Hawkeye POV

The kid was good. I wasn´t the one who gave her her evaluation(the captain was deemed experienced enough not to injure her), but while I watched, I suddenly became very happy that I didn´t give it to her. Cap half walked, half stumbled out of the training room, bloodied and bruised. ¨What happened to you?¨ I asked, shocked. ¨The trainee happened.¨ replied Cap grimly. ¨She just attacked me as soon as director Fury said ´go´. I´ve never even seen the fighting style she used, and she easily, almost lazily defeated me. I´ve also never seen Fury more shocked than in the evaluation. I am a little worried about how her team evaluation will go over, though.¨ ¨Why?¨"I asked. ¨She doesn´t seem like the type to fight with more than herself, and when Fury managed to wrestle some background out of her, she only revealed that she had been on her own since her parents were murdered.¨ ¨Another orphan?¨ I said, half joking ¨Why do heroes always seem to have lost their parents? It just doesn´t make any sense.¨ ¨Heroes and villains mostly come from bad families, that´s what makes them who they are.¨ ¨Well, I´m at least glad that I didn´t have to give her the evaluation,¨ I said, ¨You got the worst part.¨ Cap laughed at this, and then winced. I would have as well, but I didn´t have a split lip.