of the wolf consumed by aching need who laid low the enemies of his queen all for the sake of lust and desire

And so the mighty crows eye was blinded by the rage of a dragons flame tis a most noble battle echoed by the bards of the age alas this taste of victory is but a bitter poison to swallow as the noble wolf marches to his eternal doom just like so many before tis a strange thing this fate of kings for they shall flourish in the cold of rock and stone river and Glen but the pack withers like a cancerous growth when the southern call echoes through the hills for the mother of dragons shall see heartache before the end for the old lioness is cunning and cruel capable of great evil in pursuit of great power she clings to her wilting crown like the drunk clings to wine tis sad as the noble lions were mighty and true not this farcical den of thieves and liars that it has become alas that is the fate of the mighty locked in ivory towers asking questions if the stars counting the names of their forebears more dear than their own children tis the fate of all drunk of this cruel power

Oh so the noble maiden fair the lovely lass of silver hair laid low the wicked old crow a mad kraken born of iron woe with cruel desire the lion fights with mad flame passions ignites and all shall despair for the cursed iron chair shall say the mad lion was brought low today by a fury of winters woe and a dragons might all shall know the tale of love I hold so dear of ice and fire for those who arouse the dragons ire shall face the mighty sons of fire I song of the days of eternal woe when the made lions brought the kingdoms low fighting claw and fang oh so cruel this blackened tale will end soon

Ah so the noble son of winters breath has returned triumphant and broken to the mistress of eternal fire tis a happy union as their loves burns with a passion not seen since the elder days alas all in not well for the mad priestess cavorted with a sickly kraken of the cursed isles hoping to subdue the children of ashen fire but even the might of blood magic could not lay low the dragons of old soon this war shall end the mad lioness brought low by those she once called allies those sycophantic lords who duel with poisoned goblets and honeyed words all flock to the mighty dragon pure and unrelenting like the Lord's of old she is but a single mountain weathering this horrid storm once strong but now robbed of life a sickly Visage stretched overy the canvas of bone eyes that once shone like glittering emeralds hide s vicious insanity tempered by cruel desire we must stand as true sons of westeros the dragon and sun wolf and rose kraken and stag to bring down those who have shackled us with blood and death to usher in a new age of peace an age baptized by dragons fire

Ah tis a happy union blessed by old gods and the new the fires of her heart tempered by the kiss of sweet summer snow tis truly a wonderful feeling love sweeter than the finest wine tempered by the passion of valyria a queen of fire her beauty like starlight pure and elegant a truly wondrous sight burning ever brighter with the passion of a thousand suns eyes like precious gems pulled from lordly halls long forgotten a voice as sweet as thrush cooing their songs of spring she is blessed for a dragon has claimed the heart of a wolf hardy and true for he is as noble and fair as an dragon lord as strong as the noble warrior, more venerable than the kings of long past a true lord worthy of northern fury

Beauty like the unending sea so sweet and serene it is a mystifying presence that brings joy to all those it effects a goddess of grace and life a goddess of purest beauty like a roaring fire consumed by the list of a noble wolf most fair she is a Rosa in fiore a blooming rose of love of life and of his heart her body is like perfection so divine and sinful one cannot help but be in awe of her this goddess of mortal flesh kissed by fire they are entwined like the night and day two sides of the same coin tis truly a wondrous thing for all her madness and cruelty the old lioness has brought unity to these aged kingdoms rose and wolf spear and dragon all determined to lay low this viper in lions skins for she is a cruel imitation of the noble lord of gilded halls from the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be the throne that was broken, The crownless again shall be queen

Ah so the truth is revealed for the white wolf cast aside the cloak of winter to be reborn in fire and blood a dragon of eternal winter on this cursed isle of magic and death all was revealed for the thunderous stag was as deceived by a love more fantasy than memory for the rose of the north fell into fire and was consumed by eternal lust alas all was not to be for the mad dragon aroused the ire of the mighty wolves eternal desire and brought them low with the raging fire so they all may burn together now the noble wolf must rise above all his forebears and be reborn as a conqueror mighty and true all shall despair as the northern wolf takes flight to become the dragon of eternal light but all is not for despair as the crows eye has seen into the depths of the sky daughters soul and sensed new life an child born of love and eternal lust it shall not bear the shame of a horse lord savage bereft of lordship for the dragons of old have been reborn blessed by fire and kissed by winter tis a union of ice and fire.

So the noble son of winter has been reborn in the fires of eternal war a dragon most proud and strong raised with honor and courage of lords long past he shall sit upon the iron chair long bereft of lordship with the love of fire in his heart for the noble maiden of the sky has enchanted a once dreary and horrid world brining new life where there only dwelt sorrow a noble dragon like no other she is like the forest serene and forbidden her voice sweet as the summer winds cascading down the mountains her eyes like pools of amethyst clear and wondrous your body is perfection sensual and sweet a goddess given for like the stories of old are a dragon of fire and might who makes all feel loved and Noble for she is the daughter of kings a dragon blessed by valyria ensnared by the love of the white wolf she shall usher in a new age of peace where children shan't die for the whims of horrid lords sitting in aged halls musing on heraldry, or in high cold towers asking questions of the stars once the line of dragons failed bereft of lordship given to misery and madness more potent than the venom of southern lords but no more the dragons have come again in fire and blood.

And so the bonds of love have bore fruit for a new dragon shall be sired born of fire and ice winter and summer a true king of men soon comes the end of this merry tale of a noble wolf consumed by desire fell into eternal fire tis a wonderful thing to know love for it is a all consuming desire to be noble and true like the kings of old we shall see the might of dragons from days lost past to claim the cursed throne at last to bring down those horrid foes who brought the noble dragons low soon the great battle of our time shall begin the doom of all men to die beneath the banners proudly so I ask now Where now are the dragon and the rider Where is the horn that was blowing Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing Where is the harp on the harp string, and the red fire glowing They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow tis the doom of all for war is the first enemy and the last but this foe shall not be stamped out by the sword or the spear or the shield but by the province of love and wisdom a day shall come when the sun shines ever clear beyond darkness and doubt to cast away the shadows of the horrid past and usher in the new age blessed by winter kiss and fires fury.

And so the army of crimson is broken at last these poor fools doomed to die for the mad ambition of a vile cur so consumed by hate she cannot see beyond her own desires and though the bloody huntsman stood proud and true what is the hunter before the might of wolves cunning and cruel alas the red wolf was brought low by a single arrow tis a cruel fate that the old linger while the young perish in darkness and doubt slain for the ambition of a mad lioness to die beneath the banners of squabbling lords unloved unwanted broken and bloody in the coming days we must stand as one the men of the north hardy and true it is before the walls of kings landing that the doom of our time shall be decided i say unto you Sons of Westeros Of Essos! My brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand! Men of the West!

Alas the noble drake was brought low by the fires of death these cruel devices of iron and wood forged by minds of metal the old world shall burn and wither consumed by the horrors of war they shall drive the machine of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of dragons most mighty these young souls filled with the zeal of chivalry perish under banners waving proudly for lords most mighty dyeing trampled and broken like puppets who's strings have been severed unloved unwanted men who shall perish for a future where none shall remember their names all shall not despair for the noble wolf shall bring low this mummer's drake this usurper cloaked in dragons mail this shall be the great battle of our time our doom is at hand alas the world is grey the mountains old the dragons fire is ashen cold no harp is rung no hammer falls a darkness dwells in the hallowed halls a shadow lies upon the tomb of the emerald dragon who gave his life for a man who was worthy of him rest now mighty Rhaegal blessed sagon se zaldrīzes hen se guēsin syt ziry istan nykeā kosh hen se people.

And so the tale comes to an end the dragon most fair sits upon the iron chair a lovely maiden of blood and fire her heart consumed by the wolves desire, the noble wolf of the north has risen above the might of forebears a dragon cloaked in winter woe lordly and gracious like the kings of old a life in cloth of black cast aside in a swirl of fire consumed by the dragons eternal desire How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on when in your heart you begin to understand there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend some hurts that go too deep that have taken hold. Now we stand united to bring about an age of peace to right the wrongs of those who would see the world brought low for the whims of there sycophantic pleasures the bards shall sing of these days of glittering knights and banners in breeze of those lost souls who laid down their lives for the silver queen most fair so I say now let us rejoice in our victory for the dragons have returned and all shall be well Long live the white wolf long live the daughter of fire joined by true love and eternal desire.

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