She was a beauty unlike any seen since the days of old Valyria a creature of pure perfection with hair like cascading satin, her skin was like beaten bronze, and her form was one worthy of a goddess sinful curvaceous as if sculpted by the maiden herself though all that paled before her eyes those mesmerizing gems that bore into his soul leaving him as naked as a newborn babe seeking the truth of his tortured heart like two amethyst plucked from the breast of earth her mere presence could drive a lesser man to fits of adulation and many eyed him with envy those sycophantic lords who desired the maiden of the stars she who brought him to the heights of pleasure and joy she was his sun and stars his eternal goddess who's love he coveted more than any treasure bards have sung of love so pure but it was a mere fantasy for those childless lords who sat in aged halls musing on heraldry or in high cold towers asking questions of the stars" many would call him unworthy of such love of such joy for he was a creature of sin alas there will always be men of cruel mind and heart who wish to destroy for their own selfish ends but he cared not for these fools those lesser men who seek to bring low this joyous affair none shall come between them she the maiden of stars and he a dragon of the north intertwined in lust and love so I say unto my good friends let us celebrate this love so pure and wondrous basking in its eternal glow to be filled with joy and hope all for the heart of a wolf who dared to love