Chapter 3 Home & Mission

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Fairy Tail (Fairy Hills)

In a forest area, we see Alex wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and black workout pants running through the trees at a fast pace before he jumped in the air and started punching and kicking targets that were hanging up in a fast pace almost like it was a blur. When he landed in a clearing magic blasters appeared around him and started firing, but Alex was dodging, leaping, and evading all of them with skill.

When he dodged the last blast Alex snapped his fingers and the blasters powered down making Alex sigh and relax his body.

"That should do it for training today," Alex said going to a stump and grabbing a towel wiping the sweat off his body.

When that was done Alex made his way to a building known as Fairy Hills, a dormitory for the females of Fairy Tail, it also served at Alex's home.

Now you may be asking, why is Alex living in a dormitory for only the female members of Fairy Tail?

Well the third guild master, Makarov trusted Alex to live there as the only male as he saw the young man respects girls to his fellow guildmates and everyone. And to keep an eye out for any trouble as some dirtballs have come looking for one of the girls to make them. One time that happens but Alex made those fools ran with their tail between their legs when the might of the dragon comes knocking down their doors.

Alex got to his apartment which was the size of five people to live with but can have more room to add, and made way for his bedroom to get his clothes to go take a shower.

"Training hard I see."

Alex turned to his bed to see Yoruichi laying on the bed naked as the covers covered her body as she was smirking at him.

"Yeah. You know how I do with my training regime." Alex shrugged his shoulders.

"Did you just wake up?"

"Yep. I am still sore from your performance last night. You definitely know how to treat a woman," Yoruichi purred.

"I'll take it as a compliment," Alex chuckled getting his clothes and headed towards the bathroom with Yoruichi behind him after getting her own clothes.

After the shower was done and getting dressed Alex and Yoruichi made their way to the kitchen and fixed themselves a quick breakfast.

Then all a sudden, a knock came from the door which got the pair's attention and wonder who that can be.

Alex's sniffed the air which made him smile on smelling a familiar scent, strawberries, and knows who that is. He walked to the door and open to show Erza at his door.

"Morning Erza, what's brings you here?" Alex asked.

"Morning Alex. I'm here to see if you are willing to help me with something that has brought my attention. I was hoping that you, Natsu, and Gray can join me," Erza explained.

Alex hummed in thought and knows that it could be something as Erza won't ask for help if is something she can't handle. And if she wants help, then something is up and needs help.

"Sure but first let's have some breakfast. Hunger is the enemy," Alex said with a smirk.

Erza was about to say something but her stomach spoke first and made her blush.

Alex chuckled on that before letting the red-haired queen in his apartment and enjoy breakfast with them.

Alex, Erza, and Yoruichi enjoyed the morning to themselves, eating breakfast and talking throughout most of the morning.

"I'm surprised you didn't ask me to join Erza," Yoruichi said.

"Sorry about that but I think you should stay and keep everyone out of trouble as much as you can, Yoruichi," Erza said, knowing how some people can get a little out of hand.

"True and can help Mira out," Alex pointed out.

"Sure, sure. I can do that. I need to get some training in later today. I'm a little sore from a certain dragon having his way," Yoruichi teased with a smirk much.

Alex sighed at that with a shake of his head while Erza glared at the purple-haired woman, not liking that she gets Alex all to herself and breaking a few rules that she made.

"Yoruichi, you are overstepping it," Erza warned.

Yoruichi just shrugged her shoulders and said, "I know, I know but so much fun to tease you girls. If you want to have a night or two with Alex, just ask as you know how much he cares about you all and dragon mating marks work."

Erza sighed, not liking her fellow guildmate teasing these days and could get out of hand one day down the line. But she will admit that Yoruichi has a point. Alex cares about his girls in his life with all his heart and never breaks his promise with them. And they agree to share with him with good rules in place. She would and love to be with the man she loves but today might not be the best time for it. At least not yet and maybe later.

Seeing her in thought, Alex walked over to Erza and kissed her lips for a small one, getting her out of her thoughts and felt warm hitting all over her body.

"Better?" Alex asked with a smirk.

"Very," Erza replied with a smile of her own.

Yoruichi smirked at the pair, being happy that's taken care of and looks forward to more moments like this. She will have to ask if her student got some training in as well before doing her own. Yes, she has a student which happens to be Happy that she decided to teach how to fight and maybe gain a human form like she has one. That part would take a while as the blue-furred cat is still young and needs good training before having his own human form. She also wonders what Erza needs the three for what exactly?

A good question but will be answered in due time.

Pairings Updated:

Alex's Harem: Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss, Yoruichi, Cana Alberona, Juvia Lockser, Lucy Heartfilia, Laki Olietta, Mary Hughes, Coco, Wendy (Older), Kagura Mikazuchi, Millianna, Minerva Orland, Ultear Milkovich, Meredy, Aquarius, Virgo, Sorano, Flare, Sayla, Dimaria, Irene, Brandish, Libra and more TBA (Order does not matter and I'm open for ideas)

Other pairings: (More TBA)

Grey Fullbuster x Haku (OC-Ice Dragon Slayer)

Natsu Dragneel x Lisanna Strauss

Lex Underworld x Erza Knightwalker

Natsu Dragion x Lucy Ashley

Happy x Carla

Sting x Yukino

Makarov x Porlyusica