Chapter 1

On a cold Christmas day while Mimi was taking a smoke on her fire escape, she looked up and saw Roger. 'I wonder who he is? He looks familiar and cute.' Mimi thought to herself. Finishing up her smoke she went back into her apartment and grabbed a candle. She then left her apartment and went upstairs to where the mysterious hot guy lived.

'Knock, Knock.' She knocked on the door. When he answered she was taken back by how much he reminded her of her friend Roger. 'Could he be Roger?' she asked herself.

"What'd you forget?" He asked.

"Got a light?" Mimi asked innocently as she showed her unlit candle.

"I know you - you're - you're shivering." The man said as her noticed her shivering.

"It's nothing they turned off my heat and I'm just a little weak on my feet, would you light my candle? What are you staring at?" Mimi asked feeling his eyes focused on her.

As he lit a match and her candle he said, "Oh it's nothing, your hair in the moonlight you look familiar." 'Where do I know her from?' He asked himself. As Mimi loss her balance he quickly caught her and asked, "Can you make it?"

"Don't worry about me. I just haven't eaten much today. At least the room stopped spinning anyway. What?" Mimi asked as she looked around the dark room

"Oh its Nothing, your smile reminded me of…"

"I always remind people of - who is she?"

"She died. Her name was April."

Mimi blew out her candle and said, "It's out again. I'm sorry about your friend. Would you light my candle?"

Reluctantly the man lit Mimi's candle again. "Well?"

"Yeah. Ow!" Mimi said as the wax from the candle dripped onto her finger.

"Oh, the wax - it's…"

"Dripping! I like it - between my…"

Fingers, I figured ... Oh, well. Goodnight ..." Just as Mimi was leaving she noticed that she was missing something and knocked on the door again. "It blew out again?"

"No - I think that I dropped my stash." Mimi said as she started checking herself for her stash.

"I know I've seen you out and about that is when I used to go out, Your candle's out"

"Man I'm illin' - I had it when I walked in the door, it was pure - is it on the floor?" Mimi asked as she got on all fours.

"The floor?"

You know they say I have the best ass below 14th street. Do you think that it is true?" She asked as she looked back at her neighbor.

"Excuse me?"

"You're staring again." Mimi said pointing out the fact that he was still staring at her ass.

"Oh no. I mean you do - have a nice - I mean - you look familiar." He finally got out feeling embarrassed about staring at Mimi's ass.

"Like your dead girlfriend?"

"It's only when you smile. But I'm sure I've seen you somewhere else –"

"Have you gone to the Cat Scratch Club? That's where I work - I dance. Can you help me look?"

"Yes! They used to tie you up."

"It's a living."

"I didn't recognize you, without the handcuffs."

"You know we could light the candle. Please won't you light the candle?" Mimi asked trying desperately to change the topic.

"Why don't you forget that stuff. You look like you're sixteen."

"Thank you but I'm nineteen. I'm old for my age. I'm just born to be bad." Mimi said as he lit her candle again.

"I once was born to be bad. I used to shiver like that." He pointed out.

"I have no heat - I told you…"

"I used to sweat."

"I have a little cold." Mimi lied.

"Uh huh. Look I used to be a junkie." He said honestly.

"But now and then I just like to feel good." Mimi admitted.

"Oh, here it – um" he said as he picked up the stash from the floor.

"What's that?"

"Nothing just a candy bar wrapper."

"We could light the candle. Oh, what'd you do with my candle?" Mimi said as he blew out her candle when she tried to get her stash that was in his back pockets.

"That was my last match."

"I think our eyes will adjust, thank God for the moon."

Well maybe it's not the moon at all. I hear Spike Lee's shooting down the street."

"Bah humbug ... Bah humbug." Mimi said as she picked up his hand and started massaging it.

"Cold hands." He said feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Yours too. Big. Like my father's. Do you wanna dance?" Mimi asked as she pulled him of the couch.

"With you?"

"No - with my father." Mimi said making him laugh.

"I'm Roger."

"They call me… They call me Mimi." She said as she was able to get her stash away from him.

"Wait what did you say your name was?" Roger asked grabbing her arm lightly when she was about to leave.

"Mimi. Nice to meet you Roger. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get ready for work." With that Mimi managed to break free from his grasp and she left the apartment.